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  • Item #: 004925
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    For the dinosaur and art lover in your family children can now mold their own brightly colored and unique dinosaurs. Mold a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus with this kit's contents: 3 plastic dinosaur skeleton fossils (each about 5.5"), 5 blocks of non-drying clay (blue, green, yellow, red, and purple), wiggly eyes, clay tools, and instructions. Squeeze the clay in your hands to soften; then mold it around the skeleton fossils. Be creative and use any of the colors to create your own unique dinosaur creature. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 027531
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    This is a great little gift wrapped up in a gold brick perfect for your excavators and rock collectors. Dig into the gold-colored brick (approx. 4x2) using the enclosed plastic tool. Your little digger will uncover a beautiful piece of pyrite that is approximately 1 in size. A great addition to your rock collection! ▲CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs

  • Item #: 024768
    Retail: $5.00
    Rainbow Price: $4.50

    A mega-size dino hatcher, this egg is 4 ½” inches tall! Put it in water and wait 12-24 hours to see the dinosaur “hatch” out of the egg, reaching nearly 12” when fully grown! Assorted dinosaurs.

  • Item #: 073823
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    Rainbow Price: $24.99

    This kit goes a step beyond our typical geology kit. In addition to the 2 lbs. of Mining Ore that contains hidden gems and fossils, use the tools included to go explore on your own! You get a real geologist’s hammer and rock pick with belt holder, ore sifting tray, magnifier and safety glasses. The included guide booklet helps you identify your finds, and you can proudly show off your treasures in the translucent display case.  

  • Item #: 031546
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  • Item #: 027539
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  • Item #: 018120
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  • Item #: 027554
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  • Item #: 069551
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    Step into your paleontologist shoes and start diggin’ for dinos! This 2-4 player game functions similarly to the classic “go fish” game, but with dinosaurs! The goal is to draw and trade dino fossil cards until a complete dinosaur can be made! Players get to choose from T-Rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, or Pterodactyl fossil cards.

  • Item #: 066584
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  • Item #: 027544
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  • Item #: 018673
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    Includes: Magnetic Pyrite, Blue Aragonite, Realgar, Calcite, Sodalite, Beryl, Sphalerite, Tourmaline, Siderite, Rhodochrosite, Wollastonite, Rock Salt, Crystal Point, Fuchsite, Olivine.

  • Item #: 073504
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  • Item #: 073498
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  • Item #: 002277
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    Much like the above collection, only with fewer specimens. The 35 or 24 rocks and minerals form a more abbreviated, but still adequate, range of materials for your study of geology or for identification/reference. Instead of buying one of those overpriced "book and skimpy rock collection" combo sets that pervade the market, settle on a good, basic book about rocks and rock-collecting, and use one of these sets as your samples. Unmount the specimens if you prefer - either way, you'll have a much larger and more complete collection for about the same price. Study Guide included.
  • Item #: 073965
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    Rainbow Price: $11.75

  • Item #: 032194
    ISBN: 9780802852090
    Retail: $18.00
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

      The patron saint of the Czech Republic, King Wenceslaus is immortalized in the Christmas carol. He was a real 10th century king well known for his generosity and Christian spirit. He gave freely to the poor and helped to spread Christianity through Bohemia. The book text is the carol itself, with a modern introduction, written in 1853 from music that was first published in 1582. This book is beautifully illustrated with lively characters and gorgeous backgrounds. On the last page is the music and all 5 verses of the song. 30pp, hc (with jacket,) 10.5”x10.5”. ~Sara

  • Item #: 018674
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  • Item #: 073502
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  • Item #: 064686
    ISBN: 9781628074598
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       This set of 54 dinosaur cards (3 1/8x5 1/4”) is great for playing games while learning about 18 different dinosaurs – 18 picture card pairs (36 cards) and 18 fact cards. Each fact card includes name pronunciation, type of dinosaur, height, length, and weight in both metric and standard measure. Play games like Dinosaur Matchup, Match & Clap, and Ultimate Fun-a-saurus with these colorful, detailed dinosaur cards. The pictures on the cards match those in the Discovering Dinosaurs Bulletin Board Set, #41594, and could be used together if teaching a dinosaur unit. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 032672
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  • Item #: 023490
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  • Item #: 020021
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  • Item #: 018118
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  • Item #: 004706
    Retail: $13.00
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    Literally "dig" for some of America's loveliest rocks, minerals and fossils in a block of digging sediment shaped like the continental U.S. Use the included tools to dig them out of the areas they are most commonly found, then match them up to the "Treasure Map." A magnifying glass and a learning guide are also included. An interactive way to learn about rocks and minerals special to the U.S.!

  • Item #: 002263
    Retail: $50.49
    Rainbow Price: $39.95

    Includes 50 specimens (approximately 1") in a compartmentalized box. Includes specimens from the following groups: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks; ores, gemstones, and minerals in the scale of hardness. Numbered specimens are keyed to study sheet and a Rocks and Minerals Study Guide is also included.

  • Item #: 073501
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  • Item #: 062832
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  • Item #: 061900
    Retail: $24.99
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    This model kit allows your young dinosaur enthusiast to take their passion to the next level! Children will experience the thrill of being a paleontologist as they construct the 15" T-Rex layer by layer, from squishy organs to the clear plastic body shell. Dinosaur includes 5 squishy organs (heart, intestines, lungs, stomach, and tongue), 9 plastic bones and muscles, and clear outer shell pieces. Once completed, your dinosaur can be displayed on the plastic 'rock' stand. Kit also includes The Mighty Rex, a 24-pg. book from Dennis Schatz, a noted scientist from Seattle's Pacific Science Center. Evolutionary content. Detailed instructions included. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 048502
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    Rainbow Price: $6.00

    This reference card is great for students learning about the appearance of various rocks and minerals. Attached to a 4" x 6" laminated card are samples of 20 common rocks found in the United States: Quartz, Amazon Stone, Epidote, Andesite, Flourite, Obsidian, Orthoclase, Talc, Jasper, Ulexite, Pyrite, Migmatite, Opal, Chrysocolla, Sulfur, Coal, Dolomite, Magnetite, Calcite, and Terra Cotta. Each sample is about .5" wide. The back of the card has a very brief explanation about rock classification. ~ Rachel