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Discovering Design With Chemistry

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      Kathleen Wile narrates the complete text on the Discovering Design with Chemistry Audio Book USB flash drive (8G). This is just chapter content (including examples), and not the comprehension questions or experiments. Your auditory learners will love this and the articulate and clear recording. Play it anywhere you have a USB port – on your computer, in your car or other listening devices which have a USB format. You can download the audio files to your computer and MP3 player or iPod from your computer. I tried this in my car, and it was so easy to just plug and play. This makes listening on the go much more convenient. This flash drive format also eliminates the problem for those who have no disc drive on their computer or MP3-compatible CD player. This is a great companion to the text!

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    Oh, the feel of a nice, thick (1 cm.) wooden pattern block! Don't tell your children that these aren't just toys! The bright, enticing primary colors seem to draw even the smallest of our children into play. Proportioned shapes allow for the construction of infinite designs. Even before they begin to use them for "work" on symmetry, congruence, similarity, measurement, fractional relationships, counting, sorting, and geometry, they are discovering the unique relationships between the blocks and getting plenty of experience in patterning and spatial problem-solving. We've had hours of enjoyment with our set and, with 250 blocks to the bucket, there's enough for several children to construct or work simultaneously.


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    ISBN: 9781623412197
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    Rarely has a book appealed more to me at first glance. Remaining uncluttered, the concept of "playing with words" is evident in the colorful, graphic font manipulations (lines of type that sway), the cute illustrations, and the lists wonderful, whimsical, but never wayward words. This is a book about choosing the right word when you write. I use the word "appealing" quite a bit, so I thought I would look through the lists in this book and find a new one. I quickly discovered that this little diction worktext did not include "appealing" in any of its lists (or at least not that I could find). That means that I could put it in a "my words" section on one of the list. Would it best go on the Cheerful Clown Fish page or the Exuberant Sea Otter page or perhaps under the Ways to Describe Appearance or the Ways of Speaking list?

    Confused yet? This not-quite-a-vocabulary program, not-quite-a-thesaurus – it's all about discovering just the right word to use when writing. It features structured word lists organized around Character Traits, Ways to Describe, and Ways to Move with a few miscellaneous lists thrown in for good measure. Each list contains nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. Students are encouraged to playfully interact with these lists with the goal of acquiring quality word choices to incorporate into their writing. Using games and family activities to become familiar with the layout and content of the book, students can then use it independently as they endeavor to interject more definitive word selections into their compositions. Interspersed throughout the book are "Quotes to Inspire Your Writing" taken from classic literature as well as biblical quotes designed to underscore whatever topic is the focus of that page's lists.

    The suggested grade levels for this product indicate it should be used by emerging writers – those who need to find exactly the right word – as they practice their writing skills. Such a student might scan the Generous Manatee list looking for "ly" words (abundantly, bounteously, copiously), or strong adjectives (exorbitant, magnanimous, plenteous) or verbs (showered, bestowed) and feel quite empowered by the choices. However, I also think much younger children (upper elementary) could benefit from this book – becoming familiar with the lists, playing around with the words, etc. I can also easily imagine using this book myself as I seek alternatives to my overused word choices.

    At less than 100 pages, one might think this spiral-bound volume by Loranna Schwaeofer published by IEW is a bit pricey. Although it is reproducible for one homeschooling family or classroom, some of the colorful charm will be lost. Also, each student may want to personalize his own well-worn copy. The fact is, I know of nothing else quite like it – an opportunity to build one's vocabulary, a tool for strengthening one's ability to write with style, and a delightful immersion into the world of words. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 062380
    ISBN: 9781936768127
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      I was looking for a Bible story book that would appeal to and also be Gospel-centered for diverse ages— children and parents alike. I chose this one! On one page of each two-page spread, unique, vibrant, stylized (modern art-esque) illustrations share the page with Let’s Talk about It questions to gauge comprehension and also connect each story with the Gospel. On the opposite page is an in-depth retelling of the Bible selection, designed to be read aloud. One might argue that there’s not enough to grab the child’s attention for the length of the retelling. However, the tone is conversational and easily understandable; the retelling is engaging without compromising the Gospel message. And I would argue, the Gospel draws people to itself. These 156 retellings highlight key events from the Old and New Testament. Each one ends with a focus on the Gospel and how that particular story points to Jesus. Well worth it for young and old, new and veteran Christians. This story Bible can be used as a companion to the devotionals by the same author: Long Story Short (#062381) and Old Story New (#062382). 8.5” x 9”, 328 pp, hc. ~ Ruth

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    When you think of things that glow, what comes to mind? Glow sticks, lightning bugs and those strange deep-sea creatures maybe? Why do they glow? How can we use glowing liquids and plastics in everyday life? Start your investigations here. This kit by Thames & Kosmos is packed with information and 22 experiments all about things that glow. You'll discover many more examples of glowing life in the natural world, experiment with ultraviolet light, mix up glowing blue light in a test tube, experiment with glow-in-the-dark plastic and even build a glowing puppet theatre. The 48-page, fully illustrated instruction book walks you through all of the activities and provides an abundance of additional information as well. Supplies include test tubes, chemicals, a Petri dish, small safety goggles, pipettes, a small ultraviolet lamp, a measuring spoon, and more. – Jess

  • Item #: 049587
    ISBN: 9781893103597
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    In this read-aloud approach to science, middle-grade students will discover basic biology, chemistry and physics concepts in an interactive and exciting way as they learn about the lives of famous scientists throughout history. Students will read biographies of famous scientists including Archimedes, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Ben Franklin, Louis Pasteur, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Einstein (and more). They will also perform experiments, build a science portfolio, complete mapping exercises and learn new science vocabulary. The combination of biographical information and scientific discovery will really bring scientific concepts to life! Each lesson in the guide is in outline format, with specific reading assignments; a supply list for hands-on activities; recommended websites and more. Recently updated and now in full-color, this Beautiful Feet guide still utilizes many of the excellent resource books from the previous edition, with some new additions. Experiments are now taken from DK's Way Science Works, and supplies needed are listed in the lesson outline. Most supplies are household items, although a few specific items are required (suggested sources are provided in the front of the guide). A microscope is not required for the course, but there are microscope activities to complete if you do have access to one. This literature-based study will take one year to complete at a pacing of three lessons per week. Resource books and several of the suggested specialty supplies are listed below. Great for tactile learners and literature lovers.

  • Item #: 029539
    ISBN: 9781603761987
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    If your visual learner needs to learn and remember the elements of the Periodic Table, this is the perfect product. This deck of cards offers photos of the 118 elements based on Theodore Gray's book The Elements along with a lot of information. These aren't your average flash cards! These 4x4 inch cards are glossy finished heavy cardstock and can stand up to hours of viewing. Along with one card for each of the elements, there are other helpful cards in the set. One card offers an explanation of the Periodic Table and suggested activities for the cards like spelling words using the atomic symbol, element scrabble, go fish, or just as flash cards. Another card tells how to read the element cards with explanations of each item on the card. A third card explains the different arrangements of the Periodic Table – standard, wide form, Scerri standard, and Scerri wide form. 2 cards for Actinides and Lanthanides, and another card which lists the elements according to various properties and is used with one of the activities.

    On the front of each card you will see a beautiful, clear photo of the element, the atomic symbol, atomic number, name, and atomic weight. On the reverse you will find a large amount of information for that particular element – atomic symbol, number, radius in picometers, name, crystal structure, mini electron shell diagram, placement on the Periodic Table, density, melting and boiling point, electronegativity, number of valences, electron shells, and percent found in the universe, earth's crust, oceans, and humans, when it was discovered, and other basic information. A bar graph at the left of the card shows its placement on the density scale, a bar graph on the right shows the temperature range for solid, liquid, and glass states of the element, and the graph at the bottom shows the electron orbital filling order. Wow, that is a lot of information in one compact place, but everything is placed in such a way that the information is easy to read and isn't super overwhelming.

    If you have a student who needs a wonderful visual aid for science, this would be it. They can be used with middle-school age students as well as high school as a helpful reference tool. No one would mind studying the elements when the cards are as interesting and gorgeous as these. - Donna

  • Item #: 000675
    ISBN: 9780825446108
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    In a time when scientists seem to be at odds with the Bible, it is refreshing to find a book that presents famous scientists throughout history tying their faith with scientific discoveries. This book shares the biographies of 48 scientists, with discoveries, quotes and anecdotes to show how they worshipped the Creator and studied the creation. The book is divided into 3 time periods and the scientists of each: Philosophical Science (before 1500), Descriptive Science (1500 to 1830), and Effectual Science (after 1830). Within each time period you will meet familiar scientists and maybe some you have never heard of – Dietrich von Frieberg (discovered the science of rainbows), Robert Boyle (Founder of Modern Chemistry) and Gregor Mendel (pioneered genetic research). Men of faith and men of science: this book shows the connection between their two worlds and how they improved our world through their work and beliefs. 192 pages, pb. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 000185
    ISBN: 9780812097931
    Retail: $7.99
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    Imagine discovering a whole new world. Imagine having a question put to you that leads you to a discovery impacting the world and forever changing how people think. Pasteur had this exact thing happen. At first he wasn't sure, but as his inquisitive mind bent to the task, he kept on experimenting. This book tells the story of how Pasteur discovered microbes and the effects they have. Full page, colorful pictures bring this 48-pg book to life. ~ Zach

  • Item #: ELMJNL
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    This package includes:

    Elemental Journal (Science Discovery Guide)

    Periodic Table: Elements with Style! Basher Science

    Scholastic Discover More: The Elements

  • Item #: 069822
    ISBN: 9780131358614
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    A course for grades 7-9, this book covers multiple areas of science: physical science, chemistry, biology, earth science, and astronomy. This book will thoroughly prepare your student for high school level courses. The book is divided into 39 chapters and each includes very readable text in short sections, colorful graphics, “Discover!” (experiments), Check Your Thinking (questions with answers), and a chapter review (no answers). This book is accompanied by a softcover practice book, which contains over 200 pages of exercises that include puzzles, analogies, and questions presented with humorous illustrations. Appendices include units of measure, torque and angular momentum, vectors, physics of fluid, and exponential growth, doubling time, and safety. Over 900 pages.

     This is the required text for the Conceptual Integrated Science Explorations Self-Study Online Course (#069871).

  • Item #: 069710
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     Prepare to be WOW-ED! Probably the coolest (ahem, educational) introductory science kit! Designed for free exploration or parent/teacher led discovery, this kit contains 10 double-sided activity cards and supplies to discover primary and secondary colors, magnetism and bubble making. The larger-sized, durable components will last for years. You’ll receive glasses with slots for different colored lenses (included), two test tubes with lids, test tube rack, horseshoe magnet, bubble wand and tray, and a twisty dropper. Note: the components are larger for small hands. For example, the dropper measures nearly 6” long!

      Glossy, cardstock activity cards measure 9”x 6 1/4” pictures the kit’s tool needed for the activity. Cards also list additional needed household items and the key science concept. On the flip side is step-by-step activity instructions. Children are never too young to fall in love with science and this kit will inspire capture their imagination. 24 pc. set ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 069205
    ISBN: 9780794537654
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    If you have young children who are curious about computers and how they function, then this captivating, full-color flap book will help to satisfy their curiosity. With computers, tablets, and smartphones all around, this timely resource helps children understand the design features and development of modern computers, as well as some of their capabilities with basic, understandable explanations of coding and how computer programs organize and send information around. Each page holds bright, fun illustrations with Usborne-typical chunks of text explaining bits and pieces of the illustrations and providing relevant information through age appropriate, memorable explanations. Over 70 fun lift-the-flaps offer entice children to discover even more information. 14 pgs, hc. ~ Mike