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Fraction Circles

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    This 61-pc set allows children to work tactilely with fractions by applying them to circles. Plastic pieces include an avocado green whole, blue halves, green thirds, peach fourths, magenta fifths, orange sixths, pink eighths, highlighter green tenths, and purple twelfths. A transparent cylindrical box with lid holds the whole set. Show equivalents by placing the whole piece in the bottom and see what combinations of other fractions will fill the circle. You could also enhance the pieces by adding magnets to the back. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 066819
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    This 51-piece set of fraction circles are a useful hands-on tool for students learning fractions and equivalencies. The plastic circles include labels for 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10, and 1/12. The different colors for each fraction make it easy to see the equivalency. Pieces are stored in a round plastic case. ~ Gina

  • Item #: 045750
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    Wholes through tenths, with different colors for each fraction circle stored neatly in wooden box with plastic cover.

  • Item #: 031469
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    Understanding fractions is often one of the most challenging math concepts for our children to grasp. All of us have heard the value of cutting a pizza or pie as a helpful visualbut let's be honest; it is not always convenient to bake a pie for our children to cut into pieces! These practical fraction circles are practically perfect for learning fractional concepts: soft, durable, colorful and best of all, reusable (unlike pie!) Containing the most commonly used fractions: halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths, twelfths, along with one whole, these foam circles clearly display fraction sizes and are a great asset for teaching fraction concepts such as less than and greater than. Older children can also quickly build fraction addition and subtraction problems to be able to see the correct response. An essential tool to supplement math lessons. Whole circle is 3 3/8 inches in diameter and each fraction circle is a different bright color. 51 pieces total in resealable plastic bag. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 056082
    ISBN: 9781483800608
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    Fraction circles, 1 cm graph paper, folding meter/yard stick, color tiles (100), English/metric ruler, play money set, white dice (2), 6 protractor, and mixed coins set.

  • Item #: SMI3MK
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    Geometric Shapes (1), fraction circles, wooden cubes, 1 cm. graph paper, base ten set, Judy instructional clock, 2-color plastic counters (100), folding meter/yard stick, pattern blocks (.5 cm, 100), indoor-outdoor thermometer, color tiles (100), English/metric ruler, play money, overhead cm graph grids, overhead inch graph grids, spectra-mat (17 x 14), white dice (2), multiplication table, platform scale, plastic coins.

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  • Item #: 068132
    ISBN: 9781583247266
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     Grade 4 requires fraction circles and squares.

  • Item #: 068131
    ISBN: 9781583246788
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    Grade 3 requires a set of fraction circles, fraction squares, and a magnetic fraction line. 

  • Item #: 057313
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    Shiller Math is a trusted name in math education, and they have now composed a kit to help those who need specific instruction with fractions. The kit includes the fraction lesson book and answer key, parent guide, fractions guide book, tracking sheet for completed assignments, and 2 sets of fraction circles. Each set of fractions circles includes 54 pieces which represent whole, halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, sevenths, eighths, ninths, and tenths. Concepts practiced begin with the basics and build fraction families, denominator, numerator, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, least common denominator and much more. The lesson book has 168 lessons that include review tests (187 pages). The answer key offers answers to all lessons found in the lesson book. Take time out from your regular curriculum to focus on fractions, or use it alongside your regular curriculum to reinforce fraction concepts. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 038283
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    Another handy tool for learning to tell time, this one incorporates fractions. Printed on a sturdy board (think of a thick board book page), this time teller has three clock faces with moveable hands. One with hour and minute hands, one with just hour, and one with minutes. Underneath are two fraction circles divided into twelfths. The face of the clock at the top with both hands is also printed with the words “After” on the right hand side and “To” on the left, helping students to learn another way that we discuss time. – Laura

  • Item #: 035407
    ISBN: 9781420614008
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    Here's a great tool for making your own math practice sheets. This CD-ROM includes characters for addition problems to 10, angles, basic math, clocks, counting beans, currency, division problems using the number 10, fraction circles and rectangles, measurement rulers, multiplication through 10, place value, seasons, subtraction through 10, and weather conditions and symbols.

    The installation is pretty easy - simply pop the disc into your drive and it should install automatically. If it doesn't, there are instructions to help you out. When you are ready to make a worksheet, click on the 'format' button on your tool bar, click 'font,' and choose the type of practice you want for this project. There are some short cut suggestions offered in the front flap of your package, but I found it easier to use the 'insert' button on your tool bar. You will need to use a much larger font size (I used 72) if you are making the worksheet for a younger child. I also found that the only way I could tell what the coins were suppose to be for the currency symbols was to print them quite large. The time savings really comes in when you can just insert whole addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems, rather than making them up yourself. I also like that you can insert sections of the ruler (for measurement) and they will appear connected.

    This CD is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers, and would be a real time and money savings for families or classrooms with a smaller budget. You can make just the worksheets you need rather than buying workbooks from which you will only use part of the pages.

  • Item #: 071159
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    Universal sets include everything necessary for success. IncludesFraction Overlay Kit, the Instructor Manual and DVD, and consumable student worktext and test book. Also included is 12-month access to the digital package for that level. Digital packages include streaming instruction videos and online Instruction Manual, lesson solutions, and other online resources from any browser. You'll also have access to the MUS Digital Manipulatives, using Chrome or Safari browsers.

    Please note: The Integer Block Kit is not included in the Universal Set. The Integer Block Kit is available separately or it is possible to use any small countable items: pennies, raisins, M&Ms, etc. as a work-around.

    Mastery of fractions including equivalent fractions and basic operations with fractions becoming fluent with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. Also includes common factors, grouping symbols and order of operations, comparing and converting decimal fractions, area and circumference of a circle, classifying quadrilaterals, fractional measurements on line plots and number lines, and using coordinates to represent ordered relationships

  • Item #: 062816
    ISBN: 9781942715160
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    ISBN: 9781942715368
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  • Item #: 009438
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    Best known as transparency markers, vis-a-vis work well on any laminated or white board surface or contact paper. They erase with a damp cloth. Dry erase markers leave a residue on some surfaces - test a small spot before using them extensively if you have a doubt. In these cases, a wet-erase marker generally works fine. Also, the fact that these do not dry erase allows for you to use them in concert with dry-erase markers where you want to leave a base structure or outline on a board. For example, in demonstrating fractions, you may want to draw two circles with wet-erase markers. Now use your dry-erase markers to divide circles, show equivalency, etc. You can erase the dry-erase again and again, and the wet-erase circles will stay intact until you erase with a wet cloth. The wet erase marks will erode somewhat if you draw over parts with the dry-erase marker, since that removes part of the wet-erase mark. Use this system for graphing, number lines, etc. Set includes one each of black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown and purple markers.

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    ISBN: 9781947226098
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  • Item #: 064908
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       Understanding fractions is often one of the toughest concepts for children to conquer. Sure, they pick up halves, quarters and wholes easily, but transferring that understanding to numbers larger than 1 often presents a challenge. This vital set builds upon children’s basic understanding and teaches them how to work out the fractional part of any given quantity. For example, find 3/4 of 20 or 4/6 of 30. Best of all, it does not ‘tell them’ how to solve the fractional equation, rather it shows them how and gives them opportunities to master the concept through hands on activities! Set includes color coded foam shapes to make 5 polygons: circle, rectangle, square, pentagon and hexagon. Five foam dice are color coded to match polygons; 20 fraction cards (1/2 -6/6) and 36 plastic pegs are included. The enclosed instruction pamphlet provides 3 levels of guidance. In stage 1, Understanding Basic Fractions, children use cards and polygons to solidify basic understanding. In Stage 2, Fractions of Quantities, children use fraction cards, die and polygon to solve equations involving fractional quantities. Stage 3 summarizes Support and Reinforcement. Excellent resource to help children “see’ and master fractional quantities. Cardboard box for storage included. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 064886
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     Squares on which to draw fractional divisions and space and a number line on

    which to show work, the reverse has the same but with circles