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.5 Inch Binder

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    Kit I is intended for ages 4-8, and is a complete math program for 5 years of instruction. Remember, the child sets the pace, so it can take more or less than 5 years to complete the contents of this kit. The kit includes Lesson Books 1-3, Answer Guides 1-3, Parent Guide, Volume I CD, 4" yellow foam ball, nylon bag with string tie, geared clock, assorted plastic U.S. coins, 8 crayon set, 2 standard dice, 1- and 2-cup measurers, safety mirror for symmetry work, 22"x34" cloth work mat, 3-ring binder, 0-9 set of wooden dominoes, #2 pencil, 12" clear plastic ruler, pan balance for weight comparison, set of 16 thousand cubes, set of plastic operation signs, complete number card set w/ wooden tray, base ten set, materials bank wooden tray, 8 each of 7 shape tiles, number tile set, and free downloads of consumables for 5 years. Downloads are the consumable pages for each lesson, 'Completed Worksheet' pages, and 'Review Test' scoresheets.

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

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    ISBN: 9780972026543
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    This 12 ¼" x 9" binder provides you with a handy place to record the chronology of history from 5000 B.C. to today. Beginning in 5000 B.C. each sturdy page holds a bold horizontal line across the middle of the page representing 1000 years. The span of time on each page quickly decreases to only 50 years by 650 B.C. and then slowly fluctuates from between 100-5 years on each page from 0 A.D. to the present, varying to allow all major events and figures to be marked. At least one year is marked on every page below the timeline in order to provide you with markers, and quotes from people throughout history adorn the top or bottom of every couple pages. Following the 112 timeline pages are 17 blank maps of ancient times and the world today. This book is nicely packaged in a 3-ring binder, allowing you to easily flip through the pages and view specific dates. You may easily use this record for writing or drawing in events and people yourself as you study, or see above for accompanying timeline packets. ~ Steph
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    Peel off the white backing and apply this clear protractor to a notebook, a plastic binder or other surface. Each sticker is 10” long and 5” high. The set of 10 stickers is great for a classroom or co-op setting. The entire backing is adhesive for a lasting stick.

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    Many kids struggle making the transition from decoding single-syllable words to multi-syllable words. Exposing them to the most common syllables can be helpful. With frequent practice, they can become familiar with these and learn to read larger words. Included in this set is a list of 2, 3, 4 and 5 syllable words. Choose a few words to focus on each day and gradually make them more challenging. Tips for presenting the words are included using the tiles and magnetic board in the set. Set contains 70 magnetic tiles that are about .75" high and vary from a little less than .5" to a little over 1" wide. They are on heavy magnetic sheets. The firm-but-flexible board that comes with the tiles is 8.5x11" and hole-punched to fit in a 3-ring binder. It has a dry-erase surface (marker not included) with a blank white side and the other has areas for the syllable lessons, including a line to write the words. This would be useful for your hands-on learners who struggle a bit with phonics or just need practice with syllables. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 058036
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    Pastel lined paper in a small format notebook makes a fun option for journaling, writing poetry or music or to keep in a bag for general "Don't forget this!" notes. Paper & covers come in 4 colors: lavender, pale green, light blue or pink (our choice.) Keep one in the car to record oil changes and such – or questions your kids come up with in the car that you need to research when you are home! Use one to jot down vocabulary words as you read to look up later. They are spiral bound and pages are not perforated, so they are nice for keeping as a memento too, like a travel journal. Keep one to write down funny things your kids say and give it to them when they graduate! Includes 1 double pocket. 80 sheets each ~Sara

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    Side spiral pad is 8.5"x11" with 200 sheets.

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    Side spiral pad is 8".5x11" with 200 sheets

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    Side spiral pad is 8.5"x11" with 200 sheets

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    These clear polypropylene pockets peel & stick wherever you need them to. Think of the pockets inside a binder, that is what these sleeves are – just extra clear pockets. They are acid-free too so you can use them for photos or archival papers. Each 8 ¾" x 5 1/8" pocket holds sheets up to 8.5x 11" and will not transfer print from your papers. Stick one inside a favorite cookbook, a binder that could use an extra pocket, or for your scrapbooking projects. ~ Sara

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    Have you been put in charge of something? Lots to keep track of? Take it all with you and don’t lose a thing! This is similar to a 3-ring binder in function, but it has a spiral binding, frosted-clear poly cover with a clear-view front pocket, and 5 double-sided file pockets with pastel tabs to write on. The overall size is about 11” x 11.5” including the spiral binding. It holds 8.5” x 11” papers. I can see this holding garden or landscape ideas, keeping a homeschool co-op organized, holding church group notes or even organizing lesson activities you want to save. Tabs can be written on with pencil, pen or permanent marker. The plastic is archival, so you can safely use them for photos. Your students could use them for their schoolwork or to keep track of sports calendars and practice schedules. Because the pockets are 2-sided, you have 10 folders in all. It’s thinner than a spiral notebook, so you can have one for each child’s activities and take with you! Insert a photo on the cover too! ~ Sara

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    The quad ruled notebook’s squares are 3/8” wide. 

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  • Item #: 005065
    ISBN: 9781932012958
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    The ideal homeschooling reference book would be many things: encouragement to begin or continue homeschooling, ideas for shaping a child’s character and strengthening his mind, practical methods of integrating homeschooling and family life, insights into different teaching and learning styles, and comments on different educational materials and suppliers. This book delves into each of these areas and uses an informal, informative and unique format. The main text is contained in a 5-inch column towards the inside of each page. A wide outside margin shows noteworthy quotes, comments on educational products, and helpful hints. Many pages include an “in our home” segment giving personal insights into various aspects of homeschooling life in the Clarkson household. You are not likely to tire of reading this book; it’s the type that you can pick up again and again and find fresh ideas and friendly encouragement.

  • Item #: 000175
    ISBN: 9781933407630
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    A softcover blank workbook with a framed blank space on one page, and 5/8" ruled lines on the opposite page to keep all your drawing and handwriting creations together.