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Bob Jones Biology

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  • Item #: 186999
    ISBN: 9781579249359
    Retail: $31.67
    Rainbow Price: $20.78
  • Item #: 033761
    ISBN: 9781579249793
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  • Item #: 205773
    ISBN: 9781591662228
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  • Item #: 008779
    Retail: $55.00
    Rainbow Price: $52.00

    Contains dissecting pan and flex pad, a set of dissecting tools, and earthworm, frog, perch, and crayfish specimens.

    This is the ideal dissection kit to be used for Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology.
  • Item #: 515999
    ISBN: 9781606829363
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    Rainbow Price: $67.50

  • Item #: 512038
    Retail: $235.79
    Rainbow Price: $176.80

    The Home School Kit includes the Student Text, Teacher Book w/ CD, Tests, Tests Answer Key, Student Lab Manual, and Lab Manual Teacher Edition.

  • Item #: 502138
    ISBN: 9781628560275
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  • Item #: 502120
    ISBN: 9781628560268
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  • Item #: 502112
    ISBN: 9781628560251
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    Rainbow Price: $74.72

     The Teacher Book w/ CD includes additional lesson information, schedule suggestions, and answer keys for the student text.

  • Item #: 502088
    ISBN: 9781628560244
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $35.00

     The Lab Manual Teacher Edition offers the answer keys for the labs.

  • Item #: 502070
    ISBN: 9781628560237
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $30.00

     Labs are found in the Student Lab Manual (a complete kit is available through Bob Jones). There are now only two dissections (rat and crayfish), rather than the four that were included in the previous edition. The Lab Manual Teacher Edition (sold separately or included in the Home School Kit) offers the answer keys for the labs.

  • Item #: 500793
    ISBN: 9781606829363
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    ISBN: 9781606820209
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    ISBN: 9781606820193
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    ISBN: 9781606820186
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    ISBN: 9781606820162
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    ISBN: 9781606820155
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    ISBN: 9781606820179
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  • Item #: 017313
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      This dissection kit includes cartilage knife, crayfish, curved teasing needle, dissecting pad, dissecting pan, dissection pins, earthworm, stainless steel forceps, grasshopper, lab apron, medicine dropper, Perch, plastic dissection case, 6” plastic ruler, probe & seeker, rat, reusable safety gloves, stainless steel scalpel, scissors, straight teasing needle.

  • Item #: 006157
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $55.75

    Assembled specifically for use with the Bob Jones Biology (4th Edition) course for grade 10, this kit includes the dissecting pan with flex pad, dissecting tools, magnifier, earthworm, crayfish, frog, perch, and rat.

  • Item #: 061896
    ISBN: 9781449396596
    Retail: $34.99
    Rainbow Price: $25.95

    Subtitled, “All Lab, No Lecture” and this book delivers! Truly a DIY Science book, you will find this a valuable resource with a completely illustrated guide to setting up a home biology lab without expensive lab equipment (high school quality microscope required), as well as an easy to use lab manual for a rigorous first-year high school biology course. Beginning with an overview of how to use the book, set up a home biology lab (including how to choose a microscope) and lab safety, the book dives into 30 lab sessions that incorporate nearly 80 separate procedures! Following each procedure are review questions that require students to analyze the activities using the scientific process.

    Topically, students will learn how to master the microscope and build and observe a microcosm. They will also explore the chemistry of life: acids, bases, and buffers, carbohydrates and lipids, proteins, enzymes and vitamins; life processes (plants); ecology; genetics; cells and unicellular organisms, including protista, fungi, plants and animals (worms). Each lab procedure begins with a list of equipment and materials used. While many of these are easy to find, there are some specialized items you will need available to begin: goggles, forceps, gloves, book light or lamp, various prepared slides (call for list); cover slips; glycerol; pipettes; scalpel, well and flat slides; methylene blue; butane lighter (flame source); microtome (instructions included to make your own); eosin Y; Gram’s Iodine; Hucker’s crystal violet; 70% ethanol; methylcellulose; pH paper; particulate mask; centrifuge tubes (15 and 50 ml); fertilizer concentrate; hydrochloric acid; lead (II) acetate; acetic acid; Beakers (10, 100 and 250 ml); graduated cylinder; 24 and 96 well reaction plate; sodium hydroxide solution; Barfoed’s reagent; Benedict’s reagent; dextrose; Seliwanoff’s reagent; test tubes/test tube rack and test tube clamp; Sudan III stain; Ascorbic Acid tablet; sodium hydroxide; thermometer; sodium dodecyl sulfate; alligator clip leads; agar; Safranin O stain; chromatography paper; bromothymol blue; Ammonium Nitrate; Nitrogen Free Fertilizer (concentrate A-B-C) inoculating loop; rhizobia inoculum; vermiculite; balance; Sodium Borate solution; PTC test strips; Amoxicillin antibiotic cap; Antibiotic powders (chlortetracycline, neomycin and sulfadimethoxine); and teasing needles. But don’t let the specialized equipment scare you from this great resource! The authors’ website The Home Scientist offers a standard kit containing these items (with the exception of commonly found items, the balance and the prepared slides). This website also includes links to recommended secular, online Biology textbooks, as well as a syllabus aligned to the 2nd ed. Apologia Biology text and the BJU 4th ed. Biology textbook, which makes this a worthwhile option for obtaining high school Biology with Lab credit on your child’s high school transcript. This would also make an excellent resource to use alongside the Holt Biology course, or to add a lab science credit to a Charlotte Mason/Living Book Science experience. Detailed index adds to the ease of use for creating your own Biology lab at home. 358 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 048253
    Retail: $83.44
    Rainbow Price: $67.50

    This general biology dissection kit contains your most commonly dissected specimens, and can be used with just about any biology program. The kit contains four preserved specimens (frog, perch, earthworm and crayfish), a 7-piece dissection tool set, a 10-pack of T-pins, a frog dissection guide, and an 11" x 7" x 1 ½" aluminum dissection pan.

  • Item #: 018731
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    These are standing clocks with independently moving hands.
  • Item #: 278838
    ISBN: 9781606821923
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    ISBN: 9781939814517
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