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Art Grade 4

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    Simple coloring skills, color-by-number, cut and paste, simple drawing.

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    Uses methods detailed in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Mona Brooks. Here, she begins by advising us on providing an atmosphere for creativity, choosing supplies and using a variety of media. The lessons and method are based on training children to perceive their environments in terms of five elements of shape. By visualizing or "overlaying" objects with combinations of these basic shapes, children can quickly begin to draw impressively (or accurately?) and then go beyond this step to creating their own compositions. Lessons progress from learning and constructing the five elements to drawing "flat" pictures, then 3-D still lives. The course even teaches children to draw accurate representations of people. The book can be used by anyone able to read and understand it. However, younger children will probably need some guidance in putting the techniques and methods into practice, since there are few actual assigned exercises in the book. Because of the young age of the artists, the "before" and "after" pictures in the text are particularly striking. Newly revised and expanded, including two additional chapters explaining how to teach children with learning problems or special needs and how to implement drawing in the teaching of other subjects.

  • Item #: 012276
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    Coloring, mixing colors, silhouettes, cut and paste, elementary perspective drawing.

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    ISBN: 9781402784774
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    As the cover states, "The Only Drawing Book You'll Ever Need to Be the Artist You've Always Wanted to Be!" I think it just might be true! Although written for kids, it doesn't speak down to them, instead it reads like it was written for adults. The reason for this is the author is actually addressing artists - and the effect is wonderful! She knows that all kids are artists, and becoming a wonderful artist is something they are all completely capable of. Consequently, the text and instructions are filled not just with encouragement, but with complete confidence. I really love the coverage and progression of this book. It explains many wonderful drawing techniques and tricks that I learned in a college drawing course and should be taught to children when they are just beginning. It starts with the simplest concepts, like appropriate materials (nothing fancy here, just a brief summary of different types of basic pencils and paper), exploring how to really see what you're drawing, and various types of lines. These lessons provide the foundation for the later lessons, which cover light and shadow, proportion and scale, perspective, drawing faces, and drawing bodies (don't worry - no nudity here!). Throughout each lesson, lots of great advice and a handful of effective, beneficial drawing exercises help children practice each concept. Another great thing about this book is that it is high-quality - the pages are thick and glossy, with color used throughout - it's hard for children to learn drawing with black and white pictures and then try to move on to real objects and suddenly have to translate color into their drawings. Any child with the motivation for working through this book will reap huge benefits in their artwork, and the exercises can be done again and again for additional practice, so even after it is complete it's worth having around. 112 pgs, pb.

  • Item #: 002584
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    We have enjoyed drawing with Bruce McIntyre's step-by-step method and clear instruction. Drawing starts so simply that even the youngest students will be able to participate. Skills are mastered in a series of 222 drawing exercises that teach the seven basic principles of drawing: surface, size, surface lines, overlapping, shading, density, and foreshortening.

  • Item #: 009529
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    Advanced coloring techniques including shading, perspective, more advanced drawing techniques, painting, paper dolls, fiber pictures.

  • Item #: 007069
    ISBN: 9780970040534
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    Both art text and workbook, this large volume contains 260 daily lessons and can be used over a span of years. While over 100 lessons deal with drawing, Barry has branched out into other areas as well, including color, penmanship, art appreciation, measurement, and painting. Most of the student's work is done in the book, but the painting lessons use sturdy posterboard cards (referred to as "paint packs") which come with the book. Materials needed include a 2B or 4B drawing pencil, kneaded eraser, ruler, black extra-fine point marker pen, colored pencils (12),ketch book, poster board, paint brushes (3 or 4), and acrylic paints (2-oz. of red, blue, yellow and white). A well-rounded course with lots of variety. 310 pgs.

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    ISBN: 9780671656942
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    Looking for a good drawing book? Let me introduce you to Mark Kistler's Draw Squad. This book is similar to the Drawing Textbook, but a lot more fleshed out (Mark was actually a student of Bruce McIntyre's and uses the same progression and techniques). You start out with the introductory tables, chairs, boxes, cakes, fishbowls, and work up to more difficult objects such as space-ships, houses, sawhorses, and characters. Can be used as a write-in workbook, or work exercises on separate paper. I like the book because it's simple, friendly, and instructive - and easier for a student to use himself (or herself). Besides that, each lesson is packed with "extras", cute little cartoon-like characters and also has samples of other Draw Squader's drawings. Happy penciling!

  • Item #: 009531
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    Illustrate a story book, more advanced coloring and drawing, making drawings appear 3-dimensional.

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    ISBN: 9780939195459
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    A wonderful, early introduction to art appreciation and artist recognition from Renaissance to modern art. (This second edition updates the cover only.) Based on Montessori principles, even the smallest child can perform the simplest activity: matching paintings. As they become more familiar with each artist's style, they learn to classify several different paintings by artist. Later, students learn to classify artists' works according to the various "schools" of art. Manual describes eight progressively more difficult steps or levels of activities as follows:

    Step 1 - Matching identical paintings

    Step 2 - Pairing two similar paintings by the

    same artist

    Step 3 - Grouping four paintings by each of

    three artists

    Step 4 - Learning the names of famous


    Step 5 - Learning the names of famous


    Step 6 - Learning about the schools of art

    Step 7 - Sorting schools of art

    Step 8 - Placing paintings on a time line

  • Item #: 004166
    ISBN: 9781933407876
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    Rich and Sharon Jeffus are like the "Backyard Scientist(s)" of art! Their books remind me so much of Jane Hoffman - it's like they can't wait to share everything with you about art! It's delightful to peruse a book in which the authors' enthusiasm is so obvious! Before the actual lessons in this book, you get a wonderful section on using art supplies (finally, someone has taken the time to explain those pencil grades!). Here are lots of "how to's" and incredible tips for drawing with pencil and charcoal, using oil pastels, tempera paints, water colors, and chalk pastels. Following is a page of "recipes" for different modeling compounds, including an edible clay! Before encountering the "real" lessons are 7 full pages of exercises in drawing from basic shapes. This is similar to the technique endorsed by Mona Brooks in Drawing with Children. The heart of the drawing book is the 26 lessons, corresponding to the 26 letters of the alphabet, entitled, The ABC's of Art. Here, in their typical breezy, chatty style the authors have given us much to consider and do on every page. Each lesson contains one or more art principles or definitions, one or more art activities, and information or practice on color and techniques. Plan on spending more than one art period for some of the lessons. As usual, sample artwork and illustrations provide excellent models. It is difficult to decide an "appropriate" age level for this course. While it looks as though Mark, at 7 would be able to do and enjoy the exercises, an adult would be equally instructed! This is an art course you can definitely use with all of your children at once! We only wish it didn't have to end at "Z" (actually, it doesn't really end at "Z", because they've packed an additional goody at the end - a brief overview of the major art styles, along with illustrative examples). We hope Visual Manna will produce additional "beginner-type" books in the future!

  • Item #: 020860
    ISBN: 9780970040527
    Retail: $16.95
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    The Lamb's Book of Art is an excellent starting point for any beginning artist. The lessons and instructions are easy to follow and could be used for self-study for an older child. A variety of concepts are taught like drawing, color theory, portraits, anatomy, nature studies, cartooning, perspective, shading, lettering, and more. The lessons are fun, and you won't find yourself getting bored with monotonous activities. Plus, the book comes from a Christian publisher and Bible verses accompany most lessons. Art doesn't have to be hopeless! Lessons are reproducible for in home use and there are plenty of blank pages in the book to create art on.

    This book was revised in 2006 and is higher quality than the original. The basic lessons and format are the same, but there are now 168 pages instead of 128, with easier to read text and a fun set of five "marker cards" for additional assignments. Instead of the spiral binding of the original book, this edition sports a perfect binding. With this upgraded edition, they've taken a good thing and made it even better.

  • Item #: 009532
    Retail: $8.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.50

    Advanced shading techniques, watercolors, free-hand drawing, reducing and enlarging pictures, lettering.

  • Item #: 004754
    ISBN: 9781427620729
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.50

    Now you don't have to be an expert to help your budding photographer get the most out of his camera! In her typical thorough and organized style, Kym Wright (author of the Birds, Botany, and Microscope Adventures units - see Science section) has provided just the thing. This course doesn't delve too deeply into the technical aspects of cameras or film developing, but focuses more on the art of photography. Students will need to have a camera and be familiar with its basic operation and features before beginning the unit. They will also need film, a 3-ring notebook for creating their coursework book, and a few other materials (all listed right up front for easy planning). Topics included in the study are: Camera Types; Camera Parts; Digital Cameras; Lenses; Film; Composition; Lighting; Point of View and Angles; Photographing People; Landscape Pictures; Patterns and Waterfront; Metropolitan Areas; Action Shots; Photographing Animals; Special Effects; Displaying Your Pictures; Using the Skill; Clubs, Organizations, Contests. Each topic is broken into one or several lessons. Kym's Konstruction Kit supplies you with daily lesson plans for these, but leaves you the flexibility of changing or rearranging as you see fit. Several of the lessons include direction to read about a particular topic. For these, Kym has supplied a book list in the back, but you'll have to make a trip to the library and make sure you have reference books that address these topics on hand when you need them. 80 pgs, pb.

  • Item #: 003979
    ISBN: 9780960101689
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  • Item #: 020922
    ISBN: 9780970040503
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    Follow your gracious host Little Annie as you travel through the book, learning proper etiquette and good manners. Using simple materials: colored pencils, scissors, and glue, young children learn not only drawing, but the importance and benefits of manners. A wide range of manners and etiquette are clearly explained with scripture, quotes, and of course, Little Annie. They'll learn table manners, obeying parents cheerfully, being a good friend, and being a hospitable host. Activities are educational including drawing, color theory, perspective, and cut & paste. Learning good manners has never been this appealing!

  • Item #: 009534
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    Colored pencils, advanced shading, advanced lettering, mix, paint, blend with watercolors, perspective drawing, drawing faces.

    009548Advanced shading, now with soft-lead colored pencils, calligraphy, full-color painting, shaded drawings of birds.

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