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Before Five In A Row

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  • Item #: 001512
    ISBN: 9781888659047
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    Not to leave out the eager younger children, this volume provides mini Five in a Row- style lessons for youngsters. This book; however, is divided into two parts, the first being similar to the other curriculum guides. Just as in the original series, each unit is built around a simple, classic children's storybook. This book differs from the older volumes in that it is not structured around a week. The purpose is simply to provide an array of activities for each book that engage children and lay the foundation for further learning. Some of the activities are subject related, such as Bible, science, math, language arts, and art; others are various skills such as learning shapes, sequencing, colors or problem solving, and the rest are centered on specific topics, like relationships, contentment, birthdays or another book-related idea. The second part of this book focuses on arming parents with creative ideas to build learning readiness. This section is a treasure trove of activities that help develop reading readiness and motor skills or focus on the arts. Additional activities also capitalize on teachable moments that arise during bath time, in the kitchen, or during a trip to the store. 149 pgs. ~ Steph

  • Item #: BFRFIR
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  • Item #: 019808
    ISBN: 9781888659009
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    150 pgs covering 19 weeks (and 19 books).

  • Item #: 020317
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    Contains lessons for an additional 21 weeks. 200 pgs.

  • Item #: 020859
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    15 weeks of curriculum based on delightful children's books. 133 pgs.

  • Item #: 046306
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    Includes the first three volumes of Five in a Row and the Christian Character & Bible Study Supplement in one large, volume.

  • Item #: 024181
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    Rainbow Price: $75.00

    Written for slightly older students, the format of Volume 4 is slightly different. This volume contains 15 lengthier unit studies that can be stretched to two weeks per book. Christian content is incorporated into Vol. 4 through related 'Christian Character and Bible Study Lessons.' FIAR Cookbook lessons are also provided for each unit, as are the laminatd story disks. So while this volume seems pricey compared to the rest, it's also more than twice the size of the other volumes and includes more additional content that you don't get packaged with Vol. 1-3. All volumes are spiral-bound with sturdy laminated covers.

  • Item #: FIARV1
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  • Item #: FIARV2
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  • Item #: FIARV3
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  • Item #: FIARV4
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  • Item #: 001529
    ISBN: 9781888659139
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    Using outstanding chapter books, Beyond is for children who have "outgrown" the Five in a Row unit studies. Activities and lesson ideas incorporate history, geography, science, language arts, fine arts, and human relationships into the study of the selected literature for a full semester. Books needed for this study are listed below. A Christian Character and Bible Supplement is available separately to integrate scriptural selections and character study.

  • Item #: 000624
    ISBN: 9781888659146
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    Rainbow Price: $35.00

    This is the second volume in the Beyond Five in a Row Series. As with volume 1, books used in the study can be obtained at your library and are also offered below for your convenience.

  • Item #: 003020
    ISBN: 9781888659153
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    A little more challenging in reading level and activities than the previous Beyond books. Books required in the study are listed also.

  • Item #: BYDFV1
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  • Item #: BYDFV2
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  • Item #: BYDFV3
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  • Item #: 007917
    ISBN: 9781888659030
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    Rainbow Price: $35.00

    This supplement provides several ideas and outlines for 175 Bible lessons corresponding to each of the 55 stories covered in the first three volumes of Five in a Row.

  • Item #: 010642
    ISBN: 9781888659160
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $35.00

    96-page volume for use with the three volumes above. Contains basic biblical doctrine.

  • Item #: 028609
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    In order to track your progress around the world as you read, this program suggests attaching story disks to a world map to mark where each story took place. Although ready to color disks are provided at the back of each book, this set comes completed, saving you the work. 55 colorful, laminated disks represent each story covered in the first three FIAR volumes. Disks come in a laminated sheet, ready to be cut out.

  • Item #: 003596
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    Looking to add a little "spice" to your Five in a Row lessons? The Five in a Row Cookbook is a collection of recipes that add a tasty dimension to the lessons. For instance, in FIAR Volume 1, the first story is The Story About Ping; the cookbook contains recipes from the Yangtze River area of China - egg rolls, fried rice, and egg drop soup. Recipes are generally simple enough for mother and child(ren) to work together. An occasional cultural tidbit sometimes accompanies the recipe. Recipes are included for each story in FIAR Volumes 1, 2, and 3 and Beyond FIAR Volumes 1, 2, and 3. The book is written by Becky Jane Lambert, daughter of FIAR author Jane Claire Lambert. Becky has fond memories of cooking alongside her mother; create your own using this book!

  • Item #: 050088
    ISBN: 9781888659177
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  • Item #: FIR1CS
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  • Item #: 001888
    ISBN: 9780689806230
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    The lyrical text and high spirited illustrations will take you and your child into a day in the life of Jesse Bear. Jesse is a young bear that has to decide what he will wear in the morning, the afternoon and the night. You will be surprised to find out what he wears isn't always what you think it will be! With simple sentences and repetitive use of simple words, this is a great book for beginning readers while also being a wonderful bedtime story.

  • Item #: 001535
    ISBN: 9780394843773
    Retail: $3.25
    Rainbow Price: $2.95

    One Easter, Sarah discovered that in her basket was a little, soft white rabbit with long ears that were pink inside and a tiny, wiggling pink nose. She loved her new friend very much and named her Buttercup. Sarah took good care of Buttercup and brought her food and fresh water everyday. She took her out to meet all of her friends, and they loved Buttercup, too. Over the next few months, Buttercup grew bigger and bigger and was ready to have babies of her own. One morning, Sarah looked into the hutch and saw seven baby rabbits in the nest. When they start growing bigger, Sarah needs to find a place for them. What will she do?

  • Item #: 000849
    ISBN: 9780064433952
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.50

    A little girl and her mom, pocketbooks in hand, take the bus into town to run some errands. At each place they visit, she receives something to put into her big green pocketbook. At night, when she is looking for her new crayons, she realizes her bag is gone and she must have left it on the bus. Hopefully the pocketbook is not gone for good!

  • Item #: 001360
    ISBN: 9780140501780
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.25

    A little blonde girl goes out in the woods early one morning to find someone to play with her. She encounters some of the creatures that live in the woods and asks them to play, but they all run away. Disappointed by this she sits down by the pond, but she soon figures out what she needs to do to get the creatures to play with her. A Caldcott Honor Book by Marie Hallets.

  • Item #: 009327
    ISBN: 9780816644162
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.25

    Learn the alphabet through a story about Bunny and his day away from Bunnyland. Kids will love finding out who Bunny meets on his journey and discovering what each turn brings. The writing is simple and pages include adorable black and white illustrations. Written by Wanda Gag, hardcover. - Tasha

  • Item #: 016900
    ISBN: 9780689853494
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  • Item #: 002110
    ISBN: 9780060839420
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.50

    A sweet story with the general message of treating others the same way you would treat Jesus. To be hospitable and generous, brave, gracious and caring. This book subtly suggests how one might behave in small ways on a day-to-day basis to honor Jesus. Hc.