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Bible Grade 4

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  • Item #: 028417
    ISBN: 9781595570659
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    ISBN: 9781930092624
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    ISBN: 9781615387366
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  • Item #: 009898
    ISBN: 9781935495079
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    Ten lessons lay the essential foundational truths upon which the biblical Christian worldview is built: God is truth, and He reveals His truth to people.

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    ISBN: 9781933339757
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  • Item #: 004810
    ISBN: 9780867170078
    Retail: $79.95
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    Lifepac Set plus Teacher Guide. How Can I Live for God?; God's Knowledge; Saul Begins to Live for God; The Bible & Me; God Cares for Us; How Can I Know God Exists?; Old Testament Geography; God-Given Worth; Witnessing for Jesus; God's Way is Perfect.

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  • Item #: 048476
    ISBN: 9781935495086
    Retail: $42.00
    Rainbow Price: $33.60

    Eight lessons examine who we truly are in Christ; what it means to be made in the image of the Most High God. 262 pgs, hc.

  • Item #: 039416
    ISBN: 9780979244612
    Retail: $18.95
    Rainbow Price: $14.75
  • Item #: 016429
    ISBN: 9780743971034
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.50

    This book will help you to develop Christian character in your children. 13 units focus on honoring God, respecting others, telling the truth, self-control, kindness, obeying rules, forgiveness, responsibility, patience, loving everyone, apologizing, thankfulness, and sharing. Every unit holds 10-11 pages of stories and activities for that value. A poster for that trait starts each chapter, along with games, songs and a craft. Then there is a Bible lesson , such as the story of Jonah for "saying I'm sorry," and an application lesson - a real life situation story in which fictional children learn the lesson. A few activities are included for each lesson, such as following directions, puzzles, crosswords, and other practical, original exercises. Every unit ends with a "My Contract" page, where kids can decide to sign a contract to try and do better in that area. Although you can use this with just one child, I think it would also work well for a Sunday school class or group of children, as it is reproducible and several of the activities and games utilize "teamwork." ~ Stephanie

  • Item #: 049170
    ISBN: 9781615380893
    Retail: $17.95
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  • Item #: VB2KIT
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  • Item #: 050475
    ISBN: 9781935495093
    Retail: $42.00
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    Eight lessons help kids understand what it means to be salt & light to the world and encourage them to develop a Christlike servant attitude. 262 pgs, hc.

    I Peter 3:15 says "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have," and this book offers the information you need to prepare to give those answers. This hefty 400+ page book will prepare believers to defend their faith and offers solid research and scientific fact for those who are skeptics, from the perspective of two gentlemen who were atheists and came to Christ through evidence.

    This text explores the meaning of truth and the truth of religion through evidence that supports Bible content in the areas of origins, miracles and signs of God, testimony to Jesus' life, inspiration of the Word of God, and more. The curriculum guide follows the text chapter by chapter and is designed to help students remember and understand the content presented in the text. This guide is published by Apologia and co-authored by Frank Turek & Chuck Winter. Frank is also one of the authors of the text, so the two books work together flawlessly for a complete one-year study of worldview and apologetics. The curriculum guide presents supplemental material, study questions, and activities for discussion, writing, and reflection. There is no answer key for the guide, but the author suggests that most answers can be found easily in the text, and sometimes page numbers are given to help you find them. Each lesson begins with pages to read from the text, important vocabulary with space to write their definitions, and four sections titled hook, book, look, and took. Hook is designed to get your attention and make you think; Book takes you deeper into the topic covered in the chapter; Look allows opportunities for the student to research assignments or other suggested activities; and Took summarizes the information and helps you apply it. A DVD series has been developed which features Frank Turek and enhances the content of the course, but it isn't required to complete the course.

    This course is easy to read and presents arguments for Christianity in a truly logical fashion. Humorous anecdotes are presented to reinforce some topics, and biographical information of some very famous scientists dot the landscape of this text and curriculum. Even if you don't want to use this as a high school course/elective, the text is an interesting read for anyone who has questions or wants to know how to defend their faith.

  • Item #: 056909
    ISBN: 9781600512568
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  • Item #: 049600
    ISBN: 9781893103689
    Retail: $19.95
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    This study guide from Beautiful Feet serves a dual purpose both by exposing young children to quality literature and using that literature to study good character. The guide holds lists of over 180 recommended books, both for primary and intermediate students. Discussion and comprehension questions are also included for 25 books, with an emphasis on analyzing character lessons. A great guide for choosing read-alouds with a character/moral emphasis.

  • Item #: 000655
    ISBN: 9780974559971
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  • Item #: VB3KIT
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  • Item #: 053975
    ISBN: 9781935495109
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  • Item #: 011518
    ISBN: 9780740337420
    Retail: $99.95
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    Units: How Can I Live for God?, God's Knowledge, Saul Begins to Live for God, The Bible & Me, God Cares for Us, How Can I Know God Exists?, Geography of the Old Testament, God-given Worth, Witnessing for Jesus, and God's Way is Perfect.

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    ISBN: 9781879614710
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  • Item #: 016129
    ISBN: 9780966378696
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    Includes The Young Peacemaker and student activity book (CD format).

  • Item #: 002994
    ISBN: 9781889015064
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    ISBN: 9781829614722
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  • Item #: 019456
    ISBN: 9780916387556
    Retail: $25.00
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    Extremely in depth, the guide defines aspects of Christian character and development with emphasis on how character relates to relationships, responsibilities and attitude. It is a comprehensive study of character traits, elaborating on the traits in terms of “works of the Spirit” and “works of the flesh.” For example, the author discusses elements of good stewardship such as being constructive and productive, conserving, being reliable, and faithful. In contrast, bad stewardship involves being wasteful, destructive, unreliable, and unfaithful. The Guide uses Scripture (NIV and NKJV) as the basis for character instruction, while also preparing the child for a relationship with God. Chapters build on each other and include Honor/Dishonor, Active Obedience/Disobedience, Responsibility & Faithfulness/Irresponsibility & Unfaithfulness, Kindness & Generosity/Meanness & Greed, Nonviolence & Nonresistance/Violence and Patience/ImpatienceThe core of this curriculum is the Guide Book.  It is a comprehensive study of character traits, presenting both the positive and negative sides of each character trait, or lack of it. There is significant teaching in this book and it is meant for instruction by the parents or self-study for older children. 

    Can be used as a stand alone book or with other publisher components.



  • Item #: 002977
    ISBN: 9781889015132
    Retail: $21.99
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