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    If I were to give you these four clues "Elijah," "Esau," "Jacob" and "Nazarites," could you tell me which one didn't belong? How about the connection between the other three? Not one of those feel-good, easy-cheesy Bible games with answers like "church" or "pew," this game will have you dredging the trenches of your memory looking for solid (and many times obscure!) facts straight from the pages of the Bible. Fun and educational, it works like this - the board features a triangle-shaped track with 30 spaces along which players move forward for correct answers, but may have to, in certain situations, move backwards for incorrect answers. Players are given four clues, and they must decide, for 1 point, which of the four doesn't belong, and for 3 points, the connection between the other three. They must always answer in this order; players cannot get points or name the connection without first eliminating the one that doesn't fit. If a player answers both parts correctly, they continue to get questions until they answer part of a question incorrectly. Bonus points are available for the next player to "steal" that question. "Give" and "Take" questions add an extra element to the game; if the player receiving a question doesn't know the answer (and thinks another player may not either!), they can slap down one of their "Give" cards and assign it to them. If that player doesn't answer both parts correctly, they must move backwards four spaces, but if they do answer correctly, they move forward four. If it's not your turn, but you know the answer and the receiving player hesitates, slap down your "Take" card and shout out your answer. If you get it right, move forward 4 spaces, but be careful - if you don't answer the whole thing correctly, you move backwards 4 spaces! With 500 double-sided cards, for a total of 1000 questions, players will be scrambling to study their Bible before the next play date! References for each fact are given at the bottom of each card in italics if you'd like to research anything. (Oh, do you want to know the answer to the puzzle – or have you already figured it out? The one that doesn't belong is "Jacob" – because the other three are hairy.). For 3-6+ players, game time is approximately 40 minutes. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 028997
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    Born out of the Game Show Network's ® program of the same name, this board game will challenge your Bible knowledge through varied, engaging challenges. Players form teams and can move in any direction around the board, answering trivia questions based on the color of space they land on. Name the book a verse comes from, identify the speaker of a quote, test your spelling of Bible words, answer multi-choice questions, determine if a popular phrase is from the Bible or not, Bible charades, order of the books – you get the complete Bible trivia test here! The dry-erase game board lets you keep track of progress right there as you play, and all the answers to questions are provided. 2-4 teams, with a playing time of 25+ minutes. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 069550
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    Help animal pairs make it onto Noah’s Ark before the Flood with this bible-themed memory game! Take turns flipping tiles to try and matching all twelve male and female animal pairs. Watch out for the waves, though! If all ten wave tiles are flipped up before the twelve pairs of animals are matched, the game is lost! A fun, non-competitive game that teaches memory, social development, and teamwork. Includes 17”x12” game board, 27 animal tiles, 10 water cards and rules. -EmilyG

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    This game is more fun than some church services I've been to! This new game from a new publisher helps us learn about the Bible and contemporary Christian life in a variety of ways. Round 1 consists of trivia questions about the Bible, Christian music artists, and "What Would Church Folk Do?". Round 2 is the action round, with physical challenges that have players laughing, dancing, and singing. In Round 3, players must decide whether a phrase comes from the Bible or is just a common Christian expression. This game moves quickly, taking only 20-30 minutes. It may even be a good evangelism tool! 4 or more players.
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    Now this popular party game is available in a Bible edition perfect for families, youth groups, and church activities! If you're not familiar with the regular edition, Apples to Apples is a hilarious card game for 4-10 players. The game consists of red apple cards and green apple cards. The green apple cards each feature an adjective such as "harmful," "friendly," etc., and if you're not sure exactly what the word means, each card contains a helpful list of synonyms at the bottom. Red apple cards contain nouns – people, places, things, or events. In the Bible edition, the red apple cards all contain nouns from the Bible or Christian history, and a Bible verse is featured on the bottom of each card. In the first round, one player is elected the "judge," and he or she deals out seven cards to each player including him/herself. He or she then flips over a green adjective card. Each player (except the judge) plays a red noun card face down that they feel best fits that adjective. The judge shuffles the cards (so they won't know who played which card), reads through them, decides which card is the best fit (or the funniest, depending on the judge!), and awards the green apple card to that player. Then the player on the left of the judge becomes the next judge, who replenishes everyone's hand to seven cards, and the second round begins. The first player to gather four green apple cards wins! The game contains 432 red apple cards, 144 green apple cards, card trays, and instructions which include instructions for three game variations. This one is sure to be an instant hit with your family and friends! ~ Megan

  • Item #: 065011
    ISBN: 9780718041786
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       Combine your Bible learning and knowledge with your puzzle skills in the Big Fun Bible Puzzle Book. There are 213 pages of puzzles – mazes, crosswords, word searches, code breakers, and more. You need your Bible to do the puzzles, so here is an opportunity to practice looking up passages, and the puzzle answers immediately follow the puzzle section. Pages 352 to 448 are topical quizzes with the answers. Topics include: Angels, Bible Translations, Famous Figures, Miracles, Other Gods of Other Nations, Promises and Covenants, and Say a Little Prayer for Me (Paul). Quizzes are short answer, multiple choice, true/false, and matching. The quizzes include information found in the puzzles and info you looked up in the Bible. Use this with your Bible curriculum, as daily Bible time, or just to test your Bible knowledge.  

  • Item #: 057593
    ISBN: 9781418549121
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    ISBN: 9781680228038
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  • Item #: 008200
    ISBN: 9780310728993
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      Keep your memory verses where you need them! This magnetic sticky notepad puts God’s word just where you need the daily encouragement – on the fridge, a bathroom mirror, on your alarm clock, or in a locker. 4x3” notes make a great addition to you NIV Adventure Bible, or give them as a gift set for someone special. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 025675
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    On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... I love the sounds and sights of Christmas! In the spirit of Christmas, players pass gift cards to the player on their left before presenting their gift card to try to win the day. The lowest played value card is considered the best gift and wins the day. At the end of 12 days (rounds), the game ends, the final scores are tallied, and the winner is declared. Strategy tips and examples are included, giving children of various ages and abilities the opportunity to win the day! Cards are vibrantly illustrated and stored in a sturdy cardboard box. 3-5 players. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 059009
    ISBN: 9780310725756
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.98

    If you have a comic book reader, the Adventure Bible Handbook might be a great way to interest them in reading stories from the Bible. Travel with the children of an archeologist throughout the Holy Land as they go in search of their missing father. In their quest to find Dad, they travel back in time with unusual tour guides who use RSP (really smart phones) devices to reach their destinations. They travel by hang glider, camel, kayak, and more, learning first-hand about places and events along the way. As unusual as this approach might seem, the Adventure Bible Handbook takes children on a chronological tour of major events. After meeting all the characters of the story, begin at the Garden of Eden, then go to the flood and see how large the ark really was; visit the Tower of Babel, meet Abraham and his family, then travel with Joseph to Egypt before moving on through other Bible events. For each stop in the story, you will not only read about the group of travelers, there will be photos of the area, items found there, explanation of unusual terms, and a Bible summary of that particular event. There may also be a scripture quotation (NIrV unless otherwise noted) or reference, so you can read more on the subject. The good news is that the children find their father, but they learn so much as they are searching.

    Some great resources are also found in this handbook. In the front of this 240-page hardcover book is a list of the pages on which you can find references to the books of the Bible (chronologically) and a list of the stories that are covered in the Adventure Bible Handbook. The back of the book includes a reading guide to the Bible, the Apostles' Creed, scripture index that tells you the page of the handbook on which you can find a particular scripture, a subject index, and a guide to the images (photos) used in the handbook. Your child can also access games and activities to accompany their Adventure Bible Handbook at www.AdventureBible.com.

    Use the Adventure Bible Handbook to get your child interested in God's Word and to introduce them to the adventure and excitement of the events that are foundational to the Christian faith. ~ Donna

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  • Item #: 058819
    ISBN: 9781450822886
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  • Item #: 021587
    ISBN: 9780971202207
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    Rainbow Price: $49.95

    Some of the highlights of this original Busy Bible are lifting the numbered flaps of the earth to see each day's creations, Joseph's coat of many colors, helping Ruth gather grain, unzipping the great fish to find Jonah, setting up a nativity scene, and playing the Good Samaritan. When children are finished playing, they can Velcro the book shut and place it back in its clear carrying case, which features a snap close and a handle for easy transport.

  • Item #: 011815
    ISBN: 9780971202214
    Retail: $54.95
    Rainbow Price: $49.95

    Write on a Prophet's Scroll, assemble a puzzle of Jesus' birth, reveal the gifts brought by the wise men, see the widow's mites, find the lost sheep, and roll away the stone from Jesus' tomb. Hear and interact with the stories of Jesus from birth to resurrection with this quality, quiet-play book for little ones. Like the original Busy Bible, this one can also be stored in its clear carrying case.

  • Item #: 015057
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    Handmade and designed in Italy, this cute balance game hones the skills of strategy and precision. Noah in the ark is the base of this balance game (8.2”x 5.5”), and the goal is to stack the 10 animals on the ark without tipping them over. All of the pieces are made of hardwood and painted with vegetable-based dyes. Children can play with the animals separately from the game or apply their concentration and skills of steadiness in building an animal tower. It can be done!

  • Item #: 020051
    Retail: $29.95
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    Which came first - the beginning of construction on Notre Dame Cathedral, or the printing of the Gutenberg Bible? Test your historical perspective with Perspective. 2 to 8 players try to place event cards in chronological order in four categories: Ancient, Middle, Modern, and 20th Century. If you think one of the other players is "out of order", challenge them. Flip the question cards to reveal the dates on the back. If you're right, you get to give that player one of your cards. When all of your cards are played, you win! 200 event cards included. Recommended for ages 12+, but can be used as young as age 10. A fun way to impart historical knowledge and a frame of reference.

  • Item #: 058820
    ISBN: 9781450851183
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    Rainbow Price: $8.95
  • Item #: 062757
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    Quick! What do a pen and a squid have in common? Hopefully, this wasn't an association you had to ink much about! Each player starts the game with an equal deck of cards beside them and five picture/word cards face up in front of them. Two cards are placed face up in the middle of the playing surface. Race to be the first player to come up with a connection between one of your five cards and a center card! If you succeed, place your card over one in the center and say why the two objects are linked. You card becomes a new card that players try to form an association with. Then fill the empty space in front of you with a card from your deck. The first player to correlate all of their cards wins! For 2 or more players. Game time: approx. 30 minutes.
  • Item #: 063648
    ISBN: 9781462745203
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    ISBN: 9781931454531
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  • Item #: 065179
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    If you’re looking for a smaller version that’s easier to take on the go (on the way to get the Christmas tree or to spend Christmas at Grandma’s house?), consider the card game version that includes 71 cards, each with 4 questions (1 in each of the categories listed above).

  • Item #: 049466
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    The Blunders are a family with bad manners. They want to go a party at the Mannerly's house but before they get an invitation, they need to learn some better manners. The four Blunders kids have distinct personalities and behaviors: gossiping, belching at the table, poor sportsmanship, bragging, tattling, whining, bossiness, and forgetting to use please and thank you. The game proceeds with color-coded question cards as you work your Blunder characters around the game board. While some of the table etiquette is pretty formal, most questions ask things that kids can easily relate to.

    Here is a question in the Home category. True or False: "Bobby Blunder went over to the Mannerly's house and brought his dog Butch. When Mrs. Mannerly opened the door, Bobby let Butch run into their house. This was okay because Bobby knows that Butch is a friendly dog." Turn over the card to learn that the answer is False. There is also an explanation why it is false: Bobby should have either not brought the dog over or tied him up in the Mannerly's yard.

    Manners are one of those things we nag our kids about sometimes. We often prompt little ones to say please or gently remind (force) older kids to send those thank you notes out after a birthday party. Here is a fun way to share information with kids and let them prove what they already know about being kind and polite to others. Includes game board, 3 boxes of question cards, rule booklet, place setting cards, reward tokens, 2 dice and characters as game pieces to move along the board. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 063032
    ISBN: 9780529106445
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      Such a compact little book contains more than 6,000 Bible questions and answers. And the information doesn’t stop there! It also includes a few black and white illustrations (such as of the Ark of the Covenant and a plowshare), lists, and maps. Questions are grouped by the Biblical literature types: History, Poetry, Prophecy, Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, and Epistles. At the beginning of each literary style, the individual books are listed and summarized. Question types include true & false, fill in the blank, multiple choice and open ended questions. Answers are placed in italics directly below the question. You’ll find on these pages a wealth of biblical information that ranges from more commonly known to the more obscure, focusing on facts and details in Scripture. Use as a spur-of-the-moment resource for a Bible trivia game, a way to review Bible content at home, or just read through to learn something new. 4” x 6”, 374 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

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       Here’s some great entertainment for the whole family while everyone is together for the holidays! Split up into teams, choose a deck (one for indoors and the other for outside), then set off to look for Christmas-themed items like a “lumpy present” or “something white and cold”. The instructions are simple so you can add your own rules about how to collect items or how to determine a winner. 2+ players.