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    Bede is known as the "Father of English History." He assembled facts about the history of the Church in Britain, and this provides the first account of Anglo-Saxon England ever written. Leo Sherley-Price translated the book from Latin, and it is surprisingly easy to read and understandable, especially considering it was written in AD 731. The book begins with Caesar's invasion in the first century BC and goes on to tell about all the people and events that led to the development of government and mainstream conversion to Christianity. The book shares about the many men and women who made an impact during the time period and describes the customs and lives of ordinary people. This great edition also includes Bede's Letter to Egbert, which denounces false monasteries, and The Death of Bede, which is an interesting eyewitness account from a monk. Notes are included to describe the people and terms that average readers may be unfamiliar with. 398 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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    Originally written in Latin by the 8th century scholarly monk, the Venerable Saint Bede (considered to be the best known medieval historian), and translated by Bertram Colgrave, this book covers England's religious history from the 1st century BC, through and including the events of Bede's own timeframe. Also included is a translation of Bede's The Greater Chronicle, which examines the Roman Empire and Europe of his day, and his Letter to Egbert, which discusses his thoughts about the English Church just before he died in 735. ~ Tom

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    ISBN: 9781882514458
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    Continuing their literature series and including many of the characteristics of the Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Literature, this course is designed to provide the first year of a three-year survey of British and American Literature. Again utilizing whole works rather than excerpts, this course includes studies of Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English-Speaking Peoples, Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and selections from the Canterbury Tales and Hamlet (including the modern, worldview-shifting perspective from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead). There are 23 lessons, each expected to take about a week to complete, written directly (and often with a subtle, tongue-in-cheek humor) to the student, leading them to dig deeper into the shades of understanding of the literary piece as well as the culture and worldview of the author. The study guide – really a consumable worktext providing both the questions and plenty of space to write responses – starts with "typical" questions such as vocabulary development and sequence of events, but there is a spiraling intensity as the questions continue that quickly draws out more thoughtful responses. Most of the literature selections are written from a Christian worldview perspective.

    There are occasional writing suggestions (but no writing instruction) and many of the questions could be deepened into essays. Parents are strongly encouraged to read along with the student, and while I always think this is an excellent idea, I tend to be a little irritated when forced to do so: like other Greenleaf guides, there are no answer keys or even talking points provided. Students and parents are on their own in terms of evaluation. With the exception of Hamlet, specific versions (translations) of each work are referenced. We've listed these below. The Medieval Lit Study Package includes each of these books along with the Greenleaf Guide. ~ Janice