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3rd Grade

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    This is another quality, standards-based curriculum that is now available to homeschool families. If you want to be sure that your child is covering material found on standardized testing or your goal is to keep pace with grade-level classrooms or put your child back into the classroom without gaps, Scott Foresman covers the necessary information at each grade level.

    Students will be able to build on knowledge from previous grades as each progresses grades 3 explores "Communities."

    Homeschool bundles include the necessary student and teacher information at each level. Grade 2, 3, & 4 bundles include a spiral-bound teacher book (also includes pouch cards for vocabulary and reading along with a plastic pouch), hardcover student text, and a workbook that includes vocabulary practice, lesson reviews, reading skills practice, skills worksheets, and project pages.

    The Teacher Edition includes small-format student text pages with teaching notes in the margins, reproducibles, reference lists, skills handbook for citizenship, research, and geography. Strategies for teaching vocabulary, planning guide, answer keys for the workbook, and other resources are included in the overview of the curriculum and for each unit. You will see some resources mentioned that aren't included in this bundle, but are not necessary for the completion of the course transparencies, quick studies, posters, etc. Suggestions for family and calendar activities, writing rubrics, reading suggestions, and graphic organizers are also found in the teacher edition. Online resources can be found at the publisher's website, sfsocialstudies.com library, current events, atlas, activities, and biographies, along with live links to learning partners for this curriculum Smithsonian, Colonial Williamsburg, and others.

    Student Texts provide grade-appropriate reading opportunity along with a plethora of visuals diagrams, timelines, photos, illustrations, and maps ideal for those who need a little more than just the reading. Units are divided into chapters and further divided into lessons. Each lesson includes a preview, vocabulary, review, and "think and apply" questions. A review section provides summary at the end of each chapter, and can be used as an assessment opportunity (answers provided in the teacher edition).

    The Workbook included in each set includes reinforcement activities - vocabulary practice, lesson reviews, reading skills practice, skills worksheets, and projects. Multiple choice, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, reading graphs and maps are all used to enhance and strengthen the students understanding of textual content.

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    ISBN: 9781428432376
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    Review of addition, subtraction and shapes. Place value. Rounding and expanded notation. Multiplication facts include single and multi-digits. Division by 2, 3, 4, and 5. Students also study decimals, fractions, unit conversions and volume, weight and area, geometric shapes, solid objects, data collection and outcome prediction.

  • Item #: 051465
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    Studies different types of scientists and how they work. Students also learn about matter, energy, light and moving objects. Through hands-on projects and study, students learn about the moon, stars and galaxy. They will also learn of animal behaviors and habitats.

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    ISBN: 9780012066867
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    The Math 3 Home Study Kit contains the Teacher Edition, the Meeting Book and a set of 2 workbooks. No manipulatives are included in the Home Study Kit; those are a separate purchase with several different options available.

    These 140 lessons use math in real life; identifying place value; completing patterns; mastering multiplication and division facts; adding/subtracting multi-digit numbers; multiplying a multi-digit number by a single digit; dividing by a 1-digit divisor; adding/subtracting fractions with common denominators; telling time to the minute; change for a dollar; graphing.

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    ISBN: 9781425808860
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    Five subjects conveniently bound into one colossal, full color workbook. Subjects (English, reading comprehension, writing, reading skills [including spelling/vocabulary] and math) are divided into color-coded sections for easy identification. This series covers a great deal of material focusing, of course, on basic skills. These workbooks do not have the breadth or depth that separate programs for individual subjects would have. However, if you're after basic skills mastery in the primary grades, this is a viable, cost-effective option. Teaching suggestions and answer keys included. 540+ pages. ~ Anh

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    ISBN: 9781483801087
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    Speed; gravity; properties of air, solids, liquids and gases; transfer energy; solar systems; saltwater/freshwater; volcanoes; Earth science; healthy bodies; and life science.
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    Students illustrate the ability to navigate maps and regions of the United States and the world. They will learn about different measurements of time including time, time zones, and timelines. They study Native Americans and Revolutionary leaders; national symbols, monuments and American folklore. They will also be introduced to economics, branches of government and what it means to be a citizen. One unit is devoted to the study of California, her statehood, history, the pony express, immigrants, and national parks, famous Californians, Chinatown and Hollywood.

  • Item #: 051450
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    Skills center on the ability to complete different types of sentences and designate the proper usage of nouns, pronouns, and verbs in those sentences. Students also learn about different types of writing, such as fairy tales, folk tales, fables, legends and myths. They will be introduced to the media and differences in facts and opinions as well as differing points of view. Homophones, homographs and compound words are the spelling focus. They will also master beginning research, writing and speaking skills.

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    ISBN: 9780375430015
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  • Item #: MPC3PK
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  • Item #: MPC3CS
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    This package includes:

    Latina Christiana I Review Worksheets (2ED)

    Latina Christiana I Student Book (4th Edtn)

    Ludere Latine I Student Book (2nd Edition)

    Timeline Composition & Sketchbook

    Bear Called Paddington Student Book

    Spelling Workout 2001 Level D Student Edition

    Exploring Arithmetic Grade 3 Pupil and Wrksts

    Exploring Arithmetic Grade 3 Speed Drills

    Core Skills: Language Arts 2014 Grade 3

    Christian Studies Book I Student

    D'Aulaires Greek Myths Study Guide - Student

    Charlotte's Web Literature Student Study Gd

    Farmer Boy Literature Student Study Guide

    States and Capitals History Student Study Gd

    All Things Fun & Fascinating

    New American Cursive III

    Mr. Popper's Penguins Literature Stdt Stdy Gd

    English Grammar Recitation Wkbk I Studnt Book

    Poetry for the Grammar Stage Student Guide 3E

    Mammals:Lessons from World of Animals Stdt Bk

  • Item #: M23GMK
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