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    This beginner set of 10 fossils is a great collection for getting started or for study purposes – it includes dinosaur bone, shark tooth, ammonite, brachiopod, crinoid, gastropod and more (specimens may vary a bit by kit). The 16-page full color guide is the same as the guide found in #014056, so not all of the specimens in the guide will be found in this kit. Intended for the curious, this kit can be used as a hands-on supplement to your science curriculum or just use it to explore. Specimens range in size from about ¾" to 1½ ".
  • Item #: 012403
    ISBN: 9780794515263
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    An introductory guidebook to rocks, fossils, and much more. Through the numerous colorful illustrations and diagrams, the various geological processes that helped to form the world's collection of rocks, minerals, and fossils are described. Students will learn the difference between igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks as well as what clues they give us as to how the Earth's surface formed. Students will additionally learn where to look for certain rocks and fossils and how to identify them. The effect natural forces (such as water, wind, ice, and volcanic eruptions) have had on the shape of the land is also discussed. Much of the book sticks to the subject, but evolution is assumed and evolutionary dating is used. 32 pgs. ~ Enh

  • Item #: 046231
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    This kit has a bit different take on digging for dinosaur fossils – you have to bury them first! Mix the plaster powders with water using the included spoon, position the plastic skeleton parts, and layer more of the plaster mix over the parts. Let the layers dry and then you can use the tools to break the pieces out of the plaster. Put on the safety glasses and use the chisel, hammer, and brush as you unearth the pieces. After washing the dust from your 10 skeletal pieces, assemble them to make your Tyrannosaurus Rex model. The tools are some of the sturdiest I have ever seen in dig kits and the model pieces are nice heavyweight plastic. The instruction book that is included offers written instruction as well as photos of each step of the process. Bury, Dig, Discover!

  • Item #: 011921
    ISBN: 9780890512036
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    What do fossils tell us about the past? Join the Parker family on fossil hunting adventures in southern Indiana and near Alberta, Canada. Author Gary Parker is a professor of natural science at Clearwater Christian College, and the dialogue in this book is based on questions asked by his four children. Learn along with the Parker children as they find out about fossil formation, the age of fossils, the Flood and Noah's Ark, and how fossils contradict evolution theory. Also learn how to organize a fossil hunt of your own! 80 pgs. ~ Anh

  • Item #: 027366
    ISBN: 9780753472057
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    Once part of the Kingfisher Young Knowledge series, Kingfisher has updated and revised, and the series is now known as Discover Science. Still done in a kid-friendly format, the information and pictures are visually appealing and easy to understand. Young scientists will learn the basics of rocks and fossils as they enjoy browsing through this book. In these 56 colorful pages, children will learn about the formation of rocks and fossils, weathering, dinosaurs, and do some fun hands-on projects like make your own fossils and start a rock collection. A glossary is appended. 56 pgs. pb - Donna

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    ISBN: 9780890514382
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  • Item #: 001866
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    A collection of 15 fossils of different organisms and various eras. A geological time chart and a descriptive key are included to further familiarize students with them. Bring your fossil studies to life - almost! - Jess

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  • Item #: 020397
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    This new Starter Kit includes 15 individually bagged and labeled common fossil specimens. An insert describes each fossil and a full color Geologic Time chart is included. - Donna

  • Item #: 064259
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       Learning about fossils is a lot more fun if you can get a sample in your hand. Who has time to go out and collect them? Packaged neatly, this set of 9 specimens will intrigue your learners as they learn about fossils. The included guide book offers additional information on the specimens in this kit – sea urchin, white clam, gastropod, crinoid stem, brachiopod, ammonite, sand dollar, shark tooth, and coral. Each fossil ranges in size from ½” to 1” – a good size to see details. The guide book also includes a word scramble and word find for a little bit of fossil-word fun. ~ Donna

    1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 046845
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    There are a lot of "fossil dig" kits on the market with fossil replicas hidden inside, but we like this one because while it's inexpensive, kids are digging out five actual fossils, not replicas. Inside the box you'll find a 4 ¼" x 3 ½" x 2 ¼" block of gypsum sandplaster, a wooden chisel and a wood-handled brush. Aspiring paleontologists can methodically chip and brush away at the plaster to discover the fossils, which may include shark teeth, various shells, ammonites, crinoid stems and more, easily identifiable by matching to the pictures on the side of the box. When they're finished digging and cleaning up their specimens, they can display them, or add them to their rock and fossil collection! - Jess

  • Item #: 061054
    ISBN: 9781465430151
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  • Item #: 045743
    ISBN: 9780892216918
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    ISBN: 9781603573108
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    Like the other "Mine for" kits from Discover with Dr. Cool, this one features real specimens that are relatively large and good-quality. Ten fossils are buried inside the digging block, and it's up to your child to excavate them and identify them with the help of the digging tools, brush and "Adventure Guide" included with the kit. The fossils vary between kits, but typically include a shark's tooth, dinosaur bone fragment, sliced and polished ammonite, shell fossils, polished orthoceras and more. The Adventure Guide not only provides information about the fossils, but also includes some additional activities. – Jess.
  • Item #: 002164
    ISBN: 9781465462473
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    ISBN: 9780892216888
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    Discover 15 fossil specimens with Dr. Cool – a gastropod, trilobite, shark tooth, mosasaur tooth, ammonites, orthoceras, bivalve, coral, crinoid, urchin, dinosaur bone, and coprolite. The colorful guide included explains how fossils are formed and what they are, and it also includes colored photos of the types of specimens found in your set along with information about each. Dr. Cool's specimens range in size from approximately 1" to 2", and some of them are very unusual, like the iridescent ammonite. This is a nice collection for your future paleontologist, and all of them are from right here in the United States.
  • Item #: 047631
    ISBN: 9780892216956
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  • Item #: 015507
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    This PLP holds weekly lesson schedules for the Living Fossils book (3 days/week), alternate sectional exams and final comprehensive exam, and answer keys for those exams. Within the suggested schedule there are columns to record due dates and grades for assignments and exams. The PLP assumes you will be using the text, teacher’s manual and DVD for each course. Reproducible for individual families or small classrooms (up to 10 students). One year of science, worth 1/2 credit. pb

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  • Item #: 047192
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    Includes 200g of Rock ClayZee, three paints, a sponge, string, paint brush, fossil molds, modeling tools, a resealable bag and illustrated instructions to make dinosaur claws, dinosaur claw fossils, a fossil of a dinosaur body, and a fossil of a triceratops head.