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Classical Conversations

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    ISBN: 9781615383894
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  • Item #: 058936
    ISBN: 9781628737073
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    Here is a guide to help boys everywhere enhance their time outdoors. This book is full of detailed explanations and instructions for various activities in the following categories: camping, hunting and fishing, hiking, water sports, winter activities, field science, survival, defensive fighting skills, classic baseball, and a few other things that boys should know (see images on our website for complete listings within these categories). Written in a style reminiscent of turn-of-the-century books, it is also full of black and white illustrations, conversion tables, supply lists, diagrams and charts. A great resource to help parents spend some time with their children! 196 pgs, pb. ~ Zach

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    ISBN: 9780986325755
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    A wise addition for any family: a "Morning Time" when the family comes together to focus on and recite Truth. Truth can't be dumped into our children (or us) once a week or at random intervals. Daily review will solidify and invest truth in each member of your family. How do you execute that as a routine? Here is the beauty of this Cindy Rollins handbook: a simple, concisely organized plan to have a daily Morning Time. You'll find advice in the form of tips and lists on memorizing Scripture as well as poetry and hymns. Her conversational tone and examples help you learn from this experienced home teacher. 112 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 023356
    ISBN: 9781615383931
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  • Item #: 022747
    ISBN: 9780230100350
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    Perhaps you think you know what “classical” education is all about. It doesn’t take much “googling” to come up with the trivium and a few key authors. However, Leigh Bortins proves that there can be many ways to skin the proverbial cat. In this highly readable book she tells us what is wrong with American education, what our model and ideals should be and then, subject-by-subject she outlines a plan. It’s a workable plan, not necessarily easy to implement (it will take diligence and consistency) but definitely do-able. One can easily see both the potential of her methodology and the means by which it is accomplished. Classical Conversations (the community-based, one-day-a-week, classical homeschooling option the author co-founded) is attracting a surprising number of homeschoolers eager to implement her ideas. In this book she tells us how to incorporate classical study into daily routines involving the entire family. Maybe you need to be convinced that this is the direction you want to go. Maybe you need a road map to help take you there. Maybe you just want to know that others are following a similar path. It’s in here! 238 pgs, pb. Janice

  • Item #: 014983
    ISBN: 9781615389377
    Retail: $14.95
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    Daily lessons copying scripture (KJV; selections correlate to Christian Studies I), maxims, Greek Myths and more will take about 15 minutes.Single lines are approximately 3/8" apart. Measures 8 1/2" x 11" with spiral binding at top.104 pgs.

  • Item #: 060273
    ISBN: 9781615385102
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  • Item #: 017067
    ISBN: 9780486476865
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    Set in the first century A.D. in Rome, this Henry Sienkiewicz novel tells the compelling love story of Marcus Vinicius, a young Roman officer, and Lygia, a captive Christian. Throughout the novel we see two vastly different sides of Rome – the life of Roman aristocracy and that of Christians. Marcus has grown up a pagan and lived his life on the side of Roman aristocracy; his uncle, Petronius, is one of Nero's confidants. Through these and other characters we see what Rome was like under Nero's rule, the power given an emperor, and the extravagances afforded the favored. Through Lygia, Marcus after his conversion to Christianity, and other characters, we view the appalling persecution of Christians and understand what it means to be a true follower of Christ. Available in two versions. The Gateway Movie Classics edition (014681) features a photo of the 1951 movie on the cover, plus an introduction by Max Schulz explaining the cultural impact of the book and the movie. The economical Dover edition (017067) is "no-frills."

  • Item #: 023457
    ISBN: 9781615383962
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  • Item #: 029708
    ISBN: 9780199537822
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    This is Henry Chadwick's translation, from the original Latin into English, of Saint Augustine's classic, Confessions. Near the close of the 4th century, shortly after his ordination as Bishop of Hippo Regius, Augustine began writing his autobiography, which comprises the first nine "books" of this work, followed by a book on memory and the subconscious, one on time and eternity, then a reconciliation of Plato and Christianity on the subject of Creation, and finally an allegory of the first chapter of Gensis to discuss the Church and sacraments. There is much to be learned here about the transition from a fully secular lifestyle, through conversion to a faith in Jesus Christ and beyond. ~ Tom

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    ISBN: 9781615383757
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    ISBN: 9781615383740
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    ISBN: 9781615384037
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    DVD sets feature an instructor who teaches each lesson thoroughly. The course includes 18 lessons that teach the student how to analyze, express the meaning, and praise the author of short, pithy sayings. The goal is to learn eight distinct ways to engage the imagination of the audience. 237 pgs, pb.

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    ISBN: 9781615384242
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    ISBN: 9781615384259
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    ISBN: 9781615384754
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    ISBN: 9781615384761
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    ISBN: 9781615383979
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    ISBN: 9781615384266
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    ISBN: 9781615384297
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    ISBN: 9781615384273
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    ISBN: 9781615384280
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    ISBN: 9781615384044
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  • Item #: 014863
    ISBN: 9781615384778
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    34 crafts include: read Owl Moon and create an owl from a toilet paper roll and construction paper, or read Katy and the Big Snow and try marble painting! Art supply bundle is also available, which includes many of the craft supplies referenced in the book.

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    ISBN: 9781615384594
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    ISBN: 9781615384600
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    ISBN: 9781615385119
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    ISBN: 9781615385096
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  • Item #: 037981
    ISBN: 9780143106852
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    The Analects is a collection of the teachings, remarks and conversations of Confucius as collected by his disciples. These teachings have been read and valued for centuries by people both Chinese and not. The Chinese text for these teachings is also included in the back of the book. Additional features and appendices include Notes on translations, and a Chronology of the Chinese Dynasties, Disciples of Confucius; Historical Figures, Chinese Terms, Major Topics, and Citations. 399 softcover pages. – Laura

  • Item #: 020850
    ISBN: 9781600510397
    Retail: $15.95
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      Accompany your Latin courses, or even a holiday dinner, with 13 Christmas songs sung in Latin (well, 2 are instrumentals.) Some of the songs are 1,500 years old! Songs include: Hodie Christus Natus Est, Veni Veni Emmanuel, Puer Natus in Bethlehem, Resonet in Laudibus, Jesu Redemptor Omnium, Corde Natus ex Parentis, What Child is This? (instrumental), Creator Alme Siderum, Adeste Fideles, In Dulci Jubilo, Flos de Radice Jesse, and Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (instrumental.) A lovely female voice is accompanied by a harp, keyboard, violin, psaltery and sometimes other voices. The result is calm and soothing. You could certainly have this playing in the background and have a conversation. An insert includes the lyrics in Latin and English. From Classical Academic Press, ~ Sara