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    Assorted styles; if you order more than one, we will assort.

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    Queendomino is a stand-alone game similar to Kingdomino but with a few layers of added complexity. There are three worth noting: first, coins have been added, which allow players to purchase buildings and accrue points in a more specialized fashion. Second, a range of buildings can be purchased and built on certain domino spaces, providing points and other bonuses to players. Third, a Queen and a Dragon inhabit the kingdom, providing advantages to the players who acquire / bribe them, respectively. Queendomino can also be combined with Kingdomino for a few variations and up to 8 players!

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       Learn about portraits, still lifes, landscapes, sculpture and loads more terms/concepts as you follow a silly presentation of some serious art! There aren’t many art books that are a funny read. It is just full of interesting little nuggets! Did you know that for thousands of years artists used a color called mummy brown (made from actual mummies)? As you read, there are lots of activities for the reader to complete that have to do with that page’s theme: when learning about color tones, you will color in the same little picture with a warm and cool color palette to notice how they feel different to the viewer. Four pages of stickers make it even more interactive! I think students who love art would enjoy this book, but it would also introduce the non-artist to some great information! Some of the famous artists include: Van Gogh, Lowry, Kusama, Lichtenstein, Klee, Rousseau and many more. 80pp, 8.5” x 11”, pb.  ~Sara

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    ISBN: 9780486454498
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    Beowulf is one of literature's legendary heroes, but students often find the original text hard to read. This masterfully retold version uses simpler prose to share the stories of Beowulf's epic battles with dragons and Grendel the ogre in a more readable way that is even great for reading aloud to younger kids. By H.E. Marshall, the story stays true to the original while making it more accessible to readers. 54 pgs, pb.

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    Draw a huge variety of creatures from ants, bugs, and polliwogs to pigs, cats, and dogs, and up to elephants, giraffes, and dragons.

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    Another fascinating Bible history book by Ruth Beechick, author of Adam and His Kin. The product of much research and knowledge of ancient history and the Bible, it is suitable for teens or adults as a short course in ancient history. But, more than that, it is the story of truth - and how that truth has come to be perverted through history. It is the story of righteous and wicked men and kings. It is the story of civilizations - how and where they sprung up and flourished. It's the story of our roots. The historical and literary evidences of Biblical truth, the tracing of the recorded truth that eventually became our Bible, and the chronology of our "family tree" are masterfully woven together in this extremely readable text. Throughout Ruth's narrative, we can see the origins of false religions and flawed world views. Taking us through Genesis 1-11, it contains six units, corresponding to the "books" written by the earliest recorders of history. Using the King James translation, each unit begins with the actual Scripture to read. A Scripture study includes activities to help students understand the reading - activities such as drawing maps, listing genealogies, memorizing key verses, noting specific words used, comparing the reading to other Scriptures, etc. Topic studies address particular references in the Scripture reading and expand on them, using historic, literary, and linguistic sources. Ruth's many insights and expert compilation of information make these studies engrossing. Each topic is followed by questions that can be answered orally or in writing. Further study has the student do a little research and reporting of his own. In these sections, source books and other readings are recommended. There are also suggestions for several correlating writing projects. If using the study with several students, you may want to assign each a different one. Other types of activities are also included, varying by unit. The book is recommended for use independently for junior high and up, or for a family study with children of all ages. I know my eight-year-old would enjoy this study as much (or more) as my older children. I would be surprised if parents purchasing this book as an independent course for their older children didn't end up reading it from cover to cover themselves.

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    Well known as one of the greatest heroic poems in Old English, Beowulf recounts the tales and adventures of the character with the same moniker. In the first adventure, Beowulf, a young nobleman from southern Sweden, comes to the aid of the King of Denmark by fighting the monster Grendel. In the second tale, after 50 years of peaceful rule, Beowulf is called upon to fight the dragon that has been terrorizing his country. Thought to be written sometime between the late 7th and early 11th centuries, the original author is unknown.

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     Ages 12+. 3-5 hour build time. Finished measures 8” tall. Can be combined with Dragon Coaster

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     Ages 12+. Takes 3-5 hours to build. Finished measures 8” tall. Can be combined with Skate Park.

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    This cute story was written by Ruth Stiles Gannett. In it, a child tells a story about an adventure his father had when he was just a boy. The boy is nice to a stray cat, who in turn tells him about a baby dragon that is trapped on Wild Island, which is next to the Island of Tangerina. The boy decides to go to the island and rescue the dragon, and he braves apes, boars, tigers, alligators, and more to do so. He uses a few items he brought in his sack to outwit and reason with the animals and eventually makes it to the baby dragon. This silly and funny story is accompanied by descriptive and amusing black and white sketches. Technically a chapter book, the story is perfect to read aloud to younger children or for young readers to enjoy themselves. Text is large and easy to read and almost every other page displays an illustration. 88 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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     “Do you know Mother Nature? She it is to whom God has given the care of the earth, and all that grows in or upon it, just as he has given to your mother the care of her family of boys and girls.” So, begins this charming 1888 reprint from Yesterday’s Classics. Amber, the dragon fly, water lilies, coral, starfish, and much more are covered in these delightful stories that make a perfect family read aloud. You may be amazed at the amount of science your children learn when taught concepts through a story. Black and white illustrations. 90 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne

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    Queens, kings, knights and dragons! This card game requires some strategy and some luck as you try to awaken sleeping queens, stop your opponent's knights with a dragon, put another's queen back to sleep with a potion, or defend yourself with a magic wand. The directions are clear and the game is quick to learn, just how I like them! Your goal is to collect queens and the winner is the one with the most points when all of the queens are awakened. – Ages 8+, 2-5 players, ~ Sara
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    ISBN: 9780486475219
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    The Dragon and the Garden (similar to Milton’s Paradise Lost) retells Adam and Eve’s Fall with a Medieval slant: the serpent is portrayed as a dragon. The artwork is stylized, with muted watercolors. Interesting pictorial elements may trigger family discussion: “prehistoric” creatures are shown in the garden. Designed as a storybook, these could also be read by your stronger young readers; text is ¼” tall. 32 pp, now paperback. ~ Ruth

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    Driven out of her life as a princess by boredom, Cimerone seeks a more exciting life and stumbles into the lair of a powerful dragon. Unexpected (and often malicious) visitors, including a band of no-good wizards, frequently turn life upside-down. 212 pg. SC.

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    This graphic novel adaptation of Beowulf brings the epic poem to a whole new audience. Striking, intense illustrations portray Beowulf's battles as he slays the dragon Grendel. (While beautifully done, the illustrations are dark and rather gruesome; you may want to preview before handing to younger readers.) Accompanying the illustrations is a new adaptation of the poem. This text is based on the translation by A. J. Church in 1904. According to the author's note, "This is a colloquial translation, and we have attempted to strike a balance between easy readability and the poetic drama found in our favorite verse translations…" This book is a great way to introduce Beowulf to reluctant or younger readers before studying the full-length poem. By Gareth Hinds. 128 pgs, pb.