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Around The World In 180 Days

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    ISBN: 9781935495581
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    For your convenience, the worksheets come in a softcover book with perforated pages for easy tear out.
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    ISBN: 9780763669256
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       Travel around the world in graphic novel style with three true stories of Thomas Stevens, Nellie Bly, and Joshua Slocum. These three world travelers found their inspiration in Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days, and their stories are made more readable by Matt Phelan’s comic-book style presentation. Thomas Stevens rode a high-wheeled bicycle around the world, Nellie Bly broke the record of Phileas Fogg by traveling around the world in 72 days, and Joshua Slocum sailed around the world in a sloop. Read this as a follow-up to Around the World in 80 Days, or just enjoy the journeys of these three adventurous souls in this 235-page, paperback book. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 022635
    ISBN: 9781402754272
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    ISBN: 9781581307818
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    ISBN: 9780486411118
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    Taking place in the Victorian era, this novel tells of the adventures of the quiet Phineas Fogg. Phineas, an Englishman, has bet half his fortune on the wager that he can circle the globe in just eighty days – a ridiculous notion in those days. It's no easy task for Phineas and his manservant – they must use a full array of transportation methods to get through their many comical adventures and around the globe. Not helping matters is a devious detective determined to slow them down. ~ Melissa

    A Bantam Classic Edition is also available, which is complete and unabridged like the thrift edition and includes 194 pages, softcover.

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    ISBN: 9780486814315
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    ISBN: 9780786184446
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    ISBN: 9780753465677
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    Let youngsters get a glimpse of life around the world with lift-the-flaps. Colorful captioned illustrations and over 50 fun flaps invite kids to read and learn about people from other lands. Scenes include a football game, day at the beach, an African village, a farm, a Middle Eastern market, Carnival! in South America, a bustling Asian city, and a Bollywood movie set. Large, chunky flaps are easy for little hands to lift, while the informative text (and highlighted vocabulary words) will engross older children. HC with cardboard-like pages. ~ Alissa

  • Item #: 001631
    ISBN: 9781897349953
    Retail: $15.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    The medieval period was a time of vast change, knowledge, and discovery. This book presents nine historical fiction stories that represent the experiences of medieval children from around the world. Some of the children you will meet include Tikal, a Mayan boy living in 720; Jamal, a boy from Baghdad in 905; Ingrid, a Viking girl from 1002; Richard, a young squire striving for knighthood in 1197 England; and Kame, a Japanese girl living in 1205. Stories span the years 720 through 1395, with large colorful portraits of the children at the beginning of the stories and historical background information (with maps and illustrations) after each story. This is a great way for students to compare world cultures from similar time periods—and the entertaining stories provide an inside look at the daily lives of children from various social and economic backgrounds. By Rona Arato; illus by Peter Ferguson. 96 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 014495
    ISBN: 9781931397155
    Retail: $18.95
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    This book literally blazes a trail through geography - all you have to do is follow it! Cindy Wiggers has done a terrific job of combining questions, mapping, and other activities into a fun, easy-to-teach approach to geography. Intended as a thirty-six week program, the first twenty-seven of these include a variety of activities. The first weeks encompass the world as a whole; then you focus on different regions continent by continent. Within each week there are several different methods of learning. One of these, Geography Trails, provides questions four days a week that will improve the student's ability to use maps to locate countries, capitals, bodies of water, and landforms, teach them valuable geography terms and learn many geography facts. Different questions are given for grades 2-4, 5-7, and 8-10, so that you can use this book for children at different levels at the same time. The questions are based on the content of three recommended atlases (one for each age group) which are listed in the key resources below. Additional geography activities for every week are in the form of "Points of Interest," where you can take time to learn more extensively. Activities to choose from include mapping, researching, suggestions for art projects, and weekly projects to compile into your very own geography notebook. Then it's Geography through Literature for the last nine weeks as you read through Around the World in 80 Days. Questions for each chapter are provided, as are ideas for additional research and spelling and vocabulary words. Happy trails!

    Please note that that this course provides a framework for studying world geography, and relies on additional resources for reference, maps, and activities. Required resources include: Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne (if you are planning on completing the literature portion of the study) and one or more of the recommended atlases (depending on the age of the student(s). Three other "key" recommended resources you will rely heavily on for many of the activities include the Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide, Uncle Josh's Map Book (in book form, or CD-ROM), and Visual Manna's Teaching Geography Through Art (for the art in geography lessons). Although you could make the study work without these, they are often referred to in the lessons, and the program would work much more easily with them. These and other recommended resources are listed below. An almanac is also recommended, in case you don't have one on hand, we recommend the World Alamanac & Book of Facts. A Geographical Terms chart is also recommended; we are unable to offer this specific one, but it is available from Geography Matters. ~ Stephanie

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    ISBN: 9781555765583
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    ISBN: 9781932168815
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  • Item #: 069732
    ISBN: 9781454922216
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      Liven up your geography with detailed images to color! Really detailed, you will need some fine point pencils or markers to fill in the pages. Read about Paris in the margins as you fill in a street scene, learn about NYC as you color the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and color the Himalayas – can you spot the snow leopard? Also included are London, Ancient Rome, Tanzania, Tokyo, the Great Barrier Reef, Ancient Egypt, the Amazon Rainforest and New Delhi. sc. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 030546
    ISBN: 9780531217313
    Retail: $6.95
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     Topics covered include the soldiers’ basic training, daily life in the field, foreign armies that also fought around the world, and some changes that took place in the U.S. army before the war’s end.

  • Item #: 019617
    ISBN: 9780943701134
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    This book follows the story of missionary Joy Ridderhoff from her childhood days through her missionary labors which she dedicated to God. Joy Ridderhoff started off as a missionary to the Honduras until she got the call to spread the Word to as many people as she could. She started a ministry called Gospel Records and traveled around the world, recording the gospel in as many native languages and dialects as she could. Through this whole book, readers will be amazed at the difficulties she faces, the hardships she endures, and most of all, the way God comes through at every time of need. An inspirational, true story of a woman who relied on God and was able to accomplish great things through Him. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 001469
    ISBN: 9780425099698
    Retail: $7.99
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    Fifteen year old Josh is facing trials that seem far removed from our time, but were very real to many people during the Great Depression. He has a deep love for music and is very talented, and he and his friend Howie find an escape when they play together. However, they only get to practice some days after school, for times are hard and Josh's family was forced to sell their piano to pay for food and other necessities. After Josh's father loses his job, his depression turns to anger, which he often directs at Josh. Between his mother ironing clothes all day and Josh delivering papers for three hours every morning, the family has barely enough to keep themselves fed. After an especially hurtful fight, Josh decides to leave home, and he and Howie quickly form a plan to travel around as musicians. Josh's fragile ten-year old brother, Joey, hears of their plans, and he is determined to accompany them, despite Josh's firm objections. An unforeseen tragedy strikes the trio, and their lives are changed forever. This hardship sparks a deeply moving trail of tears, shame, guilt, sickness, responsibility, and struggle to survive.

  • Item #: 068130
    ISBN: 9781930514591
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $24.97

    The In-Depth Lesson Planners are well-titled and not to be confused with the Basic Lesson Plan found in the Essentials Packs. Expanding on the Basic Lesson Plan (which provides a generalized weekly schedule), the In-Depth planners provide introductory information as well as specific week-by-week daily lesson plans. Keeping the distinctives of the History Revealed! curriculum, there are monthly units (based on time periods) divided into weekly plans each with its own particular phase – Introduction (Week 1), Exploration (W-2), Hands On (W-3), and Expression (W-4). Book and materials lists are provided for each monthly unit as well as an outline for both 5-Day and 3-Day weekly schedules. A week-by-week overview shows general expectations for grades 5-12 and for PK-4. Daily lesson plans based on a 5-Day week are keyed to the Teacher Manual, Student Books, Activity Book, and CDs and encourage activities that will appeal to students who are Smart in various ways (the 8 Smarts – body, word, nature, picture, logic, people, music, and self). An important emphasis of the Planner is for it to serve you rather than the other way around. You make the decisions at all points; choosing projects, activities, and even whether any particular week will be 5-Day or 3-Day. The In-Depth Planner provides the basic structure and foundations as well as record-keeping space but you put it together however you like. Introduction material includes information on how to set up credits for high schoolers and what to do about testing. 

  • Item #: 010493
    ISBN: 9781929683055
    Retail: $24.00
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    This is the first in a new series of science studies from Dinah Zike and Susan Simpson. The book is a unique blend of focused science lesson plans for the teacher and information-packed mini-booklets-to-be for the student. The basic idea behind the series is to put complicated information in a simple-to-understand visual format to ease learning and extend retention.

    The mini-booklets are called "Lots of Science Library Books." Pages from the World of Plants book are cut out and cut or folded in various ways to make into the mini-booklets. Approximately one-fourth of the pages are used to make these mini- booklets. This is an unusual approach, but not surprising, given that co-author Dinah Zike is also the author of Big Book of Books and Activities and The Big Book of Projects, both paper-manipulating activity books. Each mini-booklet addresses a specific question, then includes clear drawings and text to answer the question. Occasionally, one of the mini-book pages is titled "Fascinating Facts" and tells an interesting tidbit relating to the question.

    Another quarter of the book is devoted to graphics which are cut out and made into 3D Graphic Organizers. The student makes these into his own visual aid on the topic, such as the parts of a plant, manipulating each part while learning the names and functions of the part.

    The remaining half of the book is devoted to Teacher Pages. Lessons are designed to take one to three days to complete. These include vocabulary words, concept maps, assessments, assignments for all grade levels, and enrichment activities for the 24 lessons. Each lesson is laid out in a similar format. The lesson begins with a question, like "How do plants respond to the world around them?" Several basic statements about the concept are then given. Most of the information for the lesson is included in the "Lots of Science Library Book" for the lesson. Learning takes place from assembling the "Lots of ..." books, putting together the 3D Graphic Organizer, and doing the labs, using the "Investigative Loop". This is a term for the systematic process of posing a question, doing research or making predictions, starting a procedure, observing changes, recording data, drawing conclusions, and communicating conclusions, which may lead to another question and a new loop. Materials for the labs are listed and are generally ones that are commonly available. Instructions for the lab are brief. Although the labs are not complicated, some of them require observations over a period of days; the included "Lab Log" will help you keep track of which experiments you will need to observe on what days. All activities and labs indicate which are appropriate for Beginning Level (K-1), Primary Level (2-3), and Intermediate Level (4-8). If using the program for grades 7 and 8, the extension activities are recommended.

    If you are looking for a program where students are spoon-fed information from a textbook and the teacher needs little preparation time, look elsewhere. This program is the essence of a hands-on program. For those who learn best by doing, this approach is well worth considering.

  • Item #: 021661
    ISBN: 9781932350432
    Retail: $14.95
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    12-year-old Daniel was raised with a foster family after his father died in an Indian raid on the Ohio territory in the early days of America. After living with them for three years, he begins to feel like a burden. After meeting a visitor, he decides to leave the family to look for work on the supply lines that support US forts and troops. As he learns more about the world around him, he questions his own bravery. Will Daniel learn to face his fears? Soft cover, 123 pages, with occasional illustrations. – Laura

  • Item #: WWWHFP
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  • Item #: 010470
    ISBN: 9781932012613
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    Birds, bugs, and bats – if it flies, it's explored in this fascinating introduction to zoology! The first portion of the book focuses on birds and their unique characteristics. Kids will learn bird anatomy, how they are able to fly, why they build nests, how they raise their young, and more. They'll also learn to identify the birds they see every day and do activities that explore the habits and preferences of different species of birds. Students will learn about bats, some of the most useful and wonderful flying creatures in the world. As they study the physical characteristics and lifestyle of the bat, they'll gain a new appreciation for these creatures. Finally, kids will get up close and personal to the insect world. They'll learn how to identify and classify the many different types of bugs they see, and they'll even get to design their own experiments with different insect species. Kids will get the opportunity to keep their own field journals as they are encouraged to be their own scientist as they observe and understand the world around them.