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  • Item #: BIOSET
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  • Item #: 002009
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    This CD-ROM includes all the information contained in the print version of the course, and more. Animation, video clips, narrations, and audio pronunciation guides add multimedia interest. Tests and study guides for every module are located on a separate CD and can printed out, but are not interactive. The teacher has access to password-protected answers which they can use for manual grading. Computer requirements: PC using Windows XP or higher.

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    ISBN: 9780991636945
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  • Item #: 043262
    ISBN: 9781424303106
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    Students watch as the instructor, Wes Olson, explains the definition of life and takes you through the days of Creation and the specimens created on those days. In order, you will learn about plants, water animals, flying creatures, land animals, and mankind, and wrap it all up with lessons about genetics. There are 4 DVDs for a total running time of 4 ½ hours. The author describes this course as a “super-condensed, fun-filled, fascinating overview of the world of biology.” If you grasp the basics taught in this program, you’ll have a solid understanding of biology. The 4th disc contains the PDF files. High school credits are based on hours spent on a course of study, and 120-180 hours constitutes one credit. This course totals 135 hours if you follow the accreditation schedule. You could add dissection labs or microscope labs for more content. Note that the activities in this course are simple labs like identifying plants and animals or watching a fish, so if you live in a state which requires lab sciences for high school credit you will need to make some additions.

  • Item #: 051443
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    Biology: The beginning of biology, the attributes of life and the meaning of science lays the foundation of this course. Students also study matter, acids, bases, buffers, energy, lipids and proteins. Differentiation of cells, sexual reproduction, linked genes, DNA and DNA structure, protein construction, mutations, pedigrees and the Human Genome Project are studied. Body system foundation including the nervous system, endocrine system, reproductive system, digestive system, excretory system, and muscular system is learned. Students record and analyze observations, conduct calculations, use tables and graphs, apply concepts, formulate hypothesis, and design experiments. Lab Supplies needed include Elodea sprigs, aquarium (or beakers), microscope, microorganism reference chart, dropper pipettes, test tubes, glass slides and cover slips, test tube rack, graduated cylinder and beakers.

  • Item #: 029556
    ISBN: 9780544147706
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    This course, intended for high school students, has transitioned to a format which includes a hard copy student text and an "Interactive Online Edition" which includes interactive editions of both student and teacher editions, worksheets, labs, assessments and various tools and videos. Access is provided through a code which you will receive with the textbook, and access will remain active for one year. We now offer a one year renewal, see item #062517.

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    ISBN: 9781594762451
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  • Item #: 009231
    ISBN: 9781892427052
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    Consists of 35 lessons divided into 7 units: plants, birds, mammals, humans, reptiles, insects and aquatic creatures.

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    ISBN: 9781930367920
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    ISBN: 9781930367937
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    ISBN: 9781935614296
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    ISBN: 9781935614302
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  • Item #: 047032
    ISBN: 9780982856826
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    (Publishers Description)

    Complete Junior High/Middle School Life Science Curriculum

    280+ page hardcover textbook including study questions at the end of each chapter

    High quality, full color pictures and graphics

    Answer Key including study question answers, test answers, and chapter summaries with key teaching points

    Complete Syllabus/Daily Schedule

    Test Booklet

  • Item #: 034863
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  • Item #: 049117
    ISBN: 9781683441526
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    ISBN: 9781419004230
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  • Item #: 016000
    ISBN: 9780890515525
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    A sweeping tour of biology, from biological classification and naming systems to the kingdoms of life, with side trips into food nutrients, human digestion, scientific advances in growing crops, and hoaxes related to biology. Stories of many famous scientists are woven throughout, including Louis Pasteur, George Washington Carver, Robert Hooke, Carl Linnaeus, Jean Henri Fabre, John Audubon and others.

  • Item #: 032150
    ISBN: 9781935614395
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    ISBN: 9781935614388
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  • Item #: 022467
    ISBN: 9781483816913
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    This reproducible book is a very complete collection of workbook pages to complement any study of biology. Use the pages to supplement your curriculum or simply for a review if they've already completed a biology course and want to brush up on the basics. The worksheet exercises feature charts to complete, matching exercises, crosswords, labeling, completing definitions, multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, and classifying. A small sampling of the topics covered in includes cells, elements, bacteria, Punnett squares, genetics, human systems, structures of various animals, botany, metamorphosis, osmosis, diseases, and food webs. These worksheets would be especially beneficial if your curriculum is long on information and short on exercises. - Melissa

  • Item #: 012845
    ISBN: 9780471503811
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  • Item #: 000625
    ISBN: 9781935614678
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    Please note that this course is being revised as the online virtual lab software has been discontinued. If you would like to complete the course as a lab course, it is recommended that you purchase the Biology lab kit from The Home Scientist. We expect stock on the revised editions by the end of July 2019.

  • Item #: FPAMRB
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  • Item #: 075515
    ISBN: 9780062398659
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    ISBN: 9781619304352
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  • Item #: 021551
    ISBN: 9780764141348
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    What a wealth of information you have at your fingertips in these books! They're designed to include all the basic, important concepts vital to a full understanding of each subject, broken down into small, manageable chunks to help any student understand the subject better, and improve their grades along the way. Each chapter covers a broad biological concept, such as "Homo Sapiens: A Special Vertebrate," further subdivided into smaller body systems such as skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, circulatory and more. The chapters are fairly lengthy, and cover a wide range of topics, from the branches of biology, to cell chemistry, classification systems, basic chemical reactions, bacteria/viruses, the protists, fungi, green plants, invertebrates, chordates, humans, nutrition, diseases and the immune system, heredity/genetics, ecology, and evolution. Most evolutionary information is contained within one chapter, so you can easily skip over it - or use it as an opportunity to contrast current evolutionary thought against creationist theories!. Black and white illustrations complement the chapter information, providing charts, illustrations of organisms, life cycles, and more. Following each chapter is a series of study and review questions, including short answer, multiple choice, vocabulary, true/false, and long answer, as well as a short section on how this information pertains to real life skills in the field of a biologist, and a short chronology of the famous scientists whose work is featured in that chapter. At 370 pages, there is a lot of good, solid information here, and can be used as a backbone to a biology curriculum fleshed out with experiments and further reading, or as a handy reference to make sure you don't leave any gaps in your studies. After reviewing this book, I felt that I could have used it even in college to get some more background on some concepts that they breeze through rather quickly in college biology! (formerly titled Biology the Easy Way) - Jess