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  • Item #: 017304
    ISBN: 9780977859702
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.95
    This fun and educational supplement will be a great diversion from boring textbooks and endless amounts of reading! Students will love putting some of their other talents into their history lessons. This book is divided into several sections including Creation, Noah, Tower of Babel, Egypt, China, Joseph and Moses, David, Jonah, and the Trojan Horse. As you can see, it covers many aspects of early history with a good mix of Biblical accounts and other historical events. Each section begins with a drawing of the time period or place, followed by drawing instructions for all different aspects of the picture, and concluding with a page of information about the time period so students can practice their penmanship. For example: Egypt starts with a colored page featuring a pyramid, mummy, and sphinx. The following pages have separate step-by-step drawing instructions (1-3 pages per drawing) for each of those items. The information about Egypt closes the section, written in cursive so students have a model to copy their handwriting after. Sprinkled with interesting facts and Bible verses, this book is sure to bring the ancient times to life. 64 pages. ~ Megan
  • Item #: 040197
    ISBN: 9780977859719
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.95

  • Item #: 043363
    ISBN: 9780977859726
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.95

  • Item #: 045235
    ISBN: 9780977859733
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.95

  • Item #: 048075
    ISBN: 9780977859740
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.95

  • Item #: 044872
    ISBN: 9780310713364
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $3.25
  • Item #: 044873
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $30.00

     The original Tiki Toss board, designed for outdoor use. Board measures 14.5” tall by 6.2” wide. Made from 100% bamboo.

  • Item #: 016951
    ISBN: 9781557998033
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.50
  • Item #: 016950
    ISBN: 9781557997319
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.50
  • Item #: 061308
    ISBN: 9780486786261
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.95

    This draw and write journal by Dover provides fascinating pages for kids to fill-in and becomes a fun keepsake to look back on! Each page focuses on a different thought, such as writing about three great experiences, designing the ultimate hangout, where they would go if they could go back in time, and typical journal pages such as favorite everythings, physical and personality characteristics, family, future dreams, etc. The pages are gray-scale with lots of fun illustrations, so children can color each page as they journal along.

  • Item #: 003301
    ISBN: 9781891627873
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $4.25
  • Item #: 049836
    ISBN: 9780977859757
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.95

  • Item #: 053209
    ISBN: 9781939814562
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $4.35

    The A-C books provide space for drawing with the blank-on-top, bottom-lined pages, along with some all-lined pages.

    Book A (Kindergarten) uses wide double lines.

  • Item #: 053211
    ISBN: 9781939814579
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $4.35

    The A-C books provide space for drawing with the blank-on-top, bottom-lined pages, along with some all-lined pages.  Books B uses regular double lines.

  • Item #: 053212
    ISBN: 9781939814586
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $4.35

    The A-C books provide space for drawing with the blank-on-top, bottom-lined pages, along with some all-lined pages. Book  B uses regular double lines.

  • Item #: 062077
    Retail: $11.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    Set of 4 disposable drawing pens in red, green, blue & black are designed for draftsmen, students and artists. Inks are a water based, water resistant, fade proof pigment. The very fine line is 0.1mm. By Helix. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 025000
    ISBN: 9781620573655
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.75

    This fun book holds a variety of prompts to jump-start kids' creativity. Doodling pages hold a shape or line and encourage children to finish the doodle however they like. Drawing pages contain part of a picture and direct children to provide the missing part, like a fun and silly hat for a boy, decorating the bake sale cookies, or drawing their amazing discovery on the leaf. Writing pages range from fill-in-the-blank stories or statements to writing a story to go with a picture. Many pages combine drawing with writing like drawing a car of the future and then writing about all of the special things the car can do. There is fantastic variety to the 60 pages of activities; you should have no trouble finding activities that appeal to any child. Many kids will think this is just fun work, but in fact it is very helpful to get kids from picturing to writing, especially those young learners who have ideas but cannot yet put them into writing. Any child will benefit from and enjoy these prompts, but it could be also be a valuable resource for a non-verbal child or one with language processing difficulty. These would make a good warm-up activity for your daily language arts lesson. 64 pp, pb. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 058979
    ISBN: 9781934732083
    Retail: $3.95
    Rainbow Price: $3.45
  • Item #: 071709
    ISBN: 9780439271769
    Retail: $11.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.95

  • Item #: 008972
    ISBN: 9781681472430
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.75

  • Item #: 011116
    ISBN: 9780971787407
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $14.95

    Drawing live animals can often prove difficult for children (or anybody for that matter!). This art book is completely focused on helping children draw horses. It offers lots of practice, helpful tips, and critiques of other drawings, showing how to draw every piece to scale and shape. Activities range from some writing projects, mazes, complete-the-horse pictures, freehand drawing, to lessons and short exams. Interesting horse information is also included. Plus, the book comes from a Christian publisher and has Bible verses interspersed throughout.

    This book is a revised edition that is higher quality than the original. The same basic lessons and format are presented, but now there are 118 pages of lessons (instead of 102) and many additional pages of blank paper for students to practice drawing. These blank pages are prefaced with tips for keeping a sketchbook. This edition also comes with a set of five "marker cards" for additional assignments. With a new cover and a perfect instead of spiral binding, this edition will have students drawing horses in no time.

  • Item #: HWOTG1
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $93.95

    Includes Draw and Write Notebook w/wide lines, 1st grade printing teacher guide, My Printing Book student workbook, slate chalkboard, wide double-line notebook paper (100sht), Rock Rap Tap & Learn CD, Big Sheet Draw and Write paper (100shts), blackboard w/double lines, little chalk bits and little sponge bits.

  • Item #: 038872
    ISBN: 9781681472423
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.75

       Bright white paper is 2-sided with a few of each letter in shading for your student to trace. Kids write 3 lines of upper case and 3 lines of lower case letters per page. A red dot shows where to begin and arrows direct their strokes with a 1, 2, 3 as needed. If you don’t want the newsprint paper for handwriting practice, this is a nice option with pretty, bright blue lines. Horizontal format (landscape) with 6 lines per page (dotted half lines.) 32 tear-off sheets, 7/8” ruled paper.

  • Item #: 071480
    Retail: $2.99
    Rainbow Price: $2.25

    A set of ten, double-ended, washable markers with broad-line tips. Each marker features a different color on each end, totaling 20 different shades! Great for coloring, drawing, and writing, markers are water-based and bleed resistant. The 6 1/2-inch-long markers come in a reusable plastic package. ~ Emily G

  • Item #: 024722
    ISBN: 9781452109039
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.95


    This clever little book is a journal, doodle pad and sketch book all in one. Half the book is full of writing prompts and the other half is full of drawing prompts. One cover says I Like to Write. Flip it over and the other cover says I Like to Draw. The book is colorful with simple, sketch-like illustrations. You may see a paint palette to fill in, with a task at the bottom like I see you are a painter. The paint is all over your studio! Your job is to fill in the colors on the palette. On the writing side, you may see 2 champagne glasses with bubbles. Your prompt reads: A toast is the perfect time to share love and gratitude. Whether you are raising your glass of apple juice or toasting a pair of champagne flutes, practice your skills. Write down several toasts to use in a pinch. All will cheer and you will have no fear. You write on both pages for this topic. Most take 2 pages. The book lies open nicely for this purpose. Reinforced soft cover, 128pp ~ Sara

  • Item #: 038877
    ISBN: 9781681471112
    Retail: $3.99
    Rainbow Price: $3.45

  • Item #: 057935
    ISBN: 9781893791107
    Retail: $1.50
    Rainbow Price: $1.40

    Perfect for a daily journal, make-your-own book, or daily writing assignment, this simple writing journal is a cost-effective way to collect your child's compositions and drawings. Each of the 28 soft cover pages has a 3.5" x 6" space for a drawing and seven rows of half-inch ruled writing lines. Encourage your child to write down their prayers, express their thoughts, review a book they read, or report on an event. Inexpensive enough to buy several. – Laura

  • Item #: 045548
    Retail: $3.92
    Rainbow Price: $3.75
    With this versatile notebook, beginning authors can pen their first story, start a daily journal, or write and illustrate their autobiography. Pages alternate between blank pages for illustrations on the left-hand side and lined pages for writing on the right side. Each writing page has five wide lines (1 1/8" lines) with a blue top line, a dotted midline, and a red baseline. Fifty-one colorful, cartoon stickers are also included to complement your stories or inspire a new one. 80 pages, 8" x 10 ½", spiral bound. – Rachel
  • Item #: 054090
    ISBN: 9780970709752
    Retail: $29.95
    Rainbow Price: $27.95

    Do you need a way to make writing just a little more palatable? Here's your answer. Play a game! A game with the potential of taking you on an African safari, to Egypt, through a medieval castle, into outer space, or down into the depths of the ocean… The writing process for several different types of expository writing (informative, persuasive, comparison, contrast, and brainstorm) is cleverly disguised as steps on a board game. Just follow the steps and the student can watch his writing assignment grow almost effortlessly. Helped by graphic organizers (webs and Venn diagrams) and outlines (copy masters provided), there's even score sheet masters for evaluating the finished product. (All are printed on cardstock.) Players follow the path on the reversible gameboard drawing cards pertinent to their particular writing assignment. Cards signal which organizer to use or which questions to think about. One of the enjoyable little twists to this approach is the "expert" opinions provided for the student to incorporate into his written work. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 063891
    ISBN: 9781441319494
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.50

       Whether you’re a hobbyist in fine lettering, wanting to learn more about the medieval art form of illuminating letters, or hoping to de-stress from the hustle of modern day in ancient creativity, this beautiful little workbook is the key. Each page consists of faint, soft blue graph paper to help you practice and learn illumination with little step-by-step drawing tutorials and illuminating techniques along the way. There are also blank letterforms to get you started from “A” to “Z” as you progress through the pages, just add a mystical creature here, some swirling vine and arabesque motifs there, fill-in the letter with a beautiful base color, then add some detailed accents with a white gel pen, and voilá, you’re an illuminator! You’ll find full-color samples of illuminated letters sprinkled amongst the pages of the practice book to give ideas and inspiration. 160 pgs, 6.25” x 8.25” hc. ~ Emily