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Friendly Biology

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    ISBN: 9781544623078
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    ISBN: 9781544223681
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      Basher Science books have a reputation for providing detailed science information in a child-friendly, understandable way. Each 2-page spread provides science terms and explanations along with animated characters illustrating the science explanations. Chapters are sequential and begin with the basics types of microbugs before introducing basic information on how bacteria survive, move and communicate. The following chapters explain body battlers including our human body defenses and a host of illnesses like mycobacterium tuberculosis, the flu virus, Ebola and a swarm of others. The final chapter looks at our ‘Bug Buddies,’ those microbes that are beneficial to mankind. Includes index, glossary and colorful poster that is perforated for easy removal. Children will be amazed to learn it’s a small world after all! SC. 128 pgs. ~Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781612124186
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       In a kid-friendly way, this book provides a wealth of information through text, full-color photos, quick facts and diagrams. Pictures show children caring for chickens; periodic pages share children’s testimonies of their chicken-care experiences. A bonus, pull-out, seek-and-find poster allows your kids to write about their own experiences. Without overwhelming, this Storey publisher book gives your family an in-depth foundation to start and care for your own flock. Chapters explain thoroughly why they should care for chickens; the best breeds for your needs, hatching and brooding; chicken development; housing and feeding; egg care; responding to illnesses; handling and training; and gardening in a chick-friendly manner. Tips and instruction are informative but also creative: anatomy, medical tips, creative ways to feed and enjoy your hens, and more. I appreciate the emphasis on children really observing and noting changes in chicken behavior to keep them healthy and happy. Two chapters provide chicken-related crafts and recipes. This kid-and-adult appealing book would build a great unit study and includes a reference page and an index. Fresh eggs, too! 137 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

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    Dianne Craft is well known for her successful approaches for equipping families (and teachers) to overcome problems faced by their struggling, but bright learners. Designed for home use, this manual provides an overview of how the brain works, right brain vs. left brain traits, detailed information on the four identified learning gates, brain training exercises, suggestions for a weekly sequence plus daily lesson plans for struggling learners.

    Overwhelmed yet? Don't be. Mrs. Craft has created an easy to use resource that may save you hundreds of dollars in occupational therapy. Beginning with a clear introduction to brain integration therapy she walks you through a brief overview of struggling learners, the importance of crawling and understanding the function of the brain with a focus on the role of the left and right brain.

    With the foundation of the importance of brain integration put forth, she then introduces us to the four learning gates: Visual Processing, Visual/Motor (writing), Auditory Processing, and the Attention/Focusing/Behavior. Observable characteristics of the blocked gates are presented alongside simple activities to determine if your child presents with a blocked gate in one of these areas. For example, a parent might recognize that their child who is struggling to learn to read has a blocked Visual Processing gate if the child needs to underline or point to each word as they read or reverses letters (or words) while reading. While the manual focuses on therapies to improve blocks in the first three gates, Mrs. Craft does offer detailed information on correcting a blocked Attention/Focusing/Behavior gate in her Biology of Behavior audio CD series, which we are pleased to offer separately.

    The remaining sections in the manual are dedicated to explaining a variety of exercises to improve brain integration. These include detailed explanations and step by step instructions paired with numerous black and white photo demonstrations, which leads me into one of the most valuable aspects of this manual: the detailed schedule suggestions.

    The suggested schedule is divided into three areas: Brain Training Sequences designed to be done daily Monday through Thursday; the once a week Brain Training Session which provides exercises specific to one of the blocked gates, and daily lesson plans for reading, writing and math. Parents will find time spent in each subject varies but parents should anticipate 30-45 minutes daily on each subject.

    All in all, this is a user friendly guide for home use. The exercises are well explained and laid out. The background information provides the parent with a deeper understanding of our children with learning glitches. Detailed diagnostic checklists, a diagnostic reading grade placement test, case studies and the optional online support from Mrs. Craft provide parents with necessary tools to best meet the needs of their unique learner. One caveat I would make is regarding the time commitment necessary to gain full benefit of the brain training. The program described will be time intensive for the parent, and the author acknowledges that a parent's willingness to devote a consistent and fairly intense effort is vital to success. If you are looking for something more specific in scope, we also offer Dianne Craft's Teaching the Right Brained Child DVD and Smart Kids Who Hate to Write DVD. Mrs. Craft's materials can be used independently as standalone products, or use them together as they complement each other well. There is minor overlap between the Brain Integration Manual and her workshop DVDs, but there is not a great deal of redundancy and using them together provides parents with additional tools. 2013 Edition. Spiral bound with included 18"x 12" Writing Eight Exercise template. 151 pgs. ~ Deanne