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3rd Grade Science

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     Adaptation, migration, plants and plant life cycle, earth formation and fossils, air and weather, and light.

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    ISBN: 9781465417305
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    Speed; gravity; properties of air, solids, liquids and gases; transfer energy; solar systems; saltwater/freshwater; volcanoes; Earth science; healthy bodies; and life science.
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    Studies different types of scientists and how they work. Students also learn about matter, energy, light and moving objects. Through hands-on projects and study, students learn about the moon, stars and galaxy. They will also learn of animal behaviors and habitats.

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    ISBN: 9781425816797
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    Included in this kit: 3x/6x magnifier, wooden ruler, straws, 100ml beaker, thermometers, plastic cups, construction paper (colored and white), resealable bags, spray bottle, baby lima bean seeds, toothpicks, pinecone, string, Butterflies and Moths Golden Guide, file folder, potting soil, flashlight, cardboard tube, inflatable globe, crepe paper roll, toy eyeglasses, green and red cellophane, toy car, toy insect, cardboard puzzle, tape measure, marbles, 4 colors of modeling clay, toy model, card stock aluminum pan, wooden clothes pins, glass prism (25mm x 75mm), Styrofoam cups, pint jar w/lid, wooden splints, golf ball, ping pong ball, sand, ice cube tray, weighing dish, magnetic game, horseshoe magnet, 1.5" Alnico bar magnets, paper cup, balloons, red and blue yarn.

    1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs

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    This kit includes paper bags, golf ball, ping pong ball, bouncy ball, paper cups, rubber bands, Styrofoam cups, outdoor thermometer, pinwheel, construction paper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, firefighter hat, pint jar w/lid, 3x/6x magnifier, 4 colors of modeling clay, plastic animal figures, flashlight, wooden ruler, tuning fork, wooden board, plastic button, star stickers, toy car, and1.5" Alnico bar magnets.

    1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs

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    ISBN: 9781940110417
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    The Student Notebook is a handy companion to the course. It provides formatted pages on which to write the answers to the text questions – On Your Own, Study Guide Questions, Practice Problems, and Extra Practice Problems. Experiment instructions are in the student notebook along with space for recording observations and data and making notes. There is also space for recording the optional MicroChem experiments. A suggested schedule will keep the student on track to finish the course. This notebook isn't included in the bundle, but is sold separately.

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    ISBN: 9781940110769
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    ISBN: 9781940110257
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    This new edition of Exploring Creation with Chemistry makes chemistry approachable and doable in a homeschool setting. Now authored by Kristy Plourde, you will notice a few changes from previous editions.

    The chapter order has been changed from the previous editions (1st and 2nd) of the curriculum. There are still 16 modules measurement, units, and the scientific method, atoms and molecules, atomic structure, molecular structure, polyatomic ions and molecular geometry, changes in matter and chemical reactions, describing chemical reactions, stoichiometry, acid-base chemistry, chemistry of solutions, gas phase, energy/heat and temperature, thermodynamics, kinetics, chemical equilibrium, and reduction-oxidation reactions. The front of the book offers a suggestion on how to use the book and the length of time typically spent to complete the course. "On Your Own" questions are found throughout the modules and are to be completed as the student reads the text answers are included at the end of the module. "Review Question" and "Practice Problems" are found at the end of each module to help students recall and apply important concepts presented in that module. The text is generous with examples, illustrations, and photos for clarity of concepts.

    Some helpful resources are found at the back of the text glossary, tables/laws/equations, extra practice problems for each module, and a complete list of lab supplies.

    Experiments are homeschool-friendly and can be completed using the lab kit (#008778) that is assembled by Nature's Workshop and items that are easily accessible. If you want to do more advanced experiments, you can purchase the MicroChem Lab Kit (#020028). These experiments aren't printed in the student text, but are mentioned and marked by a flask and test tube symbol along with where that experiment can be found in the MicroChem Manual. The experiments in this 3rd edition are a combination of some new ones and the tried-and-true from the previous editions. If you don't want or need to purchase the lab kit (#008778), the required items to complete experiments are a 1 mass scale (0 to 500 grams), blue and red litmus paper, 1 thermometer (-10 to 110 degrees C). If you have these three items, the text makes suggestions within the experiments for household substitutions of the other items needed.

    A special website is available to accompany this course, offering web links and additional information for specific concepts. The web address is printed in the front of the text with instructions for access. Textbook is now in the 4th printing. ~ Donna.

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    ISBN: 9781615384860
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    ISBN: 9781940110271
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    Algebra 1 - 3rd Ed WIN/MAC
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    ISBN: 9781506235127
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    A sure way to ace the ACT test is through lots of practice. This book contains 8 practice exams that mirror the ACT. There are detailed answers and explanations that follow each test as well as strategic advice to approach similar questions on test day. Furthermore, every explanation reveals the level of difficulty to the questions. If the student misses quite a few "low" difficulty questions, it might be wise to review those concepts. However, if the student is doing well on the "high" difficulty questions, he knows he is on track. Additionally, this book contains a scoring rubric as well as information on how the ACT is structured and how to register for the test. ~ Gina

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    ISBN: 9781940110622
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