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0-100 Number Line

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    Includes blank line, 0 to 30, 0 to 100 (by tens), and 0-100 (2 pieces)
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    Open number lines allow for flexibility for different grade levels and abilities, making this one of the most practical classroom math manipulatives that we carry. Containing two thick plastic strips that measure 39.5" each , the number line contains 100 divisions or partitions (50 on each strip). The color alternates between red and white every 10 partitions/divisions. Includes magnets for hanging. Works with quality dry erase markers. ~ Deanne

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    Includes blank line, 0 to 2.0 (decimals), -10 to +10, 0 to 1 (unmarked for fraction work), 0 to 1000 (by hundreds)
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    Two mark-on/wipe-off student number lines with a write 'n wipe marker. One number line shows 0-25 with ample space above number line to "loop" numbers together with marker. The other is numbered -20 to +20. Both have peel-off backing so you may mount them on desks, etc.

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      Combine picture study with number practice and you get a gentle introduction to number formation and recognition for your younger set. Introduce children to numbers 0-9 with a colorful photo each week and plenty of room to write their practice numbers. On day one, point out the new number (weekly) and have the child copy it; review the photo on day two and have the child do the activity/copywork for that day; repeat this procedure for days 3, 4, and 5. Day two copywork is writing the number several times on individual lines. Day three is copying the number on one continual line; day four is drawing a picture of that number of objects and writing the number once, and day five might be counting and writing or circling and writing. The format is simple and the book can be finished in ten weeks, preparing young children for the next steps of writing and numbers. 54 pgs., p/b. ~ Donna

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    Practical and versatile, this magnetic hundred number set is a valuable resource for the homeschool or classroom setting. Double-sided number board measures approximately 9"x12", has blank 10x10 grid on one side and the hundred number grid on the flip side. It would be possible to use the number board with quality dry erase markers giving you more options for math activities. Set also includes 101 magnetic tiles with numbers 0-100, and several blank tiles that may be used for the activities. Includes activity guide. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 064879
    ISBN: 9781583246832
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       This unique flip book offers a visual way to teach fractions to your student. 18 pages of write-on/wipe-off number lines can be used to help your student understand. Represented on the number lines are thirds, quarters, fifths, eighths, tenths, twelfths, sixteenths, percents, and decimals. Open the book horizontally (pages are 4” high and 12” wide), the top page is a blank number line with just marks for the correct placement, and the bottom page is a number line with fractions printed in the correct location. For example, thirds have a blank number line with four markings, the number line that is marked shows 0, 1/3, 2/3, and 1. The write-on/wipe-off page allows the student to practice writing the correct placement for fractions. There are no blank number lines for decimals and percents; students can see the correlation between the two because they are side-by-side. There are three blank number lines at the back of the flip book, no markings of any kind, so that students can practice writing fractions.

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    Tens marked in black; units marked in blue.

  • Item #: 003721
    ISBN: 9780742416246
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    This little kit presents a fun, colorful introduction to numbers. A thin write and wipe book invites students to count their way from one to ten. Each page showcases a different number, although the pages themselves are very similar. They contain a colorful scene with many different objects representing the number (three little frogs, three porcupines, three flowers, three dragonflies, etc.) which students can count. A guided line in the middle offers a place for students to practice writing the number. At the bottom of the page, children are encouraged to place the appropriate number of frogs (using the included frog counters) on the pond or log. Another couple of pages offer more counting activities, and the last spread in the book features a fun counting game. Kit includes the write n' wipe book, a write n' wipe pen, ten frog counters, and a 0-10 spinner housed in a sturdy box complete with a handle. – Melissa

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    ISBN: 9781601598561
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    ISBN: 9780545906845
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    These flashcards are great for building number recognition. One side of the card shows a number (like 26) and then the other side shows the number word (like twenty-six). Covering numbers 0-100, this set is colorful and durable.

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    ISBN: 9781593461521
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    ISBN: 9781593461495
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    This hundred board is a versatile math manipulative. One side features a chart of 1" squares numbered from 1-120. The other side features the same grid, but with blank squares. The lines between the squares are not as bold as other charts we carry and the board features a red, 1cm-wide border. Made of thin, glossy cardstock the board is fairly durable and is very handy to have around. Measures 11" x 11."

  • Item #: 022528
    ISBN: 9780756630263
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    With plenty of tracing and counting, this book offers lots of fun practice for students to write the numerals 0-10. The pages generally direct students to trace lines in order to draw a set number of objects (i.e. 5 candles or 4 wheels) or instead count the number of pictured items and write that number in a provided box. Along the bottom of most of the pages are numbers on guidelines for kids to trace along with extra space for them to practice writing the numerals on their own. A couple of pages near the end of the book introduce beginning (+ or – 1) addition and subtraction tracing/counting exercises.

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    ISBN: 9781593461437
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  • Item #: 052651
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    Starting school can be a daunting experience. This little booklet is designed to "celebrate" a child's first school experience in a fun and creatively simple way. Each page contains four blocks with numbers (1-100) to be traced and written, plus space to draw or color. Blocks measure 3 ½" x 4 ¼" with a one inch dotted line to practice writing the number. Suggestions are given for filling in the blocks as well. This resource also contains activity suggestions for Day 100, a "100's chart", and simple sentences to be completed at the end of Day 100. Paper booklet contains 31 pages and measures 7" x 8 ½". Non-reproducible. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781593461520
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  • Item #: 035117
    ISBN: 9781483831039
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     Includes writing number 0-20, comparing, and counting to 100.