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    ISBN: 9781936948192
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    Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool is a complete, turnkey, high school curriculum designed to fully equip homeschool teachers with everything needed for a dynamic learning experience. We've included lesson plans, teaching delivered via video by Dave Ramsey and his team of experts, and a blended learning website, foundationsU.com. In addition, more than 35 activities are included which focus on providing 21st century personal finance knowledge and skills in a student-centered approach to learning.

    This set includes:

    Teacher's Edition on CD-ROM:

    This brand new addition to the Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool curriculum is a 160-page digital teacher guide on CD-ROM with more than 35 activities, case studies, and assessments.

    Instructional Videos

    This set of 5 DVDs offers more than 12 hours of engaging classroom instruction taught by Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze and Chris Hogan.

    Student Text

    The Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool Student Text is a comprehensive, 288-page student soft-cover consumable.

    foundationsU Blended Learning Site

    Our Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool curriculum comes with access to our blended learning site. FoundationsU.com is full of interactive tools, relevant articles, and real-world activities on a student-focused website designed for all devices.

  • Item #: 029237
    ISBN: 9781937032180
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    Personal finances from the brilliant mind of America's favorite college professor, six-year-old Fred Gauss! Teaching teens the importance of financial responsibility, this course provides thirty-four lessons covering vital topics like needs vs. wants, assets and liabilities, budgeting, net worth, credit cards/debt, simple and compound interests, savings, education, investments/stocks, real estate, retirement, owning your own business, insurance, taxes, constitutional limits, and much more. Complex financial equations are simplified with practical explanations, along with Your Turn to Play chapter questions providing students practice to reinforce important concepts. Answers included. Whether your students have previously fallen in love with the Life of Fred (LOF) math courses or you are new to Fred, this course provides a witty, yet educational story to teach the inherent responsibilities we have as consumers and producers in today's society. HC. 176 pgs. ~Deanne
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    ISBN: 9781609990961
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  • Item #: 005422
    ISBN: 9780471317517
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    Yes, a book that covers all the math you'll ever NEED. Numbers are everywhere, like it or not, and are a very important part of our lives. A surprising percent of people are mathematically illiterate and have trouble doing even grade school math without using a calculator. But this book makes us use our brains so we can once more solve problems in our heads or on paper, without depending on a calculator! A good refresher course for high schoolers, college graduates, or even adults, the 24 chapters go through math from the multiplication table to personal finances, to business math. Advanced word problems, interest rates, exponents and square roots, and much more are covered. Self-tests are included starting in chapter three, with at least two self-tests in every chapter. If you're inclined to skip some chapters, it's good to take the self-tests anyway, to see how well you really know that area. Don't feel intimidated by numbers any longer! Push aside that calculator dependency and use your head! - Megan

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    ISBN: 9780618222056
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    ISBN: 9781936948291
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  • Item #: 046881
    ISBN: 9780688154745
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    This storybook gives a good overview of the various explorations that shaped the Americas from 1500 to 1620. Full-color pages and maps illustrate, while details about the various notable travelers, soldiers, treasure hunters, and explorers are shared. The tone of the book is a bit negative, as the explorers are sometimes presented as money and power hungry conquerors who demolished native people and lands, but readers will get introduced to some of the more notable explorers and the areas they made an impact in. The book discusses why different people traveled and explored and who financed the trips, major events and conflicts that occurred with native people, settlements that were established, development and expansion of maps, what life was like for explorers and settlers, and other important events. Kids will get a good look at the era that brought new people into Americas and dramatically expanded the known world. Columbus, Hernan Cortes, Francisco Pizarro, John Cabot, Giovanni da Verrazano, Jacques Cartier, John Hawkins, Francis Drake, John Smith, and Samuel de Champlain are a few of the explorers mentioned. No one person is covered in great detail; instead, the book is more of a flowing narrative that shows how events progressed until the New World was settled. By Betsy and Giulio Maestro, 48 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 018810
    ISBN: 9781580370912
    Retail: $11.99
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    The purpose of Personal Finance is to provide children with a solid background in money matters by offering a brief overview of fundamental financial topics. The book starts off with the exploration of career choices and then progresses to banking issues generally related to checking and savings accounts. The remaining content of the book covers the following topics: various types of insurance (auto, life, and property), investing in stocks and bonds, decision making in large purchases like a car or home, and the various classes of taxes (income, employment, sales, and property). Although the majority of the topics included in this workbook are not new to children, the extensive collection of hands-on assignments allow the child to develop a better understanding by applying the concepts to his personal experiences. After completing the exercises in this book, your child will know how to perform important real-life activities such as writing a check, reconciling a bank account, preparing a budget, and filing an income tax return. This workbook is consumable with limited classroom reproduction rights. Answers are included. ~ Enh

  • Item #: 004735
    ISBN: 9781250106940
    Retail: $25.99
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    Sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it? The reality is there really is such a thing as common sense economics, especially as it relates to wealth and prosperity. Laying a solid foundation for beginning economists and helping advanced students/adults see the bigger picture of the impact of economic policy changes, this book seeks to alleviate economic illiteracy through key principles that equip us to make wise personal and policy choices. In Part 1, readers will explore the twelve key elements of economics. In this section, you will learn the true meaning of costs, why prices matter, how trade furthers prosperity and how the production of goods and services people value (and not just jobs) provides the source of high living standards. In Part 2, the seven sources of economic progress are explored with a focus on the major factors that underlie the growth process. Privately owned property, competition, limits on government regulation, efficient capital investments, monetary stability, low tax rates and free trade are covered in this section. Part 3 examines the role of government in common sense economics. Thoroughly explaining ten elements of clear thinking about economic progress and the role of government, you will quickly realize that the government does have a role in a successful economy, it may just need redefined. Part 4 concludes the economic study with twelve key elements of practical personal finance. Topics include your personal comparative advantage, entrepreneurship, budgeting, financing, savings, investments and diversifying, and teaching your children how to earn and spend money wisely. Including an extensive note section and index along with a website dedicated to the study of common sense economics, this well-organized exposition of economics will educate teens and adults with a thorough and practical understanding of economics and the impact it has on our lives. Worth noting is that the author has supplied a wealth of online resources, at the request of educators, to specifically provide a comprehensive economics course survey. HC. 227 pgs. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 004267
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    This hefty high school curriculum, newly revised in 2016, was designed to train girls to become godly women, based on Proverbs 31:10-31. The goal of the curriculum is to help Christian girls develop their skills and abilities for optimal service to the Lord within the family setting: a preparation for all the duties of an adult life. The guide's beginning elaborates on the program's philosophies and then discusses four learning styles as well as the Six R's of education (adds Research, Responsibility and Righteousness to the traditional three). The author assumes that students have a good basic mastery of Math and English grammar, as well as a good reading ability. In addition, these courses are written for mature young people., there are reproducible forms for planning and record keeping. (It is highly recommended that your daughter plan or at least help to plan her own lessons.) The forms included are a Goal Planning Checklist, High-School report Card, Lesson Planning Sheet, and a High School Cumulative Record Card. (This sheet will become the high school transcript for any student wishing to proceed on to college.) The curriculum guide is broken up into 20 different units (10 in Volume 1 and 10 in Volume 2). Each unit focuses on a different verse or verse group from Proverbs 31. Then, this unit is broken down into thematic mini units. Subjects covered are Bible and Christian Character, Cultural Studies, Reading and Literature, Composition, Math and Personal Finance, Science, Health and Physical Fitness, Practical Arts, and Decorative and Performing Arts. In each subject area within a unit, this curriculum guide gives a list of lessons for girls to choose from and complete. Since activities are provided for the four learning styles, there are more activities in the guide than can be completed in 4 years. The materials are written directly to the students, as they are encouraged to take responsibility for their own education. Each lesson assigns suggested point value (largely based on Carnegie units), so when an activity is completed you can easily total the points and convert them into High School credits. The guide also provides detailed instructions about how best to use the program, lists essential materials for the course, and recommends supplementary courses. Essential materials for the course are a Bible, concordance, dictionary, encyclopedia, hymnbooks, an English grammar book, and a writing style book). The list of strongly suggested materials is more extensive. Far Above Rubies was created to stand on its own, although the lessons call for reading and using a number of other books, such as Writer's Inc., the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, Understanding the Times, and more. At the end of each volume, there is an updated, detailed list of recommended resources (and corresponding Web locations for more information), many of which we also offer in our catalog. Also included for each volume are some cross-reference guides to help you locate specific lessons based on chronology or theme and a "25 Ways to Have Fun with Book Reports" chart. Please note that although the guide self-proclaims that it is not necessarily against college and career goals for young ladies, they admit that this is not the primary aim of this guide. Consequently, if your daughter plans on attending college or becoming a career woman, you will need to supplement her curriculum with some college-preparatory math and science (specific suggestions are offered). However, this curriculum does still provide the college-bound with a well-rounded base, and it also offers a number of business and vocational skills. Help prepare your daughters using the model provided in Proverbs 31. Includes Beautiful Girlhood Audiobook and 7 bonus e-books: Friendship, Friendship Notebook pages, Girls in Bookland, Nest in the Honeysuckles, The Merchant Maiden, The Basket of Flowers, and The Value of a Praying Mom. The curriculum is only available in PDF format on CD-ROM. Requires Adobe Reader, a free download. Revised edition, 2016. Win/Mac ~ Rachel/Ruth.

  • Item #: 001847
    ISBN: 9781580956727
    Retail: $79.95
    Rainbow Price: $71.96

    Set of 10 LIFEPAC worktexts plus Teacher's Guide. Government & Economics - Introduction to Governments, United States Government, American Party System, History of Governments, The Christian & Government, Free Enterprise, Business & You, The Stock Market, Budget & Finance, Geography & Review.

  • Item #: 070992
    ISBN: 9781580893091
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  • Item #: 070403
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    How do you define success? Whatever your definition may be, this game allows players to imagine life in different scenarios while teaching real life application of money in everyday situations. The object is to become the first player to gather eight success pieces on his Success Combination Card. Some success pieces might include having a career, finishing your education, having a spouse and kids, investing, starting a business, or giving to charity. A player gathers his success pieces as he lands on spaces specific to his card and is able to pay for his piece. Also, if a player lands on a space that is not on his combination card, he can “sell” this piece to another player at a negotiable price. Each player begins with $3,000, which might quickly grow or dwindle depending on what spot he lands on around the board. For example, a player might collect lawyer fees on one turn and pay for a wedding on the next turn. There are home, vehicle, cell phone, and other bills to be paid, but also money to be earned from career incomes and investments. If a player is in financial trouble, he can sell back a card to the bank but will only receive 50% of its value (learning the concept of depreciation). The first player to gather their eight success combination cards without going broke will win the game. What a creative way to teach about real life finances while having family game night! 2-8 players. Ages 8 and up. ~ Gina

  • Item #: 068998
    ISBN: 9780892217137
    Retail: $14.99
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     Understanding the economic crisis facing our nation is imperative to making wise decisions with our day-to-day financial choices. Providing a historical perspective on money and the federal reserve, author Jerry Robinson takes us on an eye-opening journey through America’s debt, the retirement crisis and the danger of excessive consumerism. He introduces strategies for restoring personal, financial security for your future through wise investments, creating income streams for today and retirement, and strategies to protect your finances. Includes appendices with additional information on inflation, financial freedom, and reader FAQs. Adults and teens alike will glean tidbits to secure a future free of financial burdens. Recommended resource for Master Books Intro to Economics: Money, History and Fiscal Faith. Christian content. pb, 317 pgs. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 068995
    Retail: $29.99
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      Presenting money tips and strategies for Christian families, Pastor Chad Hovind uses Biblical principles to teach a deeper understanding of money management. Teens (and parents!) will learn biblical principles and insights to understand God’s view of money, and practical ways to avoid debt, build savings, spend wisely and give with grace. Concludes with simple guidelines for life and work to restore purpose and meaning to your life through managing finances to the glory of God. The Money Wise DVD is a combination of the previously released presentations Godonomics and Whistle While You Work. Total of 14 lessons that are 30 minutes each. 3 DVDs. Recommended resource for Master Books Intro to Economics:  Money, History and Fiscal Faith. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 068994
    ISBN: 9780890518113
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  • Item #: 068895
    ISBN: 9781944482039
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     The Answer Key & Teacher Guide contains an optional 1-year and 2-year course schedule and the answers to all exercises and all the 9 exams included on duplicated student pages (214 pgs, pb). 

  • Item #: 064969
    ISBN: 9781770851986
    Retail: $29.95
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       Everything you want to know about money, all between the covers of this 256-page book. Presented in a visual and textual format, learn about taxes, banking, investment houses, stock markets, hedge funds, inflation, pensions, coinage, and financial culture. You will read about key figures in economics, history and learn interesting facts about how countries cope with debt, interest rates, credit ratings, and money vs happiness. I avoided writing this description because I didn’t think this would be that engaging, but found that I didn’t want to stop reading after I started. Although I’m sure some of the statistics were outdated shortly after printing (2013), the presentation is fascinating. This book would just be a good resource for anyone who wants to understand a monetary system better. Did you know that the concept of credit has been around since Louis XV, a dollar will buy 8 cups of milk in Kenya, and money from Keno slips help build the Great Wall in China. The publisher touts this as a jargon free publication, but you will be introduced to a lot of new vocabulary. “Jargon Free” means that they give you the meaning of those words right on the same page they are used. You will also find a glossary at the back.  

      This book could be used as a supplement to your economics course, or just as a shelf reference. The explanations might help parents understand financing and the mechanics of the system a little better too. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 063679
    ISBN: 9780849964794
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    Teaching our children how to handle money is often “caught and not taught,” yet, how many of us learned our own personal money skills in the school of “hard knocks?”

    As parents, we want to set a good example of money management, but what if our ideas of money management are just not clicking with our child (or spouse!). Have you ever considered that you may have different money personalities? In the grand scheme of things, money is simply a tool, a means to an end, and that end is quality relationships with our spouse, children and the world around us. Delving into the heart of money relationships—the deep seated assumptions and beliefs that each of us bring to the money decisions we make—the authors expand on the five types of money personalities: saver, spender, risk taker, security seeker, and flyer, to help us identify our unique money personalities. Then the book moves on to assess the money personalities of our children through a designated assessment link and code. With this foundational understanding, the authors provide practical advice and encouragement for teaching our children basic money skills. The following sections are divided into 3 age groupings: 5-12 years, 13-17 years and 18 and beyond, with insights and ideas specific to the five money personalities. Also included are parental “button pushers” to be aware of in order to prevent us from over reacting and derailing these important conversations. A great tool to understand how different children approach and deal with money that would be a great go-along for parents whose children are working through the Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance course or the Money Matters for Kids/Teens series. 257 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 059992
    ISBN: 9780147512772
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    Yes, that kind of cod. It’s interesting to think about how something as simple as a fish is such a part of history; this book tells it all. Aside from explaining the scientific elements of the cod such as its lifecycle and environment, this book explains how the cod affected people. Learn such things as the Vikings who came to the North Atlantic while sustained by dried cod, the early American settlers who used the cod for food and farming, the slave trade with the Caribbean that was financed by the sale of cod, the industrial revolution allowing for better fishing, Clarence Birdseye discovering how to freeze cod for sale nationwide, and much more in between. The book comes to a close on a very important fact: the popularity of cod and the negative effects that it has on the oceans and its marine life. This book not only uses fish to discuss history with your kids, but also opens the door for important discussions on conservation and protecting our planet’s resources. An ALA Notable Children’s Book, 43 softcover pages. – Laura

  • Item #: 059789
    ISBN: 9781937077631
    Retail: $24.99
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    As parents, there is no greater blessing than to watch our children grow into adulthood internalizing and owning what we sought to teach them. Popular radio host Dave Ramsey, along with co-author and daughter, Rachel, share an essential vision and practical strategies to raise money smart kids, from toddler to teen.

    Topics include the value of work and earning a commission (not allowance), budgets and spending, saving, giving, consequences of debt (from credit card to college loan), contentment, and a range of family situations-from adoption, single parenting, blended families, private vs. public school choices to estate planning. Includes student budget templates for immediate application of the principles for the teens in your family.

    Whether you have attended a Financial Peace University class or are simply wanting to make better financial decisions for your family, this book offers a host of valuable tips for changing your financial legacy. 256 pg, hc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 058795
    ISBN: 9781595570284
    Retail: $28.95
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    Young people today are bombarded with examples of foolish behavior and humanistic thinking. How can we as parents, teachers and youth group leaders equip them with wisdom for making right choices through their later teen and adult years? How about guiding them into a right understanding of wisdom? Looking at the differences between Godly wisdom and worldly thinking as well as wisdom and foolishnesses, this study leads students in understanding what God's word says about every decision they will make in life. Topics include: Attitudes, Friendships, Loving people, dealing with the flesh, walking in the Spirit, integrity, meekness and humility, self-control, finances, controlling our words, being a good leader and much more. Consumable softcover Student Manual contains introductory reading assignments and lesson reviews, outlines for teaching sessions and inductive study questions designed to challenge students to "dig into" God's Word. The Teacher Manual on CD contains 35 lessons, schedules for three-, four-, or five- day per week Bible classes, learning objectives, teaching strategies, optional scripture memorization plan, weekly quizzes and unit tests (answer keys included), and reduced student pages with answers. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 058794
    ISBN: 9781595571373
    Retail: $19.95
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    Young people today are bombarded with examples of foolish behavior and humanistic thinking. How can we as parents, teachers and youth group leaders equip them with wisdom for making right choices through their later teen and adult years? How about guiding them into a right understanding of wisdom? Looking at the differences between Godly wisdom and worldly thinking as well as wisdom and foolishnesses, this study leads students in understanding what God's word says about every decision they will make in life. Topics include: Attitudes, Friendships, Loving people, dealing with the flesh, walking in the Spirit, integrity, meekness and humility, self-control, finances, controlling our words, being a good leader and much more. Consumable softcover Student Manual contains introductory reading assignments and lesson reviews, outlines for teaching sessions and inductive study questions designed to challenge students to "dig into" God's Word. The Teacher Manual on CD contains 35 lessons, schedules for three-, four-, or five- day per week Bible classes, learning objectives, teaching strategies, optional scripture memorization plan, weekly quizzes and unit tests (answer keys included), and reduced student pages with answers. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 058402
    ISBN: 9781492352860
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    From the moment you pick up this book - if you're a Christian homeschooling mom – you'll know that this woman has a message for you, or rather that God has a message for you through this woman. Whether it's debunking the lies we tell ourselves (you're the worst example of a homeschool mom) or it's confronting the traps we all face (comparisons, etc.) you sense immediately that Tamara Chilver has walked this path ahead of you and can give you the message you need at that moment. And, interestingly, the message is simple – God's grace is sufficient. He has called you to this task. He will provide the ____ (fill the blank: courage, time, rest, finances, creativity) to bring it to glorious completion. You'll need this book; you'll need this message; if not now, then sometime soon. Keep it close! 81 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9780618255283
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    This one-semester business course can be completed by students independently. The Starline Business Set has 5 books and a separate answer key to guide parents and kids through the material.

    Students learn about the goals of business, customers, marketing different economic systems around the world, capitalism in America, a history of business in the U.S., different types of businesses, cycles, e-businesses, risk, government regulations, contracts and credits, financing, interviewing and hiring, training and compensation of employees, unions, money management, and investing.

    Each book is a unit and has a test at the end. All answers are in the separate key book. 21-33 pgs, pb. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 052728
    ISBN: 9780547625683
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