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  • Item #: 004562
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    This adorable 6-pin bowling set is a must for all little ones! The fabric pins and ball all have various rattle sounds in them, the pins are all flat bottomed, and the ball is weighted but soft and brightly colored. The pins portray barnyard friends and are numbered #1-6. They are just the right size for toddler's hands to grip. This is a "Parenting Media Award Winner," "Child Magazine Best Toy of the Year," and an "American Baby Magazine Best Toy of the Year" product! - Phyllis

  • Item #: 026725
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  • Item #: 046957
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    Practice counting, sorting, addition, subtraction, and other math skills with these farm animal counters and mats. This set contains 72 colorful rubber farm animal counters, six identical double-sided math mats, and an activity guide. The animal counters consist of sheep, ducks, pigs, rabbits, cows, and horses in red, blue, green, orange, purple, and yellow. The mats measure 10" x 8" and show a red barn, pond, fence, and farm field scene on one side; the reverse side features a green lawn with flowers and a fence surrounding a feeding trough. Great for re-enacting story problems, too! ~ Lisa

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 005409
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    The life of ants goes on pretty much unnoticed by people (unless they are in your house or picnic basket), so we don’t get to see the intricate tunnels and constructions they create. This huge ant farm allows viewers to see their ants build roads, dig tunnels, make bridges, and more. It is a tradi-tional thin rectangular habitat (13” x 9”) that comes complete with tunneling sand, connecting “antway” tube, and instruction guide. Top of the habitat includes a picnic background for fun authenticity. Add to the fun by collecting ants around your yard! (Ants not included). Your family will be amazed as you watch these tiny ants go to work! ~ Megan/Deanne

  • Item #: 041802
    Retail: $39.99
    Rainbow Price: $32.50

    Round up your livestock, harvest your wheat, and keep an eye on the hay – if you manage your farm right, you might just come out on top! A trip around the board is a cycle of one year, and players will be able to purchase acreage, livestock, or equipment at various points along the way. Also, during the appropriate season, they get the opportunity to harvest their hay, corn, wheat, and fruit, and to auction off their livestock. A roll of the dicedetermines what the market pays at that time for the different commodities. An enjoyable family game that is easy to learn and fun to play, The Farming Game teaches how to balance income with debt and operational expenses as players battle to be the best farm in the area. For 2-6 players.

  • Item #: 043688
    Retail: $25.99
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    Adapted from the original Farming Game (see the Family Fun Games section), this version lets more youthful farmers race to see who can gather the most produce before they reach the finish. Players stock up on corn, watermelon, eggs, and apples on their way along the game path, and, depending on the level of game play, also have an opportunity to sell their produce and collect money. There are three levels of play. The basic version hinges on collecting the most produce, while the other two levels involve selling produce and figuring how much money should be collected based on a roll of the dice and the rate chart. For up to 4 players.

  • Item #: 026244
    ISBN: 9780794526115
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  • Item #: 022103
    ISBN: 9780939217403
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  • Item #: 029101
    ISBN: 9780688155957
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    Newbery medal-winning author Sid Fleischman introduces us to the hilarious tall tales of Josh McBroom, his wife and their eleven young'uns. Josh McBroom will tell you about his "wonderful one-acre farm" with top soil so rich he can grow nails and wind so strong it makes rabbits fly. But still Josh McBroom "would rather live in a tree as tamper with the truth." 63 pgs, pb. ~ Alysia

  • Item #: 003056
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    Rainbow Price: $15.50

    Soft rubber barnyard animals in six shapes & six colors,

  • Item #: 042642
    ISBN: 9781934470084
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  • Item #: 011909
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  • Item #: 027225
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  • Item #: 034347
    ISBN: 9781580175838
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    Here we have been selling this book for a year, and I never looked at it or realized just how cool it was until now! I love this book (I guess that is why the grade level says "through adult!); it is just about the coolest thing since buttered bread. Maybe even better than that if you're a horse lover like myself. The basics of horse care and riding are all covered, divided into topics such as Grooming, Feeding, Mucking, Safety, Ground Work, Tacking Up, and Riding. Almost every section has a two-page spread with a lot of information, how-to's, and tips. And for all those horse lovers out there that don't have a real horse to practice on, they can do almost everything with this book using the horse play section which guides the reader to do some activity with the stickers. There are four different scenes: in the barn, outside the barn, the tack room, and an outside pasture/arena. Four pages of stickers (which are actually not real stickers, they are more like colorforms - very re-usable, won't rip, go on and come off easily) are included in the middle, and believe me, they thought of everything! There are horses, riders facing both directions, saddles (English and Western), bridles, halters, lead ropes, currycombs, feed and water buckets, cowboy boots, feed, you name it! Because of their stick- and stack-ability, you can combine a bunch of stickers into one very fine creation. The possibilities truly are endless with this activity book! ~ Megan
  • Item #: 005510
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  • Item #: 016929
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  • Item #: 039605
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  • Item #: 002617
    ISBN: 9781880892534
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  • Item #: 033397
    ISBN: 9781465449191
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  • Item #: 013072
    ISBN: 9780486261485
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  • Item #: 037144
    ISBN: 9780890519233
    Retail: $42.99
    Rainbow Price: $30.95

      In Book 1, Charlie and Charlotte visit their grandparents farm and learn numbers, shapes, place value, adding and subtracting. Along the way, the children also learn about gardening, baby farm animals, nature, family and love. In the first 30 lessons children will learn about numbers 0-9, place value, rectangles, circles, addition, subtraction, skip counting with 2, 5, and 10, telling time with minutes and hours, and more. The last 6 lessons of the book are review.

  • Item #: 073439
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  • Item #: 050290
    ISBN: 9780890519240
    Retail: $42.99
    Rainbow Price: $30.95

      Book 2 follows the adventures of Charlie and Charlotte once they have returned home from their grandparent’s farm. Using the same format as Book 1, Book 2 content teaches addition and subtraction (including carrying & borrowing), numbers to 100, simple fractions, word problems, skip counting, inches/feet, perimeter, dollars/cents, temperature, graphs, pounds/ounces, liquid measure, and a bit about the seasons, geography, and love of family.

  • Item #: 003464
    ISBN: 9781933407555
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    Farm, Kids & Critters, Storybook characters

  • Item #: LOFEEH
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    This package includes the following items:

  • Item #: 049280
    ISBN: 9781623410568
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  • Item #: 013863
    ISBN: 9781931397728
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.95
    Any description of this atlas has to include a suggestion to view the sample pages online. After all, a picture is worth 1000 words! Looking at this atlas is a visual (and informational) treat. Each state (and Washington D.C.) covers a two-page spread. It has the appearance of looking like a desk blotter; with a journal open showing a map and a brief overview of the state. Surrounding the map are notes, dates, facts, illustrations and trivia "paper clipped" or "taped" in place. Readers are introduced to all of the basics: state birds, flowers, seals, flags, statistics, quarters, events, people, and much more. The maps are topographical with major cities and Interstate highways marked. Thematic maps show farm resources, expansion, population, climate and regions; and the paperback atlas ends with a state almanac and a list of geography terms defined. – Zach