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All About Spelling Level 2

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  • Item #: AASL2M
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  • Item #: 047970
    ISBN: 9781935197294
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  • Item #: 044010
    ISBN: 9781935197058
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    Contains the letter tiles, magnets for the letter tiles, and divider cards. These "interactive' components are used throughout the program at each level. The Basic Phonograms CD-ROM has been replaced by this app

  • Item #: 003921
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    A step up from the Basic Kit, with a few nice extras, this kit includes the letter tiles, magnets, divider cards, Spelling Review Box and a tote bag. The Basic Phonograms CD-ROM has been replaced by this app

  • Item #: 048660
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    By customer request, we are offering these individually. Set includes 108 sturdy laminated tiles, two each of letters A-Z, one each of the featured letter combinations, extra ‘E’s and ‘S’s, and several blank tiles. Tiles are 1” square and are micro-perforated, ready to be separated.

  • Item #: 048659
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    A sheet of adhesive-backed tear-apart magnet squares that can be affixed to the Letter Tiles.
  • Item #: 003928
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    12 laminated divider cards, designed to keep your Phonogram, Sound, Key, and Word Cards organized. Tabs for each group keep "review", "mastered" and "future lessons" cards separate. Divider cards measure 4.25"w x 2.75"h and are sized to fit into an index card box or Review box.

  • Item #: 003932
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    The "official" card storage box, large enough to hold the cards for all levels of the program. Box measures 8" l x 4.5" w x 3.5" h and includes foam spacers.
  • Item #: 050031
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    A collection of the entire set of phonogram cards included in all levels of All About Spelling. Same basic format yellow cardstock and perforated for easy separation with phonograms on the front side; sound and key word on the back side. 71 phonograms are included along with divider cards labeled review, mastered, and future lessons that can used with any file box. Replace lost or mutilated cards originally provided with the program; use them by themselves; or use with the letter tiles.

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  • Item #: WP5CMW
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  • Item #: 026103
    ISBN: 9781935197751
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    ISBN: 9781935197775
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  • Item #: 045726
    ISBN: 9781935197003
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    Hear it is! Weight know longer! This is won grate book that shouldn't bee mist! Seriously, this is a very helpful resource. The cover says it has "more homophones than you can shake a stick at." I don't know how many that is, but 101 sound-alike pairs and triples are covered in this book via grade-leveled worksheets and other activities. Worksheets have target homophones in large lettering on the top and ten fill-in-the-blank exercises The worksheets are intended as reinforcement; you should introduce the homophones and their correct usage before having students work them. There are also additional activities or fun facts at the bottom of each page plus an entire page of additional suggestions for using the sheets. A section of graphic organizer sheets can be used to illustrate (or paste pictures of) homophones and define them. This could even be part of your instruction process prior to having students work through the exercises. A section of homophone crossword puzzles is included following the worksheets. A table tells you when you can use each puzzle (the first can be completed after using the 2nd grade sheets). Six different homophone card games are provided, complete with cards to photocopy onto cardstock and/or laminate. A final section of More Homophone Tools contains a listing of books about or using homophones; My List of Homophones student sheets (for students to compile their own lists); tongue twisters; riddles; puns; answer keys for the worksheets and puzzles; and, finally, a mega-list of homophones (maybe more than you can shake a stick at). I think it's safe to say that this is the only homophone reference/resource book you'll ever knead!

  • Item #: 014830
    ISBN: 9781576904480
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.25

    Whether it makes you want to stand up and cheer or tear out your hair, computers are here to stay. In keeping with the times, it's especially important that children become familiar with applications that are commonly used on these high-tech tools. The activities in this book are a great way to ease into the world of word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and the Internet. (Students with intermediate to advanced computer skills may not be challenged by these activities.)

    This book contains 57 activities, each with detailed instructions as well as extension ideas. Extension ideas are helpful since most activities seem to be written for the younger grade levels. Technical skill objectives are listed for each activity, but no technical guidance is provided in activity instructions. The teacher must be familiar with his software of choice, whether it's Windows or Macintosh, and be able to demonstrate how to use it. No software is provided with this activity book.

    Word processing activities usually entail writing poems, letters, or essays. The student will learn basic skills such as centering text, copying and pasting, setting page margins, inserting clip art, and spell checking. Spreadsheet activities include recording data, creating word searches, and calculating multiplication tables. Skills covered include adjusting column widths, highlighting cells, entering data, making and labeling bar, pie, and line graphs, and using formulas. Most of the Internet activities deal with research on topics such as Europe, the human body, and the White House. To complete these activities, you must have Internet access. The student will become familiar with basic Internet terminology and learn how to find a specific website, navigate a web page, use a search engine, and copy and paste pictures from the Internet into a different program. There are only two presentation activities, All About Me and PowerPoint Projects. Presentation software such as PowerPoint or Kid Pix is suggested. The student will learn how to make attractive slides, view a slide show, and practice presentation timing. Graphic skills activities involve creating travel brochures, advertisements, a cookbook, and a time line. Programs like PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Pagemaker can be used for the graphics activities. An extensive clip art gallery is also recommended. The student will learn how to insert pictures, create borders, format text, change page layouts, and how to use a tool bar. The 144 page book is reproducible. ~ Anh

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