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Four Square

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    ISBN: 9781429117425
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    ISBN: 9781429117432
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    ISBN: 9781429117401
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    This step-by-step method of teaching writing skills will fit into any reading and language arts program. These reproducible workbooks challenge students to organize their thoughts in descriptive, narrative, persuasive, and mostly expository writings by using the four-square method. This method instructs students to write their main thought above a four-square box. Students then proceed to fill in the box, putting primary thoughts in three of the squares and a conclusion in the last. Each book in this series is broken down into five sections. In section one, students become familiar with the foursquare method by looking at examples and filling out some straight-forward squares. Students are primarily taught how to use this method in expository writing, so in section two, the book gives instructions on how to use the method for other styles of writing. In section three, the book provides samples of the method and essays that come from the samples. The essays can be used as models for students, and instructors could also use this section for reference. Section four supplies hints for applying the four-square method to other subject areas, as well as to a longer research or term paper. The last section in each book provides prompts to help students get started after they have learned the entire method. Overall, these books provide useful instruction to students who are visual learners and also to students who just need help organizing and focusing their writing. This unique approach to teaching basic writing skills will help students understand their writing and how to structure it better. The books with CDs are revised and updated versions that include an enhanced CD of printable PDFs of additional material – examples, activities, and writing exercises. The book for Early Learners focuses on introducing and explaining the method and simply illustrating its use through drawing and dictation. ~ Rachel

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    ISBN: 9781573101899
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    ISBN: 9781573101882
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    Kick, bounce or toss these rubber playground balls for hours of outdoor fun! Measuring 8.5 in diameter, the balls come with a textured cover for easy gripping in any weather conditions. May come inflated or deflated but includes instructions for inflating if necessary. Offered in 2 options, bright colors (assorted colors; we will assort on orders of more than one) or the USA ball which has red and white stripes on one half and a blue background with white stars on the other half. Kickball, 4-square and even a daring game of dodge ball can be mastered with these great balls from Franklin Sports. ~ Deanne

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       Cubes go 2-dimensional! Each square-shaped card is divided into four smaller squares of varying colors. The first player selects a card to play in the middle. Then the next player plays a card by matching at least one of the squares to a color on the card already played. The more squares you match, the more points you score. Players continue until all 40 of the 3” cubed cards have been used, and then whoever has the highest score wins. 2-6 players; multiple game options included. Directions are in English, French, German and Spanish.

  • Item #: 060636
    ISBN: 9781933745800
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      “Take us to Your Reader!” Your goal is to reach Cosmos. Start reading on Earth; answering questions correctly will move you towards outer space. The first player to reach Cosmos wins. But there are twists, turns, and dangers ahead! A player may switch places with you; you may lose a turn; you may be sent back to another planet. You can save yourself, however, with the much sought after X-Pack—but you’re allowed only one at a time!

      This creative and enjoyable game reinforces reading comprehension techniques such as main idea, inference, details, cause/effect, visualizing and sequencing. Also highlighted are more complex skills including figurative language, context clues, comparison/contrast, genre, rhyming and vocabulary/grammar. These absolutely crucial reading skills are practiced while playing in an engaging and fun space-themed game format—with a bit of humor along the way.

      Four square game boards are double sided. Place them together, but players stay on their individual boards. Everyone starts on the side that shows earth. Use the spinner to start, and then select Earth card questions (either level A or the more challenging, B). Cards sometimes ask you to read the card’s passage and answer questions or may reinforce reading terms. Once you’ve made it to the rocket ship and correctly answered the next question, flip your game board over and move to the Space questions (there’s also a level A and B). Travel to 7 planets and then reach Cosmos.

      Won’t the cards’ reading selections just get routine or memorized? Substitute your own questions for the included cards. Imagine using your students’ textbook reading comprehension questions to reach the Cosmos! Caution: product may cause extreme fun while learning!

      Includes four double-sided game boards, a sturdy spinner card, 4 game pawns, 140 question cards, rules and answer key. Correlates to CCS standards. For 2-4 players. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 046640
    ISBN: 9781591745907
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    Anyone can be artistic, anyone can create…with this book! All the supplies that you need are right at your fingertips – literally! This book takes you through the tips and tricks of finger and thumb print art, gives you some practice getting the hang of it and then presents you with a variety of activities and doodle pages. Practice underwater creatures, circus performers, insects and flowers, monkeys, farm animals, dragons, princes and princesses and much more. Play fun games like tic-tac-toe (with your toes!) and four-square! Includes 39-page spiral bound book, 4 ink pads and a black marker. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 038317
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    What a neat little set! At first I wasn’t sure what to do with these, but the consultants provided lots of great ideas (aside from the obvious manipulative sorting). This set contains six dry erase 16.5” x 12.5” mats. They’re transparent with colored lines printed on them. Each set contains one of each: 2x2 grid, 2x3 grid, 4 sets of ten-frames, three columns, two columns, and a two-circle Venn diagram. The 2x2 grid would be great for use with the Four Square Writing Method. The 2x3 could be used for drawing out a story (like storyboarding for a writing/drawing project or comic). The three columns work really well for use with Base 10 place value manipulatives, and the two columns would be great for writing out pros and cons. They would be great for circle time in a classroom setting. But why transparent? These were originally designed for use on a light table like the EduPanel. Two mats will fit on the A3 sized panel, while the A2 panel will fit one mat. Even without the light tables, though, these would work great on a flat surface like the kitchen table. – Laura

  • Item #: 019488
    ISBN: 9781575423890
    Retail: $12.99
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     In Zach Apologizes, Zach does something in anger and his mother helps him work through empathy and asking forgiveness with the Four-square Apology

  • Item #: 001590
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    A favorite for the age 2-to-5 set because of the variety of activities included. The junior Fit-A- Space panel is sized for easier use for tots, while four shape squares provide basic shape sorting. Pegging is introduced with two peg-play vehicles using Punkinhead pegs. Also included are 3 "Familiar Things" two—piece puzzles. Resealable box makes for portability and, hopefully, neatness.

  • Item #: 005587
    Retail: $24.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.13

    How about a little twist on your average four-in-a-row game? The object is to be the first player to complete a square on the tile board. But the catch is, the tiles move! Each turn consists of placing a piece and then sliding one of the eight tiles into the only open space on the board. Pay attention, because if you're not careful, you could wind up helping your opponent as easily as helping yourself! Squares can be made over multiple tiles, and each move is not allowed to undo the other player's last move. Simple to learn and quick to play, you'll exercise your cranium every time! For two players. – Chad

  • Item #: 018746
    Retail: $7.50
    Rainbow Price: $5.75

    1" square plastic tiles in four bright colors (red, blue, green & yellow). Set of 100 (25 of each color).

  • Item #: 018743
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

    Young children will appreciate this hands-on approach to developing analytic thinking skills via an exploration of shapes, colors, and patterns. The activities require three types of manipulatives: attribute blocks, pattern blocks, and interlocking (or multilink) cubes. Like the Building Thinking Skills program, activities cover four key areas: Similarities and Differences, Sequences, Classifications, and Analogies. Simple activity instructions appear at the top of each page as a basic guideline for the teacher. The activity book itself is approximately 250 pages. Manipulatives are not included. Required manipulatives for this program are as follows: A) Pattern Blocks – set of 100 in six colors and shapes (triangle, trapezoid, rhombus (2 types), hexagon, square); B) Interlocking Cubes – set of 100 (plastic cubes that link on all sides, 10 cubes of 10 different colors); C) Attribute Blocks – set of 60 (pieces come in 5 shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, circle, hexagon), 3 colors (red, blue, yellow), 2 sizes (large, small), 2 thicknesses). ~ Anh

  • Item #: 067706
    ISBN: 9781619990302
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $13.45

       Similar to the concept of Holey Cards, this set of cards will allow children to practice math facts independently and check their own work. Place a sheet of paper beneath one of the four cards (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and write the answer to each problem in the square hole next to the problem. After completing the problems, flip the card over to reveal the answers. These cards provide horizontal math practice and include 98 problems on each card. Made of sturdy cardstock, Fast Facts can be used repeatedly.  

  • Item #: 038305
    ISBN: 9781929645442
    Retail: $37.99
    Rainbow Price: $31.25
    Sudoku puzzles have exploded in popularity in recent years, and this product allows you to enjoy the logical puzzles with colors instead of numbers. Instead of using numbers from 1-9, Colorku uses nine differently colored wooden marbles on a large wooden board. The high-quality wood board measures 13.5" x 13.5" and is divided into nine rows, nine columns, and nine 3 x 3 squares. It has 81 wood marbles in 9 vibrant colors. The board and marbles are covered with a plastic tray that holds the balls on the board when storing, and flips over to serve as a ball holder while playing. The board comes with 100 different puzzle cards that come in four different difficulty levels and tell players where to place the first few marbles. The solution to each puzzle is achieved when the player ends up having one and only one of every color ball in each of the nine rows, columns, and 3 x 3 squares. Solutions are included. There's even a color conversion card that shows you how to alter any Sudoku puzzle from any book or news-paper and solve it using your Colorku board. Think the 100 puzzle cards that come with the game won't be enough? Luckily, there are a few Expansion Packs, which offer additional puzzle cards at a variety of levels. Each pack offers 100 puzzles with solutions. The Beginner Puzzles are fairly simple, the All Level Puzzles offer puzzles for four different difficulty levels, and the Advanced Puzzles will drive you crazy. The durable wooden game and fun yet challenging puzzles will be enjoyed by new and old Sudoku fans alike. ~Rachel
  • Item #: 049188
    ISBN: 9780740322426
    Retail: $99.95
    Rainbow Price: $89.96
    (Information below provided by Alpha Omega Publications)

    Prepare your middle school student to excel at upper-level math with the new Horizons Pre-Algebra course! Along with exciting real life applications, this year long math course takes students from basic operations in whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percents, roots, and exponents and introduces them to math-building concepts in algebra, trigonometry and geometry. Divided in to 160 lessons, this course comes complete with one consumable student book, a student test and resources book and an easy-to-use teacher's guide. Every block of ten lessons begins with a challenging set of problems that prepares students for standardized math testing and features personal interviews showing how individuals make use of math in everyday life.

    Horizons Pre-Algebra includes several areas of new content, including:

    • Absolute Value
    • Volume and Surface Area of Solids
    • Transformations and Nets
    • Compound Interest
    • Representations of Data
    • Permutations, Combinations, and Odds and Events
    • Two Variable Equations
    • Four Operations with Monomials and Polynomials
    • Trigonometric Ratios

    The set consists of the student book, teacher's guide and tests/resource book. Similar in format to other Horizons K-6 courses, the consumable, full-color Horizons Pre-Algebra Student Book includes 160 daily lessons. Each lesson begins with a teaching box that details the new concept. A class work section has been added to this area of the lesson for guided practice of the new concept. Typical of other Horizons math courses, the activities section of each lesson includes a set of practice problems for the new concept and review problems for previously covered concepts. Another new feature of the Student Book is a set of college test prep questions that follows each block of 10 lessons. These problems are designed to help students prepare for standardized math testing. This book also includes a new collection of interviews with everyday people who use math in their daily vocations. Setting the stage for each group of lessons, these interviews bring the lessons to life by adding a human interest touch to word problems. (Perfect-bound, full-color, 8.5 x 11, 360 pages). The Horizons Pre-Algebra Teacher's Guide includes a readiness test, scope and sequence, appearance of concept charts, teaching tips for each lesson, reduced student and worksheet pages with solution keys for daily lessons, tests, exams, and worksheets. (Perfect-bound, black-and-white, 8.5 x 11, 400 pages). The Horizons Pre-Algebra Tests and Resources Book includes tests from the student books and worksheets from the teacher's guides of previous Horizons math courses. This book also provides tear-out tests, exams, and worksheets, as well as full-color net diagrams, algebra squares manipulatives on cardstock, and formula strips for tests and exams. (Perfect-bound, consumable, 8.5 x 11, 240 pages)

    Please see individual component descriptions to find PDF samples of each.

  • Item #: 044070
    ISBN: 9780756637477
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.75

    This older cousin of the Funny Phonics game achieves the same standard of replay-ability and motivating fun in practice, only with the goal of learning parts of speech. Up to four sentence constructors can play. Durable game board, double-sided player boards and cards offset the somewhat flimsy 12-sided cardstock die (that you may need to reinforce with tape!). Strategy, chance, and changing outcomes keep game play exciting. There are two levels of play. The shorter version, for younger readers, requires them to make only two, six-word sentences using four parts of speech: nouns, adjectives, articles, and verbs. If you are playing with even younger children, you can play with just nouns, adjectives, and verbs (by folding the player boards differently). The longer version requires two complete sentences, each using 2 adjectives, 2 nouns, a verb, article, and preposition. The 136 word and picture cards are color-coded by function and stacked in piles by color on the game board. Players move around the board depending on rolls of the die and/or instructions on the game board, collecting part of speech cards. If they're lucky, they'll roll or land on a space that lets them choose "Any Card", giving them an edge in completing sentences (more quickly and sillier). Word cards must be read (most are simple words and sight words) to be won. Sentences are constructed from collected cards by placing them on the correctly labeled (noun, verb, etc.) squares on player boards. The winner is the first person to make two silly sentences and read them aloud. Depending upon the reading level of your children, you may control the type (word or picture) of card used or its difficulty – or even use two separate decks for differing reading abilities among players (You can always expand play, too, by making some of your own cards to use with the game). It's a great little game for practicing sentence construction and parts of speech in an entertaining context.

  • Item #: 013798
    Retail: $11.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.75

    I could spend hours playing with this without getting bored! The Fifteen Puzzle is a beautiful stainless steel sliding-tile puzzle. Enameled number tiles (from 1 to 15) are arranged in rows and columns of four on a 2.5 by 2.5 inch square frame. The empty space allows you to easily slide the tiles around on the puzzle. Unlike plastic versions, these tiles won't fall off! The premise of the game is simple. On a piece of paper, arrange the numbers 1 through 15 in any pattern in a four by four array. Then, see if you can reproduce the arrangement on the puzzle. To get you started, 30 puzzle challenges are included. Trillions of combinations are possible. The puzzle comes with its own travel case and provides fun for all ages! ~ Anh

  • Item #: 003568
    Retail: $29.88
    Rainbow Price: $6.44
    Scrabble lovers can take the fun to another level with this word-focused game. It contains a game board with a square grid; an oversized, electronic die; and four dry-erase markers. Players take turns rolling the die (which is also a 60 second timer) and then have a minute to write a word based on the prompt on the die. Players write directly on the board using the dry-erase markers. The prompts include writing a 2, 3, or 4-letter word or adding that many letters to an existing word; writing a word of any length on the board; replacing a word with another that matches the letters of all the intersecting words; or drawing a Jot card. The Jot cards limit what kind of word you can write, with instructions like "add a river," "add a farm animal," and "add a word ending in E." 55 Jot cards are included. A laminated write-on/wipe-off score card is also included, and the first player or team to reach a certain amount of points (based on squares filled and extra points for bonus squares) is the winner. It's a fun game that can be played with 2 or more players and is great for various ages. Test your word knowledge with this fast-paced word game. ~Rachel
  • Item #: 070356
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    Rainbow Price: $29.99


    This set of 28 brightly colored foam blocks have a silicone coating that allows them to stick together, to glass, or to the sides of your bathtub for bath time fun. The best part is that they won't stick to your clothes and there's no messy residue to get into fabric or carpets. If they get dirty, just wipe them off and begin again. Each set includes 6 squares, 5 rectangles, 6 small triangles, 5 large triangles, 2 cylinders, and 4 arch pieces. Squares measure 3.5cm; four will form a 7cm square, two rectangles are equal to a 7cm square, 2 large triangles will also equal a 7cm square, etc. Although these will encourage hours of building fun, they can also be used to demonstrate math concepts because of the many ways the shapes can be combined to form a whole 7cm square. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 067956
    ISBN: 9781478801146
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $19.50

       Music, animals, and little hands-sized books? Sounds like a good way to introduce letters! Each letter has its own song (sort of: X, Y, Z are combined) and its own little book. The books are 5.75” square and have eight pages. A short verse/song introduces the letter and its animal friend. Then follows four pages, each with a letter-starting word and its picture. Another short verse/song concludes the book along with a composite picture to find all the letter’s words. Letters are shown in upper and lower case. The little books are colorful with glossy/plastic covers. The songs are done by a variety of singers and the song’s tempo/style is based on its animal friend. Vowel sounds are all true “short” vowel sounds (eggplant, egg, elephant; iguana, etc.). Books and CD all fit in a small box with a carry handle. An excellent early phonics resource. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 067830
    Retail: $229.95
    Rainbow Price: $224.95

    Based on the three-point instructional method: "this is;" "show me;" and "what is?" as well as an underlying Socratic question/answer format, ShillerMath Language Arts is Montesorri at its best. The totally scripted teaching manuals each provide a semester's worth of daily lessons (71-84 lessons in each book). Kit 1 (Books 1-4) is designed for ages 3-5. We understand there will be two more levels: Books 5-8 are for ages 4-7; Books 9-12 are for ages 6-8. If these age levels seem a bit odd to you (they do to me as well), it's because there are two levels of things happening here. One is phonics instruction and the other is an amazing/exciting combination of language arts "more." For example, here are the "more" topics covered on the Book 4 Review Test imitate (speaking, listening, reading, writing), introduce yourself, repeating 5 words back in order, articles (as in part of speech), retelling a story, emotions (tell me about a time when . . .), touch typing (home position basics), rhyming words, identifying adjectives, describing basic geographic features, describing peripheral vision, naming the months of the year, naming first ten ordinal numbers, comparisons, copying a very diverse collection of shapes, showing directions, and, lastly, identifying Shakespeare and naming a sonnet. The bottom line is that there is a lot of learning going on here and a lot of flexibility. An older student (5 years) might start with Kit 1 and fly through the learning but still come away with new information.

    Lessons require no preparation and vary in both length and complexity. There is also great variety in the content which is why the teacher is encouraged to skip lessons if the student is not ready for its content. Since one of the basic premises of Montesorri education is that children are natural learners, the teacher's role is to provide a learning-friendly environment and the proper tools. Students are usually the best gauge of their own competence and will know when they have closure on a topic so be prepared to be flexible and sensitive. There is a checklist included, as the back cover of each lesson book is to be used to record when a lesson is completed.

    A good part of Montessori instruction is managing the dialog between teacher and student. Although appropriate wording is modeled in the lessons, there is also general information at the front of the Lesson Books on building an environment conducive to learning.

    As mentioned before the Lesson Books are totally scripted. This means that everything you need to say to the student is provided for you. For instance, Lesson 24, Book 4 practices comparative terminology. There are eight points to the lesson. The first point covers "est" words and comparing three or more things. The second point talks about the "er" words and comparing two things. Then there are five sets of pictures of various objects to compare starting with three objects of varying sizes but progressing to four and six objects. About 95 pgs each, spiral-bound.

    The lesson on emotions is illustrative of the different directions this curriculum takes. First we are told that "emotions are what we feel." There are pictures of four children illustrating these emotions: shy, sad, jealous, and sorry. As part of the lesson the child is encouraged to demonstrate how she/he feels with each of those emotions as well as to tell a story about a time when he/she was . . . . . All in all, an interesting and excellent introduction to an intriguing subject.

    The Mother Goose Book includes 358 "stories." These are to be used as part of each day's lessons (read-aloud) and can be requested by the child as desired. These stories are printed in large print and would be read by the child (if able). There are multiple stories on each page. Please note there are no illustrations at all in the book. 152 pgs. spiral-bound.

    The Lesson Mat needs to be mentioned. It is large (22" x 34") and cream-colored. Fabric is some sort of foam but the touch is velvety. It is slightly stretchy in one direction. This mat is used with all lessons and serves as a portable workspace allowing you to take your lessons anywhere inside (or outside) of the house.

    The Kit contents all have a purpose within the lessons. While most of the items are somewhat typical (letters, numbers, crayons, Play-Doh), that is not true of the Montessori shapes manipulatives. There are ten shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, quatrefoil, pentagon, oval, elipse, and curvilinear triangle) illustrated two different ways: blue shapes with molded lifters and ten matching pink stencil shapes. Stencils are 5.5" squares; shapes are various sizes with 3 7/8" square being the largest.

    Kit 1 includes Lesson Books 1-4; foam mat; magnetic alphabet (uppercase & lowercase letters plus numbers); quinoa grain, washable large crayons; shapes with knobs and matching bases (10), 4 tubs of Play-Doh; book of Mother Goose Rhymes; and CD with 24 language arts songs. ~ Janice