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Art Pre-kindergarten

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    Uses methods detailed in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Mona Brooks. Here, she begins by advising us on providing an atmosphere for creativity, choosing supplies and using a variety of media. The lessons and method are based on training children to perceive their environments in terms of five elements of shape. By visualizing or "overlaying" objects with combinations of these basic shapes, children can quickly begin to draw impressively (or accurately?) and then go beyond this step to creating their own compositions. Lessons progress from learning and constructing the five elements to drawing "flat" pictures, then 3-D still lives. The course even teaches children to draw accurate representations of people. The book can be used by anyone able to read and understand it. However, younger children will probably need some guidance in putting the techniques and methods into practice, since there are few actual assigned exercises in the book. Because of the young age of the artists, the "before" and "after" pictures in the text are particularly striking. Newly revised and expanded, including two additional chapters explaining how to teach children with learning problems or special needs and how to implement drawing in the teaching of other subjects.

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    Follow your gracious host Little Annie as you travel through the book, learning proper etiquette and good manners. Using simple materials: colored pencils, scissors, and glue, young children learn not only drawing, but the importance and benefits of manners. A wide range of manners and etiquette are clearly explained with scripture, quotes, and of course, Little Annie. They'll learn table manners, obeying parents cheerfully, being a good friend, and being a hospitable host. Activities are educational including drawing, color theory, perspective, and cut & paste. Learning good manners has never been this appealing!

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    ISBN: 9781933407975
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    ISBN: 9780939195459
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    A wonderful, early introduction to art appreciation and artist recognition from Renaissance to modern art. (This second edition updates the cover only.) Based on Montessori principles, even the smallest child can perform the simplest activity: matching paintings. As they become more familiar with each artist's style, they learn to classify several different paintings by artist. Later, students learn to classify artists' works according to the various "schools" of art. Manual describes eight progressively more difficult steps or levels of activities as follows:

    Step 1 - Matching identical paintings

    Step 2 - Pairing two similar paintings by the

    same artist

    Step 3 - Grouping four paintings by each of

    three artists

    Step 4 - Learning the names of famous


    Step 5 - Learning the names of famous


    Step 6 - Learning about the schools of art

    Step 7 - Sorting schools of art

    Step 8 - Placing paintings on a time line

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    ISBN: 9780684853376
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    Baby Lambs is a fun introduction to art and drawing for young children. Combining other learning with art, they'll find beginning addition and subtraction, beginning writing, lettering, and simple drawing and the color theory, of course! Biblically based and with lots of fun lessons, they'll look forward to art time!

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    ISBN: 9781887823388
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    "For People Who Can't Even Draw a Straight Line," "No Talent Required" - hey, this woman knows me! From Sandra Angelo (Discover Art), comes this easy self study guide and workbook that, using a simple, four-step drawing system, transforms your skills from barely beginner to accomplished artist in a few easy lessons. I like the directions to "begin at the beginning and work your way through the book sequentially," nice and simple. It's full of irreverent pearls of wisdom, like "The race goes not to the hare but the tortoise" and "those who don't give up succeed," and (my personal favorite), "Talent is REALLY not necessary." Sandra gives us a short introduction that would give hope to even the most drawing-challenged person. If you draw for 45 minutes to one hour per day, you can finish this book in 60-90 days (if you're in a hurry to improve). Otherwise, plan on spending longer relative to the amount of time per day you can allocate to drawing. Next, a materials section acquaints us with the "tools of the trade" - some basic equipment we need to gather before jumping in. Then on to the instruction. Some of this book is reminiscent of the Draw Today program, especially the use of grids for beginning artists. As promised, the instruction is super-easy to follow and all the work can be done right in the book. Instruction progresses logically from seeing and drawing shapes, to lines, to shading, creating texture, gradation, hatching, and plenty of good practice in a lengthy additional exercise section. The methods and exercises look great, and, if I didn't have a lot to do..... But, someday, I'll actually have some time each day to use this! In the meantime, I'm hoping many aspiring artists out there will benefit from Sandra's instruction. 150 pgs. in all, with 130 black-and white photos and 25 line drawings - including plenty of "before" and "after" testimonials to show this method really works.

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    ISBN: 9780960101689
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    ISBN: 9780684833729
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    An A-to-Z journey through the art and fun of making 3-D cartoons. Third in a series of interactive drawing books by Mark Kistler, this book provides new and stimulating suggestions on how to bring adventures to life. Brimming with illustrations and examples to follow, each one-page lesson is easy to follow. The optional Wacky Workbook is the companion sketchbook to Drawing in 3-D, with perforated pages cross-referenced to that volume. There's ample space here for re-creating all 333 illustrations and all the amazing versions of the 3-D alphabet. Following the lessons in the text, drawing spaces range from partial to full pages, based on the size of the image to be produced, and include instructions as well as an example of what the finished drawing should look like.

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    ISBN: 9781933407760
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    ISBN: 9781425817145
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    ISBN: 9781483835556
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     Covers: Numbers 0-10, Shapes, Colors, Patterns, Concepts, Time, Money, Reading Readiness, Letters, Letter Sounds, and more.

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    ISBN: 9781602681187
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    If you are anything like me, the idea of finding easy and fun arts and crafts projects and doing them with your children sounds like a fantastic idea, but finding the time to sit down and do them seems difficult! Rifling through books or searching through Pinterest and collecting all the various and sundry supplies can take a major time commitment, also. That's why I got so excited when I saw this book. Not only does it include tons of ideas, but projects are specifically geared to develop a child's fine motor skills while utilizing common household and or easily obtainable materials. The book is divided into nine chapters, including Play Dough, Printing & Stamping, Lacing & Stringing Fun, Finger Plays & Puppets, Glue & Collage Art, Scissors, Painting, Chalk, Crayons & Pencils, and Displaying Art. Each chapter contains tons of recipes, directions and activity ideas to make and use your creations. Make one of the 25+ types of Play Dough like Gingerbread or Coffee, then follow the activity suggestions for playing with it. Dye your own pasta noodles for lacing and jewelry making. Create your own paints and glues with various looks, textures, and smells (clove-scented paint, anyone?). Make outdoor artwork with your homemade sidewalk chalks in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. In all, the book contains 60 different recipes, 50 activity ideas, and 48 reproducible student pages. Each recipe and activity just looks so simple, fun, and do-able! I can hardly wait to get started! Pb, 96 pgs. ~ Megan
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    ISBN: 9781933339290
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    These are the crayons made and used by the Handwriting Without Tears program. The crayons are small (measure 2.4" long) and are half one color and half another (one end green, the other red, etc). There are five crayons in all: red/green, blue/orange, pink/brown, black/grey, and blue/yellow. Rachel

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    ISBN: 9781601598332
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    The Kindergarten book focuses on rhyming words; story order; and addition/subtraction.

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    ISBN: 9781939394026
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    ISBN: 9781939394019
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    ISBN: 9781425816193
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  • Item #: 007854
    ISBN: 9781615381937
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    Enhance your child's study of art with these beautiful 5"x 7" art prints. Each set includes works of art from several different artists and art movements and is coordinated with the Classical Core Curriculum for grades K through 2 by Memoria Press.
  • Item #: 000283
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    Create your own long lasting, professional looking book! The IlluStory A+ kit contains non-toxic, washable markers, writing pages, instructions, hints, a story planner, and a postage paid envelope. Write your story, then illustrate it. When you're finished, mail it in (at no additional charge) for completion and production. They'll typeset and bind your book, returning a 7" x 9" hardcover book that even has a place for a dedication. The kit produces an 18 page book, and the author's bio can be placed on the back cover.

    Authors have the choice of either creating their book by hand using the materials in the kit, or producing their book online using the company's website. Working online allows kids to upload photos or scanned images and use digital drawing tools and effects (like speech bubbles, pre-designed backgrounds and more). Designing online also allows them to place more text on each page (there are per-page word limits for hard copy bookmaking). Planning sheets, informational sheets on types of writing and quite a few "story web" graphic organizers flesh out the contents of IlluStory A+ and may be helpful to tie the project in with your current writing curriculum. Next step, the Library of Congress! - Megan

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    ISBN: 9780761189169
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    One side gives integer rules for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The other side lays out steps to follow when solving an equation.