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  • Item #: 034032
    ISBN: 9780439529716
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    ISBN: 9780439529709
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  • Item #: 043135
    ISBN: 9781402778049
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    Long/short 'a', ai,bl, hard/soft 'c', ch, ck, cr,dr, long 'e', ee, f, hard/soft 'g', sileng 'gh', gr, h, long/short 'i', ir, le, m, n, long/short 'o', oa, oi, ou, oy, p,ph, qu, r, sh, sm, sn,st, th,tr, tw, long/short 'u', ur, v, w, wr, y.

  • Item #: 040180
    ISBN: 9780545651127
    Retail: $23.99
    Rainbow Price: $16.95

    A little something(s) to read together while your child is learning to read independently. These would be perfect to introduce the various sounds (starting with short vowel sounds) to not only reinforce the sound in context, but to practice blending. You might read the text the first time through, then read with your child, letting him read all of the bolded words he can decode plus any remembered sight words. Books are short (8 pages each), small format (about 5.5 square) and illustrated with photographic images. Each book practices a specific sound: six short vowels (a, e, i, o, u, review), six long vowels (a, e, i, o, u, review), three vowel digraphs (ai, ee, oo), six blends (cr, gr, pr, sl, sn, sp), and three digraphs (ch, sh, wh). Vocabulary is (thankfully) controlled (unlike many readers), so your child can actually read these himself with little help. A bonus Activity Book contains a page per reader featuring the animal from each (bat for short a, etc.) with simple exercises and a space to draw the animal. Also included in the box are a short parent guide and a set of 16 stickers. A good value for sound learning.

  • Item #: 023969
    ISBN: 9781933241050
    Retail: $7.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    This book makes writing a simple sentence easy by gradually introducing the concepts of 'noun,' 'verb,' 'plural,' and 'agreement.' By slowly moving from singular nouns and verbs to plural nouns and verbs, children are able to build simple sentences.

  • Item #: 012844
    ISBN: 9780471535737
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  • Item #: 012845
    ISBN: 9780471503811
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  • Item #: 012847
    ISBN: 9780471530107
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    Rainbow Price: $12.75
  • Item #: 027674
    ISBN: 9780590443500
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.25

    This biography of Louis Braille focuses largely on his childhood years, his blindness, his years at a school for the blind, how he came to be a teacher, and his development of Braille, so those who were inflicted with blindness could learn to read the books he valued so. An easy-to-read and inspiring biography.

  • Item #: 012109
    ISBN: 9781887840316
    Retail: $10.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.75

    This biography about Leonardo is interesting and well written. It shares the details of his life from the time of his boyhood in Vinci, Italy, to his death 67 years later. Though Leonardo produced many famous paintings, his achievements spread far beyond the world of art. He studied astronomy, botany, anatomy, and geology, and was a great inventor as well. The author brings this ideal Renaissance man to life in this easy to read biography. Several black/white sketches illustrate the book. 181 pgs. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 026590
    ISBN: 9780688167080
    Retail: $17.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.25

    This amazingly colorful picture book tells the story of the man who pulled Russia into the modern world. Author Diane Stanley uses simple language to recount the life of this driven and impatient tsar. From his early teen years to his death at age 53, Peter's years were full and busy, and his desire to learn new things spurred him on to his goal - the modernizing of Russia. This is a wonderful, hardcover book with 32 pages of colorful pictures and easy-to-read story. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 017071
    ISBN: 9781930953512
    Retail: $15.00
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

  • Item #: 046880
    ISBN: 9780064462341
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.50

    This picture book tells the story of Laura Ingalls Wilder in a way that will captivate younger readers and introduce them to this important literary figure. The large, easy-to-read text tells of her early childhood in Wisconsin, all the moves her family goes through, her marriage and later life, and even the way she wrote about her childhood and became a famous author before her death. Beautiful, full-page paintings illustrate the story and bring the detailed text to life. A great introduction to the person behind the famous Little House books. By William Anderson, 32 pgs, pb. ~Rachel

  • Item #: 020451
    ISBN: 9780876145098
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.75
    Some stories are simply always with us. We do not remember the time we first heard them and can probably tell them without even needing to see the book. I think the tales of Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin and those other animal stories from the pen of Beatrix Potter are in this category. This 56-page book is a biography of that most famous author. It's an easy-to-read book that will open your eyes to the world and inspirations of this woman, from her childhood in the late 1800s through her adult life and love of animals right up until the end. ~ Zach
  • Item #: 036605
    ISBN: 9781426302480
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95
    This National Geographic book by John Phillips is packed with details about Da Vinci, from his early years as an illegitimate child to the legacy he left behind. His education, training as an apprentice, career as an artist, famous notebooks, inventions dealing with water and flight, study of the human body, and so much more is included. Actual quotes from Leonardo's notebooks are included in boxes throughout the book, as are other text boxes providing especially interesting or little-known facts about the genius. A running timeline is shown at the bottom of the pages as the book follows Leonardo's life. The book is divided into important sections of his life (early years, starting work, a busy man, new challenges). Each page has full-color photographs or reproductions of Leonardo's art or inventions, with detailed captions sharing information about each illustration. Text is filled with facts, as well as details of sources of information, but still flows nicely and is easy to read. The book does a good job of showing how this man came from humble beginnings to become a respected artist and inventor of his time and is seen as a genius in our day. It shows how Leonardo was a true Renaissance man who made important contributions to several areas of study. Includes glossary and index. 64pages, hardcover. ~Rachel
  • Item #: 027939
    ISBN: 9781557094261
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.95

    Who hasn't heard of Daniel Boone? He was even somewhat of a mythical character in his own day; that status changing to an American hero after his autobiographical true life account was published in the early 1800s. That's part of what we have here. There are two stories in this book. The first is the autobiography of Boone's life, spanning 25 years in the mid-late 1700s; and the second is a biography, written by Francis Lister Hawks, of Boone's life from childhood to death. It is a large print, 8 ½" x 11", soft cover book that is easy to read and very insightful to the world and adventures of this Kentucky rifleman. 126 pgs. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 029329
    ISBN: 9780876145685
    Retail: $6.95
    Rainbow Price: $3.22
    This is a simple and captivating version of the story of the Wright brother's first flight, seen through the eyes and experiences of one of the five witnesses - young Johnny Moore. Easy-to-read and loaded with colorful illustrations, this 48-page book will have your young children excited about reading as they identify with the main character of the story. ~ Zach
  • Item #: 034085
    ISBN: 9780792236603
    Retail: $17.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.50
    This National Geographic biography features the story of Alexander the Great. The book is a excellent resource as it shares information from Alexander's life in four sections. The first shares about his childhood, including information on his parents and his favorite pastimes. The second informs us about his young adult life, becoming king, and his wives and family. The third section tells about his military conquests and gives details on all the areas he conquered, as well as his tactics and strategies. The final section depicts Alexander's final days, what happened to his body, and the legacy he left behind. Throughout the book, color pictures show relics from the time of Alexander, including art, statues, and ruins. A timeline runs through the entire book at the bottom of each page, highlighting important events. Famous quotes from Alexander or things said about him are sporadically accented. The story-telling tone of the book makes it easy to read and, coupled with the great illustrations, makes the historical information come alive. A short glossary and index are included. Hardback, 64 pages. ~ Rachel S.
  • Item #: 043436
    ISBN: 9781426754432
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

    This biography by Roland Bainton gives an easy-to read account of the life and times of Martin Luther. As you learn about Luther's youth in a monastery, his demand that doctrine come from Scripture and not popes, the way he shattered the structure of the medieval church, his excommunication, and the founding of his church, you will also learn about the state of the Church at the time and read interesting details about how Luther's views, specifically the Ninety-five Theses, affected churches, people, and society both then and now. More than one hundred small black and white illustrations are incorporated into the book, including sketches, comics, woodcuts, and engravings, all from Luther's time. Quotes from Luther and very thorough research make this a comprehensive, fact-filled biography. A timeline of Luther's life, along with a detailed index, is included in the book. 336 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: WP11CM
    Retail: $702.61
    Rainbow Price: $479.95

  • Item #: 006644
    ISBN: 9780794518479
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $26.99
    This book is not a science text, but it will help you with whatever science textbook you are using. It's a comprehensive science reference guide covering physics, chemistry and biology. Each area of focus features color-coded subtopics with significant detail. The chemistry section contains subtopics for general, physical, inorganic, organic, and environmental chemistry. The biology section includes ecology, botany, zoology, human biology, genetics and general biology. The physics section is divided into mechanics, heat, waves, electricity and magnetism, nuclear physics, and general physics.

    We've come to expect compelling color pictures, graphics and charts from Usborne, and this book does not disappoint. Every page has excellent visuals and concise explanations of scientific laws and principles. For example, the biology section includes a subtopic covering the nervous system. The book shows and describes the parts of the neuron including the cell body, the dendrites and the axon. The graphics do an excellent job of showing the interaction between nerve cells and how the chemical neurotransmitters work at the synapse between the cells. You learn the difference between association (or relay) neurons and motor (or instruction) neurons.

    With over 350 pages, a glossary, and complete index, this book makes finding information quick and easy. Use the book to review material already studied, or as additional explanation or clarification of current lessons. - Jerry

  • Item #: 018149
    ISBN: 9781426302961
    Retail: $6.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.25
    This national Geographic book by Nick McCarty tells all about Marco Polo, the most famous traveler of medieval times. Learn about his boyhood, his earliest lessons, his first expedition at the age of 15, and his journeys to Venice, the Middle East, the Gobi desert, Khanbaliq, and more. Accompanying the easy-to-read text are full-color illustrations and reproductions of art, buildings, and more that feature Marco Polo and his time period. A timeline on the bottom of the pages highlights his life and achievements and puts them in the broader context of world history. Maps, along with these illustrations, bring medieval journeys to life and show how exciting his life was. 64 pages, hardcover. ~Rachel
  • Item #: 003306
    ISBN: 9781930092938
    Retail: $12.75
    Rainbow Price: $9.50
    This book is a U.S. history text, providing a complete overview of U.S. history from Columbus to the present time from a Christian perspective. Print is fairly large and easy to read. Each chapter has review questions. Numerous pictures and maps are scattered throughout. 2nd edition is 8.5” x 11” format.
  • Item #: 004173
    ISBN: 9780486220338
    Retail: $7.95
    Rainbow Price: $6.75

    Does air take up space? What causes sound? How do periscopes work? You know that your kids will never get tired of asking you. So be prepared: seven chapters full of experiments to demonstrate questions that kids ask at one time or another, covering air, heat, sound, light, magnetism, machines, and water. These experiments are generally easy to do with everyday items and use nothing dangerous, though a few must be supervised by an adult. I was surprised by how simple yet demonstrative these experiments were. For example, to answer the question about whether sound can travel through nothing, you take a bottle, hang a little bell in it, then drop a flaming piece of paper in and cork it. The fire takes away the oxygen, leaving you with less-dense air around the bell. Almost every one can be worked by a pre-teen, and they are all demonstrative of some scientific principle. You kids will readily see the science behind our planet, and maybe not ask you! This book can be used stand-alone, but might be better alongside a more in-depth book. ~ Mark

  • Item #: 027922
    ISBN: 9780786816583
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.25

    Set in England shortly after the Bubonic Plague, this is the tale of a young boy whose past is shrouded in mystery. He is declared a wolf's head, meaning anybody can kill him on sight. He has no idea why. To make matters worse, he is captured and forced into servitude by a mad man named Bear, who strangely enough encourages Crispin to think for himself. Large print makes it easy to read. ~ Mark

  • Item #: 025025
    ISBN: 9780060652920
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.75

    C. S. Lewis had a remarkable talent for using the English language, and when he was given the opportunity in 1942 to explain the Christian faith on air with the BBC, he began something that is still benefiting people more than sixty years later. The 33 talks that have been compiled into this book are Lewis's explanation and defense of those points that are common to nearly all Christians, on various topics: law, the invasion by Germany, the "cardinal virtues," morality and psychoanalysis, forgiveness, faith, the three-personal God, the new man, and many others. Easy to read and understand, the simple language has not dumbed down the content - it still stimulates the mind. This is a helpful book for any number of situations. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 027366
    ISBN: 9780753472057
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    Once part of the Kingfisher Young Knowledge series, Kingfisher has updated and revised, and the series is now known as Discover Science. Still done in a kid-friendly format, the information and pictures are visually appealing and easy to understand. Young scientists will learn the basics of rocks and fossils as they enjoy browsing through this book. In these 56 colorful pages, children will learn about the formation of rocks and fossils, weathering, dinosaurs, and do some fun hands-on projects like make your own fossils and start a rock collection. A glossary is appended. 56 pgs. pb - Donna

  • Item #: 011566
    ISBN: 9781893103108
    Retail: $13.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.95

    There are some events in history that could be forgotten because they're simply unimportant and have no bearing on the past, our present, and our future. However, there are other events in history that should never be forgotten. One of those is WWII and the cause of it—Adolf Hitler. Understanding the life and psyche of Hitler is paramount to our freedom in our society so that another Hitler should ever rise again. Albert Marrin has captured the life of Hitler from his early years in Austria to his eventual defeat and death in Berlin. Hitler traces the life and times of this man in an easy-to-read format, giving the reader the most pertinent information. As citizens of a free world, it is vital that we educate ourselves about the thoughts and lives of the tyrants in history so that another Hitler will not come to power. 249 pgs, pb. – John

  • Item #: 003618
    ISBN: 9780753468753
    Retail: $32.99
    Rainbow Price: $22.95

    We looked at several different alternatives before selecting this volume as a basic world history reference book. As with any secular product, we contend with the "dating" problems (the book dates the beginning of history at 40,000 B.C.), and evolutionary references. However, the book is an excellent reference with many outstanding features:

  • It's all in one book (491 pgs) making it a handy reference for studies of any and all time periods.
  • The paper is nice and thick, designed to tolerate years of "wear and tear".
  • Chronologically-arranged and cross- referenced articles.
  • Over 2000 colorful illustrations, including photographs and charts as well as annotated maps.
  • A handy reference section at the back of the book that has lists of national leaders throughout history; wars; and explorations/discoveries.
  • The comprehensive indexing makes it easy to quickly find the information or related articles you need.
  • This book replaced the old Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World a number of years ago. Although similar, there are some differences in this new book. Curriculums that refer to the original book may not correspond exactly to the replacement version. We think this will be a volume you will use again and again, not just for world history studies, but for unit studies of all kinds.