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Ancient Egypt

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    What could be a more appropriate activity to accompany your study of Ancient Egypt than making your own papyrus? This kit includes instructions and enough strips of Egyptian papyrus stem to create one sheet of papyrus. The process takes several days, and a lot of soaking, but when you're done, you can use your sheet of authentic papyrus for your own unique Egyptian work of art, or a scroll! Please note that this kit does have a distinctive salty, dried-plant "aroma" which may be more offensive to some noses than others. ~ Jess

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    When a young Egyptian boy is orphaned, his life changes. Although he has always desired to become an apprentice to the goldsmith in whose shop he works, his half-brother, now his guardian, apprentices him to the stone cutters instead. The mystery begins as he learns a secret that may explain his half-brother's seemingly unearned wealth...

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    This combined volume of all four Time Traveler books focuses on everyday life in various periods in history. Like the Book of World History it contains interesting text and captivating illustrations (in typical Usborne style!).

    So, how is it different? The World History book goes through history, looking at different civilizations during each period. The Omnibus focuses in on specific time periods in history and examines in detail the lives of fictional characters who could have lived during that time. My (then) 12 year old daughter recommended reading through the World History volume first, then the Time Traveler's Omnibus to "zoom in" on certain historical periods. She says this book will "give you a better understanding and appreciation of how it was to live during that time - it's the next best thing to being there."

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    ISBN: 9781454922216
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      Liven up your geography with detailed images to color! Really detailed, you will need some fine point pencils or markers to fill in the pages. Read about Paris in the margins as you fill in a street scene, learn about NYC as you color the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and color the Himalayas – can you spot the snow leopard? Also included are London, Ancient Rome, Tanzania, Tokyo, the Great Barrier Reef, Ancient Egypt, the Amazon Rainforest and New Delhi. sc. ~ Sara

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    This kit offers students the opportunity to make their own papyrus, and two sheets of finished papyrus paper they can use while they're waiting for their own to dry. Set includes raw Egyptian papyrus reeds, one sheet of blank papyrus paper, and one sheet of papyrus paper with a black-and-white outline of an Egyptian scene printed on it, for you to color. Instruction sheets includes a short history of papyrus, the world's first paper. Included papyrus paper measures 8" x 12". ~ Jess

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    10" sturdy plastic ruler features 22 hieroglyhic symbols, and their corresponding English letters. Will make writing in hieroglyphics a snap; also useable as a ruler, when not in Ancient Egypt!

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    This bright, papyrus-like poster features the hieroglyphic alphabet (with corresponding English letters) along with additional Egyptian symbols and their meanings. Poster measures 12.5" x 20".

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    This decorative papyrus bookmark will be cherished by all ancient Egypt-lovers. Colorful Egyptian scenes and hieroglyphics are displayed on the front of the bookmark, along with a space for you to write your name in hieroglyphics (a reference on the hieroglyphic alphabet is included. A plastic sleeve is included to protect the papyrus paper. ~ Rachel

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    5000 B.C.-30 B.C.
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    Renderings of art work by ancient Egyptians in tombs, pottery, etc.

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    This Step-Into-Reading begins with Pharaoh Tutankhamen's death and the ancient Egyptian efforts to mummify him, have his funeral, and bury him. Then it skips 3,000 years to when archeologists are exploring the Valley of the Kings looking for ancient tombs. It describes how Howard Carter discovers King Tut's tomb and briefly details his exploration of the tomb and all the amazing things he finds. Full-color illustrations and black and white photos of the actual tomb and things found there will captivate readers. 48 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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    Dress up King Tut in a matched outfit, or mix and match for a combination truly original.

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