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    ISBN: 9781936023387
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    ISBN: 9780764701412
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  • Item #: 044069
    ISBN: 9780756682569
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    Beginning Spanish and French students will find much to discover in these fun DK kits. Each kit includes an book, flash cards, and an audio CD. The book really consists of three separate books, conveniently compiled into one volume. The three "books" are an Activity Book, Picture Dictionary Wordbook, and a Bilingual Dictionary. The Activity Book consists of 26 themed topics and introduces children to common phrases and basic vocabulary pertaining to everyday situations—such as greetings, school, or at a picnic. The lessons feature color photos of school-aged children (with bilingual speech bubbles), as well as colorful graphics, tips, and vocabulary games.The audio CD corresponds to each of the lessons, and students are encouraged to listen to the CD (to develop an ear for native dialogue and pronunciation) while they follow along in the book. The Picture Dictionary contains colorful photos of people, places and objects with the Spanish or French words (and English translations) written below. The Bilingual Dictionary contains translations for 2000 of the most commonly-used Spanish or French words. The flashcards consist of five sets of twelve flashcards covering food, clothes, objects, numbers and animals. The flashcards can be used to play the games in the Activity Book, or they can be used by themselves to study vocabulary words. The multisensory appeal of this kit should inspire even the most reluctant foreign language students. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 025344
    ISBN: 9781568221984
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  • Item #: 020108
    ISBN: 9781600510007
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  • Item #: 016839
    ISBN: 9781600510786
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    Rainbow Price: $21.15

    Parents often worry about having to teach a language they don’t speak. Never fear— Songschool Spanish is here! Classical Academic Press continues its tradition of providing quality, audio-based foreign language instruction with its Spanish offering.

    The core of this program lies in the Student Book and CD Set. The audio CD contains 44 tracks set to music (you’ll recognize some familiar children’s tunes, such as “Where is Thumbkin?” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It”). Spanish and English vocabulary are intermingled in the songs, resulting in a “weave” but not an immersion. Most tunes are simple rhythms which repeat the lesson vocabulary. Lots of repetition helps the words stick in the kids’ heads. The Student Book follows the vocabulary on the CD. The black and white text has many varied activities and illustrations. The pages contain a balanced mix of text, student writing space, and images (173 pgs, pb.)

    There are 31 chapters with the suggested pacing of one chapter/lesson per week. Vocabulary covered includes: greetings, friends, family, house, manners, animals, colors, numbers, body, food, and weather. There is a support website where kids can play vocabulary games in Spanish and another site for parents to get guidance for the program.

  • Item #: 042702
    ISBN: 9781930953659
    Retail: $17.50
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  • Item #: 025495
    ISBN: 9781936023356
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    Formatted like others in the Skill Builders series, these books feature reproducible black-and-white worksheets with a variety of practice activities. Level 1 covers the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, parts of the body, and more. In Level 2, students learn common household words as they visit La casa Valenzuela (The Valenzuela's home). In addition to household vocabulary, simple Spanish sentences as more advanced concepts such as basic verb conjugations and grammatical gender are also introduced. ~ Enh

  • Item #: 024984
    ISBN: 9781600510472
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  • Item #: 034113
    ISBN: 9780943343761
    Retail: $44.99
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    Drill Spanish vocabulary with this addition to the Learning Wrap-Ups family. Like the popular math sets, this Spanish version consists of stacks of ten large colorful plastic "keys" that are attached together. The left side of each Wrap-Up features illustrated symbols representing vocabulary words, while the right side lists words written out in Spanish. Use the attached string to match the picture to the correct Spanish word, wrapping around the Wrap-Up multiple times until you've matched all the words. The back of the Wrap-Ups show the correct string pattern for easy self-checking. This kit contains four sets of Wrap-Ups, for a total of 480 Spanish words. The Wrap-Ups are divided into four categories: Learning Words, Talking Basics, Making Statements, and Asking Questions, covering a wide variety of words such as parts of the body, numbers, money, foods, animals, and much more. Also included in the kit is an audio CD which gives correct pronunciation and usage, plus a teacher's guide. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 038174
    ISBN: 9781402706721
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    If you're looking for a fun and easy guide to the basics of American Sign Language, then you've found your book! This is a great introductory guide to many commonl signs, and the material is presented in a visual way that is easy for children to understand so they can begin signing right away. For every sign there is a labeled picture of a child acting out the sign and a detailed caption describing the motions. The signs are broken down into a variety of sections for easy learning and referencing. These sections teach students signs related to alphabet and numbers; home, family, and pets; school; days of the week; colors; feelings; favorite foods; sports and hobbies; musical instruments; transportation and travel; animals; clothing; senses; holidays and religions; doctor's office and health; nature, weather, and seasons; practical words and question words; linking words; and making sentences. The section on forming sentences is pretty brief; so once your child has some basic vocabulary down you will need to look into more advanced titles. 95 pgs, hc. – elise

  • Item #: 060719
    ISBN: 9781620656877
    Retail: $8.95
    Rainbow Price: $6.95

      The six chapters cover categories that are common in your children’s lives: All about Me, Around the House, At School, People and Places, Through the Year (Holidays, calendar language, etc.), and Communicating (greetings, opposites, manners, etc.). Each page uses a cartoon of a young child to demonstrate the American Sign Language (ASL) signs. Directional arrows are shown as needed. An inset with each sign shows a photograph of the activity or item signed. (These pictures often show action and would be good conversation starters as well. The word and a brief definition is included. 9 1/4x10 1/4", 112, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 017234
    ISBN: 9780486490571
    Retail: $3.99
    Rainbow Price: $3.50

    Learn American Sign Language while you color! This simple coloring book introduces children to the ASL alphabet and some basic vocabulary. Each page features a scene based on a different letter of the alphabet. The top corner of the page shows the fingerspelling hand shape for that letter, and the top 2/3 portrays a scene with several objects, animals, and/or children performing activities that represent the letter. Along the bottom of each page are 4-6 illustration boxes that demonstrate how to sign vocabulary words starting with the letter. For example, the "p" page shows how to sign "penguin", "please", "play", "pretty", and "puppy". The back of the book includes an alphabet handshapes fingerspelling chart and an index. 30 pgs. ~ Lisa

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    ISBN: 9780981818238
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  • Item #: 069592
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  • Item #: 023558
    ISBN: 9780764162220
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    This is the most comprehensive sign language flash card set we carry! The thorough set contains 500 double-sided flashcards (3" x 4 ½"). The front of each card features a color photograph of a woman signing (with directional arrows where appropriate), while the back of each card lists the name of the sign with the signing instructions written out. Related words/signs are indexed on the back of the cards for assistance when building sentences. For example, on the card demonstrating the sign for "accept," cross-references appear for the words "agree," "work (job)," and "yes." Each card is numbered and labeled in alphabetical order for easy reference, and the top left hand corner of each card is hole-punched for attaching the cards on the included key ring (if desired). A helpful pamphlet contains general ASL tips, and the sturdy cardboard hinged-lid box provides durable storage for the cards. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 001316
    ISBN: 9780890515952
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    From Armenian to Zulu, this colorful book introduces students to 26 languages and cultures around the world – one for each letter of the alphabet. The book begins with a world outline map, labeled with countries and page numbers where the discussion of the country and its language can be found in the text. Next, a two-page spread presents the history of languages from a Christian perspective, explaining how the Tower of Babel story in Genesis represents the true origin of foreign languages. The rest of the book devotes a colorful, two-page spread for each of the languages. Each spread contains a map of the featured country where the language is spoken, its flag, statistics (population, life expectancy, literacy rate, number of internet users, internet code, and monetary unit), and common greetings in the language (Hello, Goodbye, Thank You, and Peace). Also included is information about the capital city, major religions, and a "Did You Know?" box with interesting facts about the language and country. The pages contain beautiful color photos of people, places, food, currency and other notable objects found in the countries. Some of the languages covered are Cherokee, German, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Turkish, and Xhosa. The back of the book contains statistics at a glance, flag/country naming challenges, and a list of charities that serve people in need around the world. For fun, there are stickers of facsimile passport stamps for each of the countries. By Craig Froman. 64 pgs, hc. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 028072
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    This set of 105 cards includes common words and their corresponding ASL signs. Each 5 7/8" x 3" sturdy cardstock card features a word on one side, and a full-color illustration of a girl or boy demonstrating the sign on the other. Great for learning the signs, quizzing each other, or for use in learning games! - Jess

  • Item #: 014935
    ISBN: 9781930820128
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    Instead of teaching single words, this book takes a different approach. After introducing the alphabet, this book goes into useful conversations so you can say more than a string of non-related words right from the get-go. The conversations are grouped into chapters. For example, the first chapter is titled, "Getting Acquainted." Then, pictures of two children illustrate a conversation. The same two children are featured throughout the book, and their conversations cover introductions, family and friends, food and health, clothes and shopping, pets, animals and colors, educations, sports, special occasions, and emergency situations. Every few pages, there are exercises to quiz your knowledge. Instead of learning words, learn how to make sentences and be able to communicate, even as a beginner. ~ Melissa

  • Item #: 003169
    ISBN: 9781607313816
    Retail: $39.99
    Rainbow Price: $33.95

    The Complete Language Pack contains:

    The Joy of Signing book, The Joy of Signing Puzzle Book, and The Joy of Signing Puzzle Book 2.

  • Item #: 062877
    ISBN: 9781934312162
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.50

    Little learners love to mimic what they hear, so this is an opportune time to introduce a second language. How? Which one? I don’t know a second language myself. If these are your responses, this video is a perfect way to introduce the sounds of a second language to your child, but not just one language – 6 of them! Includes Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German and English (for the non-native speakers, of course.) Learn some commonly used vocabulary like colors, numbers, toys, clothes and more. Kids from about age 2 to 6 will enjoy the engaging & colorful animation and I liked that they are voiced by native language speakers. Approx. 37 minutes per language. ~ Sara

    Get yours here: https://www.rainbowresource.com/proddtl.php?id=062877

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  • Item #: 022846
    ISBN: 9780553584745
    Retail: $7.99
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    This dictionary houses the signs for over 4,500 different words. They are arranged alphabetically in the format of a dictionary, with an illustration and directions given for each sign. A handy reference to use with any sign language course.

  • Item #: 045057
    ISBN: 9781615380039
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    ISBN: 9780972857093
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    ISBN: 9781600510458
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    ISBN: 9781930953512
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    ISBN: 9781615380251
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    ISBN: 9781615385188
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