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Economics Workbook

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    If you find yourself looking for a quick overview of the basics of economics, this may very well be the book for you. Clearly divided into 12 sections, this workbook covers the topics including but not limited to: the definition of economics, scarcity, limited resources, types of business ownership, supply and demand, money, trade, unemployment, and the economic cycle. Each section includes a broad summary and provides three activities for the student to practice comprehension of the subject matter (one of the activities in each section requires further internet research). Although this book is not designed to supply a highly detailed study of the subject of economics, it is aptly named and will provide a general yet solid understanding of basic economics. Workbook is consumable and reproducible. Answers are provided. ~ Enh

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    Being a business major, I had to take both macro- and micro-economics, so my mom gave me this book to look at when I had spare time. I didn't have any economics at all before college, but I think a basic understanding such as this book provides would have been beneficial. I was surprised at how similar this book was to the things that I have learned about economics in college. On a simpler scale, of course, but the fundamental ideas being taught are the same. This reproducible workbook first introduces basic economic concepts including supply and demand along with scarcity and surplus, money value and interest, the federal reserve system, and inflation. A variety of activities are used in learning these concepts, such as case studies, graphic organizers, articles and puzzles. The second half of the book reinforces the principles with extensive, real life simulation activities. The child randomly chooses a career card with their salary, and this is their career for the duration of the book. Using this information and other concepts they have learned, they will fill out an application for a checking account, learn how to use checks and balance their checking account, understand their bank statements, fill out a credit card application, use their knowledge of loans and interest to calculate monthly payments on buying a car, fill out tax forms, and role-play many other important, real-life situations. Funny how economics is more interesting presented here than at a monotonous lecture at eight in the morning! ~ Stephanie

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    This book is the combined effort of two professional teachers, one at the high school level, the other college levels. Both believe that the Bible has a lot to say about the field of economics, so you'll find lots of scriptural references in the early sections of the book, and four scripture memory verses. This worktext is intended to be used over one semester.

    You can tell that the course was designed by instructors with an eye to making it easy to use for the teacher. A Student Course Syllabus makes planning simple, dividing the work into the 18 weeks. Grading is equally easy, as the book provides a schedule of point values per assignment and space to record each grade. Lessons were divided into 2 or 3 sections each. Text is short, usually 2 or 3 pages, followed by 3 to 5 review questions, with space to fill in the answers. Color graphics enhance the visual appeal of the book. Practical Application Activities,


    Articles for Group Discussion, Oral History Projects, and Case Studies are interspersed here and there throughout the semester. 7 tests and quizzes are provided to use over the course of the semester, as well as a 2-part final exam.

    Because text is short in duration and limited to main points, you will find no deep discussions of economic theory here. This course could be used successfully at any high school grade level without concern that the concepts are over the student's head. 290 pgs, sc. ~ Bob

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    Covers the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, key Amendments, checks and balances, public office requirements, presidential succession, the Cabinet, Congress, government agencies, states' rights, how a bill becomes a law, the Supreme Court, elections and voting, presidents, national symbols, citizenship rights and responsibilities, and the Federal Reserve Board.
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    This economical dry-erase board has many possible uses. It's a glossy, flexible, two-sided sheet measuring 12" x 9" (and less than a mm thick). One side is blank white while the other contains a centimeter grid of 20 cm squares by 28 cm squares. Thick, blacker lines split the grid horizontally and vertically to form an XY axis, so the board is great for a variety of graphing activities. Use with dry-erase markers. ~ Rachel

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    ISBN: 9781580370912
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    The purpose of Personal Finance is to provide children with a solid background in money matters by offering a brief overview of fundamental financial topics. The book starts off with the exploration of career choices and then progresses to banking issues generally related to checking and savings accounts. The remaining content of the book covers the following topics: various types of insurance (auto, life, and property), investing in stocks and bonds, decision making in large purchases like a car or home, and the various classes of taxes (income, employment, sales, and property). Although the majority of the topics included in this workbook are not new to children, the extensive collection of hands-on assignments allow the child to develop a better understanding by applying the concepts to his personal experiences. After completing the exercises in this book, your child will know how to perform important real-life activities such as writing a check, reconciling a bank account, preparing a budget, and filing an income tax return. This workbook is consumable with limited classroom reproduction rights. Answers are included. ~ Enh

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    The Instructor Resource CD-ROM includes printable textbook labs, test masters, answer keys for the textbook, tests, labs and lab manual/student workbook and the Instructor Resources. The Instructor resources include lesson suggestions for 12, 18 and 36-week scheduling, strategies for teaching, introductory material, assessment techniques (including portfolios), content standards, lesson plans, and teaching visuals. There is no student lab workbook. Computer requirements: Windows: Intel Pentium II or compatible processor, Windows 2000, XP, 7/8, 128 MB RAM, IE 6 or higher for weblinks, and Adobe Reader. Mac: Power PC G4, G5 or Intel Processor, Mac OS X v. 10.x, 128 MB Ram, Safari, and Adobe Reader.

    Worth mentioning, the included student materials are reproducible for homeschool and co-op/classroom use.

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    The 1-Year Online Access includes an online textbook, the optional Lab Manual/Workbook and the Instructor Resources. The Instructor resources include lesson suggestions for 12, 18 and 36-week scheduling, strategies for teaching, introductory material, assessment techniques (including portfolios), test masters, content standards, lesson plans, answer keys for the textbook, tests, labs and lab manual/student workbook, instructor presentations, and more. Also includes the ExamView software download for personalized test creation and management. Access begins when the parent/teacher registers the course and is available for 365 days. High speed internet access is recommended.

    The (optional) Lab Manual/Workbook includes chapter reinforcement activities and the lab experiments. The worksheets are a variety of fill in the blank activities, puzzles and other writing exercises. Lab activities are designed to be completed with instructor guidance. Some additional materials are necessary, many are household items, although others require more specific lab supplies, including a microscope. However, due to the sheer number of activities, parents can pick and choose the best options for their family. Workbook pages are printable pdf files or a print version will be available. Contact for us availability.

    Worth mentioning, the included student materials are reproducible for homeschool and co-op/classroom use.

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    ISBN: 9780545315050
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    "Fabulous" is a word I rarely use but in this case it's entirely appropriate. These ARE good activities – creative, supportive, and very do-able. These hands-on activities are versatile enough to use with any history or social studies curriculum. Starting with a nice topic matrix that shows you what activities support what social studies skill areas, the book provides clear instruction with good illustrations, a materials list, step-by-step directions, tips to make things a little easier and just a bit of textual content called Content Connection. In this collection you'll see some expected projects – collages and dioramas, for instance. At the same time, other activities suggest the most creative use of paper bags and hangers that I've seen in a very long time. Topics covered include geography, map skills, places, time, history, people, citizenship, environment, government, economics, and, celebrations. Grade levels are listed as 2nd to 3rd grade but could easily be adapted for higher grades. All patterns are included and reproducible for classroom use. 64 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9780982924525
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    Not really a "grabber" title, huh? What if I explained instead that these books offer students the opportunity to ponder historical issues in light of relevant historical documents and to then write an informed essay that answers that issue? Well, it still might not excite most students, but wow, what a great way to add a critical thinking and writing component to your study of American history! Each level contains 20-22 "Document-Based Questions" (or DBQs) to study, spanning American history from European exploration to the present time. Each DBQ lesson is titled with a question or issue and follows a similar format. The lesson begins with historical background on the issue, followed by a series of suggested steps for the student to use as they work their way through the lesson. In Part A, introductory and explanatory text surrounds excerpts from primary or secondary historical documents, with one or two questions following each excerpt. Documents may be letters, speeches, books written around the time of the issue, or secondary source documents from historians who have examined the documents and come to their own conclusions. The questions require the student to draw from the short excerpt and begin thinking about the issues. By the end of Part A, they have read several different excerpts and have seen multiple sides and viewpoints to the issue. At this point they're ready for Part B, the essay portion. Here they are expected to write an essay answering the lesson's question or issue by using what they have learned and supporting their opinions from the documents. A grading key at the end of the book offers answers for the questions, sample essays for each DBQ, and teacher comments.

    Historical issues examined in the High School book include economic opportunities in the Colonies, growth of political parties, antebellum reforms, progressivism, clash of cultures in the 1920s, the civil rights movement, the separation of church and state, and more. Middle school issues include the motivation of Europeans to explore America, causes of the American Revolution, Indian removal, reconstruction, the New Deal, immigration, costs and benefits of winning WWII, and what our future will be like. Some of the same topics are found in both levels, although the level of coverage is different. This series is from a secular publisher, so you will not find much religious content, and you will find some more "politically correct" flavoring. On the other hand, much of the book is open-ended, and essays are more likely to be graded on structure and organization than on personal opinion! Whether you're a secular homeschooler, you enjoy exploring issues and debates, or if you can overlook the statements you may not agree with, these lessons offer a great opportunity for historical analysis and writing that would make a beneficial supplement to any U.S. history program. – Jess

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    ISBN: 9780802463456
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    These economical double-sided plastic coated 9" x 11" mats feature a 1-centimeter grid with bold x-y axis for easy graphing activities. The other side of the board is blank and both sides can be used with dry erase markers. ~ Alysia

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    ISBN: 9780486781211
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    Fascinating, fact-filled and fun! If you are familiar with the Dover coloring books you know how they are more than just a coloring book. Sixty pages of detailed images and puzzles (mazes, word search, etc) with solutions in the back will be a great supplement to any social studies curriculum. Pick a page or two that echoes your lessons or just work front to back through the book; your student will pick up some great information as they color states, islands, oceans & continents! Captions include cultural information, flora & fauna, economic & agricultural tidbits, historical facts and more. Each page is packed and will require some fine-point coloring implements like a nice set of colored pencils. Non-reproducible. ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9780942617399
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    Designed to enhance students' understanding and retention of the subject matter presented in Uncle Eric Talks About Personal, Career, Financial Security. The guide includes comprehension questions, application questions, and research / essay assignments.

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    ISBN: 9781580372268
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    As a senior finance major at the University of Illinois, I was suitably impressed by the amount of information presented in this workbook. Written in an easy to read format, the book allows the beginning investor to learn the basics of investing in the stock market. Various investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are introduced as well as the reason that one would want to invest in each particular security. A history of the stock markets and how they function are also covered. Various games, puzzles, and worksheets are included throughout to reinforce concepts, and extension activities are provided to encourage students to conduct deeper outside research. Directions for a simulation stock market game are included. Everyone should have a basic understanding of the financial markets, and this book does a great job of introducing this information. While most of the concepts covered pertain to world financial markets, the sections covering the history of the stock markets only touch upon American exchanges - American Stock Exchange (AMEX), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotations system (NASDAQ). - Enh

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    ISBN: 9780865305519
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    Covers world nations, political entities, social and cultural concepts, rules and laws, social institutions, cultural traits/subcultures, world cities, economics, organizations, institutions, religions, languages, and cultural traditions.
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    ISBN: 9780865305502
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    Covers terms and concepts, production of money, spending, earning, savings and checking accounts, credit, interest, budgets, costs and benefits of economic choices, supply and demand, competition, taxes, monetary policy, and global economics.
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    ISBN: 9781470053574
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      In case you haven’t noticed, much of the English-speaking world is in the process of abandoning the Christian faith in favor of the humanist world around them. We’re not surprised to learn that students coming from the public schools are in this category but, stunningly, the percentages are not much better for those coming from Christian schools. Only homeschoolers are showing a difference in that trend. Why? It seems they are more likely to have received a more foundational education in Christian worldview. This easy-to-use course from Kevin Swanson and Generations With Vision will help ensure that your children have that same, secure foundation under them as they mature into more interaction with the world. Designed as a self-study course for 5th – 8th graders, there are ten (ten weeks) well laid-out lessons--each providing text, memory verses, and follow-up activities, including vocabulary. Lessons cover who God is, where everything came from, ethics, your community, the family, the church, the civil government (and what good civil government is), and good law. Answers are in the back. This workbook is consumable and non-reproducible. 160 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9780825137709
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    Have your children's interests been piqued by all the "It's the Economy, Stupid" discussions revolving around the Presidential scandal? I didn't think so, but if you want a short course that will teach them about the workings of our economy anyway, here it is. This student worktext explains basic economic theory, discusses how the economy effects our lives, touches on our relationship with the economy of the world, and explores consumer economics. Economic concepts presented include Supply and Demand; The Stock Market; Money and Banking; Credit, Debt, and Savings; Inflation, Recession, and Depression; Taxation; The Role of Government Spending and Borrowing; and The Interaction of Business, Labor, and Government. The text is interactive, with questions for students to respond to quesas they read. The questions and exercises are well-conceived and thought-provoking, helping students think critically and develop an understanding of how the concepts presented apply to their lives. A chapter on The Economy and You brings it even closer to home, covering personal and family finance. Includes an assessment test, answers, and a glossary. This course will take 9 weeks or so to complete.