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    Dyslexia is more than the reversal of symbols by the brain. Did you know that most dyslexics can utilize the brain’s ability to alter and create perceptions, think mainly in pictures instead of words, have vivid imaginations, and are more curious than average? According to author Ronald Davis, “From these [characteristics] the true gift of dyslexia can emerge—the gift of mastery. The gift of mastery develops in many ways and in many areas. For Albert Einstein, it was physics; for Walt Disney, it was art; for Greg Louganis, it was athletic prowess.”

    Davis, a dyslexic, is the founder of the Reading Research Council’s Dyslexia Correction Center. He believes, “dyslexia is not the result of brain damage or nerve damage. Nor is it caused by a malformation of the brain, inner ear or eyeballs. Dyslexia is a product of thought and a special way of reacting to the feeling of confusion.” This book provides a lot of information about dyslexia—what it is, how it affects learning, and detailed procedures on how to handle the difficulties of this learning disorder. Procedures used require two people, the dyslexic individual and a coach or helper. 260 pgs, pb. Anh

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    Resulting from his work with dyslexics, Ron Davis (author of The Gift of Dyslexia) has developed effective techniques to address other learning difficulties often associated with dyslexia - ADD, dyscalculia (trouble with math) and dysgraphia (trouble with handwriting). Coming to an introductory understanding of the learning theory behind these techniques has literally reoriented my thinking on the subject - and reorientation is what his methodologies are all about. It all has to do with whether we utilize verbal conceptualization (thinking with the sounds of symbols and words) or nonverbal conceptualization (thinking with visual images). Dyslexics are primarily picture thinkers; but this method of thinking is subliminal - faster than the person can be aware of - and therefore most dyslexics are not aware of what their minds are doing. When an individual becomes disoriented (such as happens when you look at an optical illusion), perception becomes distorted. Many picture thinkers learn to use disorientation very early in life and it seems to work - until the child starts school, that is, and tries to learn the symbols of language. A picture thinking child will encounter so many sources of confusion in a single sentence that disorientations spontaneously occur, one after another. If the main problem is with reading, the child is labeled dyslexic. If the disorientation causes his sense of time to distort and his attention to jump around, he has ADD. If it affects math, he has dyscalculia. If it causes bad handwriting, he has dysgraphia. By showing a dyslexic how to turn off the disorientations at the moment they occur, and then helping him find and master the symbolic information that triggered the disorientation (and the majority of this book is detailed instruction in how to do this), the reading, math, writing, and spelling problems begin to disappear. Janice

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    Dianne Craft is well known for her successful approaches for equipping families (and teachers) to overcome problems faced by their struggling, but bright learners. Designed for home use, this manual provides an overview of how the brain works, right brain vs. left brain traits, detailed information on the four identified learning gates, brain training exercises, suggestions for a weekly sequence plus daily lesson plans for struggling learners.

    Overwhelmed yet? Don't be. Mrs. Craft has created an easy to use resource that may save you hundreds of dollars in occupational therapy. Beginning with a clear introduction to brain integration therapy she walks you through a brief overview of struggling learners, the importance of crawling and understanding the function of the brain with a focus on the role of the left and right brain.

    With the foundation of the importance of brain integration put forth, she then introduces us to the four learning gates: Visual Processing, Visual/Motor (writing), Auditory Processing, and the Attention/Focusing/Behavior. Observable characteristics of the blocked gates are presented alongside simple activities to determine if your child presents with a blocked gate in one of these areas. For example, a parent might recognize that their child who is struggling to learn to read has a blocked Visual Processing gate if the child needs to underline or point to each word as they read or reverses letters (or words) while reading. While the manual focuses on therapies to improve blocks in the first three gates, Mrs. Craft does offer detailed information on correcting a blocked Attention/Focusing/Behavior gate in her Biology of Behavior audio CD series, which we are pleased to offer separately.

    The remaining sections in the manual are dedicated to explaining a variety of exercises to improve brain integration. These include detailed explanations and step by step instructions paired with numerous black and white photo demonstrations, which leads me into one of the most valuable aspects of this manual: the detailed schedule suggestions.

    The suggested schedule is divided into three areas: Brain Training Sequences designed to be done daily Monday through Thursday; the once a week Brain Training Session which provides exercises specific to one of the blocked gates, and daily lesson plans for reading, writing and math. Parents will find time spent in each subject varies but parents should anticipate 30-45 minutes daily on each subject.

    All in all, this is a user friendly guide for home use. The exercises are well explained and laid out. The background information provides the parent with a deeper understanding of our children with learning glitches. Detailed diagnostic checklists, a diagnostic reading grade placement test, case studies and the optional online support from Mrs. Craft provide parents with necessary tools to best meet the needs of their unique learner. One caveat I would make is regarding the time commitment necessary to gain full benefit of the brain training. The program described will be time intensive for the parent, and the author acknowledges that a parent's willingness to devote a consistent and fairly intense effort is vital to success. If you are looking for something more specific in scope, we also offer Dianne Craft's Teaching the Right Brained Child DVD and Smart Kids Who Hate to Write DVD. Mrs. Craft's materials can be used independently as standalone products, or use them together as they complement each other well. There is minor overlap between the Brain Integration Manual and her workshop DVDs, but there is not a great deal of redundancy and using them together provides parents with additional tools. 2013 Edition. Spiral bound with included 18"x 12" Writing Eight Exercise template. 151 pgs. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781849059527
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    With a first person approach, this concise book will help parents and children understand the unique struggles experienced by children with dyslexia. Each 2-page spread shares a common challenge through a black and white illustration and corresponding explanation. Parental and Teacher resources provide additional teaching suggestions and support, a list of early signs of dyslexia, as well as recommended reading, organizations and websites. 55 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9780985329839
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    Package includes: Right Brain Phonics Program book, Brain Integration Therapy Manual, Teaching the Right Brain Child book and DVD, Right Brain Phonics Flashcards, selected Right Brain Dolch Sight Word Cards, Dyslexia and Other Reading Problems DVD, colored reading transparencies and quick start guide.

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    ISBN: 9781943122004
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       Have you ever wanted to sit and soak in the wisdom of an expert in treating learning difficulties? As a parent or educational specialist, you know the children in your care are bright and capable, yet learning is hard for them. If you ever wondered if you can do more to help your struggling learner, this DVD series may have the answers you are seek.

      Designed for Special Ed teachers, literacy teachers, home-educators, tutors and others with a special interest to help children, Dianne Craft’s 10+ hour seminar series explains the brain research behind many learning glitches (disabilities), gives you the tools to identify processing glitches, and plan a program to correct blocked learning gates. She also provides effective strategies and lesson plans through the 9 sessions in this video seminar. Sessions include:

      Session 1: Identifying Your Child’s Processing Problems provides the foundational understanding of the four learning gates and signs of blocked learning gates. Right and Left Brain learning traits are also clarified. A 3-prong approach is provided to correct blocked learning gates.

      Session 2: Dysgraphia: When Writing is Painful discusses the signs of writing stress and compares it to a child who may appear lazy or uncooperative. Visual-Spatial problems are also explained before she expands on activities to correct dysgraphia. Mrs. Craft stresses that progress may be seen in as little as 3 months; however, a minimum of 6 months is necessary for full benefit. Includes step by step, Daily Writing “Eight” Exercise instructions and the daily lesson plan for struggling writer and speller.

      Session 3: Right Brain Paragraph and Composition Writing addresses the “loose thought patterns” experienced by children and teens who suffer with dysgraphia, ADD or Auditory Processing problems. A simple formula of baby steps, right brain webbing and modeling are easy to implement at home and have proven successful with reluctant, struggling writers. Includes directions for beginning, intermediate and advanced skill levels, along with writing tools for parent/teacher guidance.

      Session 4: Right Brain Math is dedicated to all the children who forget math from day to day. Teaching a “Plan B” for struggling math students, Mrs. Craft provides helpful, detailed information on right brain strategies for effective learning of math concepts. These strategies will work with any math curriculum. Includes math tutoring instructions.

      Session 5: Training Your Child’s Photographic Memory (for Spelling) provides a right brain teaching strategies that work for struggling spellers-regardless of brain dominance. Considered a “Plan B” for spellers, this DVD teaches a photographic memory method which may be valuable throughout life. Includes information to access a 1200 Most Commonly Used Words list.

      Session 6: Dyslexia and Other Reading Problems explores why reading is hard for some kids. With a focus on children at least 2 years behind in reading, Mrs. Craft explains the levels of processing problems, and differentiates dyslexia from visual and auditory processing disorders, and general reading dysfunctions. She then elaborates on the keys to correcting reading problems: Correct and Bypass. Includes daily lesson plans and a quick word recognition spelling test. Also, recommended for correction of reading problems are the Brain Integration Therapy Manual and Right Brain Phonics materials and basal readers.

      Session 7: Kids and Teenagers with Focus/Attention Issues takes a fascinating look at how our diet and antibiotic use may appear as symptoms of sensory dysfunction and focus/attention issues. She also explores the big question- “Is it character or chemistry?” and provides simple checklists of behavioral and physical characteristics. Dietary changes and nutritional supplementation recommendations are recommended.

      Session 8: Auditory Process Problems reviews common myths before teaching the characteristics that impact reading, spelling and math. Covering common physical causes (allergies, nutritional deficiencies), Mrs. Craft shares ways to bypass and correct auditory channels issues at home.

      Session 9: Autism, Asperger’s and Sensory Processing Problems looks at the increasing prevalence of autism in the U.S., traditional treatment and causation theories. Mrs. Craft recommends a 3-pronged approach to unlock the abilities of Autistic children, with a focus on nutrition in this session. She provides the foundational knowledge you need to identify, treat and restore the underlying biochemical disorder that may cause or exacerbate autistic symptoms. 

      Overall, this series is tremendously beneficial for parents and educators alike. There are a couple of disappointments. First, the DVDs are recordings of workshop sessions presented to a large group. Therefore, some graphics are difficult to see or have been updated to fit the DVD presentation. On one occasion, Mrs. Craft and her assistant are showing how to do the Circle Eight Exercises correctly and are partially blocked by the podium. The accompanying Study Guide is jam-packed with helpful information; however, at times is difficult to follow along with the presentations. As my colleagues and I viewed the videos, we elected to take notes during the sessions and read the study guide after the session. While there is no Biblical teaching, Mrs. Craft makes comments about our children being “God-made”, the value of prayer in helping our struggling learners and “God as our Supreme Being.” DVDs range from 45-90 minutes. CEUs or course completion certifications are also available. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781536914443
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    ISBN: 9781537392370
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     This Thinking Tree notebook is really DIY: in content and in how you choose to complete it. There are 6 pages to accomplish the same tasks for each of the 50 states. Begin with coloring in the state on a US outline map with the capital, population and state motto. Then, fill in boxes with facts – current events, what to see, the flag, famous quote, monuments and popular foods. Next, identify the locations of the capital and other large cities, important landmarks, national parks, major highways and rivers, and anything else you find interesting. The following page documents historical events, famous people, draw the state seal and design a postage stamp. Then read a state-oriented book and summarize a scene and/or watch a movie and draw a scene (you’ll need to do your own research; no suggestions provided). The final page is titled, “What do you want to do in ___?” Note that these outside resources are required: your choice of various library books and documentaries/movies, Google Earth, Wikipedia, a U.S. atlas, a U.S. map, colored pencils or gel pens, black pens and #2 pencils. Pages are reproducible within your home/family. 8.5x11”, black & white, sc. ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9781537078212
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    In this first DVD from the “Struggling Learner Seminar” video series, renowned speaker and educational specialist, Dianne Craft, shares clearly and compassionately tips and techniques to differentiate the challenges experienced by struggling learners versus more common issues of immaturity. Beginning with an overview discussion of right and left-brain differences and the maturity issues common in boys, she outlines the four learning gates and levels of processing problems. After identifying the four learning gates: Visual Processing, Audio Processing, Writing and Focusing/Attention, she shares common signs to help parents and teachers readily identify the child’s greatest struggle. Once identified, she discusses a 3-pronged approach for all struggling learners and touches briefly on targeted activities in each of the four gates. Interwoven are nutritional considerations and research as well as encouragement that struggling learners will be able to overcome and make great progress if the right teaching approach is utilized. This is an excellent introduction to brain integration and processing problems. Included is contact information for additional teaching resources. Contains references to prayer and God given/ordained situations. DVD run time approximately 60 min. ~ Deanne

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      Not a traditional comic book, this Thinking Tree journal contains lots of cute and appealing illustrations to color and simple addition/subtraction problems to solve. This journal provides math practice with no instruction. Some pages have a simple grid with the assignment to design “something,” while others ask you to write a story based on a visual prompt. As a fun twist, students “solve math mysteries” instead of problems. Later in the book are several pages with 8 comic book style panels (on a 2 page spread). Two are filled in; you complete the rest. Black & white, 8x8.5”, 170 pp. ~ Sara

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    In this Thinking Tree math workbook, students write their own math problems and solve them by following a directed mystery. As they do, they draw pictures of the various items such as cars, frogs, a cake, cups, flowers and more. Each page has an activity. Here is an example: Addition - Pick 3 numbers and write them in 3 boxes labeled X, Y and Z. Read the mystery: Liam went puddle jumping. He jumped in X little puddles, Y ankle-deep puddles and Z giant puddles. How many puddles did Liam jump in? Write out the numbers as a math problem, then write out your answer as a sentence on the spaces provided. Below that are 2 boxes, one with lines and one with a grid to be used as you like. At the top are 2 boxes: one to color and one to draw your own path of puddles to jump. Other pages work on subtraction, division/fractions, and multiplication. Enliven math practice with drawing and coloring. No math instruction included. Reproducible for a single household only. 8.5x11", 80pp, sc. ~ Sara

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     Visual Number Cards allow you to teach the whole with the parts by this unique system containing the number with an embedded picture on the front of the card and the related number story on the back. Set includes numbers 1-9, cards are single hole punched with a hinged ring and measure 5 1/2” x 4 1/4”.

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    ISBN: 9780983084033
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     Multiplication Cards are double sided with a math problem with embedded pictures on one side and related story on the back side. Covering multiplication facts 0-9, these glossy cardstock cards measure 11x8 ½”. I greatly appreciate the large bold font used for the story line which makes it practical for individual or group use. 

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    ISBN: 9781519517272
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     Covers vowel patterns: -ix, -it, -in, -id, -ig, -im, -ip, -ut, -un, -ub, -ug, us, -up,- um, -ud