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Chore Chart

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    This 8.25" x 11.75" magnetic chore chart features space for ten chores and spots to mark off where they have been done each day of the week on a lime green and white polka dot background. Use one for the whole family or one for each child. – Laura

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    ISBN: 9780439499644
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    Great for keeping track of chores, this chart sports a red and white checkered background with a cartoon bed, broom, dishes, trash can, and more. Four chore grids are included on the chart, providing room to list up to seven chores each for up to four different family members. There are boxes to check for three weeks of completed chores. The poster is write on/wipe off, so the chores, names, and checkmarks can be erased or changed as needed. This colorful chart measures 17" x 22".

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    Implementing a successful chore system in the home may be one of the greatest challenges facing today’s homeschool family. Most of us recognize the great benefit to our children in learning responsibility, productivity, diligence, and initiative, not to mention the excitement they experience in being a part of the family. In fact, a 40-year Harvard study found children given chores from an early age turned into adults who earned more, had more job satisfaction, better marriages, and lived longer, healthier and happier lives. Written by parents of eight, Managers of Their Chores begins with the biblical foundation for chores and the many benefits chores will bring to a child -- both now and in the future. It moves into key factors in parents’ lives that will affect a chore system. The book also provides pertinent information about what kinds of chores should reasonably be done in a home with children. Other chapters include working with preschoolers on chores, information for the home management challenged, how to develop a master chore list, assigning and scheduling chores, simple steps for putting together a chores system and the ChorePack© Chore System. Managers of Their Chores come with all the ChorePack© materials needed for four children, including the packs, chore card paper, and a holder. In the appendix, you will find a chore library with more than 180 chores listed, forms for use and future photocopying, and sample chore assignments from eight families. Whether you are chore challenged or a seasoned chore warrior, you will gain motivation and loads of practical advice on implementing a stress-free chore system. Spiral Bound. 199 pgs. Deanne

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    This handy magnetic board will challenge your children to complete their chores in order to earn fun rewards. The 9” x 12” magnetic board is illustrated with a large apple tree and a path that leads to a pot of gold labeled “rewards.” There are 25 chore magnets and 25 reward magnets to help you indicate which chores need to get done that day, and which rewards they will earn upon completion. Your child receives one point for each chore they complete that day, and as the days and weeks go by, your child moves towards the 40-point pot of gold. Along the way, they can earn small treats as they land on the 10-, 20-, and 30- point marks. You and your child can agree upon a range of awards that they can work towards based on the amount of points they wish to accumulate. For example, a 40-point reward may grant your child the opportunity to rent a movie or to have special time alone with mom and dad. Or, your child can work towards a bigger 200 point reward. The flexibility of this program and the fun, visual reminder is bound to motivate your child. Your child may even ask for more chores so they can earn their next reward faster! – elise

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    As parents, we want to teach our children the value of work and also the philosophical idea that wages are often tied to work ethic. I think you will love this practical idea – I know I would have when my children were younger! It's an excellent tool to help children develop positive attitudes about work, the value of money and how they are interrelated (work equals money!) Designed to be unique to each family, parents select the chores they wish to see completed and set a wage for the work. Each Chore Buck reward sheet measures 8 ½" x 11", and the top half contains a place to write eight weekly chores and as well as two bonus chores bucks followed by checkboxes to check which day(s) of the week the task is completed. Amounts for weekly chores and bonus chores are totaled and the bottom of each chore buck sheet provides a blank check for you to write to your child in the amount earned. As a parent, you can then teach them simple budget skills through how much they give, save, and spend. You could then purchase different inexpensive items and allow them to shop at "Mom and Pop's General Store," exchange their checks for real currency, or set a dollar amount on privileges such as desserts/snacks, having friends over, computer game time, etc. Contains 26 sheets (a 6 month supply for one child). ~Deanne

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    Perfectly sized for easy viewing and use, this chore chart measures 13"x 19" and hangs easily using pins, tacks, staples or tape. The background contains a wide array of popular, smile emojis including sunglasses, laughter tears, heart eyes and many others. On the upper right side is a rounded box for writing the date, and across the top are weekdays, Monday through Sunday. The chart's right side provides ten boxes (2 1/4"x 1 1/3") to list chores. The laminated, washable chart works well with dry erase or water-based markers and washable crayons. Remove the drudgery from your daily chore routine with this eye catching, fun chart. ~ Deanne

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    Chore charts provide a fun, visual reminder of what needs to be done when. Use this big, colorful, magnetic dry-erase chart over and over again! Handsomely framed in by wood, it includes 100 colorfully illustrated wooden magnets and a dry-erase marker. The top section of the chart has a grid with space to put 5 responsibility magnets for every day of the week (it also has space to move the magnets when the chore is completed.). The bottom third of the chart provides space to store the rest of the magnets. There are magnets for chores like brushing teeth, setting the table, feeding a pet, dusting, doing homework, and practicing music. Also included are magnets for activities such as dance class, scout meetings, visiting grandparents, watching a movie, and more. A few blank magnets are included so you can create custom activities. The chart can be hung up by the attached piece of string, and a section on the back is included for important phone numbers and other notes.
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    These charts are great for keeping track of which chores have been done on a daily basis. Each chart has four blank lines to fill in for each of the following categories: Taking Care of Myself, Taking Care of My Room, Helping Around the House, and Other Things I Need to Do. The right side of the chart contains check boxes for every day of the week to mark when a chore has been completed. The paper chart has a blue, design-filled background with multicolored headings, and there are 25 charts in the pack. Each pack also comes with 175 smiley face stickers to place in the check boxes to make finishing chores more exciting and rewarding. Rachel

  • Item #: 057179
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    This chore chart is great for showing kids what is expected of them, as well as the rewards that come from it. Use the included 4 dry-erase markers to list chores on the calendar. List the "to do" and then when it is accomplished. At the bottom, write in rewards levels for the completed chores.  - Laura

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      Help create a smooth transition from subject to subject, or from play time to meal time, with this fun visual aid for your home or classroom. This tall chart is 13” x 34” with 14 pockets to insert cards vertically. There are 15 blank write-on/wipe-off cards that each have space for writing the digital time, a little clock face to put hands on, and then space to write the subject/event. The border is black with chalky polka dots in blue/green/white/pink/yellow on a black background as well. Think of sidewalk chalk colors! One title card reads: Today’s Schedule. Kids like to know what they are doing that day. Make it clear and simple for everyone, including you! Made of coated vinyl with short, clear pockets, and includes sturdy metal grommets for hanging. Coordinates well with other Chalkboard Brights home/classroom helpers!

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    With so many chore systems out there, it may be hard to find which will work best for your family. If, however, you want a chart that works for all ages, is clean and very simple to use, is attractive and hangs right there on your fridge or any other convenient magnetic surface, and has room for up to five kids - this is the chart for you. I love the basic user-friendliness of this pad. Each child’s name goes in a box in a column on the left-hand side of the chart, the next column has blank lines for up to five chores per child, and then the final column is divided into a grid for the seven days of the week and a box to check for each chore, each day. When the week is over, simply rip off the top sheet and assign your chores for the next week. The 9”x 12” pad contains 50 identical chore sheets and a magnetic strip mounted on the back. Megan