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    The Microslide Viewer is an alternative to a microscope. It looks a lot like a microscope, but instead of viewing your own slides or prepared slides, it uses low-power magnification to allow you to view Microslides. A Microslide consists of eight 35mm images photographed from a microscope. Because they are actual photographs, they are much clearer than a normal slide's image. The microslides are stored in clear plastic holders for protection, and arrows call attention to the important features of the image. The strip fits right in the viewer so that you can pull it through to view all eight pictures. As you can see from the list below, plenty of Microslides are available. You can use it inside or outside, as it doesn't require batteries or electricity. Normal classroom light reflects off the white reflector to enable you to see the images clearly. This is a much cheaper alternative to a microscope and slides, without sacrificing image quality. Microslides come in a folder-like card which features information about each slide and includes a holder for the slide itself. A helpful amount of information is normally included for each slide image, including the name of the image, the magnification of the image, background information and points of interest. It's especially helpful when points of interest are labeled with letters, which are repeated on the slide, to make it easy to locate them. It's like getting a guided tour!  Although designed for the Microslide viewer, these slides can also be viewed on a standard microscope, with some adjustment. ~ Stephanie

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       Ten frame products are a great way for students to practice counting, addition, and subtraction in base ten. This set includes two ten frame trays (boards) (12cm x 21cm) made of composite rubber wood and twenty natural wood discs (2.5cm each) for use with the frames. Children can practice number skills from 1-20, and a small pamphlet is included with suggestions for using the set. The trays have attached stretchy bands and can be put together (face-to-face) to form a case for storing your wood discs – how convenient! ~ Donna

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    This handy wooden tool is designed to work with both Lap Looms, and it makes weaving both easier and more enjoyable by speeding up the shed-making process. Instructions are included. Great for younger children who are still developing fine coordination!
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    ISBN: 9781879614994
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