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    Try and make your giraffe the tallest without toppling over! Your goal is to get points by reading the leaves on the tree. Higher leaves have more point value. Each player builds up the neck of their giraffe by rolling a die which shows different-shaped neck blocks. Players take turns rolling the die, adding blocks to their giraffe and collecting leaves for points. The winner has the most points when all the leaves are eaten. The rules are simple to follow and explain various possibilities clearly, something I always look for in a game! The die and giraffe pieces are made of dense foam, while the tree is made of heavy cardboard. They are all colorful and charming and your kiddos will love the feel of the foam as they stack their giraffes taller and taller. The foam also makes for a nice quiet game. The leaves are numbered 1-5, so there is a bit of math as you total your scores. An average game takes about 15 minutes to play. For ages 3+, 2-4 players ~ Sara

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    Unlike the regular edition of Catan, the Family Edition features a six-piece pre-arranged board (picture a really easy jigsaw puzzle) instead of separate tiles. Each double-sided piece features a different combination of resources & number values. The emphasis of this version is on simplicity and ease of understanding; the limited combinations available reduce the "random" factor intrinsic to Catan, but also make the game easier for kids or new players. It is faster to set up, there are always a certain number of "good first spots," and reduced variability makes the game more predictable and easier to catch on to. Additionally, it is worth noting that this version is stand-alone and not expandable with 5-6 player Catan extensions. For 3-4 players; game duration is 60-90 minutes.

  • Item #: 032398
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    Now you can enjoy Catan with dice! A double-sided, color maps with score tracks features two different ways to play. Each sheet holds a map of Catan at the bottom and a building guide and scoring area at the top. The maps show a pre-set path of roads, settlements and cities, which have to be built in order, though you can choose different routes, and six knights around the outside. On the first scenario (which I favor!), each item to build is marked with a value of victory points that you receive for building it, with the values getting progressively higher as you move further around the map. Each player gets 15 turns to make as much progress as he can by rolling the six dice up to three times per turn in hopes of tossing the right combination of resources to build items. The second scenario has the same map but there are no values on the building items; the point system is the same as the board game, and you can also achieve largest army and longest road as you try to be the first player to reach 10 victory points. Includes 6 dice; pen/pencil for scoring not included. Also includes a QR code for playing directions. - Steph

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    ISBN: 9781613510803
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    A sort of "Beginner's Empire Builder," Empire Express takes place in the Northeast of the U.S., from Chicago, to Boston, to Charlotte in the South. Set-up and gameplay is simplified to illustrate the concepts of Empire Builder: The board is smaller, there are one or more (mostly unique) goods in every city, there are fewer event cards, simpler win conditions, and demand cards have only two requests. (These demands are also pictorially illustrated to help new players visualize routes.) Additionally, as a "first game," each of the 2-4 players can pick a color—that color has a particular pre-drawn route in one area of the board and begins with three pre-determined demand cards. From there, gameplay continues as usual, with players drawing track, moving, and fulfilling demands. Once everyone is familiar with the rules you can forgo the simplified version and play a standard game on the board.
  • Item #: 037188
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    Who doesn't love a little cheese on their sandwich? The premise is simple: grab a piece of cheese and cover all the condiments on your bread. Each slice of bread contains a different combination of condiments-peanut butter and jelly, pickles and ketchup, mustard and olives. Grab a piece of cheese and cover the toppings so none of the fixins' can be seen through the holes in the cheese. 24 double-sided pieces of bread and 22 slices of cheese provide multiple game playing scenarios to build visual spatial coordination and speed. Instructions included. Fun for group or solitary play. ~ Deanne
  • Item #: 058885
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    This 10.75" x 13.5" tablet has 24 sheets of writing paper, each with 7 lines. Each 1" wide line has a dotted line midline. – Laura

  • Item #: 008937
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    This simple matching game will have your little ones racing to complete a butterfly or moth. The rules are simple: roll the wooden die and follow the picture instruction. Whether choosing a facedown card or taking one from another player, the goal is to match 3 cards for a complete picture. Cards are brightly colored and include information on the butterfly or moth shown. Includes 6 ½" x 5" chartlet of the Butterfly Life Cycle. 2-4 players. Proudly made in the U.S ~ Deanne
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    Catch the most points to win this fishy game. The rules are easy to follow for young children. Roll the die and follow the "Fishing Guide", which directs you to either catch a fish, share your fish, or learn that your fish got away. When all the fish have been "caught", tally your points and the player with the most fish points wins! But be careful, if you 'catch' trash then you lose points! Colorfully illustrated cards include information on a variety of fish species as well as silly fish jokes that will tickle the funny bones in children of all ages. 2-6 players. 2013 Creative Child Preferred Child Award. Proudly Made in the U.S. ~ Deanne
  • Item #: 055616
    ISBN: 9781613510810
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    ISBN: 9780307479471
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    Frida is a toucan who loves her fruit! Your goal is to get 4 letters in a row on your bingo-like board. You do this by spinning a triple spinner with letters on it (and special monkey and bowl of fruit spaces). If your spin lands on a letter that is on your board, use the toucan squeezer (like a big plastic pincher) to grab the matching fruit bowl out of the box. The fruit bowls are so cute! They are rubbery blue bowl shapes that hold a cardboard letter. The effect is that they wiggle and wobble in the box, and even bounce a little! The rules are simple and fast to learn. Great for fine motor skills, letter recognition, multi-sensory play and good old fun! 2-4 players ~ Sara

  • Item #: 042059
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     Children practice memory and matching skills with this fast-paced, cooperative card game! Memorize ten different plate combinations in thirty seconds, mix them up, and remake each plate. Make it through breakfast, lunch, and dinner with less than five angry customers and you win! Includes: 36 plate tiles, 36 food cards, 5 angry customer tokens, 1 scorecard, and a 30-second timer. 2-4 players. Ages 5 and up. -EmilyG

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    ISBN: 9781615381852
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  • Item #: 059861
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    1,2,3,4,5,6 six colorful math games in one sturdy box! Students practice numbers 1-20, 1-100, place value 0-999, and addition and subtraction skills as they play the variety of games. Numbees features a hive on the board where each hexagon on the board holds a number between 2 and 17. Players start in the middle of the board, spin the spinner to show + or 1 to 3, and then move to the appropriate spot to make their way out of the hive. 1-100 Tracks is reminiscent of a train-themed Chutes and Ladders board as players spin the spinner to move up to 9 spaces. Landing on an arrow takes you up or down by 10. The Great Snail Race has two players rolling a die to race to the finish; certain spaces allow children to add or subtract small numbers to jump. In Place Value Round Up, players roll the die and move that amount of spaces, and then round the number on their new space either up or down to the nearest ten. Each ten holds a special instruction to follow if you round to it, such as moving extra spaces forward or backwards. Number Dominoes have children match addition and subtraction facts to numerals and pictures. The last game is really more of a manipulative, holding different colored hundred, ten, and one cards on a ring, each with 1-9 in order to create numbers up to 999. The bottom card has a visible tab that has hundreds, tens, and units written on it, so students can see which number is in which place. Parents and teachers can use it to play "Guess My Number." Most pieces are made out of thick, coated cardboard to last though many uses.

  • Item #: 038893
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    Encourage critical thinking skills with this logic puzzle that grows with children. The rules are easy: choose your puzzle, orient the game board, and place the little pigs (and big bad wolf with the 'night puzzles') to match the pictured challenge. Place the 3 puzzle pieces on the game board so that the houses fit over the pigs, but not the wolf - he must stay outside! 48 puzzles increase in difficulty from Learner to Master. Solutions are provided. Includes hardcover, wordless picture book of the Three Little Pigs. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 013056
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.99

    Preschoolers learn to identify letters and colors in this alphabet version of Spot-it. The game consists of 31 circular cards contained in a handy tin. Each card contains exactly one item in common with any other card, and the first to spot the match, collects the card. Includes 3 challenge levels, plus advanced play tips for exploring alphabetic order and basic spelling.

  • Item #: 063977
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  • Item #: 018863
    ISBN: 9780913717059
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    Starts teaching number facts to the earliest learners using a high-quality set of double-nine dominoes. Subtitled: Do It With Dominoes, children learn to quickly recognize numbers of dots (a great visual exercise), count backwards, and practice addition facts. Includes a teacher guide book, set of dominoes, and game board all in a heavy plastic case.

  • Item #: 041151
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      A race to 4-in-a-row with a twist! To begin, each player begins with a set of Black or White colored balls which are placed in a pre-determined fashion around the board. The game revolves around moving both your and your opponent’s pieces in conjunction. On their turn, a player can either swap a piece with an adjacent opponent’s piece, or move a piece along with an adjacent opponent’s piece. Pieces can be moved in any direction as far as desired, but must be moved as a pair. So on top of helping yourself, you have to make sure you don’t help your opponent! The first person to get 4-in-a-row of their color wins. 2 players; 20 minutes.

  • Item #: 038825
    ISBN: 9780764972621
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    Memory game meets the solar system what a great way for even little ones to learn. There are pairs of 34 images planets, comets, moons, and other astronomical images and events. Each sturdy cardboard memory card is 2.5" square with one image and the title below. An included booklet gives a summary of information for each image in the deck just a bit of learning to go with the fun. Play this game just like any other memory game. Use only part of the picture pairs or all of them, place them face down, and try to remember where the matching pairs are placed. The person with the most pairs at the end of the game wins. But wait--everyone is a winner when you learn something! ~ Donna

  • Item #: 071721
    ISBN: 9781338169447
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  • Item #: 058748
    ISBN: 9780897936187
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  • Item #: 015348
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    Helps players gain familiarity with the look and spelling of numbers 1-12. Old Maid is a game based on luck as players hope to blindly draw a match from their opponents for the cards in their own hands. The colorful cards depict animals in silly, rhyming situations (e.g. "Seven pigs wearing wigs"). Deck includes: 49 game cards, 6 numbers flash cards, and 1 instructional card. Card measure 5 ¼" x 3". For two or more players. Rachel

  • Item #: 062772
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    Finally, a game of knowledge about things that really matter! (Foam) duel your companions in a heated competition of list-making about comic books, games, science fiction, fantasy, and more. Can you recall four characters from the Star Trek universe? Easily! But could you think of 18 or more? You'll have to if your buddies are as geeky as you! Each turn, a player rolls a colored die. A corresponding list challenge is chosen from a card. However, that card is just a baseline trial. All players can up the ante by calling out how many items they think they can list. The player who lives up to their word and writes down the most entries succeeds in the epic quest of attaining that card. The first person to get a pre-determined number of cards can revel triumphantly in geeky glory! For 2 or more players. Game time: approx. 30 minutes.
  • Item #: 065609
    ISBN: 9781939814500
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    New from Learning without Tears, is the Transitional Kindergarten course which teaches capitals, lower case letters and numbers with developmentally appropriate lessons. The heart of the teaching is found in the Teacher Guide. While it may be possible to use the student book without it, children will not receive the depth of instruction.

    Beginning with the introduction, the Teacher Guide reviews the stages of learning and provides a scope and sequence for this level. Teaching guidelines and strategies, multisensory activities, and correct writing posture follow. Detailed lessons corresponding to the student workbook are included. Cross curricular connections and supportive instruction for ELL and Enrichment students are integrated for each lesson. Additional teaching support and activities are available online with the purchase of the teacher guide.

    At this level, manipulatives recommended include: Wood pieces set for capital letters, Capital Letter cards and mat for wood pieces, Mat Man, Rock, Rap, Tap & Learn CD, Slate Chalkboard and Blackboard with Double Lines, Little Chalk Bits, Little Sponge Cubes, Flip Crayons, and Pencils for Little Hands. SC. TG is 206 pgs. ~Deanne