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  • Item #: 012411
    ISBN: 9780838824047
    Retail: $10.30
    Rainbow Price: $6.95
  • Item #: 006859
    ISBN: 9780838824023
    Retail: $10.30
    Rainbow Price: $6.95
  • Item #: 041405
    ISBN: 9780763629724
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.75

    Paul Janeczko wrote this book that shares tons of information about all kinds of codes: how to make them, how to break them, and the place they have in history. First the book gives a general history of codes and shows how and why they were developed. It points out "codes" that people see everyday like zip codes and street signs. Then the book details all sorts of codes, ciphers, and secret writing. While each type of code is described, the book also tells you how to make your own codes in that format, how to break codes in that format, and gives interesting facts about how that type of code has been used in history. A few of the many codes and ciphers covered include Pig Latin, Turkish Irish, Caesar Cipher, Morse Code, Greek Square Cipher, Rail Fence Cipher, and Route Transposition Cipher. Concealment techniques are also included like the Null Cipher, Word Grille, Dot Cipher, and invisible inks. Sometimes while describing different kinds of codes, the book will have an example code that readers have to try to break. The answers to all these code puzzles are included in the back of the book. With easy to read and understand explanations of a large variety of codes and ciphers, this book not only shows readers how to become masters of making and breaking codes, it also shows them the great impact codes have had on the history of the world. 136 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 009921
    ISBN: 9780838816462
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50

    Soft c and g, silent letters, sounds of ear, ei, eigh, and the digraph ph.

  • Item #: 066376
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.50

     Learn Morse Code by building a basic telegraph device. Kit includes battery holder, telegraph key, light bulb, 3 connector wires, assembly instructions, and Morse Code alphabet characters. Requires D-cell battery (not included). -Logan

  • Item #: 021094
    ISBN: 9780838814635
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50

    Syllable division between consonants, with open and closed syllables, with syllables ending in -y and -le, diphthong syllables, and three-syllable words; compound words, endings (-ful, -ing, -est, -ed, -ness).

  • Item #: 003104
    ISBN: 9780838824030
    Retail: $10.30
    Rainbow Price: $6.95
  • Item #: 021456
    ISBN: 9780838814642
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50

    Word families (all, alk, old, olt, oll, ild, ind), three-letter blends, qu, -ey, and the three sounds of -ed.

  • Item #: 021457
    ISBN: 9780838816103
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50

    More difficult diphthongs (oo, ea, ie, oi, oy, ou, ow, au, aw, igh, ew, ui, ue, ou), r-controlled vowels (including wor, war also).

  • Item #: 017038
    ISBN: 9780838814628
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50

    Open syllables, silent-e, digraphs (sh, th, wh, ch, -ng, -ck, -tch), simple diphthongs (ee, ea, ai, ay, oa, ow).

  • Item #: 008354
    ISBN: 9780838814604
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50

    Consonant pretest; short vowels.

  • Item #: 006858
    ISBN: 9780838824016
    Retail: $10.30
    Rainbow Price: $6.95
  • Item #: 021019
    ISBN: 9780838814611
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50

    Initial and final consonant blends.

  • Item #: 009922
    ISBN: 9780838816479
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50

    Suffixes and irregular endings.

  • Item #: 000559
    ISBN: 9780838817889
    Retail: $11.30
    Rainbow Price: $8.25

    Code cards are a set of 54 illustrated cards to practice the sounds taught in books 1-3.

  • Item #: 019321
    ISBN: 9780838817742
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50
  • Item #: 019423
    ISBN: 9780838817728
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50
  • Item #: 043988
    ISBN: 9781572815865
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $2.95

    Kids will have a blast sending codes back and forth to each other with this fun set. Included are two Morse Code flashers and two cards that display the phonetic alphabet and Morse Code. The flashers measure 2.5" x 2.5", are made of durable white and black cardstock, and also display the international Morse Code on the back for easy reference when you're signaling. Simply squeeze the flashers to display white signals and communicate in code! This is a very fun way to help kids learn the phonetic alphabet used around the world and keep them quiet at the same time. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 067746
    ISBN: 9781465462428
    Retail: $3.99
    Rainbow Price: $3.25

  • Item #: 001722
    ISBN: 9780838817773
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50
  • Item #: 002890
    ISBN: 9780838817902
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50
  • Item #: 003373
    ISBN: 9780838817896
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50
  • Item #: 064214
    ISBN: 9781629794259
    Retail: $4.99
    Rainbow Price: $3.95

  • Item #: 001783
    ISBN: 9780838817759
    Retail: $9.40
    Rainbow Price: $6.50
  • Item #: 060886
    ISBN: 9780486494593
    Retail: $4.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.25

    Almost every kid I know enjoys secret codes. This fun puzzle book takes advantage of that fact in order to teach some unique facts about American history, geography, culture and trivia. Contains 36 black & white symbol, letter and number codes/puzzles to crack. Non-reproducible. 8.25” x 11, 45 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 038217
    Retail: $129.95
    Rainbow Price: $116.90

  • Item #: 032076
    ISBN: 9780838808511
    Retail: $22.45
    Rainbow Price: $15.95

    This placement test will help you discover the appropriate level for your student in the Explode the Code Series. This test would also be valuable for any parent wanting to assess their child's phonics mastery even if they're not using the ETC books. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 031778
    Retail: $59.99
    Rainbow Price: $39.95

  • Item #: 064568
    ISBN: 9781619303256
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.50
  • Item #: 024877
    ISBN: 9781600510359
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $14.45

    Greek often seems more intimidating than Latin because of its unique alphabet. Most of us only come across those funny little symbols in higher-level math and science! This ingenious book, however, equates learning the Greek alphabet to learning a top-secret code needed to solve a robbery case. A priceless ancient Greek urn has been stolen, and it's up to the reader to learn the Greek alphabet to decode clues from the eyewitnesses. There are eight units in the book, which are estimated to take eight weeks to complete if you study Greek 3-4 times per week. Of course, you could complete the book in less time or spend more time on it, depending on the ages and abilities of the students participating. Unit 1 introduces the Greek alphabet and a pronunciation guide. Units 2-5 each introduce six new letters in the Greek alphabet while reviewing previously learned ones. Units 6 and 7 cover consonant blends, vowels and diphthongs and Unit 8 is comprehensive review. The Greek letters are reinforced through a variety of exercises, including matching, solving simple "cyphers" that equate to English words, handwriting practice with the Greek letters, writing Greek words and saying them aloud, and word puzzles. The author also recommends beginning each session by singing the Greek Alphabet Song together, which can be downloaded from the publisher's website. Although the pages seem to be intended as consumables, they are glossy, full-color and not reproducible. Because of this, you will either need a book for each student, or have them write on a separate sheet of paper. Reference charts, extra writing practice sheets, code-making worksheets and a Greek Alphabet Code Cracker Cypher Wheel to assemble are found at the back of the book, with answers to all activities. Additional goodies designed to accompany the book are provided at www.classicalacademicpress.com/greekcode along with the alphabet song mentioned above. Whether you are looking to begin Greek for Children, or are just "testing the waters" to see if you are interested, you can't beat this introduction for the excitement of catching the thieves! 96 pgs, pb. - Jess