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    So, you're writing stories in English class, and your reluctant writer is whiny and reticent. "Why do we have to write stories? I can't think of anything!" If you can't get them out of their writing slump by suggesting "Well, let's brainstorm," or "Look around you for ideas," just say (with a twinkle in your eye) - "Forget it, let's just play a game instead." Of course, five or ten minutes later they'll realize they're not getting off the story-writing hook, but they'll probably be enjoying themselves so much they'll forget to pout. The game format is similar to most board games your family plays, with a large board featuring a wandering path from beginning to end. Besides a die, scoring pad and markers, the game features eight decks of story element cards and a story outline pad. Basically, as players move along the board, they will collect specific story element cards, and weave them into a story. Card decks are clearly labeled and include topic sentence, plot, character, setting, description, dialogue, lesson, and resolution cards. At the beginning of the game, each player receives a topic sentence. This is the only topic sentence card they will receive, and should be used towards the beginning of the story. As they roll the die, they will land on spaces labeled with the names of corresponding story element cards, and will draw the top card from the stack. By the end of the game, they should have at least one of each element card, and at least five description cards. Then, the writing begins! Choosing from their collected cards, the writer decides which cards he wants to incorporate into his or her story, and writes them onto the outline sheet. The outline begins with the topic sentence, and features blanks to fill in for each part of the story. Under "Setting", they must determine the "where", "when" and descriptors. Under character, they must identify the good guys and the bad guys, and describe both. For the plot, they must identify the problem, and decide on the order of events. Under "Resolution" and "Lesson", they will decide how the "Resolution" and "Lesson" cards they chose relate to their story, and how it all wraps up. Now, players each have a good framework for a story; the trick is now fleshing it out into an actual short story, which may be easier at this point, since a lot of the "unknowns" have been identified. A scoring sheet will help Mom decide if the story included all the necessary components, and will inspire kids not to skimp on the "less exciting" stuff. Since inventing characters, conflicts and settings sometimes takes a lot of steam out of even the more enthused young writers, I would imagine that taking that pressure off of them in this way would free up their imaginations to write a much more well-rounded, exciting story. I'll bet that even Mom and Dad will want to play this one! - Jess

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    The Era of Warring States sets the stage for ferocious competition. The land of China is sparsely settled, and remote villages have not yet fallen under anyone's influence. It is up to you to establish the Qin (pronounced ch'in) dynasty by undermining your opponents' efforts across the land! With one of the simplest strategy-game rule sets I've seen, Qin is simple to learn and almost as easy to master. Players are randomly given three province tiles with a combination of two red, yellow, or blue settlements on them. Every turn, players place one of their tiles on the board next to an existing tile and draw a new one. This can trigger several effects: founding, expanding, or creating a major province, connecting villages, conquering villages, or absorbing provinces. A province is any region of 2 or more same-colored settlements. Once a region is expanded to 5 settlement spaces, the player owning the province places a double-pagoda there, which can never be conquered or absorbed! This gives players a heavy impetus to block opponents from creating major regions (or at the very least, to create their own as quickly as possible!) In other cases, if you connect a province to one of the non-aligned villages on the board, you can take it over, placing an extra pagoda there. But be on the lookout—if an opponent's larger province is connected to one of your own, or a player has more pagodas next to one of your villages, they can replace your pagodas with their own! The first player to get rid of his or her pagodas wins. Don't be afraid to go on the offensive. The future Qin dynasty demands the strongest conqueror! For 2-4 players. 20-30 minutes.
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    Catch the most points to win this fishy game. The rules are easy to follow for young children. Roll the die and follow the "Fishing Guide", which directs you to either catch a fish, share your fish, or learn that your fish got away. When all the fish have been "caught", tally your points and the player with the most fish points wins! But be careful, if you 'catch' trash then you lose points! Colorfully illustrated cards include information on a variety of fish species as well as silly fish jokes that will tickle the funny bones in children of all ages. 2-6 players. 2013 Creative Child Preferred Child Award. Proudly Made in the U.S. ~ Deanne
  • Item #: 022385
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    Based on The Hobbit novel by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit: Defeat of Smaug centers around up to six players reclaiming their lost treasure from the evil dragon Smaug. The path of the board game loops around through six different colorfully-illustrated regions, including the Edge of the Wild, Misty Mountains, Mirkwood, etc., representing the journey made by Bilbo, Gandalf, and the dwarves. The game eventually ends when the players reach Smaug's hideout under the Lonely Mountain and attempt to defeat the dragon himself. Through each of the six regions, players attempt to answer riddles, sing songs, encounter mystical secrets and find hidden treasures. Once all is said and done, treasure and adventure points are tallied up and the most adventurous (successful) player will find himself crowned as King under the Mountain!

  • Item #: 051831
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    A childhood favorite from my husband's family, this is still one of the main games Gramma likes to play with her grandchildren. 13 trees scattered around the colorfully-illustrated board each hide a treasure from familiar fairy tales - Cinderella's slipper, the emperor's crown, and the boots of puss-in-boots, among others. Players move around the board, gaining a secret look at the bottom of each tree when they land right next to it. Once the king requests information on a particular treasure, it's a race of movement and memory to get to the castle first with the correct tree location. The first player to do so wins the treasure, and whoever gains three treasures first wins the game - and the kingdom! 2-6 players, approx. 30 min. per game. – Steph

  • Item #: 017114
    Retail: $39.99
    Rainbow Price: $31.95

       Think chess meets adventure. Between randomly shuffled cards that determine the placement of tiles and deciding how far and in which direction to move your multiple figures forward across the game board, this game is different each time it’s played! Use the tiles you’ve accumulated to battle fog creatures as you encounter them and collect companions and gold to help you on your quest. But watch out for the water sprite who can take your figures and their companions out of play for the rest of the game! Two alternate scenarios are also included with additional rules to make the game more challenging. 2-4 players, playing time 45 minutes.

  • Item #: 016283
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    Just like the Man Bites Dog card game, build your hilarious headline, earn points, and get a lot of laughs. This edition has over twice as many cards for more headline fun - it includes 260 headline cards (55 verb cards and 165 subject & adjective cards plus 10 create-your-own cards), a game board, pawns, and a dry erase marker. Use the pawns to keep track of your score around the outer edge of the game board first person to 500 wins. The game board provides spaces on which to lay out your headline cards for all to see. If you like the original, youll love this expanded and deluxe version of Man Bites Dog. ▲CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 015607
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    Programming isn’t just for the computer in this game! The idea is to “program” your way through each puzzle, using a specific combination of movements. Included in the game is an avatar, a portal, various move tokens (actions your avatar can take such as jumping, sliding, or running), power crystals, and enemy tokens, along with a map book and guide book. The map book contains puzzles of increasing difficulty with color-coded paths, which indicate which movement you need to go down the path, numbered spaces for power crystals, your avatar, and the portal. The guide book is your “program”: you place movement tokens on the various slots available in that puzzle, and then “run the program” by moving your avatar based on what tokens you placed in the guide book. The goal is to program your avatar to collect all gems, fight enemies, and navigate your way to the portal. Once you have a successful program, you can move on to the next level! But be warned: though the early levels are simple, there’s only one solution to each puzzle. Later puzzles feature loops, one-way paths, and non-linear programming logic in the guidebook. While the main goal is to demonstrate how computer programs “think”, the game is also great for developing planning, sequential logic, and problem-solving skills. Code Master is a single-player game, but can easily be passed around level-by-level for some family fun!

  • Item #: 020903
    Retail: $30.00
    Rainbow Price: $24.00

    Unlike the regular edition of Catan, the Family Edition features a six-piece pre-arranged board (picture a really easy jigsaw puzzle) instead of separate tiles. Each double-sided piece features a different combination of resources & number values. The emphasis of this version is on simplicity and ease of understanding; the limited combinations available reduce the "random" factor intrinsic to Catan, but also make the game easier for kids or new players. It is faster to set up, there are always a certain number of "good first spots," and reduced variability makes the game more predictable and easier to catch on to. Additionally, it is worth noting that this version is stand-alone and not expandable with 5-6 player Catan extensions. For 3-4 players; game duration is 60-90 minutes.

  • Item #: 069511
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    Rainbow Price: $14.95

     Zip around the country, collecting your states, and be the first to return home to win! To start, each player receives 6 state cards, in 6 different geographic locations. Take turns rolling the die and moving your airplane token across the board to land on the states you received. When you get there, you must correctly answer a geography question to “win” that state. Once you have collected all of your states, race back home. The game contains 220 double-sided question cards, with 220 questions at the 3-4th grade level and 220 questions at the 5th+ grade level. Players will learn all about state geography, facts, capitals and more while having fun! 2-4 players

  • Item #: 063499
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    Rainbow Price: $16.95

       A fast-paced two-player strategy game for the Tak-tical mind, Tak-Tak is a simple game of offense and defense.  Each player starts by placing 12 stackable, rectangular playing pieces into their respective 2-row “safe zone.”  Pieces are labeled 10, 20, 30, and 40 in blue, green, or yellow.  The goal is to move your pieces across the 3-row “war zone” and into the other player’s safe zone.  Danger is ever-present in this area of the board: each player can attack an opponent’s pieces with any like-colored or numbered piece.  That 40-green you were just about to get to the end of the board?  It’s been taken over by the opponent’s 10-green—now they control the stack!  The game ends when all chips have been moved into the end-zones.  Whoever has the highest numeric value of chips in their opponent’s war zone wins the game, proving their strategic superiority!  15+ minutes.

  • Item #: 069968
    ISBN: 9780992126858
    Retail: $34.99
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    Kicked out of Olympus for their mischief and mayhem, Zeus' children stumble upon a tiny city on a tall island. You play the part of one of the gods, assisting the workers to build the most prestigious building in your honor! The board is an empty 5x5 field resting atop a cliff; each player begins by placing their workers somewhere on the board. Players then take turns moving a single worker to an adjacent space and building a block, creating or adding onto an existing building. Players can move their builders up or down one level; whoever manages to move their worker onto the third story of a building wins the game! But beware: once a building reaches three levels, opponents can build domes atop these to block access, preventing players from winning. Adding a little depth is the addition of god powers from the whole Greek pantheon. The gods have permanent special abilities which improve building, movement, or even whole turns! Santorini is a delightfully simple building game suitable for children and adults alike. 2-4 players; 20 minutes. (Parents may want to note that two of the pantheon members, Eros and Aphrodite, are protrayed in semi-suggestive artwork, so you might want to remove these two cards before giving to children.)

  • Item #: 047944
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    Rainbow Price: $29.95

     In Tatsu, each player has six dragons (circular pieces) of three different types: Vine, Water, and Fire. Players roll two dice to move pieces, combining or splitting the values, and moving them around the inside circle of the board. When you land on a space with an enemy’s dragon, you “attack” that piece in one of three ways: Vine Dragons entangle the enemy piece, preventing it from moving; Water Dragons send the piece off the board; and Fire Dragons destroy a dragon, removing it from play. Victory is achieved when you destroy all of one type of the opponent’s dragons, or knock all their pieces off the board. 2 player; 30 minutes.

  • Item #: 023181
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    Rainbow Price: $15.99

    Six baby owls have flown far from their nest to see what excitement the dark night can offer; however; the sun is on the rise and they must get home before morning! This quality cooperative game is perfect for young children, employing some strategy as well to keep older players interested. The game board features a spiral path with different colored spaces, leading to the nest in the center, with the six baby owl tokens starting on different spaces at the outside end of the spiral. A separate sun track shows the progress of the sunrise from the dark night to bright daylight. There are 50 cards containing colors and pictures of the sun and to begin the game, each player is dealt three cards which they keep face-up in front of them. Working together, the players take turns playing a card from their hand into the discard pile, moving an owl or the sun token and replacing their hand with a new card from the draw pile. When you play a color card, you choose any baby owl and "fly" it to the next available card of that color (if another baby owl is already on the next space of that color you get to fly on further to the following one). When you play a sun card (which you must play if you have in your hand), the sun moves one space closer to daylight. You're going to have to work together and keep those owls moving if you're going to get them home by morning! 2-4 players, game play lasts about 15 minutes. ~ Megan

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       Hone your balance and hand eye coordination skills with this marble maze! Move the marble from the starting point to the finish by tilting the board, maneuvering the marble around corners and over bridges! Comes with instructions for building 7 different mazes! Plastic maze pieces easily fit into the holes of the game board. Game includes 6 marbles and 7 maze pieces. Game board measures 11.75” x 8.25”

  • Item #: 028997
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    Born out of the Game Show Network's ® program of the same name, this board game will challenge your Bible knowledge through varied, engaging challenges. Players form teams and can move in any direction around the board, answering trivia questions based on the color of space they land on. Name the book a verse comes from, identify the speaker of a quote, test your spelling of Bible words, answer multi-choice questions, determine if a popular phrase is from the Bible or not, Bible charades, order of the books – you get the complete Bible trivia test here! The dry-erase game board lets you keep track of progress right there as you play, and all the answers to questions are provided. 2-4 teams, with a playing time of 25+ minutes. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 034747
    ISBN: 9781604180251
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    Hours of bingo fun while your children practice and learn valuable phonics sight word skills. This game comes with 36 game cards, bingo chips, calling cards, answer mat, and a comprehensive game guide. ~ Alysia

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    You have to love a game when the rules say that the youngest player goes first. Each card has a letter cluster (sl, tr, st, br, etc.) or a single letter on it and illustrations of words that begin with that sound are also on the card (sp has a spider, spade, spring, spaghetti and a spoon.) Directions are clear and easy to follow. Kids are asked questions about what they remember on the cards. I think this is a game where the younger your brain, the better you will do. Adults be warned, you may not win this one. You get a timer, die, 53 cards, and loads of fun in a little purple box. ~ Sara

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      Imhotep, the legendary architect of Egypt... many say his wonders will never be surpassed. As an Egyptian architect, you are confident you can make some pretty nifty monuments yourself! The basic goal of the game is to transport stones of your color to various building sites on a communal board, earning points if certain goals are met. Each turn, players can do one of the following: acquire new stones, place a stone on a ship, sail a ship loaded with stones to a building site, or play a card to earn its benefit. Players take turns doing these actions until 4 ships have been sailed. The round then ends, additional points are given, and the ships are reset. The game ends after 6 rounds. Final points are distributed, and the player with the most victory points wins! Though sorting out all the different options available is a little intimidating at first, this is a very good family game. Nominated for the 2016 Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year). 2-4 players; 40 minutes.

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    Promote hand-eye coordination, balance, counting and color learning with this cooperative game. In addition to the game board, spinner, and the bad ol' Stack Smasher, the game includes 12 wooden blocks in four colors with drilled holes, 2 Stack Sticks, and 12 challenge cards. With 3 levels of play, the goal is to stack all the blocks before the Stack Smasher reaches the end of the board and knocks down the stack. Young children just use their hands, while the more dexterous can place the wooden end of the Stack Stick in the hole in the block and position it on the stack. Most challenging is teaming up with another player, each using the foam end of his Stack Stick to lift the block onto the stack. Challenge cards up the ante, as players close one eye or sing "Happy Birthday" while stacking. Games go quickly (approx. 15 minutes) for up to 6 players.
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    How well do you know your birds? In this game, the fewer clues you need to figure out the type of bird, the more points you'll score. The game is composed of 300 cards (at three different levels), with each card showing a photograph of the bird on one side and five clues and the name of the bird on the other. One player acts as the reader and reads the first clue to the player on their left, who is the answerer. If the answerer can name the bird after the first clue, they receive 5 points, if they need two clues, they get 4 points, etc, down to 0 points if they can't identify it. Then they become the new reader and play passes around the table. Whoever has the most points after eight rounds wins. For 2+ players.

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    Almost everyone in your house can play this fast-paced game. The goal is very simple – place all 61 shapes into their matching socket (space) before running out of time. The 8"x 12" plastic playing board has recessed sockets that match all of the plastic shapes (1/2" to 1 ½" in size) included in your Pajaggle game. Some of these shapes are very similar such as a flower shape with 6 petals, another with 7 petals, and another with 5 petals, so be careful not to "Pajiggle." Watch carefully that you place the pieces correctly; there is only one correct match for each shape. After placing all of the shapes into the board, place the center shape last and yell "Pajaggle!" This game is great for working on spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination, and it isn't as easy as it sounds. You can play the game solo or play against each other; the game is intended for 1 to 4 players and typically takes only 5 to 10 minutes. Game suggestions/variations included, and the game pieces store right in the board.
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    Looking for a game that is simple but high in educational value? Then this perfect for you. Similar to the classic party game where you display a tray of objects, study it, hide it and write down as many objects as you can, the first player draws a card and is given 10 seconds to study the facts and pictures on it before passing it to the next player. The objects being studied are animal themed—and instead of merely listing items you can recall, players are challenged to answer specific questions about the objects. The first player rolls the die to see which question about the previously studied card he or she will have to answer (questions can be found on the back of each card). If the player succeeds in answering correctly, they are awarded the card. If only one person is playing all the rules remain the same, except he or she must write down all 8 answers before checking their answers. These games are perfect for learning interesting facts and helping improve memory. Contents include 70 sturdy cards, 10-second sand timer and 8-sided die. - Tasha

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