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    ISBN: 9780970999597
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    ISBN: 9781937032562
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    Having a chart like this in your learning center is not cheating for kids. Think of it as a learning poster. They will refer to it often as they are learning fractions and decimals and eventually will memorize it without even trying. Classroom aids like this are helpful to visual learners because they will "see" this chart in their minds when they think of decimals and percents in the future. This graph gives you a fraction, and then tells you eleven equivalent fractions, followed by the percent and the decimal forms. Bright yellow and red at the top with a blue border make this graph attractive to young learners. The numbers alternate gray and white for easy reading. This is a useful learning tool. ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9781420686302
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    ISBN: 9781936981977
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    Right Brained Fractions focuses on immersive storytelling, vibrant images, hands on activities and pattern discovery, children review concepts
    and terminology, fractional parts, improper fractions, fraction number sense, adding fractions and mixed numbers, as well as, subtracting,
    multiplying and dividing fractions. Reproducible resource pages and answer keys are included

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    ISBN: 9780913684580
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    ISBN: 9781939668042
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    ISBN: 9780914040910
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    ISBN: 9781419003684
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    ISBN: 9781618212658
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    This kit provides everything you need to learn how to manipulate fractions. The subtitle on the book says "Learn fractions in 42 ½ Days," which is great for those just beginning fractions or those struggling with fractions. 56 games and 17 worksheets are used to help students master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions, and introduce percents. This isn't a conventional approach to learning fractions, but it works well with more active learners. The kit includes the new (©2014) spiral-bound lesson book, spiral-bound worksheets book, two plastic Fraction Charts, Basic Number Card Deck, Multiplication Card Deck and Fraction Card Deck.

    The Lesson book is divided into 42 ½ daily lessons. Each lesson begins by stating the day's topic or goal of the lesson, a list of what you will need, and instructions for teaching the lesson. There is an appendix at the back of 7 reproducible pages that need to be copied for some of the games.

    The worksheets book is non-reproducible and contains 17 worksheets that are used with specific lessons and a certificate of achievement.

    Three decks of cards are included in this kit. The Basic Number Deck includes 132 cards and is numbered from 0 to 10 – 12 of each number. The Fraction Deck holds 75 cards with 20 different fractions and 20 matching percent cards. The Multiplication Deck includes 100 cards from 1x1 to 10x10 (there are duplicates of some of the cards). All of these decks are used with game instructions found in the lessons.

    There are 2 Fraction Charts made of durable, heavy plastic – one is whole showing the markings of all the different fraction bars, and the other is separated into the different parts. Directions for using these are included in the lessons and an instruction sheet is also included.

    If you are already using RightStart Mathematics, you will notice that there is overlap of some of the games and content, as some of the lessons are pulled from levels D and E of the math program and some games from the Math Card Games Book. This is a perfect supplement for the student who might be a little more visual or hands-on and needs more fractions practice.

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    Shiller Math is a trusted name in math education, and they have now composed a kit to help those who need specific instruction with fractions. The kit includes the fraction lesson book and answer key, parent guide, fractions guide book, tracking sheet for completed assignments, and 2 sets of fraction circles. Each set of fractions circles includes 54 pieces which represent whole, halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, sevenths, eighths, ninths, and tenths. Concepts practiced begin with the basics and build fraction families, denominator, numerator, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, least common denominator and much more. The lesson book has 168 lessons that include review tests (187 pages). The answer key offers answers to all lessons found in the lesson book. Take time out from your regular curriculum to focus on fractions, or use it alongside your regular curriculum to reinforce fraction concepts. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9781420659139
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    ISBN: 9781935800392
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    Help students understand prime factors with this activity kit of helpful manipulatives. The kit includes 6 sets of Prime Factor Tiles (180 tiles total), 3 color-coded Factor Finder cards, and a teacher instruction book with instructions for 13 activities. Each set of foam tiles (1" x 1") includes 8 pink #2 tiles, 6 yellow #3 tiles, 4 green #5 tiles, 3 blue #7 tiles, 2 white #1 tiles (with -1 on the reverse), and 2 each +/- tiles, 2 multiplication/division tiles, 2 parenthesis/absolute value bar tiles, and one =/< tile. There are 3 Factor Finder laminated, color-coded cards for a reference to help students master facts of multiplication. Using the reproducible fraction mat found in the instruction booklet, students will do activities for multiplication, prime factorization and composite numbers, prime factors, GCF, equivalent fractions, and much more. Manipulatives like those in this kit can be very helpful for your hands-on learner and can be used alongside your curriculum for enhancement. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9780823423545
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    These math concepts are explained during a trip to the county fair and the use of money. Explanations are simple yet effective, showing how fractions, decimals, and percents are all related and can be used interchangeably. Colorful illustrations and questions are throughout the book. Pb, 32 pgs. ~ Alissa

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    ISBN: 9780471369813
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    Various games and activities, such as Fraction Jeopardy, are used to teach fraction facts (how to represent fractions, reducing to lowest terms, proper vs. improper fractions, etc.) and the four basic operations on fractions. The last section covers fractions and their decimal equivalents.

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    ISBN: 9781622230075
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    ISBN: 9781622230068
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    ISBN: 9781936023172
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