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Flash Kids Complete Curriculum

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  • Item #: 032355
    ISBN: 9781411498822
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    ISBN: 9781411498808
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    ISBN: 9781411498846
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    ISBN: 9781411498839
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    ISBN: 9781411498815
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  • Item #: 020187
    ISBN: 9781942446088
    Retail: $69.95
    Rainbow Price: $59.95

    What if you had a good friend, who happened to be a wonderful art teacher, come into your home and help you teach art? That's the flavor of Visual Manna. It incorporates art concepts, techniques, and appreciation all in one curriculum, uses a wide variety of media, and lets you teach all your children at the same time. The Jeffus' obviously not only understand art and how to teach it - they understand children as well. There's nothing dry or boring here. Even when presenting new concepts or instruction, the narration is captivating - filled with interesting tidbits drawn from science, history, or about people or events. Throughout the lessons, it's as though the author is conversing informally with you. There's an awful lot of "good stuff" packed into these 45 lessons - and so many extra ideas that you can use this curriculum and reuse it! Because of the breadth of concepts, materials and types of art here, there isn't a lot of depth - rather, it's more of a wonderful introduction to the many facets of art. Each of the 45 lessons begins with a materials list and a stated objective. There is heavy emphasis on use of recycled materials, and the authors devote a full page in the beginning to ideas for obtaining inexpensive or free supplies from local sources. The lesson narrative explains the new concepts being presented. Then, an art project is suggested for children in grades 1-6 and another for older children, grades 7-12 (usually several ideas for each range). These have the students putting into immediate practice the concepts they've just learned. (The lessons devoted to drawing people and faces in proportion are done particularly well, in a format for even younger children to use.) After every 5 lessons is a "test" to review what's been covered in that section. 31 different colored art prints of works by major artists are also included, mounted on pages with very short biographical sketches and a discussion of the art style on the reverse side. Most of these are correlated to topics in adjoining lessons. They are not part of the lessons, but more like "asides" scattered throughout the curriculum. A unit study is also included with this curriculum (on CD-ROM). Finally, a list of 55 additional ideas for art projects are included at the end. It sure looks to me like the Jeffus' could have written several volumes of curriculum with all this material! This year, authors plan to include a "complete art history time line" in this curriculum. In a nutshell, this curriculum is complete, "user-friendly," and has lots of variety. While you can use it for all ages, the presentation is decidedly geared toward the younger half of that range, since it's more of an introduction to art concepts and formats. This curriculum comes in perfect-bound, softcover format with the unit study portion in PDF format on CD-ROM.

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    ISBN: 9781411465435
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    ISBN: 9781411465442
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    ISBN: 9781411465404
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    ISBN: 9781411465411
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    ISBN: 9781411465428
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    ISBN: 9781411465459
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  • Item #: 029378
    ISBN: 9780742401402
    Retail: $22.99
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    This curriculum guide for young children is crammed with a multitude of fun, educational activities to teach them about many different subjects while they learn their alphabet. The book is organized by the alphabet, with activities and reproducibles accompanying each letter. For example, the book begins with "A," which is introduced by a large capital "A," which children are invited to cover with "Aa's" they find in magazines or newspapers. The next page offers a couple of lines for them to practice printing upper and lowercase "A's" along with coloring pictures of related objects. Then it's on to the pages of activities. First there is a language arts page, which holds suggestions for such things as vocabulary words, fingerplays, recommended books, learning directions, and comparing. Then comes the math page, which introduces activities like sorting animal crackers, making patterns, and mathematical concepts like more and less. Next is social studies, which for "A" is themed around Agriculture and Farming. Children may create a farm scene, learn about farm animals, make butter and farm animal crackers, make a farm print, and learn about vegetables. On the science page, children will learn about air by finding ways to "see" it, like making simple sailboats and pinwheels, and experimenting with air. For two all-time favorite subjects of young children, art and music, there are also activities supplied. Children will enjoy making alphabet block prints, making personalized art display holders, painting aquariums

    and learning about mixing colors while creating abstract paintings, and singing "A" songs while getting acquainted with a couple of instruments. The last topic covered in each letter is gross motor/games. This page offers some games and activities to put children's energy to good use. They'll play the Alert and Auto Dodge games, learn aerobics, act like the animals, and practice being acrobats. On the backside of each activity page are reproducibles offering up reproducible activities such as coloring, matching and arranging. Some of these pages also hold the patterns needed to complete the activities suggested in the book. This same format continues for each letter of the alphabet. A total of over 600 activity suggestions, 130 reproducible games and patterns, and 50 alphabet identification pages are contained in this 320 page book. - Melissa

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  • Item #: 010175
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    Children love learning their colors and shapes, and these flashcards help them do just that. This set comes complete with fifty double-sided fact cards that will teach your child ten different colors (white, black, pink, purple, green, orange, red, yellow, brown, and blue) and ten different shapes (star, square, oval, triangle, diamond, heart, rectangle, circle, octagon, and crescent). There are five different sets of ten cards to help your child identify colors and shapes in a variety of ways. For beginners, there are basic color cards and shape cards to help them learn basic identification skills. For an added challenge, there are photo reference cards so they can identify shape, color, and shapes and colors combined! The back of each card has the written words for the color and/or shape portrayed. There are six teacher cards to help you use these cards to their greatest potential. These 3 1/8" x 5 1/4" cards are made of durable cardstock and have a rounded corner for easy sorting. – elise

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  • Item #: 007019
    ISBN: 9781557998118
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    So, you feel you should provide some basic instruction on the elements of art, but what are they? Four basic elements (color, pattern/design, line/shape, and texture) are included in this volume with lessons highlighting specific concepts within each area. The color section, for example, contains multiple lessons for each of the following concepts: primary colors, secondary colors, color values, black and white, contrast, warm vs. cool colors, complementary colors, tertiary colors, and the color spectrum. A variety of activities is provided for each. As children explore the concept of secondary colors, they complete a color wheel, play a color memory game, experiment with mixing colored water and mix graduations of color using tempera paints. When they explore repetition in texture, they use repeated line and shape to create texture, make crayon rubbings, create a textured abstract still life with colored pencils, and construct a textured landscape mural with crayons and textured surfaces. Each section also references selected children's literature and fine art examples that you can use to illustrate the concept. No exotic art supplies are required; as most of the art projects are done on or with paper using paints, crayons, colored pencils and various around-the-house collage-type materials.

  • Item #: WPG1EN
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  • Item #: 060501
    ISBN: 9781411434479
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  • Item #: MPCKPK
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    This package includes:

    Animal Alphabet Coloring Book

    Kindergarten Art Cards

    Primary Phonics 1 Set of 10 Storybooks

    Primary Phonics 2 Set of 10 Storybooks

    Primary Phonics 3 Set of 10 Storybooks

    Primary Phonics 4 Set of 10 Storybooks

    Book of Crafts for Kindergarten

    Kindergarten Enrichment Guide

    Child's Book of Poems

    Eric Carle's Animals Animals

    Compstn & Sktchbk I 5/8 Ruled Younger Stdnts

    Christian Studies Enrichment K-2nd Grade

    Beg Arithmetic Revision Gr.1 Practice Sheets

    Beginning Arithmetic Revision Gr.1 Tchr Man'l

    Beg Arithmetic Revision Grade 1 Wrkbk Part 1

    Core Skills: Phonics 2014 Grade 1

    Core Skills: Phonics 2014 Grade K

    Copybook I

    Addition Flashcards

    Subtraction Flashcards

    Nature Reader Book K

    Fun in the Sun (ALS Kindergarten Readers)

    Scamp & Tramp (ALS Kindergarten Readers)

    Soft & White (ALS Kindergarten Readers)

    Music Enrichment: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

    Classical Phonics: Child's Gd to Word Mastery

    Kindergarten Curriculum Manual

    Story Bible (Hardcover)

    Numbers Books 1 & 2 (2 Book Set)

    Phonics Flashcards

    First Start Reading Complete Package

  • Item #: 060500
    ISBN: 9781411434486
    Retail: $3.95
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  • Item #: 007916
    ISBN: 9780807508527
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.50

    The first book in this popular series. Find out how the Alden children survive and live on their own, making an abandoned boxcar their home.

  • Item #: 060464
    ISBN: 9781411434516
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    ISBN: 9781411434608
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