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Before Five In A Row

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  • Item #: 001512
    ISBN: 9781888659047
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    Not to leave out the eager younger children, this volume provides mini Five in a Row- style lessons for youngsters. This book; however, is divided into two parts, the first being similar to the other curriculum guides. Just as in the original series, each unit is built around a simple, classic children's storybook. This book differs from the older volumes in that it is not structured around a week. The purpose is simply to provide an array of activities for each book that engage children and lay the foundation for further learning. Some of the activities are subject related, such as Bible, science, math, language arts, and art; others are various skills such as learning shapes, sequencing, colors or problem solving, and the rest are centered on specific topics, like relationships, contentment, birthdays or another book-related idea. The second part of this book focuses on arming parents with creative ideas to build learning readiness. This section is a treasure trove of activities that help develop reading readiness and motor skills or focus on the arts. Additional activities also capitalize on teachable moments that arise during bath time, in the kitchen, or during a trip to the store. 149 pgs. ~ Steph

  • Item #: BFRFIR
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  • Item #: 019808
    ISBN: 9781888659009
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    150 pgs covering 19 weeks (and 19 books).

  • Item #: 020317
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    Contains lessons for an additional 21 weeks. 200 pgs.

  • Item #: 020859
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    15 weeks of curriculum based on delightful children's books. 133 pgs.

  • Item #: 046306
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    Includes the first three volumes of Five in a Row and the Christian Character & Bible Study Supplement in one large, volume.

  • Item #: 024181
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    Rainbow Price: $75.00

    Written for slightly older students, the format of Volume 4 is slightly different. This volume contains 15 lengthier unit studies that can be stretched to two weeks per book. Christian content is incorporated into Vol. 4 through related 'Christian Character and Bible Study Lessons.' FIAR Cookbook lessons are also provided for each unit, as are the laminatd story disks. So while this volume seems pricey compared to the rest, it's also more than twice the size of the other volumes and includes more additional content that you don't get packaged with Vol. 1-3. All volumes are spiral-bound with sturdy laminated covers.

  • Item #: FIARV1
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    Now includes Who Owns the Sun? again, which is now back in print!

  • Item #: FIARV2
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  • Item #: FIARV3
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     Package now includes Andy and the Circus, which is back in print!

  • Item #: FIARV4
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  • Item #: 001529
    ISBN: 9781888659139
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    Using outstanding chapter books, Beyond is for children who have "outgrown" the Five in a Row unit studies. Activities and lesson ideas incorporate history, geography, science, language arts, fine arts, and human relationships into the study of the selected literature for a full semester. Books needed for this study are listed below. A Christian Character and Bible Supplement is available separately to integrate scriptural selections and character study.

  • Item #: 000624
    ISBN: 9781888659146
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    Rainbow Price: $35.00

    This is the second volume in the Beyond Five in a Row Series. As with volume 1, books used in the study can be obtained at your library and are also offered below for your convenience.

  • Item #: 003020
    ISBN: 9781888659153
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    A little more challenging in reading level and activities than the previous Beyond books. Books required in the study are listed also.

  • Item #: BYDFV1
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  • Item #: BYDFV2
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  • Item #: BYDFV3
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  • Item #: 007917
    ISBN: 9781888659030
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    This supplement provides several ideas and outlines for 175 Bible lessons corresponding to each of the 55 stories covered in the first three volumes of Five in a Row.

  • Item #: 010642
    ISBN: 9781888659160
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    Rainbow Price: $35.00

    96-page volume for use with the three volumes above. Contains basic biblical doctrine.

  • Item #: 028609
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    In order to track your progress around the world as you read, this program suggests attaching story disks to a world map to mark where each story took place. Although ready to color disks are provided at the back of each book, this set comes completed, saving you the work. 55 colorful, laminated disks represent each story covered in the first three FIAR volumes. Disks come in a laminated sheet, ready to be cut out.

  • Item #: 003596
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    Looking to add a little "spice" to your Five in a Row lessons? The Five in a Row Cookbook is a collection of recipes that add a tasty dimension to the lessons. For instance, in FIAR Volume 1, the first story is The Story About Ping; the cookbook contains recipes from the Yangtze River area of China - egg rolls, fried rice, and egg drop soup. Recipes are generally simple enough for mother and child(ren) to work together. An occasional cultural tidbit sometimes accompanies the recipe. Recipes are included for each story in FIAR Volumes 1, 2, and 3 and Beyond FIAR Volumes 1, 2, and 3. The book is written by Becky Jane Lambert, daughter of FIAR author Jane Claire Lambert. Becky has fond memories of cooking alongside her mother; create your own using this book!

  • Item #: 050088
    ISBN: 9781888659177
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  • Item #: FIR1CS
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     This package now includes Who Owns the Sun?, which is back in print!

  • Item #: 025473
    ISBN: 9781930900820
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

    A long time ago in a village in Maine, two sisters owned a general store. Not very much is known about them, but an old watchmaker from the town remembered that they had a beautiful carriage and the finest horse in town. Who could've taken care of the horse while the sisters ran the store all day? Could it have been the sneaky horse trader, a friendly man crippled by a logging accident, or a pair of well-mannered children?

  • Item #: 000755
    ISBN: 9780064432566
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    Grandfather, Thomas, and the cat, Ringo, find themselves in the middle of a storm, where all the lights have gone out. They're trying to figure out what to do because they can't see enough to read and the electricity is out, so they can't watch TV either. Grandfather decides to tell Thomas of a tale about when he was a little boy and a storm he found himself afraid in. He tells of how his bravery took over when he realized that his little dog, Melvin, was all alone outside and that he had to put his fear aside to venture out and rescue him. Written by Mary Stolz and beautifully illustrated by Pat Cummings.

  • Item #: 000774
    ISBN: 9780140548754
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    The story of a content young girl growing up in the mountains with her brother and grandparents. The text offers a gentle look into her simple life and joys, well illustrated by wonderful pictures.

  • Item #: 008183
    ISBN: 9780802473134
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.04

    Many people are familiar with Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages, written to husbands/wives, and its sequel, The Five Love Languages of Children. Whether or not you've read these (and it's highly recommended that you do!), if you have teenagers, this would be an extremely worthwhile read. Gary Chapman, in his first book, identified five primary love languages - words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, acts of service, and gifts. These love languages are the same for all ages, but there are different ways to "speak" them at different points. If you've found your child's primary love language, it will remain the same (assuming you evaluated it correctly) when they become a teenager, but they likely won't respond to the same things and you will need to learn how to continue to speak this language effectively. Teenagers are notorious for being moody, temperamental, and even rebellious, sometimes without any apparent explanation to their parents. As is the premise for his other books, Gary Chapman explains that one of the main reasons for this is teens often do not feel loved - despite parents who may be very loving - because that love is not being communicated effectively in a way which speaks to the teenager. Finding your teenagers primary (and secondary) love language enables parents to be sensitive to their changing needs and ensure they feel loved and accepted. This book discusses contemporary teens and the importance of parental love before moving on to individual chapters covering each love language. After this is a chapter designed to help you identify your teen's love language. Subsequent chapters deal with unresolved problems of anger, independence, responsibility (and discipline), loving in spite of failure, and help for single parents or blended families. If you have (or will soon have!) teenagers in your house, this book will go a long way in fostering understanding and love in your relationship(s). 259 pgs. - Melissa

  • Item #: 001754
    ISBN: 9780312380038
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.50

    Chester Cricket from Connecticut is accidentally transported to New York in a picnic basket. Alone and afraid in a strange city, Chester is befriended by Harry and Tucker, a cat and mouse, who help him adjust to city life and discover his amazing musical talent that brings success to a failing subway station newsstand.

  • Item #: 044676
    ISBN: 9780977732319
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

    Multiplication facts should be committed to memory for immediate recall during timed tests and to succeed at higher math levels. There are enough new concepts to assimilate at the high school level without being hindered by inadequate retention of the basic math facts. These will also be used continuously in real-life applications. Whether a student is just beginning to learn the multiplication facts or needs a little more help to totally master them, this book can help.

    Similar to Two Plus Two is Not Five (for addition and subtraction), this volume presents multiplication facts incrementally, using mastery strategies. As in that book, strategies are meant to bridge the way between counting and memorization, not as a substitute for instant recall. There are 33 sets of strategy introductions, followed by practice, review, and cumulative review pages – a total of 148 reproducible pages in all. The Guide to Introducing the Facts supplies helpful terminology and instructions for each introduction. Facts are not introduced in order; they are introduced by strategy, with easier strategies (like doubles) near the beginning. You will probably want to use a set of multiplication flash cards for daily drill and practice of presented facts to use in tandem with this book. The Guide lists facts to add to your flash card drill with each introduction. As facts are presented, students can check them off on their Record-Keeping Checklists. As they are mastered, they can be circled on the Math Facts Baseline Recorder. This sheet of the 81 multiplication facts can also be used for remedial students as a starting point for instruction. Practice pages of facts contain both vertical and horizontal format problems and sometimes include a few addition and/or subtraction facts for review. This keeps children on their toes so they remember to look at the sign of a problem before working. There are also cumulative review pages that review all facts introduced to that point. Some of these (listed in introduction) are meant to be used for testing and timed drills to determine mastery. Children should only answer the ones they know from memory, without counting; others should be left blank. Other Review pages are used for reinforcement of particular strategies and math facts. Many of these are concentrated toward the back of the book as a final review. You will probably use these only if your child has not demonstrated mastery of those facts yet. The pages are easy on the eye; very clean and clear-looking with problems nicely spaced. This one looks like a good bet for nailing those multiplication facts once and for all.

  • Item #: 069630
    Retail: $35.00
    Rainbow Price: $31.50

    Kirk or Picard? It’s the age-old Star Trek question, and if you think you know the answer, then spending five years with one of the captains may just change your mind. In this cooperative game, players become members of a 5-year Enterprise mission (either the Original series or Next Generation). But like any typical day on the USS Enterprise, danger awaits. Alerts represent dangers faced in various Star Trek episodes which threaten to destroy the ship. Each crew member – representing the 7 most well-known characters in either TV show – has special abilities to deal with these events. Work together, solve problems, and boldly go where no one has gone before – and do so with friends! 3-7 players; 45 minutes.