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  • Item #: 055805
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    This clay is conomically priced, non-toxic, and it never dries out - a winner for everyone! Safe for all ages, this plastic modeling clay is great for quiet time, party favors, or used as an incentive, plus it helps develop fine motor skills and creative self-expression. Plast-i-clay stays soft and pliable (store in a plastic bag) and comes in an impressive assortment of bright colors—enough to create a wide range of colorful animals. This ten stick (approximately ½ oz. each) set includes: red, yellow, blue, green, gray, brown, black, white, pink, and orange. Please note: if being used by more than one child, it may be helpful to order one package per child to ensure there is enough clay for all to enjoy. Total net weight, 6 ¾ oz.

  • Item #: 063473
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     A sturdy notebook for your young elementary students. The ½” lines include a red base line, top blue line and dotted middle blue line. The inside cover contains a manuscript guide for capital and lower case letters and numbers 0-9. Also included are additional hints on pencil holding, correct paper stabilization and posture. 9.75” x 7.5”, 200 pp, sturdy softcover. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 054540
    ISBN: 9781936706709
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    2nd edition also includes instruction on writing numbers 0-9 and handwriting strokes.

  • Item #: 017660
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    This set includes the fun of the other Q-Ba-Maze sets, but with a few more additions to make your run even more amazing. This set includes 156 cubes, 30 steel marbles, 8 marble catchers, and 9 stunt pieces – spiral sphere, quad-exit cubes, speed sprocket, coaster tube, pivot trampoline, and a roto catcher, among others. You can use this alone or with your other 2.0 sets for even bigger and better marble runs.

  • Item #: 056088
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  • Item #: 030719
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    Round: 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1, 3, 5; shader: 2, 6, 10; glaze: 5/8"

  • Item #: 037956
    ISBN: 9781618946355
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  • Item #: 040634
    ISBN: 9781592691630
    Retail: $15.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.75

    Contains problems with addends 0-9.

  • Item #: 045763
    Retail: $399.95
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    Kit I is intended for ages 4-8, and is a complete math program for 5 years of instruction. Remember, the child sets the pace, so it can take more or less than 5 years to complete the contents of this kit. The kit includes Lesson Books 1-3, Answer Guides 1-3, Parent Guide, Volume I CD, 4" yellow foam ball, nylon bag with string tie, geared clock, assorted plastic U.S. coins, 8 crayon set, 2 standard dice, 1- and 2-cup measurers, safety mirror for symmetry work, 22"x34" cloth work mat, 3-ring binder, 0-9 set of wooden dominoes, #2 pencil, 12" clear plastic ruler, pan balance for weight comparison, set of 16 thousand cubes, set of plastic operation signs, complete number card set w/ wooden tray, base ten set, materials bank wooden tray, 8 each of 7 shape tiles, number tile set, and free downloads of consumables for 5 years. Downloads are the consumable pages for each lesson, 'Completed Worksheet' pages, and 'Review Test' scoresheets.

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 059861
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $16.50

    1,2,3,4,5,6 six colorful math games in one sturdy box! Students practice numbers 1-20, 1-100, place value 0-999, and addition and subtraction skills as they play the variety of games. Numbees features a hive on the board where each hexagon on the board holds a number between 2 and 17. Players start in the middle of the board, spin the spinner to show + or 1 to 3, and then move to the appropriate spot to make their way out of the hive. 1-100 Tracks is reminiscent of a train-themed Chutes and Ladders board as players spin the spinner to move up to 9 spaces. Landing on an arrow takes you up or down by 10. The Great Snail Race has two players rolling a die to race to the finish; certain spaces allow children to add or subtract small numbers to jump. In Place Value Round Up, players roll the die and move that amount of spaces, and then round the number on their new space either up or down to the nearest ten. Each ten holds a special instruction to follow if you round to it, such as moving extra spaces forward or backwards. Number Dominoes have children match addition and subtraction facts to numerals and pictures. The last game is really more of a manipulative, holding different colored hundred, ten, and one cards on a ring, each with 1-9 in order to create numbers up to 999. The bottom card has a visible tab that has hundreds, tens, and units written on it, so students can see which number is in which place. Parents and teachers can use it to play "Guess My Number." Most pieces are made out of thick, coated cardboard to last though many uses.

  • Item #: 048760
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    Contains 2 pages of tracing upper and lower case of all letters (and numbers 0-9) followed by a page of writing freehand on the grid. The inside of the cover shows all letters and can be used as a reference. This one does Aa-Zz plus 0-9 and a short sentence. 80pp

  • Item #: 026136
    Retail: $10.00
    Rainbow Price: $9.25

    For younger players, this set includes 176 tiles including whole numbers (0-9) with more 1's and 0's than the original set, fractions with denominator 2, the four basic operation signs with more + and - than x and ÷, and equal to symbols.

  • Item #: 060417
    Retail: $29.95
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    Learning to count from 1 to 10 is a delight with this quality fabric book featuring a fun search and find game inside. On each page you read the rhyme, then seek your find… "2 Playful kit-tens, hiding in mittens". Looking inside the fuzzy mittens reveals two adorable kittens playing with yarn that can be pulled out and then tucked back inside again. Each page features another number with a special rhyme about an animal hiding inside. Don't worry mom, no losing pieces here, for every soft animal is securely tethered to the page with a soft cord. Fabric book features a zipper closure and soft padded carrying handle for happy travels. Closed book measures 8.5"x 9" without handle.
  • Item #: 060910
    Retail: $34.00
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

    So much bang for your buck in this versatile dice set to use with multiple students at home or in the classroom. You get 4 sets of 6 traditional dotted dice in white, red, green and blue. Also: 2 black dice with math functions; 2 large yellow 0-9 decahedrals; 1 large red decahedral w/0000-9000; 1 large blue decahedral w/000-900; 1 large green decahedral w/00-90; 1 large red decahedral w/percents; 1 large green decahedral w/decimals; and 1 large yellow decahedral w/fractions. But wait– there’s more! Two small red fraction dice (6 sides); 2 small green fraction dice (6 sides); 2 small white fraction dice (6 sides); and a set of 6 small polyhedrals in a variety of colors. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 047337
    ISBN: 9781936266326
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.95

    Small (2.5" x 3.5") with rounded corners; black/red on white backgrounds. Set includes: Number Cards from 0 – 9 (4 sets); Number Words 0 – 9 (1 set); Ten frames (two sets of 0 – 10); dots (0 – 8, and 0-10); +, -, x, ÷, =, ˂ and ˃ (2 sets). Also includes activity suggestions to reinforce counting, number recognition, relative position, number bonds, making 10, and writing number sentences. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 058408
    Retail: $7.00
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    This set of 51 1” tall plastic pieces teaches decimals. Decimals are printed on one side and the other sides are blank. The largest (the 1.0), measures 6.0” wide. The brown 0.5 pieces measure 3”; the three black 0.33 are 2”; the four yellow 0.25 are 1.5”;the five green 0.2” are 1 3/4”; the six orange 0.166 are 1”; the eight 0.125 pieces are 3/4”; the ten purple 0.1 are 9/16”; and the twelve pink 0.083 are 1/2”. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 039074
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.01

    Each in this set of 5 colorful spinners is divided differently into numbered pie shapes. One is blank, and there is a 1-2, 1-4, 1-6 and a 0-9, each with a white face and different colored border. Create your own games or let your kiddos come up with a game to review before a test. Teach numbers by playing hopscotch and use a spinner to tell you how many spaces to jump. Made of flexible plastic with a securely mounted black spinner arrow. 4.5” squares with rounded corners.

  • Item #: 036231
    ISBN: 9781615382101
    Retail: $13.50
    Rainbow Price: $11.75
    This complete set of manipulatives for Grades K through 3 includes base ten flats (10), base ten rods (20), centimeter cubes (20 - 2 of 10 colors), clock face, dice (set of 4), Frax Pax Tiles, geoboard (5 x 5 pin), pattern blocks (100), pentominoes (1 set), spinner (0 to 9), tangrams (2 sets), teddy bear counters (48), and transparent counters (250).
  • Item #: 037144
    ISBN: 9780890519233
    Retail: $39.99
    Rainbow Price: $27.95

      In Book 1, Charlie and Charlotte visit their grandparents farm and learn numbers, shapes, place value, adding and subtracting. Along the way, the children also learn about gardening, baby farm animals, nature, family and love. In the first 30 lessons children will learn about numbers 0-9, place value, rectangles, circles, addition, subtraction, skip counting with 2, 5, and 10, telling time with minutes and hours, and more. The last 6 lessons of the book are review.

  • Item #: 047050
    Retail: $11.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.00
  • Item #: 019392
    Retail: $79.00
    Rainbow Price: $49.95

    One of the best things I get to do around here, is play with all of the microscopes and science gadgets that come in. The eFlex LED Lighted Digital microscope is no exception, and is the quality I would expect from Carson Optical.

    This easy-to-use digital microscope hooks right up to the USB port (2.0 or 3.0) on your computer; and works with Windows XP SP2+, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac OS X 10.4.9 – 10.11. However, this product will not work with tablets of any kind. The user guide isn't included in the kit, but an included instruction sheet explains access to the user guide on Carson Optical's website or you may have it sent to you.

    The 3 ½" long microscope can be held in your hand for viewing, or pop it into the holder that is mounted at the end of a flexible neck. A heavy duty suction cup with a clip to ensure stability allows you to attach the flexible neck and scope to the mat or to any smooth surface. I was pleasantly surprised at how firm the suction holds. The magnification can be adjusted from 75X to 300X. With the scope mounted, I could simply adjust the focus with just one hand – so easy to do. You can also adjust the brightness (lighting) on the scope. You can click photos with just a touch on the top of the scope and capture videos of live specimens. The view is clear and crisp enough to reveal a microscopic world. A 5 ½ x 8 ¼ inch mat is included, which has centimeters marked down one edge, inches on the other edge and a grid in the viewing area. This feature allows you to have a record of specimen size when photographing.

    If you're looking for a quality starter scope, this scope is great! You can use it with the whole family or with a group, since you can see the picture on the computer screen – so no squinting through the eyehole for a better view. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 058804
    Retail: $24.95
    Rainbow Price: $20.21

    Think dice – just larger. These plastic 1.25" cubes have numbers or arithmetic signs rather than dots. Use them for practicing mental math skills – or as required by your math curriculum. The sixteen number cubes are light green with black numbers while the four sign (+, +, -, -, =, and =) cubes are yellow with black symbols. There are six cubes with numbers 0-5, six with numbers 4-9, two with 10-15, and 2 with 15-20. ▲CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs ~ Janice

  • Item #: 049326
    Retail: $4.80
    Rainbow Price: $4.25

    This set contains 2 sets of 4 dice for a total of 8 dice. Each die is 10-sided to represent each of the ten digits. The Units die can roll 0-9. The Tens die can roll 00-90. The Hundreds die can roll 000-900. The Thousands die can roll 0000-9000. The dice for different place values are different colors so they are easy to visually distinguish. ~ Anh

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 037034
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.50

    Recommended supplement for the

    Memoria Press Simply Classical Special Needs Curriculum

    , these numbers would benefit any child who thrives on tactile, hands-on learning. Each sturdy, bright green card measures approximately 2 ¾” x 4 ½” with a fine sand number and directional arrows to reinforce proper letter formation. 10 cards (0-9 numerals) arrive in a cardboard storage container for added durability for multi-year or multi-child use. ~ Deanne
  • Item #: 059354
    Retail: $2.99
    Rainbow Price: $2.75

    Super cute stickers look like vintage typewriter keys in black circles with crisp white letters & a white circle border. You are actually getting letters and numbers. Each measures 23 mm across. There are 2 each of C, D, F, G, H, J, K, M, P, Q, V, W, X, Y, Z, numbers 0-9, &, ?, $, cents, #, +, -, =. You also get 4 each of A, B, I, L, N, O, R, U, !, and 6 each of E, S, and T. Use these to organize stuff in your classroom or Sunday school, alphabetize files with style or on gift packaging! ~ Sara

  • Item #: 040666
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $20.50

    More than magnetic numbers, this set is a collection of manipulatives plus a brief activity guide that give you a great start in covering counting, number relationships, basic operations and equations, as well as place value and regrouping. The 155 piece set includes 4 sets of 0-9, 60 counters, 1-10 ten frames plus 2 printed ten-frame shapes, 2 dividers with printed ones, tens, and hundreds, 6 equation symbols, and 31 base ten pieces (1 flat, 10 rods, and 20 units). The box itself is cleverly designed with a magnetic board that can either be used flat or as a built-in easel. An elastic keeps the boxs contents in tack during storage. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 030887
    Retail: $11.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.08

    Reinforce counting and early math skills in a fun and kinesthetic way using magnets. Each magnet is 1.5 x 2" with rounded corners. They come on white magnetic sheeting and you punch out the shapes. Dragonflies, hummingbirds, caterpillars, fish, frogs, ladybugs and more demonstrate numbers in a more concrete way to young learners than actual digits. Use them on a fridge, cookie sheet (for portability), file cabinet or other metal surface. Teach addition with one magnet of 3 caterpillars and one with 6 frogs. There are 10 with illustrations in groups of ten. Ten other magnets show 0-9 critters. Vinyl pouch makes for easy storage of the 20 magnets. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 066817
    Retail: $4.95
    Rainbow Price: $4.75

      Sometimes children just need a little more visual representation of place value and this set of tiles is perfect to help grasp this tricky concept. Each value is represented in a different color: 0-9 are white tiles, 10-90 are red, 100-900 are orange and 1000-9000 are yellow. Tiles measure 3/4”x 1” (white) through 2 1/2”x 1” (yellow). While not connecting, smaller tiles fit perfectly on the larger ones to cover the 0s and reinforce numerical placement of place value. Conquer that mountain place value with these quality manipulatives. Total 37 tiles.  ~ Deanne