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Ancient Egypt

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  • Item #: 032264
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    What could be a more appropriate activity to accompany your study of Ancient Egypt than making your own papyrus? This kit includes instructions and enough strips of Egyptian papyrus stem to create one sheet of papyrus. The process takes several days, and a lot of soaking, but when you're done, you can use your sheet of authentic papyrus for your own unique Egyptian work of art, or a scroll! Please note that this kit does have a distinctive salty, dried-plant "aroma" which may be more offensive to some noses than others. ~ Jess

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  • Item #: 008935
    ISBN: 9780394846996
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    Covers Egyptian history from earliest beginnings to conquest by Rome and contains biographical sketches of important figures in each chapter.

  • Item #: 039694
    ISBN: 9780531231562
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  • Item #: 032265
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    This kit offers students the opportunity to make their own papyrus, and two sheets of finished papyrus paper they can use while they're waiting for their own to dry. Set includes raw Egyptian papyrus reeds, one sheet of blank papyrus paper, and one sheet of papyrus paper with a black-and-white outline of an Egyptian scene printed on it, for you to color. Instruction sheets includes a short history of papyrus, the world's first paper. Included papyrus paper measures 8" x 12". ~ Jess

  • Item #: 019664
    ISBN: 9780448419763
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    My sister Megan and I got into hieroglyphics when we were younger, and loved writing our names in hieroglyphics, especially on our schoolwork. Although some of the small symbols are hard to draw when you are in a hurry, this book gives you an edge on some other books on the subject, as it includes a stencil containing all of the alphabet hieroglyphics on it. Besides hieroglyphics, the 32-page book also offers the reader background on the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian gods and goddesses, mummies, and other aspects of ancient Egyptian culture. Kids learn not only the basic hieroglyphic alphabet, but also determinatives and how some different symbols were often used to spell the same things. - Jess

  • Item #: 052131
    Retail: $11.20
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    Be an archeologist and discover a treasure of ancient Egypt, the mummy. Located inside this earthen block is a sarcophagus and mummy. Using the included digging tool and brush, dig out these treasures. Once you have your mummy, wrap it up in the included gauze tape so your piece of history will remain preserved.

  • Item #: 039695
    ISBN: 9780531231593
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  • Item #: 035663
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  • Item #: 013687
    ISBN: 9781570915345
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    ISBN: 9780531280263
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    ISBN: 9780531238523
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    ISBN: 9780448443607
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  • Item #: 007992
    ISBN: 9781556523601
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    The Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Nubian and Hittite civilizations and cultures each have their own section in this early history unit study. It all starts with a parallel timeline of the four cultures, with approximate and actual dates noted, so you can see what was happening in each of these civilizations simultaneously. The time period addressed is from the first Egyptian pharaoh, about 5,000 years ago, to the defeat of Queen Cleopatra by Octavian (30 BC). An introduction gives you some background into the locations and basic history of the cultures. Each civilization contains units on architecture, clothing, writing, work, food and religion, accompanied by one or several activities. So children can make a model Egyptian boat as they learn about trade on the Nile River, make Sebetu Rolls as they learn about Mesopotamian dietary habits, make a shaduf as they learn about farming in Nubia, or write in cuneiform as they learn a little about Hittite law. All of the activities accurately reflect ancient methods and customs and can be completed with common (mostly household) materials. Anybody for a little Hittite Hummus on those crackers?

  • Item #: 007555
    ISBN: 9781784458737
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  • Item #: 005407
    ISBN: 9781931414111
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  • Item #: 052383
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    Printed with an antique texture (on both sides) to resemble ancient parchment, these long, skinny sheets (7½" x 35¾") provide the perfect backdrop for your own scrolls, timelines, artwork, historical stories, or anything else you want that would be enhanced with a "vintage" look. Makes a great historical costume accessory too! Package includes 32 sheets of ancient scroll paper, enough for co-ops, study groups, plays or a really long timeline!
  • Item #: 031033
    ISBN: 9781416961147
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $17.95

    Learn to write like the ancient Egyptians did - with hieroglyphs. Although they were probably first used as pictures, hieroglyphs eventually began to represent sounds. There are 24 hieroglyphs representing the single sounds found in the Egyptian language, and these hieroglyphs can be used like letters of the alphabet to make words and sentences. This kit includes 24 rubber hieroglyphic stamps, a black inkpad, an alphabet chart, and a 48-page softcover book. The book covers a wide range of details regarding the orientation of hieroglyphs, counting with hieroglyphs, hieroglyphic clues, deciphering hieroglyphs, and much more. Stamps measure 7/8" x 7/8". -Enh

  • Item #: 019772
    ISBN: 9780486283517
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.75
    The exotic beauty and splendor of ancient Egypt spring to life in these boldly outlined illustrations based on actual Egyptian art and artifacts. Included are 16 full-page images on translucent paper: Queen Hatshepsut in a ceremonial headdress, Cleopatra, a Nile boatman, Tutankhamen's gold casket, a group of musicians, duck hunting on the Nile and more. With crayons, colored pencils, or felt-tip pens, you can create splendid stained glass effects that recall one of the ancient world's most fascinating and mysterious civilizations.
  • Item #: 019096
    ISBN: 9781557999047
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  • Item #: 013539
    ISBN: 9780486409801
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    Dress up King Tut in a matched outfit, or mix and match for a combination truly original.

  • Item #: 012011
    ISBN: 9780698114012
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.25

    Bill, a crocodile from the Nile River, and his "toothbrush," Pete, go on their first school field trip. They visit the Sphinx, Pyramids, and the Royal museum where the Sacred Eye of Isis is held. There, they foil a robbery and learn about Egyptian history at the same time. With large, colorful pictures and humorous dialogue, this storybook will entertain and educate. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 008942
    ISBN: 9780064460118
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    All about mummies - how and why the dead were mummified - tastefully done. A "Reading Rainbow" selection.

  • Item #: 046502
    ISBN: 9780778740698
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  • Item #: 040677
    ISBN: 9780890514689
    Retail: $34.99
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    The study of Ancient Egypt is a treat for young and old alike. Where else in history do you find gigantic pyramids, perfectly preserved mummies, cat goddesses, and linen kilts? I know I can't resist a good book about Ancient Egypt, and when I came across this one, I was intrigued both by the content and also by the fact that it's published by Master Books, a Christian publisher most well-known for their creation science materials. I knew I was really in for a treat! Not only is this book absolutely gorgeous, but most importantly for believers, it strives to give a more accurate chronology by using the historical records that all writers on Ancient Egypt use, plus the Hebrew Bible. This gives us a more complete picture of the ancient world as a whole and how the Egyptian culture (which did not exist in isolation) interacted with other cultures. This book takes readers on a tour of Ancient Egypt chronologically, from the first dynasty to the last dynasties. The first 27 chapters each focus on a dynasty (or a portion of one) and examine the archaeology and other records of the time period to suggest possible dates for important events. The last two chapters bring everything together, focusing on the issue of dating and providing a biblically-based set of dates for Egyptian history. You'll not only get a very complete look at the entire Egyptian civilization, but you'll also find references to biblical accounts as well as discussion on assigning dates using a variety of references. Throughout, the reader is treated to full-color captioned photos of the architecture, artifacts, and art of the times. Each chapter begins with a basic timeline on the dynasty being examined, with traditional dates vs. the authors' suggested revised dates, kings reigning during that time, events in Egyptian history, and corresponding events in biblical history. As a bonus, a DVD is included which features David Down, one of the authors, visiting and discussing the pyramids and the temples. The 86-minute DVD presents similar information as in the book, but with video of the sites and terrific commentary for all those audio learners. Although the whole package is a little bit pricey, this is an awesome resource that will doubtlessly enhance your studies in a whole new way! 221 pgs, hc.

  • Item #: 037864
    Retail: $21.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.22

    If you're looking for some activities to enhance your study of The Mystery of History V.1, this handy CD-ROM is for you. Jean Henrich, a gifted artist, has provided the instructions to complete eight art projects to complement the main text. Thirty-five reproducible coloring pages are also included on the CD. Linda Lacour Hobar, author of Mystery of History V.1, has selected projects and coloring pages that will remind students of the ancient history they are learning, and she has linked the projects to corresponding lessons from the text. The correlating title and lesson number is identified with each project on the CD-ROM. Background information for each project, fun facts, brief histories, and lists of materials needed are included. The projects can be fairly complicated, require adult supervision, and require basic art supplies along with special materials like plasticine and polymer clay, acrylic paint, dried leaves, mosaic tiles, foam sheets, a hand drill, grout, and more (none of which is included). Step-by-step directions are given along with color photographs of assembly. Students can fossilize a fern in plaster, sculpt a Sumerian bas-relief, build an Egyptian shaduf, create an ancient oil lamp, assemble a Chinese cricket cage, construct a Greek temple façade, make Chinese paper cuts, and arrange a Roman animal mosaic. These projects will help students bring ancient history to life as they study and create, and the projects have different difficulty levels that can be geared toward various ages. Tips for successful projects and a suggested outline for the study are included, recommending 2 projects for each quarter so all 8 are finished in a year. The 35 coloring pages included on the CD-ROM provide five pages for each of the projects - five each for ancient botanicals, ancient Mesopotamia and Samaria, ancient Egypt, Israel, ancient China, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome. The projects and the coloring pages are in a PDF format on the CD-ROM, so you can scroll through them or easily print them off. This is a great supplement to The Mystery of History Volume 1 and will provide students with art to keep and enjoy that will remind them of the ancient history they have learned. Minimum requirements to run CD-ROM: Windows 95, 16 MB hard disk space, and optional additional 50 MB hard disk space to view some video on the CD.

  • Item #: 037818
    ISBN: 9780763626389
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $17.50

    If you have a child interested in Egypt, you can't pass up this amazing book. It is presented as a reproduction of a journal that was written by an explorer in 1926, with the actual author and illustrator taking no credit anywhere in the book. The oversized journal has a scrapbook feel. It's a hardcover book, wrapped in gold with red plastic jewel inlays to embellish the appearance. As you follow the course of the explorer, Emily Sand, on her expedition, each spread of the book tells you about different aspects of Egypt and exploration in the 1920s. Learn about pyramids, pharaohs, the Egyptian gods, hieroglyphics, mummies, and more. It is a compelling read and has a fun, interactive format. The book is mostly factual in content, with casual remarks from Emily to reinforce the journal-like facade of the book. Text looks like it came from an old typewriter, and italic handwriting describes the sketches and illustrations. There are authentic looking papyrus pull-outs, mini-books, fold-out maps, postcards, ticket stubs, and even a sample of mummy cloth Emily found on her trip. As Emily's expedition team searches for the lost tomb of Osiris, they learn much about ancient Egyptian history until they mysteriously disappear, leaving the rest of the journal blank. While other books may contain more information about Egypt, this one gives a great overview and is packaged so attractively that I'm sure many kids will mistake it for an authentic scrapbook from a 1920s trip to Egypt. Contains 30 pgs full of text, illustrations, and pull-outs, measures 10"x12", hc. ~ Rachel