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Business Math

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  • Item #: 019120
    ISBN: 9780785426974
    Retail: $51.47
    Rainbow Price: $43.16

    Designed to prepare students with the business skills necessary to manage a company or to be a perceptive employee who understands the intricacies of running a successful business, this one-semester course covers a wide range of practical concepts.

    Within the textbook are thirteen chapters, each providing anywhere from two to five lessons, an application situation with discussion questions and a chapter review. Also included is a section focused on the review of basic math skills which covers place value, rounding, adding/subtracting whole numbers, multiplying/dividing whole numbers, exponents, order of operations, fractions, common denominators, decimals, and scientific notation. An included retirement planning guide will help students intelligently prepare for their future. Technology connections are sprinkled throughout the lessons. A glossary and various math formula guides complete the text. It is worth noting that there are no answers provided.

    Diverse topics are covered and include wages, computing hours worked, tips, commissions, raises/bonuses, benefits, profit sharing, employee ownership, stock options, various business types (manufacturing, retail, sales, service, and non-profits), the role of human resource departments (including hiring, employee performance and labor issues), business travel and expenses, corporate banking (simple and compound interest, credit lines, cash flow and production payment costs), business operation expenses, casualty insurance, government regulations, risks of business ownership, sales and marketing, and the ins and outs of mail order businesses.

    One thing I really appreciate about this book is the reading and comprehension level. While many business math or consumer math courses are written at the upper high school and college levels, this course has been written at a 3rd-4th grade reading level, allowing nearly all young people to learn these vital skills. While some of the information may be outdated (copyright 2002), the skills taught are timeless, providing students an excellent introduction to real life math applications. HC. 326 pgs. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 027085
    ISBN: 9780880620642
    Retail: $13.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

  • Item #: 027084
    ISBN: 9780880620635
    Retail: $18.99
    Rainbow Price: $14.95

  • Item #: 005422
    ISBN: 9780471317517
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $15.95

    Yes, a book that covers all the math you'll ever NEED. Numbers are everywhere, like it or not, and are a very important part of our lives. A surprising percent of people are mathematically illiterate and have trouble doing even grade school math without using a calculator. But this book makes us use our brains so we can once more solve problems in our heads or on paper, without depending on a calculator! A good refresher course for high schoolers, college graduates, or even adults, the 24 chapters go through math from the multiplication table to personal finances, to business math. Advanced word problems, interest rates, exponents and square roots, and much more are covered. Self-tests are included starting in chapter three, with at least two self-tests in every chapter. If you're inclined to skip some chapters, it's good to take the self-tests anyway, to see how well you really know that area. Don't feel intimidated by numbers any longer! Push aside that calculator dependency and use your head! - Megan

  • Item #: 010610
    ISBN: 9780740303302
    Retail: $65.95
    Rainbow Price: $59.36

    Emphasizes the practical application of math in the areas of family finances, occupations, business, and transportation. Helps students to solve real-life problems in budgeting, banking, and taxes. Boxed set includes ten LIFEPAC workbooks, review test and a solution key (which includes answers to the LIFEPAC questions), self-test, and test.

  • Item #: 047865
    Retail: $4.75
    Rainbow Price: $4.50

    This mini balance provides hands-on instruction in addition and subtraction, and could even be used for equations involving multiplication/division. For addition and subtraction concepts, you can begin by hanging the blue weights in various yellow-peg positions on one side, and balancing the sum on the other side. So, for example, if you hang a blue weight in the 10-position on one side, you can create balance by hanging a blue weight in the 6- and 4-position on the other side (6 + 4 = 10). Students can think through and try all the possible combinations that could work, not limiting themselves to only two weights on the one side. That will keep them busy for a while, and you may want to have them write down their answers in logical order to make sure they haven't overlooked any possibilities. Subtraction follows, as students try to determine where the missing blue weight should go (10 – 4 = ?). Multiplication occurs when multiple weights occupy a certain peg (2 weights at the 2 position is 2 x 2 = 4, so one weight in the 4-position on the other side creates a balanced equation). Your equations can get even more complicated: what if you have a 3 and a 4 on one side and three 2's on the other? What do you need to add to make it balance, and where? The scale is not super precise in its ability to be perfectly calibrated, but little plastic weights are provided so that the calibrated accuracy will be sufficient for your purposes. ~ Caryl

  • Item #: 029237
    ISBN: 9781937032180
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $19.00
    Personal finances from the brilliant mind of America's favorite college professor, six-year-old Fred Gauss! Teaching teens the importance of financial responsibility, this course provides thirty-four lessons covering vital topics like needs vs. wants, assets and liabilities, budgeting, net worth, credit cards/debt, simple and compound interests, savings, education, investments/stocks, real estate, retirement, owning your own business, insurance, taxes, constitutional limits, and much more. Complex financial equations are simplified with practical explanations, along with Your Turn to Play chapter questions providing students practice to reinforce important concepts. Answers included. Whether your students have previously fallen in love with the Life of Fred (LOF) math courses or you are new to Fred, this course provides a witty, yet educational story to teach the inherent responsibilities we have as consumers and producers in today's society. HC. 176 pgs. ~Deanne
  • Item #: CALCST
    Retail: $146.90
    Rainbow Price: $115.95

    Teaching covers calculus, trigonometry, and analytic geometry, with emphasis on application to physics, chemistry, engineering and business. 2nd edition, last revised in 2006.


  • Item #: 067071
    ISBN: 9781594764790
    Retail: $59.55
    Rainbow Price: $54.95

     Concluding with the profound observation, America is a great nation and people are needed to practice, protect and promote economic liberty, this course introduces students to the history of economic thought, and modern economic issues currently facing America, before family economics, entrepreneurship and power of education are explored.

      One semester in length, the full course kit contains 3 Texts, 3 Activity books and the Teacher’s Resource Kit (TRK), along with the TRK digital download.  Designed for independent study, each text, called a chapter, cover fifteen topics.  Each text contains the lesson reading, bold vocabulary words with definitions in a vocabulary “box” on the page, life principle quotes and video clips via a QRC codes. Corresponding activity books provide questions for each topic. Questions are fill in the blank and matching, with lines to write the life principle.

    The Teacher’s Resource Kit includes black line masters for section quizzes (9), chapter tests (3), quiz and chapter test answer keys, activity answer keys, and the table of contents. Black line masters are reproducible for classroom use.

      Chapter 1 introduces students to economics as the engine by which capitalism, free enterprise, private property and the relationship between employees, employers, and entrepreneurs create jobs. Additionally, this chapter also explores government regulation, supply and demand, and economic factors such as taking risks, investments and profit and loss. The evolution of economic precepts and principles, from ancient Greece, Rome, Europe and the Dark Ages are explored. Historical persons that shaped modern economic theory are presented including Moses, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, William Penn, Winston Churchill, Margret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan. This chapter also delves into the Industrial Revolution, World Wars I and II, and the Cold War, and their impact on economics. Worth mentioning, the impact of an economy based on Biblical principles is discussed for its historical value and includes a look at Marxism and Darwinian theory. Chapter 2 further explores the history of the Judeo-Christian and European influences that were foundational to the capitalism in the United States. The authors compare the historical teachings of Catholic and Ana-Baptist beliefs and provide a brief overview of the Protestant reformation and the influences of the Church on economic philosophy. This is done neutrally with no scripture verse support or proselytizing noted.  An in-depth look is given to the economic significance of the US Constitution, Mayflower Compact and the Bill of Rights. Students will briefly examine the impact of the industry, railroads, progressive education, unions, the New Deal, welfare, immigration, private organizations and “trickle-down economics.” Chapter 3 reviews contemporary economic issues including banking, creditors, credit cards, checking accounts, debt, impulse buying, mortgages, dividends, stock market, collateral, loans, bankruptcies, insurance, real estate, gross and net income, inflation, IRAs and 401Ks, tax audits, and much more.  Students are also introduced to the pros and cons of starting and operating a small business, along with post high school options: college, trade school, and military.

      A captivating look at the foundations of economic philosophy that will appeal to students-especially those without a desire to study the math and deeper theories of economic thought. All texts and activity books are softcover. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 001477
    ISBN: 9781600320170
    Retail: $110.35
    Rainbow Price: $75.95

    The Calculus Homeschool Kit includes the hardcover textbook, tests and answers.

    Teaching covers calculus, trigonometry, and analytic geometry, with emphasis on application to physics, chemistry, engineering and business. 2nd edition

  • Item #: 071962
    ISBN: 9781612436678
    Retail: $15.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.25

    Get your preschooler busy--with learning! These 52 activities are designed to be made-ahead, and they provide hours of self-directed learning. The straight-forward, photo-enhanced directions are simple enough for your older kids to build (or have a Busy Bag Swap--guidelines included--for a mom’s morning out). (A few do require a drill and a utility knife.) Most require simple supplies like buttons, felt, pom-poms, etc. Subject-based activities span math (spoon number match, shape builders), literacy (spaghetti spelling, letter fishing), fine motor skills (zipper board, button turkey) and "just-for-fun" (build an ocean, rice sensory bin). Includes a handy list of 100 things children should know before entering kindergarten. 128 pgs, pb. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 066463
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.75

    Use these sheets to create your own magnetic labels, math manipulatives, play sets, word magnets to ‘write’ stories, business card magnets, and more. You could print out numbers or phonemes to use with your early math and phonics programs and magnetic white board. Make a moveable calendar for home or school! So many fun ideas! Instructions are included. Just print your design and cut with scissors. Each sheet is 8.5x11” and has a glossy surface. For use with standard ink jet printers. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 060837
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.44

    Grab your standard Unifix cubes and get busy counting! This unique set includes a plastic base (4” x 9” x 1”) with 6 squares on top onto which you stack your cubes color by color. A background (10” x 10”) with lines on it (and blank on the back) clearly lets you count and compare your various colors. You can easily write on the background with a dry erase marker and wipe if off to use again and again. Not sure what to compare? Six little topic cards will give you some ideas (animals, colors, candy, holidays, fruits & sports). For example, have the students walk around with a notepad and count how many green items, how many yellow, etc., are in the room. They then gather that number of Unifix cubes and place them on the base. When you look at them all together, you can see that you have just created a graph against the background. It’s simple, clever and versatile! ~ Sara

  • Item #: 057126
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $18.95

    These pretend chocolate chip cookies look good enough to eat - and they teach early math concepts! Each realistic plastic cookie has a different number of chocolate chips (0-10); the reverse side displays the number. Kids can practice counting, adding, and ordering the cookies when they're not too busy using them for pretend play! Set includes 11 cookies and a blue plastic cookie jar with lid

  • Item #: 051494
    ISBN: 9780981642659
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.12

    Admittedly a little dull-looking on the outside, this small book holds a wealth of practical information inside. The book primarily addresses parents who are trying to decide whether or not to send their child to preschool, and it argues against it for a number of interesting reasons. While homeschooling is rarely mentioned and not assumed, the practical activity suggestions and insight into what may be "trendy" at the moment in preschool education makes this a valuable resource for homeschool families as well. The first three chapters lay the foundation, discussing intelligence, cognitive development, and the role of family relationships in building intelligence. The following chapters look at one facet of learning and break it down into very readable pieces, providing practical, informal suggestions to create a learning environment. For example, in the chapter on language skills, you'll find advice on how to talk to your child to build vocabulary and grammar, encouragement to intentionally use more complex sentence structure, tips to incorporate math language into daily routines, suggestions for working calendar concepts (seasons, days, months, holidays) into your conversation, and suggestions for having your child speak with other adults and adults who also speak a foreign language. Other chapters in this section address reading to your child, the benefits of playtime, use of educational TV/computer programs, the arts, learning through everyday routines at home, making the most out of running errands, exercise and nutrition, and educational community resources to consider (museums, local businesses, community events, etc.). Whether you're just starting your educational journey with your children or you're concerned you're not spending enough focused time with your preschooler while you homeschool your older children, there is a lot of good material here to make the most of the preschool years. By Renee and Mike Mosiman, 216 pgs, pb. – Jess

  • Item #: 048100
    ISBN: 9781601597489
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.75

    This book contains an amazing variety of games, crosswords, word searches, math problems, hidden pictures, mazes, logic problems, codes, and other activities to keep children entertained and informed. The folks from School Zone made sure that the 300+ full-color pages included lots of learning about animals, states, and a variety of other subjects. This would make a fun book for car rides, waiting rooms, or any time a kid might need to stay busy. Solutions included. - Laura

  • Item #: 041056
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $59.00

    We often get requests for online products, and these two programs were specifically requested. Reading Eggs and Mathseeds combine printed materials with fun, interactive online lessons for complete curriculum in the areas of reading and math. Online lessons are available through a 12-month subscription (for one child); this gives you access to the different levels of the program. Use the printed readers and workbooks with the Reading Eggs online lessons for a complete reading program, and the workbooks with online Mathseeds lessons for a complete math program. Workbooks can be used alone if you just want practice (no lessons) with answer keys included at the back of each. Note that the workbooks are the same pages as those that can be printed with the online subscription.

    More About Reading Eggs

    Reading Eggs is a reading program for grades K-6 that incorporates games and videos to make learning fun. There are four levels of the program Reading Eggs Junior (First Steps) for 2 to 4 year olds, Reading Eggs (Ready for School) for 4 and 5 year olds, Reading Eggs (Practice Makes Perfect) for 6 and 7 year olds, and Reading Eggspress (Reading for Meaning) for 7 to 13 year olds.

    When you purchase your online subscription for the lessons, you will be sent an e-mail the next business day with your activation information. Set up your account by adding the student information (subscription is for one child), and youre on your way. The online subscription offers reward games, progress tracking, printable worksheets (same as the workbook pages), and online books, and it also offers access to apps that can be loaded onto your tablet for play anywhere. This program is an award-winning, research-based phonics and reading program that will be sure to engage and teach your readers.

    More About Mathseeds

    Mathseeds is an interactive online math program for the younger learners in your family. There are 200 lessons geared toward ages 3-9, and new content is added often. Every lesson introduces and models a concept and is then followed by activities, an e-book reinforcing the concept, and then a reward of a hatching e-pet. Children work through virtual maps of different ecosystems, and the e-pets are animals that might be found in that area. A multiple-choice quiz is given after every 5th lesson, which comes with its own rewards. There are 50 lessons per grade level K-3, but these could be used whenever your student is ready. The first 20 lessons at the K level are for students with no math skills, so they could be used younger. Lessons 21 50 begin to develop foundational math skills. The rest of the lessons build upon previously learned skills in the program, so youll want to do them in order. Printable activities provide written practice for the lessons taught online.

    The online subscription is a 12-month access code for use with one student. With access, you will receive lessons, printables (same as the workbook pages), tracking of student progress, and a downloadable app for your tablet. Children will love the interactivity of the online lessons and the surprises that hatch along the learning path. Print workbooks for Mathseeds are available on our site as a separate purchase if it's easier than printing the activities online.

  • Item #: 013035
    ISBN: 9780974769554
    Retail: $67.95
    Rainbow Price: $65.95

    If you've used Carrie Austin's Little Hands to Heaven and have enjoyed the flexible framework and biblically-based lessons, you will want to take a look at her second offering in the series, Little Hearts for His Glory, aimed at 5- to 7-year-olds. The program is made up of 34 units, each divided into 5-day increments. The layout is like Little Hands, with each day thoughtfully laid out on two facing pages, making it easy to see the whole lesson at a glance. More subject material is covered here, but the presentation is very manageable, and the activities and lessons are designed to appeal to children of different learning styles. Another huge plus here is that lessons are tied to biblical concepts and stories. So, not only are you studying the Bible together, but the author has also made every effort to present other subjects studied in a way that ties neatly into the Bible topic studied, reinforcing the biblical topic all day long! I suspect this will also form a lasting "mental bridge" between these topics and their correlating Bible concepts for years to come.

    The program includes history, science, Bible study, story time/reading, math, music, rhymes and finger plays, dramatic play, and schedules in handwriting/fine motor skills and phonics. The assignments and activities are clearly listed in each subject's box on the page, which often include "text connections" to required resources for the reading portions. Most often, there is a hands-on, active assignment described in the subject's box, followed by the recommended reading. A "key idea" for reinforcement is also clearly written in each box, so you can keep the lesson on track (not always an easy thing to do with young ones!). The history portion of the curriculum covers a broad span, covering Creation through U.S. history. While it sounds extremely ambitious, keep in mind that the history is covered in big topical "chunks," keeping the topic familiar to young students and omitting a lot of the "in betweens." This gives youngsters a broad view of biblical and chronological history, while keeping it focused so they don't get lost in topics they don't understand. About half of the units focus on biblical history, while the last half covers the Roman Empire, the Age of Exploration, and early U.S. History. The history readings primarily come from two sources: the Bible and History for Little Pilgrims, from Christian Liberty Press. The daily Bible study correlates with the history lesson, while the daily action rhyme reinforces the Bible/history concepts as well. The science portion of the lesson has its textual basis in Christian Liberty's The World God Made, and oftentimes, the hands-on activity relates to the Bible/history topic as well. (Our Father’s World and God's Wonderful Works by Christian Liberty Press are supplemental text connections noted in the Appendix for grades 1 and 2). The science activities are very hands-on, but simple, and require few and convenient supplies. For example, in one of the lessons on the apostles, students read (or listen to) the stories of Stephen’s stoning and Paul’s conversion. The hand rhyme for that day ("Where is Jesus?") reinforces the idea that Jesus is in Heaven and the Holy Spirit is here among us. The Bible study focuses on Saul's conversion and students memorize Matthew 5:16. The science lesson ties in with Saul's conversion and the blinding "bright light" with students making construction paper stars, studying the brightness of stars, and discovering how we can only see them at night because the light from the sun outshines them during the day. The music portion of the day also corresponds with the main idea from the Bible/history section and uses songs from Hide 'Em in Your Heart Volume 1. Occasional art and dramatic play activities are substituted for the science lesson, and these coincide with the topic studied that day. The second portion of each day's lesson focuses on the academic basics, and features instructions and lesson plans for handwriting, phonics, reading, and math. Like the boxed assignments on the history-focused portion of the lesson, these also often contain an activity, an assignment from a required or recommended resource, and a key idea for reinforcement. The reading assignments feature a read-aloud from a Thornton Burgess story, followed by a discussion section. The discussion often includes comprehension, vocabulary, tie-ins to the child’s life, and identification of story elements. For math, a hands-on activity is presented for each day, illustrating a math concept. The author recommends using Singapore Math’s Essential Math Kindergarten A & B for a text connection to the math concept studied. By incorporating her very visual, manipulative-based activities with Singapore Math, children receive a very well-rounded and understandable introduction to important math concepts. The fine motor skills/handwriting portion of the lesson requires the use of either early concepts books, (Do It Carefully and Finding the Answers from Rod and Staff or Going on Eagerly and Just Thinking and Choosing from Rod &Staff), and handwriting books (either Italic Handwriting or Reason for Handwriting are recommended). The one exception to the activity/assignment/key idea lesson plan rule is the phonics section. While the author recommends either The Reading Lesson, or Reading Made Easy for good, economical, phonics programs, she believes that phonics instruction is a personal decision for each family and is best left to their discernment. In that spirit, phonics time is scheduled in for each day, but the lesson itself is left to your judgment. An appendix contains recommended pacing for suggested phonics programs, a condensed list of readings for each unit and day from the required texts, an alternate math schedule using Singapore Math's Primary Math 1A and 1B (in case you have already covered concepts from Essential Math Kindergarten A & B), suggestions for additional reading that tie in with the history topic, and the action rhymes. All in all, this is a very well-designed course that has obviously been very thoughtfully designed. I love the fact that all subjects are covered in a very balanced way, and that the Bible, history, science, music, and action rhymes all correlate to form a very cohesive lesson. The author has also carefully chosen the required resources, and wisely tied the lesson into these, rather than trying to "reinvent the wheel," by incorporating all the material into this already very sizeable volume! Like Little Hands, the format is flexible and adjustable to your schedule, so portions of the lesson can be completed throughout the day in the order that you choose. Also, because she has done the groundwork in assigning specific lessons from outside resources, there is very little lesson planning left for you: always a huge help to anyone already trying to manage older children's schoolwork AND not short-change the younger ones. Even if you haven't tried Little Hands to Heaven, you'll enjoy discovering this program. Because this curriculum depends on additional resources, we have listed these below for your convenience. Items we do not currently carry are listed without item numbers or prices. ~ Jess

  • Item #: 013028
    ISBN: 9780974769547
    Retail: $53.95
    Rainbow Price: $52.95

    Carrie Austin, author of popular literature curriculum Drawn into the Heart of Reading, has turned her talents and experience to the early childhood realm. Little Hands to Heaven is a complete, biblically-based preschool curriculum combining Bible stories and activities, fingerplays, letter activities, music, art activities, active exploration, devotions, dramatic play, and math activities into each daily lesson. The lessons follow Bible stories, presented in chronological order from Creation through Paul's missionary journeys. The activities included in the lesson correlate to the Bible story, forming a complete, Bible-based lesson with plenty of activity for those busy youngsters! Each of the 33 units is designed to be used one per week, and no seasonal content is included so you can begin at any time. Each unit is laid out very simply, with the activities organized into different boxes on the page with short and simple directions given for each.

    An example of a lesson from Unit 13 features the Bible story of David and Goliath. Children will perform the fingerplay "David Will Be King" which is given at the beginning of the week, and focuses on the letter 'K'. They read the Bible story of David and Goliath, and then participate in a math activity where they arrange three objects or toys from smallest to biggest, and then they continue finding objects that are bigger and bigger, reinforcing the idea that Goliath was so much bigger than David, but David won the fight, with God's help. The letter activity focuses on the letter 'K' as well, and has the children placing objects on a large 'K' taped to the floor while they make the 'K' sound. The Bible activity features students drawing a slingshot while following directions, reinforcing the Bible story and the day is done with a song. Not every subject mentioned above is completed in one day, although each is worked into the week, which means the lessons will not take much time to complete - about half an hour to an hour each day, depending on how involved you may get. The appendix, included at the end of the book, contains masters to copy for use with several of the lessons. Although supplies required for the program are few and consist of objects you probably have around the house or in the art area, there are several resources that you will need to use with the program. These include your own personal Bible, a children's Bible, such as the suggested Child's First Bible by Kenneth N. Taylor, or The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes by Kenneth N. Taylor. Suggested devotionals are also recommended such as Big Thoughts for Little People by Kenneth N. Taylor, Teach Them to Your Children: An Alphabet of Biblical Poems, Verses, and Stories, or My ABC Bible Verses by Susan Hunt. Music selections included in the lessons are based on Focus on the Family's Singing Bible, which you will need to do the music segment of each lesson. All in all, a very easy-to-implement, Bible-based curriculum that you should easily be able to fit into your day, and the youngsters should love to do every day. - Jess

  • Item #: 012866
    ISBN: 9780974769578
    Retail: $72.95
    Rainbow Price: $70.95

    Whether you've used Little Hands to Heaven or Little Hearts for His Glory and are lamenting the fact that your journey is ending, or you are just starting out with your first or second grader and aren't sure where to begin, take heart! Carrie Austin has taken her organized, enjoyable curriculum series up to the next grade level. Designed for 6-8-year olds, this curriculum guide is laid out similarly to the preceding volumes, with Bible study, language arts, spelling, grammar, mechanics, usage, copywork, reading, story time, math exploration, history, poetry, music, art, science, and geography. The curriculum is divided into 34 units. Each unit is divided into five daily lessons, which follow the history, language arts and math theme for the unit. The daily lessons are divided into two parts (helpfully on facing pages!): "Learning Through History" and "Learning the Basics".

    The history section contains the history, poetry/rhyme, Bible study, and corresponding music portion of the lesson, all visually separated into printed boxes with related icons. Geography, history activities, art, or science make up the remaining part of the "history" portion. These activities are sprinkled throughout each unit, lightening the load while covering each of these topics at least once a week. The necessary resources for teaching history include American Pioneers and Patriots, Stories of the Pilgrims, and Boys and Girls of Colonial Days (2002 copyright). As mentioned above, each unit focuses on one event in American history, from 1565 to 1865. The other activities in the history portion of the lesson complement the history story, so it won’t easily be forgotten! For example, in Day 1 of Unit 2, the history story relates how the Jamestown settlers did not want to work to eat or build a town; they only wanted to find gold. The corresponding Bible study is on Galatians 6:9, and focuses on not giving up, even though we may become weary. The poetry selection is "Father, We Thank Thee", and the science activity asks students to perform a small experiment with paper demonstrating why tree squirrels flatten their body to glide through the air.

    "Learning the Basics" focuses on language arts skills and math, but also incorporates story time and reading. Each unit features a key theme for spelling, grammar and math that is built upon during the week. Four subject assignments are included for this section of the lesson, including language arts, reading, story time, and math. Language arts usually includes spelling and copywork. The spelling lists for the week follow the unit’s "spelling word pattern" or phonetic construct/sound. The copywork portion has students copying bits of poetry, prose, and other things as they fit the grammar concept for the week. Each day's reading assignment offers three options for graded reading material, depending on the reading ability of your student: the phonics program you are already completing, a recommended title for emerging readers recommended for that unit (suggested books and comprehension questions are found in the appendix), or Drawn Into the Heart of Reading for independent reading. Read aloud to your child (or for you to read together) from books in a variety of genres during Story Time. The author has included book suggestions for nine genres, including biography, adventure, historical fiction, fantasy, mystery, nonfiction, humor, realistic fiction, and folk tale. Each of these genres is covered in 20 days of read alouds, except for folk tales, which has 10 days. Because she leaves the Story time discussion open-ended, you can choose your own read-alouds for each genre. Suggestions can be found in the appendix. The math portion of the lesson also follows a theme for the unit, from numbers 1-10, sets, missing numbers, and number pairs in Lesson 1; to money, counting, writing amounts, and making change in Unit 33. The math lessons use Singapore’s Primary Mathematics 1A and 1B, or if you are already ahead of this in math, Carrie has provided an alternate math schedule using Primary Mathematics 2A and 2B. Like her previous curricula, the format is easy to use, and the weekly themes tie the subjects together nicely. The author also places an emphasis on hands-on and full-body activities that develop gross and fine motor skill development (and offer a chance for kids to burn off some "wigglies"). Flexibility is built in, with plenty of options as to which additional resources you use, and how you choose to personalize the lessons. Activities are designed to require no (or very little) preparation time and use around-the-house items. The appendix includes an "Overview of Reading Choices," suggested books for reading time (grouped by unit), suggested books for story time (grouped by genre), two spelling lists for each unit, and poetry and rhymes used for both poetry and copywork time. Whether you’re familiar with Carrie’s approach, or you've never used it before and are looking for a solid guide that lays it all out for you, you are sure to enjoy the early grades. ~ Jess

  • Item #: 009790
    ISBN: 9780823989126
    Retail: $4.35
    Rainbow Price: $1.50
  • Item #: 007280
    ISBN: 9780374380205
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

    This story book is a beautiful portrayal of a busy homeschool family written by a graduated homeschool student. Find out what it means to have your home as a place of learning, whether it is reading on the sofa, cooking in the kitchen, gym class in the backyard, or math at the dining table. No moment is too insignificant to be learning something new as the world is your school room. This delightfully illustrated story depicts the routines of a family whose home and school are one and the same! ~ Gina

  • Item #: 004267
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    This hefty high school curriculum, newly revised in 2016, was designed to train girls to become godly women, based on Proverbs 31:10-31. The goal of the curriculum is to help Christian girls develop their skills and abilities for optimal service to the Lord within the family setting: a preparation for all the duties of an adult life. The guide's beginning elaborates on the program's philosophies and then discusses four learning styles as well as the Six R's of education (adds Research, Responsibility and Righteousness to the traditional three). The author assumes that students have a good basic mastery of Math and English grammar, as well as a good reading ability. In addition, these courses are written for mature young people., there are reproducible forms for planning and record keeping. (It is highly recommended that your daughter plan or at least help to plan her own lessons.) The forms included are a Goal Planning Checklist, High-School report Card, Lesson Planning Sheet, and a High School Cumulative Record Card. (This sheet will become the high school transcript for any student wishing to proceed on to college.) The curriculum guide is broken up into 20 different units (10 in Volume 1 and 10 in Volume 2). Each unit focuses on a different verse or verse group from Proverbs 31. Then, this unit is broken down into thematic mini units. Subjects covered are Bible and Christian Character, Cultural Studies, Reading and Literature, Composition, Math and Personal Finance, Science, Health and Physical Fitness, Practical Arts, and Decorative and Performing Arts. In each subject area within a unit, this curriculum guide gives a list of lessons for girls to choose from and complete. Since activities are provided for the four learning styles, there are more activities in the guide than can be completed in 4 years. The materials are written directly to the students, as they are encouraged to take responsibility for their own education. Each lesson assigns suggested point value (largely based on Carnegie units), so when an activity is completed you can easily total the points and convert them into High School credits. The guide also provides detailed instructions about how best to use the program, lists essential materials for the course, and recommends supplementary courses. Essential materials for the course are a Bible, concordance, dictionary, encyclopedia, hymnbooks, an English grammar book, and a writing style book). The list of strongly suggested materials is more extensive. Far Above Rubies was created to stand on its own, although the lessons call for reading and using a number of other books, such as Writer's Inc., the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, Understanding the Times, and more. At the end of each volume, there is an updated, detailed list of recommended resources (and corresponding Web locations for more information), many of which we also offer in our catalog. Also included for each volume are some cross-reference guides to help you locate specific lessons based on chronology or theme and a "25 Ways to Have Fun with Book Reports" chart. Please note that although the guide self-proclaims that it is not necessarily against college and career goals for young ladies, they admit that this is not the primary aim of this guide. Consequently, if your daughter plans on attending college or becoming a career woman, you will need to supplement her curriculum with some college-preparatory math and science (specific suggestions are offered). However, this curriculum does still provide the college-bound with a well-rounded base, and it also offers a number of business and vocational skills. Help prepare your daughters using the model provided in Proverbs 31. Includes Beautiful Girlhood Audiobook and 7 bonus e-books: Friendship, Friendship Notebook pages, Girls in Bookland, Nest in the Honeysuckles, The Merchant Maiden, The Basket of Flowers, and The Value of a Praying Mom. The curriculum is only available in PDF format on CD-ROM. Requires Adobe Reader, a free download. Revised edition, 2016. Win/Mac ~ Rachel/Ruth.

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    The cool thing about web design is that it is handy skill regardless of your child's future career path. Whether they start their own business or work for a Fortune 500 company, a firm grasp of web programming and design is sure to give them an edge over individuals who do not. This online course was created for students without any prior web design knowledge and will give them a good knowledge of HTML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. It contains two previously published courses (Beginning & Advanced Web Design), and combines them into a single year-long online course.

    When you purchase an online course, you will receive one pair of teacher/student coupon codes, which you can then activate on CompuScholar (please note that one-year subscriptions start when course is activated). The student has access to lessons, online text and quizzes and the teacher has separate access to a teacher guide, answers, and solutions.

    Beginning Web Design starts with the very basics. The student will learn what the internet is, how it works, and how URLs, mark-up language, and browsers function. Chapter lessons provide a lot of information, although it is very readable, friendly and is accompanied by screen-shots, tables, and graphics. Eager fingers will then hit the keyboard with the Work with Me step-by-step assignments and Your Turn activities which reinforce the information in the lesson. In a truly hands-on approach, students start on their first web site by the end of Chapter 3! As students progress, they apply the concepts they have learned to this ever-developing example web site featuring birds of prey. By the end of Beginning Web Design, theyll be ready to jump the nest themselves, creating their own website (on a topic of their choice) for the final project. Don't let the Advanced title on the second course scare you; it is just the next step. Chapter One starts with a quick refresher on HTML and CSS, then covers HTML5, headers and footers, adding video and audio content, learning CSS3, relationship selectors, dynamic menus, JavaScript, and dynamic pages all while building a website on sea creatures. Wow, at this point, I really want to use this course! It looks so approachable compared to the other basic web design books gathering dust on my shelf! This one is a solid choice whether your student is naturally tech-savvy or not. ~ Jess
    System requirements: Windows 7/8/10 or Mac OS 10.7 or higher.