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Cursive Writing

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  • Item #: 012965
    ISBN: 9780878138579
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    A simple handwriting workbook from Christian Light Publications that not only provides practice in cursive writing, but presents interesting facts about birds, bugs, and butterflies as well. There are 72 lessons included, which take between 15-20 minutes each to complete. Designed to provide practice after students have already mastered letter formation, the book reinforces skills by having them write lower and upper case letters and number words one to ten. They also copy the twenty-third Psalm; write short sentences about birds, bugs, and butterflies; and copy simple nature poems. Black and white illustrations accompany the informational tidbits, and all the writing lines have dotted midlines. The book opens up from the top instead of from side to side, and teacher's notes are provided in a small font on the bottom of the worksheets. A great workbook for practicing cursive. 72 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel
  • Item #: 065927
    ISBN: 9781683100034
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  • Item #: 039461
    ISBN: 9781411463455
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    Have you ever tried sneaking vegetables into your meatloaf? This book is like sneaking a geography lesson into handwriting practice! As your student works their way through the alphabet, they are practicing lower and upper case letters, a city name, several words that begin with that letter and sentences about the city, including naming the country containing the initial city. Dotted lines to follow are helpful models before children try on their own. Fun facts follow and students are encouraged to write a few original sentences. A is for Athens, B is for Beijing, C for Copenhagen, etc. Illustrations are charming and vibrant. Encourage exploration of the various cities after completing 4 pages of cursive practice. Your students may even look forward to seeing what city tomorrow will bring! 109pp, pb. ~ Sara
  • Item #: 059346
    ISBN: 9781411400863
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  • Item #: 029926
    ISBN: 9780545094375
    Retail: $10.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.25

    Get inspired during handwriting practice with famous quotes. This book contains 40 inspirational quotes and proverbs from leaders such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Benjamin Franklin, and others on topics such as character, friendship, leadership, and perseverance. The top of each page provides the handwritten quote, labeled with the author and his/her birth and death dates. Below the quote are three individual practice words taken from the quote, each appearing on a dotted midline for students to copy. Then, the bottom half of the page contains five dotted midlines for students to practice copying the entire quote. Teaching suggestions, a lined writing template, and two cursive alphabet student reference cards are also included. Reproducible. 48 pgs, pb. Lisa

  • Item #: 051854
    ISBN: 9781420659429
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  • Item #: 016437
    ISBN: 9780743933315
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  • Item #: 027064
    ISBN: 9781934732618
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  • Item #: 002935
    ISBN: 9781934732663
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    ISBN: 9781935800187
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    ISBN: 9781589473980
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  • Item #: 014659
    ISBN: 9780787703851
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  • Item #: 048997
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    The Quick & Neat Cursive pad pages are formatted like the print books, only with a slant. There are 5 lines per page, with traceable letters on two pages and a page of freehand writing. Also, the capital Q seems to be a hybrid between an O and a 2.

  • Item #: 019040
    ISBN: 9781935800194
    Retail: $7.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.95
  • Item #: 039747
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    Made of lightweight plastic, this ruler not only features standard inch and centimeter measurements, but also reminds users of the traditional cursive alphabet, both upper and lower case letters, which are written in a fun rainbow strip down the middle. – Rachel
  • Item #: 032682
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  • Item #: 027066
    ISBN: 9781934732601
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  • Item #: 051862
    ISBN: 9781420659412
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  • Item #: 063564
    ISBN: 9780545227520
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    Meeting resistance with handwriting practice? Here are 40 reproducible practice pages with built in motivation – your student is learning a joke they can then share with others! Isn’t that clever? There is a short review at the beginning on how to form the letters, but this is more for practice than initial instruction. Each practice page starts with 3 words the student copies a few times. These words will be used in the joke written below. They then carefully copy the joke or riddle and the answer. For every joke they copy, there is even a bonus joke to share! It’s so cute. The jokes are silly and goofy, just what kids like! Why do flamingos lift one leg when they stand? If they lifted both legs, they would fall down! The 3 practice words for this one are flamingos, stand and would. Once your student has done all of their writing practice, you can cut the jokes off the bottom part of the page and staple them to make a little joke and riddles book: there is a cover sheet in the back to color. It can take only 5-10 minutes per day to get in some cursive practice that your child won’t dread. They may even ask to do more than a page a day! (Modern style) 48 pp, pb. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 049835
    ISBN: 9781940282633
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  • Item #: 038366
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  • Item #: 057616
    ISBN: 9781599227344
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    A little something different for daily handwriting practice, which your kiddos will certainly appreciate. We often hear how students find handwriting to be a chore; mix it up by giving them a dry erase marker and this laminated 10-page book. Erase it all and do it over again tomorrow! Each letter is shown with arrows, then dotted lines, followed by a space to practice with dotted midlines. A picture next to the letter helps your visual learners connect the letters/words to an image: apple, bear, cat, etc. Students also practice the lower case letter and the word. Practice writing the months, sports, and even some original sentences in the following activities. This would be good for practice on the go. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 040308
    ISBN: 9780545943178
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  • Item #: 005826
    ISBN: 9780867349207
    Retail: $13.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.25

    This book keeps going where many cursive writing practice books end; 128 pages of practice take students from the beginning steps to mastery all in one book. The first unit begins with individual letter practice. Letters are paired by similar strokes and for each letter the correct formation is shown, supplemented by letters to trace and space for children to write their own. After all lower and uppercase letters are covered, a few activity pages encourage children to practice through writing number words, days of the week, family names and filling in a fun information sheet on themselves. The next section offers more practice on specific letters, this time combining the uppercase and lowercase form of the same letter on each page. Words for each are given to copy along with a fun, alliterated sentence containing several of the relevant letters like "Two turtles trade toys." This section also ends with a few fun pages. The last two units are included solely for practicing cursive writing and are comprised completely of engaging handwriting activity sheets. In the first section, sheets provide fun sentences for students to practice on, such as tongue twisters, fairy tale characters, antonym sentences, and poems, or specific word lists like types of birds, odd-sounding cities and kinds of flowers. The remaining worksheets offer fun questions or challenges for children to answer - in their best handwriting of course! In the final section, students copy interesting paragraphs, all based on writing. Students learn about writing in history and other writing topics while practicing. Some examples are: prehistoric writing, cuneiform, Pioneer days, early pens, calligraphy, handwritten books and unusual notes. Several fun pages based on these passages are mixed in, such as writing a letter to a pen-pal, decoding rebus sentences, and collecting autographs. Steph

  • Item #: 067969
    ISBN: 9781411478909
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  • Item #: 040247
    ISBN: 9780545227544
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