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Drops In The Bucket

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    Some people complain about charades because they hate being put on the spot, singled out, making a fool out of themselves. Now you can make a fool out of yourself with a partner! In this game, players guess charades that have two parts – with two actors. Each round has a theme, which helps narrow the guesses, but which actor has the first part is unknown. For example, the theme may be "Not Quite Enough" and you and your partner have to act out the phrases "drop/in the bucket," "close/but no cigar," "cherry/pick," "fall/short," "half/baked," and "slim/pickings." Game includes161 double-sided themed cards (for lots of charades), with each facing side containing a black section and white section to show which part of each phrase is yours to act out. Actors and guessers receive points for each correctly guessed item. The charades are tricky, the 90-second time limit seems short, and the laughs are plentiful! 3-8 players.