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    If you’ve never heard of him, Alan Turing was the “father of modern computing” and played a pivotal role in developing machine computing as we know it. I think he would be proud to have his namesake attached to such a brilliant teaching tool! Part programming and part logic puzzle, the Turing Tumble begins as an unassuming peg-board with slots for falling marbles; think “Plinko machine.” The goal is to turn the board into a simple computer using six marble-carrying analog equivalents of digital machinery: Ramps (direct balls down the board – circuits), Crossovers (change the direction of balls – also circuits), Bits (can be turned “left” or “right” – represent 0 or 1), Interceptors (prevent a marble from releasing more marbles – a “STOP” command), and Gears / Gear Bits (store information by being pointed “right” or “left” – a sort of register). When one marble reaches the bottom, it triggers either a Blue (left) or Red (right) marble to fall. The key to programming the Turing Tumble is controlling where these marbles end up!

    To accomplish this, a 60-puzzle activity book accompanies the board. Each puzzle is styled & illustrated as part of a simple computer program that needs solved: an Objective (“Let exactly 9 blue balls reach the end. Intercept the 10th.”), Required Output (a pattern of Blue and/or Red marbles), a Starting Setup (a clear picture of the parts which start on the board), and Available Parts (the parts you should use to accomplish the objective). The process begins with trial & error as kids figure out how each piece functions; but once they understand the correlation between “plastic pieces” and “programmable puzzle,” it becomes all about logic!

    Interwoven into the puzzle book is the story of a young space engineer who must escape an abandoned planet. Each puzzle brings her closer to rescue, seamlessly integrating the story and activity to help keep kids engaged. Perfect for learning logic, basic computing, and good, clean, screen-free fun! Includes 30 Ramps, 6 Crossovers, 10 Bits, 3 Interceptors, 4 Gears, 8 Gear Bits, 20 Red marbles, 20 Blue marbles, and 30 counterweights.

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    ISBN: 9781606523384
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    Contrary to popular sentiment among non-computer-savvy people, it's pretty hard to accidently mess up a computer (though not impossible!). If you're a non-techie, or are looking for a comprehensive way for your kids to learn how to usefully handle computers, this book was written just for you. It doesn't waste time trying to explain what binary is, but instead presents practical uses for the computer as projects, allowing you to quickly become a master by following simple steps. Everything's detailed and includes pictures of what you should be looking for on your computer screen, so you won't be stumbling around hoping you're doing things right. You'll learn how to organize your files, keep software up-to-date, research topics on the internet, make and print greeting cards, create a budget spreadsheet, figure out why something might not be working, and much more. You'll be tweeting in no time! This book uses Windows 7 Home Premium as the example operating system, but most concepts can be applied using other Windows operating systems as well. 382 pgs., pb. –Chad

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    ISBN: 9780062490865
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    ISBN: 9780531223512
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    Keyboarding is now a critical skill that should be taught correctly from the start. When children are not given directed instructions on keyboarding, they will begin to develop their own techniques which generally limit accuracy and speed. Dr. Fry's Computer Keyboarding for Beginners is designed to teach your child to keyboard using the correct method. By the end of the 20 lessons, your child will know the location of the letters and symbols on the keyboard (and which fingers are used to strike which keys) and be able to accurately use the 10 finger touch type method. Enh

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    ISBN: 9781465426857
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    A much more general intro to coding than other programming books, the aim of this book is to teach children how each specific aspect of how coding works through step-by-step lessons. Instead of creating a large project, or even working through multiple small projects to learn coding, children are given short exercises to work through. Each new concept (variables, drawing with the “Turtle” program, etc.) provides coded examples of easy tasks, and then asks the student to solve a slightly more difficult task. These include navigating a robot through a maze, creating and modifying multiple variables, or solving mathematics with programming. All programming is done in the popular Python 3.0 language which emphasizes simplicity and readability—children won’t have to struggle to figure out how their programs work, but they’ll still learn plenty of real-world coding. Quizzes at the end of each section reinforce learned topics. It is worth noting that while most kids should have little trouble understanding the book, it may be beneficial to have an adult accompany them along the early steps. Requires a desktop or laptop and an Internet connection to download Python 3. 40 pages. Paperback.

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    ISBN: 9780740337994
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    This Alpha Omega course is designed as a year-long high school elective covering computer terminology, hardware, software, operating systems, and information systems relating to the business environment. The units concentrate on standard software applications, as well as skills in personal/interpersonal communication and communication technologies. Keyboarding ability is considered a prerequisite for the course, and average reading level is assumed. Some keyboarding review is provided, but there is no instruction. The 10 units are: Communication Skills, Business Technology, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Telecommunications, Desktop Publishing, Presentation Technology, Computer Networks, and Computer Operating Systems. Each unit is a separate booklet and contains an introduction, a series of lessons/reviews/activities/self-tests, a unit review, and a unit test. Units 5 and 10 also include a semester review and a cumulative semester exam.

    Each lesson within a unit is composed of the objectives, a vocabulary list, the actual lesson, a multimedia presentation (which can include interactive practice), a self-test, and some additional skill-building activities. Test problems include multiple choice, true/false, multiple select, matching, and essay response. Some of the skill-building activities are found on the enclosed multimedia disc. Each lesson will take, on average, about 50 minutes, and is designed so that the student can work independently; the teacher does not need a background in the subject. However, the teacher still has an important role to play. He/she can discuss the importance of the subject matter during an orientation, explain course goals, set schedules, set up the workspace for the student, stay interested and involved, and conduct appraisals of progress. For that purpose, "Teacher Check" areas are provided for recording scores and dates of completion. The teacher's guide orients the teacher well, and also provides reproducible alternate tests for re-checking mastery, plus answers for units and answers for self-tests and all other tests. The Switched-On Schoolhouse course is software-based on CD-ROM. Minimum System requirements: Windows Vista Service Pack 2/Windows 7/ Windows 8 & 8.1. ~ Caryl

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    ISBN: 9781420623949
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    ISBN: 9780740338090
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    Develop knowledge and problem solving skills in the area of operating systems, computer hardware and software. Students also become familiar with Microsoft Office®, Java®, and Adobe®, networking and the internet. Back-up procedures and recovery of computer systems are also covered in detail as are virus and data protection.
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    ISBN: 9780794537654
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    If you have young children who are curious about computers and how they function, then this captivating, full-color flap book will help to satisfy their curiosity. With computers, tablets, and smartphones all around, this timely resource helps children understand the design features and development of modern computers, as well as some of their capabilities with basic, understandable explanations of coding and how computer programs organize and send information around. Each page holds bright, fun illustrations with Usborne-typical chunks of text explaining bits and pieces of the illustrations and providing relevant information through age appropriate, memorable explanations. Over 70 fun lift-the-flaps offer entice children to discover even more information. 14 pgs, hc. ~ Mike

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    ISBN: 9781454921776
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    At its heart, coding is simple, especially with the help of robots! Utilizing three coding languages, this book strives to give young kids a simple activity-based introduction to programming. The first chapter begins with some basic computers and logic info before diving into some “pen and paper” programming challenges (such as getting a friend to draw by instructing them to move the pen in different directions). These simple activities lay the groundwork for learning to program increasingly complicated functions in Scratch, Logo, and Python. Finally, the last chapter gives students the opportunity to create their very own websites using Python and Javascript! With the help of an engaging cast of colored robots and pages that look like they come straight from a robot factory, learning to program is a snap. 128 pgs, pb.

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    ISBN: 9780931993220
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    ISBN: 9781930820692
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    ISBN: 9781878386762
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    ISBN: 9781481470469
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    ISBN: 9781420623932
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    The philosophy of the Singapore Math Approach eludes many, but this book breaks it down into bite-sized, understandable pieces so that you can teach your child the math basics in a logical conceptual manner.

    This book explains that math should be taught using the C-P-A Approach – concrete, pictorial, and abstract. Concrete employs manipulatives, pictorial uses visuals or drawings, and lastly, abstract uses math symbols. The idea is that a child cannot do math with symbols until they have adequately worked through the concrete and pictorial methods of doing math. For example, a child will work with blocks or cubes to do basic addition, then use pictures on a page or draw pictures to represent the numbers, then they are ready to do addition problems using the + and = symbols.

    This 122-page book is divided into four chapters, after explaining the philosophy behind the approach. Each chapter deals with the four basic functions – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Within each chapter, activities are presented according to the suggested sequence of stages of the Singapore strategy. For example, the stages of addition are number bonds, decomposing numbers, left-to-right addition, place value disks and charts, vertical addition, and traditional addition. By working through stages in the proper sequence, students will have a better understanding of the function and will master it more quickly.

    The author suggests there are a few manipulatives that will be needed for the activities in this book – place value strips, place value discs, place value charts, number bond cards, part-whole cards, decimal tiles, and decimal strips. She explains how they will be used and even offers suggestions for making your own.

    If you are one of those who have been scared off by the Singapore Approach, this book might alleviate some of the fear. Pretty easy to understand and apply and could be used easily with any curriculum as you try to explain mathematical functions to your children. pb. ~ Donna

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    An introduction to Javascript’s extensive capabilities through 4 projects. Incorporates art, games, and the all-important Web page.

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    ISBN: 9780985723170
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    This 34-week course is a complete study of and introduction to the tools in the Microsoft Office 2010 suite. The book begins with a glance inside the computer itself (with the aid of an adult), and winds its way through making letters, customized envelopes, documents and labels in Word and Publisher; creating charts, budgets and reading logs in Excel; how to create a captivating slideshow in PowerPoint using a variety of animations and features; and an introduction to the tools in Paint.

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    ISBN: 9781482439274
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    ISBN: 9780985723156
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    This volume has the same lessons as the Volume 1 Summer Text but is made for Microsoft Office 2010.

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    ISBN: 9780985723118
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    This is a 10-week course for non-school activities, identical to ten of the lessons in Office 2010 - #37495 (but for Office '07). The lessons in this book follow the same pattern as the 34-week course, such as making stickers and greeting cards in Publisher, writing letters and word stories in Word, and creating summer reading and Skittle charts in Excel. However, the Summer Texts are much more specific courses, and they do not cover nearly as many topics or tools as the 34 week book. Use these as either a simple introduction to Office or for a few fun summer projects.

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    ISBN: 9780740304910
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    ISBN: 9780981454009
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    ISBN: 9781591413479
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    This Homeschool Kit contains a non-consumable student edition textbook, consumable tests and worksheets for one student and a solutions manual. All three components are softbound. The Student Edition Text uses a two-color page layout. Tests and Worksheets include a significant amount of fact drill practice, course tests as well as various forms for recording student progress. The Solutions Manual contains solutions to all problems in the text and tests.

    Teaching covers review of 4 basic math functions, estimating, 2- and 3-digit computation, decimals, fractions, rudimentary geometry and word problems.

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    ISBN: 9781932012651
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    This audio recording contains a complete reading of the text, read by Kathleen Wile. Includes "On Your Own" problems, but not study guides, tests or answers. Designed especially for auditory learners or those with reading difficulties, this CD "text" can be used in the computer, or taken on the go. CD must be played on an MP3-compatible CD player. ~ Alysia