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All About Reading Pre Reading

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  • Item #: 049561
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    Includes Teacher Manual, Student Packet w/ Activity Book (progress chart, picture cards, letter sound cards, certificate of achievement, capital and lowercase alphabet charts, stickers), Zigzag Zebra reader, and Lizard Lou reader, Letter Sounds A-Z app, and Pre-reading divider cards. The CD that previously was included is now available as a free app at All About Learning's site.

  • Item #: 049562
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    Includes Teacher Manual, Student Packet w/ Activity Book, Divider Cards, Zigzag Zebra book, Lizard Lou book, Ziggy the Zebra puppet, Activity Box (for learning cards), Animal Stickers, and Tote Bag. A download link for the Letter Sounds A to Z app is included.

  • Item #: 009625
    ISBN: 9781935197171
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    ISBN: 9781935197348
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    ISBN: 9781935197188
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  • Item #: 050469
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    Includes Letter Tiles, Magnets for the Letter Tiles, and Reading Divider Cards. The Basic Phonograms CD-ROM has been replaced by this app

  • Item #: 049558
    ISBN: 9781935197201
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  • Item #: 048706
    ISBN: 9781940384184
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    Includes two DVDs, two workbooks, six readers, uppercase and lowercase letter flashcards, reward stickers, and a Quick Start Guide.

  • Item #: 030194
    ISBN: 9780545329590
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    The ability to follow directions is a necessary life skill, and this book capitalizes on children's interests to build that skill through exercises involving multi-step directions questions to answer about themselves using minimal writing. Each activity page has four directions, the first of which is always "Write your name on the line above". Other directions may ask the student to circle, underline, or draw. Topics include the child's interests, friends and family, holiday celebrations, etc. The forty pages in this book can be used as stand-alone activities or combined to create an easy autobiography. Black and white illustrations are easily photocopied for use in a group. Follow-up activity suggestions are also provided in the introduction. The activities in this book align with some Common Core standards for kindergarten and first grade. – Rachel
  • Item #: 037155
    ISBN: 9781420639704
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  • Item #: 037156
    ISBN: 9781420639711
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  • Item #: 015418
    ISBN: 9780941995375
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    Here's a quick, proven, inexpensive way to measure the reading grade level of your student(s) privately. A one-time investment, this 380 word test is easy to administer and score, can be done in less than 15 minutes, and will tell at what grade level (1-12) your student is reading. Any reading problems are easily detected, allowing you to provide any needed remediation. Another 380 word test to use after your remedial work is administered is also provided, so you can check for improvement/correction. 5 copies of each test ("before" and "after") are included, along with information about the background of the test, an explanation of how it works, and how to score it. First and second graders can be tested using the beginning part of the test, but the overall test is intended for third grade and up.

  • Item #: 050470
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    Includes Letter Tiles, Magnets for the Letter Tiles, and Reading Divider Cards plus Reading Review Box and Reading Tote Bag. The Basic Phonograms CD-ROM has been replaced by this app.

  • Item #: 068769
    ISBN: 9781940384108
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  • Item #: 068770
    ISBN: 9781604991390
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  • Item #: 057895
    ISBN: 9781770787896
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    Kids love to read about little Frances the badger because they relate to the stories & situations about her family & friends. Author Russell Hoban was inspired by his own 4 children. This book is a way for parents and teachers to develop reading strategies using guided discussion questions & worksheets that go with familiar children's books. There are 5 titles covered: Bread and Jam for Frances, Bedtime for Frances, A Baby Sister for Frances, A Bargain for Frances, and Best Friends for Frances. For each story, there are teacher suggestions on how to best use this book and present the information, a list of vocabulary words and ideas to help you teach, a long list of discussion questions that range from specific to the story to asking the student's opinion on various topics such as favorite foods or how they would feel about something, a coloring page, and about 9 pages of workbook type activities for the student. This is followed by all necessary answers. These remind me of a literature guide but for a younger student. The teacher tips are useful and useable with any size group. Sc, reproducible, 86pp. ~Sara

  • Item #: 011260
    ISBN: 9781935197492
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    Rainbow Price: $47.95

    Includes: Swing into Reading Activity Book, phonogram cards, word cards, syllable tags, prefix tiles, stickers and suffix tiles.

  • Item #: 007398
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  • Item #: 055128
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    Includes Teacher's Manual, Student Packet w/ Activity Book, What Am I? and Queen Bee. Please note that the stickers are not included, but are available separately.

  • Item #: 007331
    ISBN: 9781935197522
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  • Item #: 052588
    ISBN: 9780972423892
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    For me, this book provides great understanding and guidance on how to introduce math to my little ones. I find this book so valuable and necessary, because I, like many teachers, tend to think in terms of what my children should know and what skills they need to learn to succeed in math instead of how children naturally make sense of the world around them and how I can present opportunities to help them solidify those concepts, guiding without getting in their way. (I confess, it is frustrating to me when I feel like I'm explaining something clearly and my children aren't "getting it." This book reminded me that children's minds are still developing and they aren't always physically ready for certain concepts – and telling and insisting is NOT the correct way to handle it! Rather, they will learn on their own through exploration. It's my job to provide those experiences.) It's easy to teach children to count to 20 or learn the number of objects on cards. But what we often miss in our approach is that children are giving the correct answers through rote memorization or answering as their teacher expects them too, not actually understanding and learning the underlying concepts or thinking for themselves. Thus these children may appear to have great mathematical understanding, but have actually not had the opportunity to make sense of math concepts for themselves. Instead of focusing on getting the right answers and good performance, we need to offer activities and opportunities that allow children to naturally make sense of mathematics. Instead of trying to insist to children what is right, we need to ask questions that show us what they are thinking and what they know. When we follow this approach to learning, seeing the process not as teaching but as developing, children increase their true understanding and can handle complex ideas instead of the oversimplified ones we often present that achieves only "false" understanding. All this insight from just the introduction! That wisdom is found amidst the unpacking of the five areas of mathematical standards as outlined by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, each of which is defined and then examined by how that process is learned by children and what it really means. The second chapter prepares you for teaching mathematics by sharing about the teacher's role (remember, encouraging thoughtfulness, not just correction or precise language), what children understand, and how to set up the classroom. The third chapter details the general learning goals for each of the five math areas and provides a list of the different activities that will help achieve this goal in the different settings, while the fourth briefly explains each setting. "Settings" refers to different teaching methods used by teachers, which include exploration time, circle time as a whole group, small-group time, individual learning time, and throughout the day. You can see from this list that this book is geared towards classroom use, but I found that it is just as beneficial in a homeschool setting; though certain activities are purposed for circle time or small-group time, they are perfectly able to be used, as is, with one or two children. Now that you understand how children learn math and your role, the next section contains the 73 actual activities, organized by the five settings. Each activity is formatted the same: the materials needed, the lesson focus, a summary of the task (with scripts), interaction questions, observations that you might note, and examples, if applicable. Two appendices guide you through planning math time as far as the time to allot for different activities and the order of introducing certain exercises and provide you with blackline masters that are used in different activities. Many materials are things you'll already have around the house, but you should note that the book also references several manipulatives including pattern blocks, Unifix cubes, geoboards, color tiles, wooden cubes, tangrams, and attribute blocks, though on-hand alternatives are sometimes suggested. This one might take a bit to digest, but you will be confident that you are truly building mathematical understanding as opposed to merely passing along information, and in doing so, equipping your child for real future mathematical success. – Steph

  • Item #: 007336
    ISBN: 9781935197539
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  • Item #: 019512
    Retail: $211.00
    Rainbow Price: $179.96

    Motivating emerging readers is what it's all about! Published by Calvert School, everything in this course (formerly called Come Read with Me) is designed to ignite a student's love of learning – particularly the love of learning to read. The DVD format (40 video lessons) means both parent and student can learn from the systematic, phonics-based approach to reading that simultaneously provides a language-rich environment that optimizes learning. Designed for young children who are familiar with the letters of the alphabet and full of sing-alongs, stories, poems, field trips, and games, this hands-on course helps develop reading readiness skills and prepares young students to read a storybook written just for them.

    The DVD format allows the student to "visit" the National Aquarium in Baltimore, meet young people training for the U.S. Olympic Whitewater Team, follow a river from the mountains to the sea, watch a model rocket launch at the Goddard Space Flight Center, enjoy the performance of a children's jump-rope team and learn about volcanoes, quilts, dinosaurs, and airplanes – all experiences that reinforce specific skills.

    In addition to the DVDs, the course includes a detailed guidebook, interactive activities, a beginning reader, and finger puppets. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 050471
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    Rainbow Price: $99.95

    Includes Teacher's Manual, Student Packet w/ Activity Book, Run, Bug, Run!, Runt Pig, and Cobweb the Cat.