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Draw The Usa

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  • Item #: 064785
    ISBN: 9781492278955
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  • Item #: 061281
    ISBN: 9781940282497
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  • Item #: 028573
    ISBN: 9781557999559
    Retail: $18.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

    Maps of the USA introduces young students to each state in the U.S., along with details about each state and facts such as the state bird, flower, population, and area. The reproducible worksheets are pretty open-ended and can be used alongside any history program or state study to take a closer look at each state. The first hundred pages contain two-page spreads on each state, with state facts and black-and-white pictures to color on the left-hand side, and the state itself featured on the right-hand side. The right-hand page contains an outline map of the state itself, with geopolitical information, such as important cities, rivers, geographical features, and neat places to visit in that state. A smaller map of the U.S. is also provided with the featured state shaded in, so the student can see the location of the state in relation to the rest of the nation. These worksheets can be used to make a state notebook, or to use with any number of state activities, and can be colored, labeled, etc. Following the individual state pages are worksheets on the U.S. as a whole, including regions of the U.S. along with a segment of the map and questions for each, maps of the U.S. as a whole, both with and without state names filled in, a states and capitals chart, supplemental word puzzles, and maps featuring waterways, climate zones, and physical features of our nations along with questions for students to answer based on the map. "A U.S. State in Review" page is also included at the end, which can be reproduced and used alongside the individual state worksheets to fill in more facts about the state, draw its outline, and include in a state notebook, if they're making one. Answers included. - Jess

  • Item #: 004243
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.25

    Learn a lot about U.S. geography by taking a trip across the U.S.A. A big, colorful 11" x 17" map accompanies this engaging book, giving students plenty of practice using a map as they "travel" all over the country. Fifty pages of questions and activities have students practice using direction, position, distance, and comparison, analyze information, and draw conclusions. Besides learning basic map skills, your children will learn a great deal about the individual states including locations, abbreviations, nicknames, industry, and more. Even math and reading skills are put to good use as children compute mileage and distance, navigate time zones, and read charts. At the end of the book is a blank map of the U.S. for children to write the names of the states in (after finishing this book, it should be easy), a list of state nicknames and abbreviations, and an answer key.

  • Item #: 048966
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    Bingo lovers will enjoy this game that helps teach the shapes of the 50 states of America. Included are 8 large, single-sided bingo cards made out of glossy cardstock. The cards measure 8" x 10.5" and each feature 24 different labeled states (plus a free square), with alternating red, white, and blue backgrounds. A standard-sized card deck is also included with 50 state cards, which show a state with the capital marked and surrounding states as well. The cards list the state nickname, population, and total area. Players take turns drawing cards, reading the information if desired, and then marking the state off if they have it on their bingo card. The first person to mark off 5 states in a row (or another agreed upon amount) is the winner! Pretty basic, but kids will have fun playing and they'll be learning the state shapes and information without even realizing it. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 033918
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    This one-sided black-and-white poster displays the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. Roughly 18"x24", this poster is ideal for drawing in the state names, capitals, and landmarks. – John

  • Item #: 014637
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $16.99

    This puzzle is a fun way to learn the states and capitals of the USA. The magnetic pieces cling to the durable 12” x 18” board, and the state capital is displayed underneath each state. Drawings on the different state pieces illustrate landmarks, attractions, animals, and famous buildings in each state, and an included map key identifies the pictures. The puzzle packaging features instructions for several educational games to play as well as a chart giving information about each state. ~ Rachel

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 039678
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $21.95
    Isn't it about time that they came out with a U.S. edition? The game includes a U.S. map game board, 50 state cards, color-coded by region, 6 blank state cards and 120 colored playing pieces. The state cards are chock-full of information, including the state flag, postal code, date of admission, area, population, capital, region, industry, bordering states, motto, bird, flower, tree, nickname, tourist attractions, number of representatives and more. Like Where in the World? this game has four types of game play, including Statesman, Junior Representative, Senior Representative and Solitaire. Statesman focuses on one or more regions of the U.S. Players isolate a group of state cards in that region and players draw a card and try to provide that state's information for the chosen category(s). Junior Representative asks players to identify the state based on selected facts, while Senior Representative adds a twist where players incorporate current news and events. Solitaire play is great for test prep and helps players memorize state facts. A solidly educational addition to your U.S. geography studies! – Jess
  • Item #: 000519
    ISBN: 9780486401683
    Retail: $4.99
    Rainbow Price: $3.95

    What study of the states would be complete without a little coloring? Well, it's not really an essential, but it can reinforce the learning. Attractive blackline coloring pages are brimming with information about each of the 50 states, educating as they are colored. Which state is the Sunflower State? The Land of Opportunity? Which state's motto is "Ever Upward"? Informative captions provide each state's nickname, motto, flower, bird, tree, capital, principal rivers and mountains, notable attractions, and other special information.

    Accurate outline drawings of each state are prominent, with a small inset map of the United States showing its location (by shading). Some details, like mountains, rivers, and lakes, appear on the state. The capital's location is starred, but no printed names appear - so you can have your children do a little research and mapwork for extra benefit. This also makes the book usable as a reproducible map source. Surrounding the state are other blackline figures of the state bird, flower, related plant and animal life, and other significant features (New York, for example, includes the Statue of Liberty). Now your students can color their way to U.S. geographic literacy!

  • Item #: 058935
    ISBN: 9781481479608
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.75

    Join Ben, Annie, and the rest of the family as they travel across the United States, starting in Massachusetts where the pilgrims landed and ending in the newest states, Alaska and Hawaii. Each page of this hardcover book by Lynne Cheney and Robin Preiss Glasser is full of color drawings and fun tidbits about each state, many of which are told through Annie's letters to her grandmother and Ben's text messages to a friend. This clever presentation of our national treasures would be a great addition to elementary U.S. history, or just fun to peruse. p/b, 74 pgs. - Laura

  • Item #: 008537
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  • Item #: 038200
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    This set of charcoals can be used by artists of all ages. There are 5 General Charcoal Pencils (6B, 6B, 4B, 2B & 2H) and one Charcoal White plus 1 Bonus Carbon Sketch and a bonus All-Art Sharpener. These are all set in a sturdy, reusable tray so that artists can take drawing to the classroom, in the field, or on the go! ~ Phyllis

  • Item #: 029609
    Retail: $4.09
    Rainbow Price: $3.75

      Make the colors in your drawings and illustrations jump off the page with this heavyweight, jet black paper from Pacon®. Great for white and bright chalks, oil pastels, metallic colored pencils, and neon crayons. Paperweight is heavy enough for scoring, folding and curling. Pad contains 40 sheets and is made in the USA. ~ Emily

  • Item #: 014445
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $3.99
    I'm 2 years old and proudly sitting down to draw for the first time. I have my jumbo crayons and my brand new sketch pad from Melissa and Doug® in front of me. Let the creativity begin! What's even better is that the pad is spiral bound so it will lay flat while I work and my mommy can keep all my drawings in one place for safe-keeping. The medium weight paper has a slight texture, so I can also use my other drawing tools like colored pencils, chalk pastels, and markers. I might even place some stickers in my sketch pad too, since it has 50 sheets and plenty of room to create! Made in USA.
  • Item #: 020787
    ISBN: 9780486282046
    Retail: $1.99
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    includes - Lotus blossom, hawk, ankh, jackal-headed god Anubis, mummy case and one more
  • Item #: 007843
    Retail: $9.70
    Rainbow Price: $7.25
    Amazing quality for the economical price! This 9" x 12" pad contains 50 sheets of 70 lb. drawing paper that has a really nice feel to it with a good tooth to really grab the medium applied, making graphite or colored pencil drawings come alive. The pad is tape-bound at the top and makes a great starter pad for students and beginner artists. Made in the USA.
  • Item #: 073386
    Retail: $22.99
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    Two opposing teams of spies enter this code-cracking arena… Only one emerges victorious! In this veritable verbal volley, each team sits opposite their 4 privy “code words.” These 4 words match to numbers 1-4. To begin a round, each Encrypter (one per team) draws a card with a 3-character sequence, such as “4-1-2.” Suppose White Team has these words in order 1-4: “Bottle,” “Camera,” “Egg,” and “Tape.” The White Encrypter may think of and announces the following clues: “Sticky,” “Glass,” and “Picture.” Other players on the team then guess the intended sequence. If the revealed sequence matches the team’s guess, no penalty is given – but if the guess is wrong, the team gets a miscommunication token! Two tokens and a team loses.

    Meanwhile, Black Team makes a note of the clues and sequence; in this way, both teams keep a running tally of their own and their opponent’s clues. In future rounds, this becomes important as each team gets the first chance to “intercept” the other team’s sequence! Successfully intercepting two messages earns that team a win. Compared to Codenames, this provides an interesting twist on word-guessing: Encrypters must make their clues obvious enough for their own team to guess, but vague enough to prevent the opposing team from intercepting the sequence! Encrypters can also use phrases or other “passcodes” (within the realm of reason) to further obscure intent. Overall, a fantastic party game for any synonym sleuth! For 3-8 players; 15-45-minute playtime.

  • Item #: 065599
    Retail: $4.89
    Rainbow Price: $4.50

      Have the best of both worlds in one! Draw rich, dramatic works of art like using a creamy smooth charcoal stick, but in a clean, mess-free convenience of a pencil. No need for a sharpener; just slowly peel back a section of the paper wrapping and you’re ready to create. I loved using these in art school! This quality charcoal pencil set by General’s Pencil Co. has 3 degrees of firmness—soft, medium, and hard—and includes a kneaded eraser. Made in USA. ~ Emily

  • Item #: 065596
    Retail: $9.49
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       Versatile watercolor pencils by General Pencil Co. are great for students to experiment with dry drawing techniques and wet painting effects—all in one product. The pigments are vibrant, apply smoothly with great blendability and are water-soluble, making these quality pencils a nice buy for the classroom price. Try blending the colors with a wet brush, or drawing over a wet wash, or dip the pencil tip into water before drawing for an intense burst of color. These pencils would be a great choice for drawing outdoors and nature journaling. Made in the USA. ~ Emily

  • Item #: 065595
    Retail: $12.59
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

      Versatile watercolor pencils by General Pencil Co. are great for students to experiment with dry drawing techniques and wet painting effects—all in one product. The pigments are vibrant, apply smoothly with great blendability and are water-soluble, making these quality pencils a nice buy for the classroom price. Try blending the colors with a wet brush, or drawing over a wet wash, or dip the pencil tip into water before drawing for an intense burst of color. These pencils would be a great choice for drawing outdoors and nature journaling. Made in the USA. ~ Emily

  • Item #: 065594
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

       Want to learn to draw? Then start now with this kit by General’s Pencil Co.—complete with a 30-page lesson book and all the tools needed to unleash your inner master artist! The lesson book has step-by-step drawing projects that cover elements of art (ex: line, texture, value) and design concepts (ex: rule of thirds, perspective), as well as basic drawing techniques and how to use the included tools. The kit includes a pad of 60 lb drawing paper, 2 graphite drawing pencils (hard 2H, soft 2B), 2 charcoal pencils (soft 4B, extra soft 6B), 1 Carbon Sketch pencil (graphite/charcoal blend), 1 Layout pencil (extra black) for outlining and sketching, Factis white vinyl eraser, Little Red pencil sharpener, and tortillion for blending graphite. From birds & animals, leaves & trees, to cityscapes & cartoon characters—and with a little practice too—create master pieces while learning to enjoy the world of drawing. Made in the USA. ~ Emily

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  • Item #: 062861
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    Rich and smooth, this waterproof India ink is fun for pen and ink drawing, calligraphy, brushwork, or mixed media washes. The 2 oz. wide lid jar is ideal for dipping pen nibs and practicing your calligraphy. The opaque, permanent ink goes on strong and works well with technical pens and airbrushes too. Ink is water-based, non-toxic and made in the USA. However, use with caution, as it does not wash easily off of hands or out of clothes. ~ Emily

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