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  • Item #: 050663
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    Contains 250 ml beaker, alcohol lamp with stand, baby lima bean seeds, biology slide set, calcium oxide pellets, economical magnifier, economy dissection tool kit, electrolysis kit, foil baking pan, friction pad, glucose test strips, graduated cylinder, grass seed, household ammonia, hydrochloric acid, iodine solution, marble set, marigold seeds, methylene blue, peat moss, pen light, petri dishes, phenolphthalein solution, radish seeds, red & blue litmus paper, ring stand with base, safety goggles, sand, cover slips and slides, sodium sulfate, stirring rod, test tube rack, test tubes, thermometer, thermometer clamp, thistle tube, wire test tube holder, and wood splints. You will still need to gather some common items from around your home to use in some experiments. The curriculum for use with this kit is sold separately.
  • Item #: 019417
    Retail: $69.95
    Rainbow Price: $45.89

    Keep the marbles rolling with this fun marble roller coaster! It includes five yards of track, which not only features parallel running rails so you can constantly observe the marbles racing along, but also includes a motorized elevator so you can drop a marble at the top, watch it race to the bottom, and then have the elevator do the work of bringing it back to the top of the run to race again. Altogether, this set contains 200 pieces, including four marbles so you can start playing right away. An instruction manual gives tips on how to easily construct your coaster, but it is fun to use the pieces and come up with your own design. Elevator requires 2 "AA" batteries, which are not included. ~ Rachel