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Famous Men Of The Middle Ages

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    ISBN: 9781882514052
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    Main text for study package. As with other Famous Men books, it contains biographical sketches of famous men of the period, from Germanic chiefs to Joan of Arc (famous woman!). Other featured individuals include Attila, Patrick of Ireland, Charlemagne, Mohammed, Canute, and Marco Polo. Revised edition includes five new chapters by Rob Shearer, 36 chapters total.

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    ISBN: 9781930953741
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    31 biographies including Attila the Hun, Mohammed, Charlemagne, Egbert the Saxon, Canute the Great, Louis IX, Marco Polo, Henry V, and Gutenberg. The book starts with a section on the gods of the Teutons. 207 pgs, pb
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    Lesson plans and resources for studying the Middle Ages using texts below.

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     This package includes:

    Exploring the History of Medicine

    Classical Composition III: Chreia/Maxim DVD

    Memoria Press Geography II Complete Set

    Second Form Latin Complete Set

    Spelling Workout 2001 Level G Student Edition

    Spelling Workout 2001 Level G Teacher Edition

    What's That Bird Set

    Understanding Mathematics Grade 6 Pupil

    Understanding Math Gr.6 Quizzes & Speed Tests

    Understanding Math Gr. 6 Tchr's Manual Part 1

    Understanding Math Gr. 6 Tchr's Manual Part 2

    Understanding Mathematics Grade 6 Test

    Exploring History of Medicine Suppl Std ?s 3E

    Exploring History of Medicine Tchr Ky/Tsts 3E

    Sixth Grade Curriculum Manual

    Core Skills: Language Arts 2014 Grade 6

    Memoria Press Literature Sixth Grade Package

    Christian Studies Book III Student (2nd Edtn)

    Christian Studies Book III Teacher Manual 2ED

    Famous Men of the Middle Ages Set

    Famous Men of the Middle Ages Flashcards

    Classical Compositn III: Chreia/Maxim Stdt Bk

    Classical Compositn III: Chreia/Maxim Tchr Gd

    English Grammar Recitation Wkbk III Stdt Bk

    English Grammar Recitation Wkbk III Tchr Gd

    New Testament Flashcards Set of 113

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    When Myles Falworth was eight years old, a series of events changes his life forever. Ultimately culminating with his father being charged with treason, the Falworth name is disgraced. Will Myles succeed in restoring honor to the family name? Much depends on his training for knighthood. This classic coming of age tale, first published in 1892, continues to be a favorite among all as it clearly teaches many virtuous qualities such as chivalry, courage, loyalty, steadfastness, and generosity. ~ Enh

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    ISBN: 9781892427069
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    Linda Hobar, the author of this world history series, states in the beginning of this book, "I believe history is the story of God revealing Himself to mankind and that He did it most perfectly through the person of Jesus Christ…the "mystery" is the gospel of Jesus Christ." What a refreshing and different view from most world history curriculums! Those looking for a world history program that aligns the stories of mankind with the living story of God will truly appreciate this Bible-centered approach to the history of the world. Picking up where Volume 1 leaves off, this volume begins with the Pentecost and the first followers of Jesus (including Paul) around 29 A.D and chronologically continues through the early church and moves into the Middle Ages, covering the years through about 1456 A.D. The format of this book is very similar to that of the first volume; however, there are some small differences. Firstly, there are fewer lessons (84 as opposed to 108), but these lessons are slightly longer, offering more information on a given topic. Lessons generally take the form of real-life biographies, sharing the stories of men and women who changed the world while simultaneously showing the relationship between God and the world during that period. Another new feature is the bolding of key words to aid students in finding the information again later for activity or vocabulary purposes. As in the first book, this volume includes pretests to be given at the beginning of each week, end of the week reviews, memory card suggestions, bi-weekly quizzes, quarterly worksheets, and two semester tests. Memory cards are fact cards that students create for each lesson, capturing the main points and dates on an easy to review flashcard. The end of the week reviews continue to hold timeline and mapping exercises, providing students with helpful visuals of when important figures lived and where places studied are located. This volume also contains even more activities following each lesson than the first volume. This is simply to provide you with more choices, not to overwhelm you with feeling like you should do them all! These activities are generally categorized into younger, middle, and older student activities in order to accommodate the curriculum to a wider spread of grade levels, with the youngest comprised of many hands-on activities to help them experience history, middle activities a combination of hands-on exercises with research, and the older ideas centering on research, encouraging students to learn more and dig deeper into the people and lessons from history. The activities and memory cards, as well as the weekly and quarterly reviews and tests, are meant to ensure long-term retention of the key events and people throughout history, as opposed to the short term memory capacity we often hold history (and other subjects!) lessons in. The back of this hefty 700-page book contains the outline maps for the lessons, additional fun supplemental activities, suggestions of books and resources for further study of many of the topics, a chart of materials needed for the activities found in each lesson, and a full answer key. The fascinating journey across the continents continues as students discover who lived when and the way God worked His plan throughout this period of history. ~ Steph
  • Item #: 052823
    ISBN: 9781857073256
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    You probably wouldn't guess it by the way I dress, but I love fashion, especially fashion history. If you can picture a cross between a pop-up book, paper dolls and fashion history, that's what you get here. On each spread, there's a fold-out panel of general historical information and an overview of men's, women's and children's costumes for that era. The majority of the spread is filled with an illustrated family, about the size of your average paper dolls. Each member of the family is wearing a paper flap costume typical of what you might see for that period in history, often in several layers, from the outerwear to the underwear (the last layer is at page level and nobody is left naked – they're all wearing underpants). You can literally flip up the clothing flaps and read a few sentences printed on the underside to find out more about each article of clothing. For example, the Roman man wears three layers; the toga praetexta, the tunica exteriorum, and the tunica subucula. The Roman woman wears a palla, a stola and a subucula as well. The children's clothes are usually simpler, and are often modified examples of the adults' clothing. Small vignettes around the borders of the page highlight shoes, jewelry, hairstyles and accessories. This is one of those books you wish was hundreds of pages long, but unfortunately there are only 13 spreads, featuring the Roman empire, the Middle Ages, the 15th century, the 16th century, 17th century, 18th century, 19th century, 1901-1920, 1920's, 1930's, 1940's-1950's, and 1960's. I could have literally spent a couple of hours with this book, it's so packed with details, flaps and neat little tidbits! – Jess

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    ISBN: 9781623412456
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    Subtitled "Historical Context for the Good and Great Books" from the Institute for Excellence in Writing this collection of book titles includes writings, biographies, plays, recordings, and films to portray a history of mankind. Created in a simple spreadsheet format, the columns represent: description/time period, title of resource, author, and approximate age/ability level of student. The material is chronologically indexed using Ancients, the Middles Ages, Renaissance/Reformation and the Modern World.

    The purpose of this resource is to save parents/teachers time planning out lessons. It can be used with any homeschool approach or teaching style. Use this guide to organize your history and literature studies from elementary to high school. Add a date to when your student completed a resource, and you can then transfer that to a transcript. Updated in 2016, this resource now includes instructions and samples for reader-response journaling as well. Literature for the Ancient period (5000 BC-400 AD) includes: Streams of Civilization, Book of Virtues, Adam and His Kin, Great Pyramid, Epic of Gilgamesh, D'Aulaire's Book of Myths, and many more. Some examples from the Middle Ages (400 AD-1450) are: Tales from Shakespeare, Story of the World Volume 2, Famous Men of the Middle Ages, Making of a Knight, Lantern Bearers, Beowulf, and several more. Books for the Renaissance/Reformation (1450-1850) include: America's God and Country, Leonardo DaVinci, Kite Fighters, Luther the Leader, Tempest, Under God, Along Came Galileo, Leviathan, and many others. Some selections for the Modern World (1850-present) are: Big Sky, David Copperfield, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Little Women, Old Yeller, Moccasin Trail, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Winston Churchill, Dracula, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Hobbit and more.

    Each page has a quote from a resource and many of these have Christian content, mentioning God, the church, Christ, faith, God's sovereignty and mercy, and prevailing with God's help. 92 pgs, pb, spiral-bound. ~Sara

  • Item #: 064607
    ISBN: 9780545826273
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       Subtitled, “The Brave, the Bold and the Brainy,” this book gives a one-page brief, interesting synopsis of over 40 well-know scientist in 4 different eras: Early Science, the Science Revolution, Age of Enlightenment and Discovery and the Modern Era. A sampling includes Pythagoras, Galileo, van Leeuwenhoek, Benjamin Franklin, Gregor Mendel, Ivan Pavlov, Robert Goodard, Stephen Hawking, plus many others. Cute cartoon graphics, colorful pages and fun information makes this a great way to engage reluctant readers or bored middle-schoolers. Index and Glossary. Evolutionary content. 96 pgs. SC. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 008226
    ISBN: 9781844420131
    Retail: $19.95
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    Your study of medieval times would benefit from this full-color, hands-on book about knights. It's full of information on the medieval world, knights in training, how knights fought and the Code of Chivalry, the layout of castles and how life was lived in them, sieges, what knights did for fun, the Crusades, the 100 Years War, and the end of the age of knights. Information is shared in short, fact-filled paragraphs with coordinating pictures and captions that share additional information. The especially neat part of this book is the full-color illustrations with hands-on elements. The illustrations include photographs of relics and ruins from the time period, reenactments of real-life knightly situations, attractive timelines, drawings of famous events, and more. Lift-the flap features on most pages add some extra excitement and information. Full of interesting tidbits of information on an exciting era of history, this captivating book will be enjoyed by young and old alike. The book measures 12" x 10.5" and has an attractive hardback cover with 28 durable cardstock pages. By Simon Adams. ~Rachel

  • Item #: 006580
    ISBN: 9780020418603
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  • Item #: 069817
    ISBN: 9780823417537
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     The true story of American independence will never grow old, as long as their remains a hunger for freedom in the souls of men...and this book tells that story well. Students of U.S. history will enjoy this illustrated book, for it tells the story of the long struggle for American independence and liberty in a concise and engaging manner. Beginning with some of the early efforts towards independence, such as the opposition to the stamp tax by men such as Patrick Henry, as well as the famous Boston Tea Party rebellion, the text proceeds to chronicle many of the major events that led the colonists to the place where they were willing to establish their own sovereign nation. This volume would be an excellent reference tool or unit study for middle school or junior-high level students who are studying the War for American Independence. 82 pgs, pb. ~ Mike

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    ISBN: 9781599150383
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    From the time Alexandrina Victoria was born, people said she looked like a queen. Indeed, when she was crowned Queen of England at the age of 18, she was ready. She entered into her rule not with pride or arrogance, but simplicity and honesty. During her 64 year reign, she raised nine children and led Great Britain during an unforgettable era. 261 pgs, pb.